88 examples of sneeringly in sentences

he exclaimed sneeringly.

It was a big, two-story building, the lower half being "jest cobblestones," as the neighbors sneeringly remarked, while the upper half was "decent pine lumber."

Tunnygate had, as Mrs. Tunnygate sneeringly pointed out, a perfect legal right to push his way through the hedge and tramp across the lawn, and she didn't propose to allow the Appleboys to gain any rights by proscription, either.

"'Yes, I'll make you resigned,' said he, sneeringly, slapping her across the back.

They created a new empire, not of the air, as some one sneeringly remarked, but of mind, which has gone on from conquering to conquer.

The Congressman advanced and spoke sneeringly, his demeanor marking him to be in a dangerous mood.

As soon as Appius Claudius, the praetor, whose province Sicily was, had received information of these events, he sent ambassadors to Hieronymus; who, upon stating that the object of their mission was to renew the alliance which had subsisted between the Romans and his grandfather, were heard and dismissed in an insulting manner, Hieronymus asking them sneeringly, "how they had fared at the battle of Cannae?

"But you don't appear to relish the jest," rejoined Parravicin, sneeringly.

This arrangement was made so as not to interfere with the white population who were everywhere celebrating the day of their independence"the Glorious Fourth,"for amid the general and joyous shout of liberty, prejudice had sneeringly raised the finger of scorn at the poor African, whose iron bands were loosed, not only from English oppression, but the more cruel and oppressive power of Slavery.

Alfred, the gardener, had set down his saucer and appeared very much astonished at this declaration of sentiment on the part of Eliza, and sneeringly remarked, "You're an Abolitionist, I suppose.

"Don't halloo so loud, my fine fellow," sneeringly rejoined Mr. Stevens, "you are not entirely out of the wood yet; you are by no means as safe as you imagineyou haven't been tried yet, you have only been examined before a magistrate!

To what purpose is it all?perhaps that in the future white men may point at and call me, sneeringly, 'a nigger millionaire,' or condescend to borrow money of me.

If political "independence"if a free governmentbe the poor thingthe illusive image of an American brainwhich you sneeringly represent it, we owe little thanks to those who purchased it for us, even though they purchased it with their blood; and little pains need we take in that case to preserve it.

He had won a thousand of me, and hounded me from post to pillar, offering to be cleared out by my skill, as he called it sneeringly.

"Yes, a magic one," he replied sneeringly.

"Will you satisfy this anxious company," said she sneeringly, "how it happened that you should be alone with the regent?

People who pettishly insisted upon these extremes of the game he sneeringly called golf lawyers.

And, in the face of all this, it is sneeringly asked, "What can reasonable women want more than they already have?"

Marie laughed sneeringly when Sahwah failed to score on a foul.

" "So that is the fellow's name, is itGalesworth," sneeringly.

Then he looked down at himself an' spat, sneeringly.

Their training had led them to think in army corps, and they frankly and sneeringly asked us, "What could you do?"

the collie's advocate broke in sneeringly.

" "Of course your birthday comes first," she sneeringly retorted, "but that is 'cause you came down first.

Butterman (sneeringly).

88 examples of  sneeringly  in sentences