134 examples of snowballs in sentences

"We'll give you coat and waistcoat start; it'll be good fun" At this moment the door was suddenly flung open, two half-dressed figures sprang into the room, and discharged a couple of snowballs point-blank at its occupants.

But we didn't pay those fellows out for throwing those snowballs; we must do it some other night.

It needed no further warning to inform the Birchites that the Philistines were upon them, and every one set to work to lay in a stock of snowballs as fast as hands could make them.

Even at the age when girls seemed feckless creatures, whose aimings were inexplicable, both as concerned existence in general, and, more concretely, as touched gravel-shooters and snowballs, and whose reasons for bursting into tears were recondite, one had perceived the difference.

The husband and wife passed into the garden between borders of boxwood, beyond which nodded the heads of Angy's carefully tended, out-door "children"her roses, her snowballs, her sweet-smelling syringas, her wax-like bleeding-hearts, and her shrub of bridal-wreath.


2. Rice snowballs.

2. Rice snowballs.

2. Rice snowballs.

The climax is reached by a boy who announces that a boy's pleasure consists in two things, catching birds and throwing snowballs, and begs for the weather to be such that he can always do both.

In the rests between our drills we lay under the young shade on the sweet young grass, with the odors of snowballs and horse-chestnut blooms drifting to us with every whiff of breeze, and amused ourselves with watching the evolutions of our friends of the Massachusetts Eighth, and other less experienced soldiers, as they appeared upon the field.

" "There's a lot of men out on the street, and they're beginning to fire snowballs!" Nathan Slate came in, a scarecrow of fear, teeth chattering.

We felt no fatigue, but ran and shouted and threw snowballs, in the middle of August!

To store knowledge of an uncongenial kind in my own mind is just as though I put away a heap of snowballs.

I dare say the boys did not make their snowballs quite so hard when pelting the girls, nor wash their faces with the same vehemence as they did each other's, but there was no public evidence of partiality.

Does he have illusions that when they come squirtin' lead at me I'm goin' to peg at 'em with snowballs?'

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Manuel, who had been throwing snowballs against the house, stopped, and looked toward the gate, and then ran toward it.

there any reason why I should give you five cents?" BOY"Well, if I had a nice high hat like yours I wouldn't want it soaked with snowballs.

134 examples of  snowballs  in sentences