2105 examples of smites in sentences

Then with clenched hand He smites her on the head and neck, and down She tumbles, struggling in the pangs of death.

Feellng too often smites intellect with blindness, and intellect too often paralyses the free play of emotion, not to call for a decisive separation of the two.

But my heart smites me with ingratitude toward some kindly memories as I write thatmemories of homely welcome, simple and touching and dignified.

[Smites him; he bleeds.

In the murdered person all strife of thought, all flux and reflux of passion and of purpose, are crushed by one overwhelming panic; the fear of instant death smites him "with its petrific mace."

The wild hawk wets her yellow foot In blood of serf and king: Deep bites the brand, sharp smites the axe, And helm and cuirass ring; The foam flies from the charger's flanks, Like wreaths of winter's snow; Spears shiver, and the bright shafts start In thousands from the bow Strike up, strike up, my minstrels all Use tongue and tuneful chord Be mute!My music is the clang Of cleaving axe and sword.

[Sidenote: Sir Ector smites upon the brazen basin]

" [Sidenote: Sir Launcelot smites upon the basin]

[Sidenote: Sir Tristram smites Sir Palamydes]

[Sidenote: Sir Percival smites Sir Kay a buffet]

The game is played by six, three each side: a battitore, who smites the ball, which is served to him very much as in rounders; the spalla, who plays back; and the terzino, who plays forward.

In spiritual trials that are the sharpest and most fiery of all, when the furnace is within a man, when God doth not only shut up his loving-kindness from its feeling, but seems to shut it up in hot displeasure, when he writes bitter things against it; yet then to depend upon him, and wait for his salvation, this is not only a true, but a strong and very refined faith indeed, and the more he smites, the more to cleave to him.

"God smites the wicked with many plagues, but he encompasseth with his help those that hope in him."

Thy courts of late with minstrelsy and mirth Rang jubilant, and dazzling pageants past; Kings, heroes, martial triumphs, nuptial rites Now, like a cypress, shiver'd by the blast, Or mountain-cedar, which the lightning smites, In dust and darkness sinks thy head declined, Thy tresses streaming wild on ocean's reckless wind.

At the moment when that sublime emergence ceases, or seems to cease, the grand thought that smites me is this: "I, Albert Tissu, am immortalised: my name shall never perish from among men!"

, He thought to strike the spectres dead, But he smites his brother man instead.

"Say unto the cities of Judah, Behold your God!" Over and over again that voice breaks in upon the slumbrous torpor of Israel and smites the dead souls of priests and people alike.

The only criterion in the matter is this: one must ask oneself what are the things that one is ashamed of doing, the things for which, when done, one's own conscience smites one in secret, even if they are accompanied by no social penalty whatever, even if they are forgiven and forgotten.

As soon as any shining Thought is expressed in the Poet, or any uncommon Grace appears in the Actor, he smites the Bench or Wainscot.

If the Audience does not concur with him, he smites a second Time, and if the Audience is not yet awaked, looks round him with great Wrath, and repeats the Blow a third Time, which never fails to produce the Clap.

"Can any thing be more lovely, than the meadows between the rains of May, when the sun smites them on the sudden like a painter, and they laugh up at him, as if he had lighted a loving cheek!

Unshaded smites the summer sun, Unchecked the winter blast; The school-girl learns the place to shun, With glances backward cast.

His mighty weapon drawing, God smites the world he loves; Thus, worthy of him growing, She his reflection proves.

The shining majesty of him that smites And slays you with a smile Upon his silvery lips, of glinting mockery.

If a man smite (smites) his servant and the servant die (dies), the man shall surely be put to death.

2105 examples of  smites  in sentences