768 examples of smoothly in sentences

He began it by greasing his whole person carefully and smoothly over with buffalo fat, until he shone like a patent leather boot; then he rubbed himself almost dry, leaving the skin sleek and glossy.

They see that the British hand works the State machine surely and smoothly, and they think, having no fear of race animosities, that their hand could work the machine as surely and as smoothly as the British hand.

They see that the British hand works the State machine surely and smoothly, and they think, having no fear of race animosities, that their hand could work the machine as surely and as smoothly as the British hand.

It should be spread smoothly and without lumps.

The motor rolled smoothly along meanwhile, and the Belgian soldier driving it stared as imperturbably ahead of him as if he were back at Antwerp on the seat of his taxicab.

There must be plenty of real work, for an army like that of France, stretching clear across the country from Switzerland to the Channel, could not live unless it had a smoothly running civil machine in the quiet country behind.

All things at present go smoothly.

The Poles themselves were delighted when they found how swiftly and smoothly the work could be done now that they had mastered it, and looked forward with anxiety to try the results upon the Russians.

For a long time we hung there, the waves rolling smoothly under us and crashing against the steep bank of sand just in front, as a stormy sea crashes against a south-coast esplanade at full tide under a south-west wind.

It took a lot of adjustinga lot of rubbing off of square corners to keep the daily life running smoothly.

" I felt the veriest scoundrel, and yet the words came out as smoothly as I have written them, as if to show me that I had been a potential scoundrel all my life.

The French lessons went on more smoothly.

The youthful machine, bodily and mental, plays smoothly; the young being is cheery.

In a few moments the train was slipping smoothly out of the station and the girl who had forgotten most things else knew that she was being spirited off to a delightful sounding place called Holiday Hill in the charge of a gray-eyed young doctor who had made himself personally responsible for her from the moment he had extricated her, more dead than alive, from the wreckage.

Their beavers are smoothly brushed, and their boots well polished; all their appointments are tidy; they look the respectable walking gentleman to perfection.

Mr. K. regarded the abolition of slavery as a great blessing to the colony; it was true that the apprenticeship was a wretchedly bad system, but notwithstanding, things moved smoothly on his estate.

"O my poor boy!" He made a gesture, indicating that this was not the time to discuss the economic situation, and Adelaide went smoothly on: "And now, Mrs. Wayne, the point is this.

Now you know that, however much I may wish to let things proceed smoothly, I will never identify myself with the law-breakers.

Things glided smoothly on until Lily was sixteen.

Then smoothly replacing the folds, and laying it in a large chest, she sighed as she said, "Indeed, I shall never marry him.

Loving and loved, thy bark shall glide Smoothly along life's rapid tide, Until 'tis launched upon the sea Of infinite eternity.

"I will conduct you so smoothly through the moods and tenses, and the conjugation of verbs, that, instead of finding yourself involved in obscurities and deep intricacies, you will scarcely find an obstruction to impede your progress."Ib., p. 133.

I fear it can be only by much tribulation that the enemy of my own house will ever be quelled; and perhaps salutary pains are sent, in the very perplexities of things which might be more ensnaring if all went on smoothly.

Yet the months ran smoothly round and the wedding night drew nigh.

Within its limitations it can keep going indefinitely, and it is immaterial whether it is up or down gradesave in the time made; it will go all day through deep mud, or up steep hills, quite as smoothly, though by no means so fast, as on the level; but let it come to one hole, spot, or hill that is just beyond the limit of its power, and it is stuck; it has no reserve force to draw upon.

768 examples of  smoothly  in sentences
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