160 examples of snowshoe in sentences

His heart filled with gladness that Jessie should choose him as guide and companion to snowshoe with her out into the white forests where her traps were set.

" She started back for the snowshoe that had been torn off.

He gave her a push that sent her reeling and flung at her the snowshoe.

Whaley had left her a small hatchet, and with this she began to shape a snowshoe from a piece of the puncheon floor.

"Sometimes I think I'm fed up for life on the hissing of snowshoe runners.

" One winter when Mr. Hofer made an extended snowshoe trip through the Park, he passed very close to sheep.

"I hung Father's broken snowshoe in a branch of the tree, to mark the place, and I shall go over quite early to-morrow to bring the goods home.

Then, recognizing a landmark, she cried out joyfully: "Oh, here is the place, and there hangs the broken snowshoe!"

Then her pace decreased as she swung along with a gentle swaying motion, the big frame of her snowshoe never quite lifted from the ground.

By EDISON MARSHALL AUTHOR OF "The Voice of the Pack," "The Strength of the Pines," "The Snowshoe Trail," "Shepherds of the Wild," etc. 1922 CONTENTS PART ONE THE WAKENING PART TWO THE WOLF-MAN PART THREE THE TAMING PART ONE

When a snag caught her snowshoe and tripped her, there was hysteria in her cry of resentment.

She made but a few yards before the icy thong of her right snowshoe snapped.

Finding it, she stopped; the snowshoe slipped from beneath her arm; one numb hand groped for the log door-casing in support; the other fumbled for the revolver.

And don't start no rough-house; whether you're a woman or not, I'll drill you!" She groped to the indicated chair and raised herself, the single snowshoe still dragging from one foot.

"If you'll put up that gun and let me get off this snowshoe and pack, I'll share with you some of the food I have.

She twisted up her tangled hair, replaced her toque and untied the dangling snowshoe.

Snowshoe country.

Snowshoe country.

JOHNSON, LEE N. Snowshoe country.

The snowshoe twins.

The snowshoe twins.

Snowshoe country.

Snowshoe country.

JOHNSON, LEE N. Snowshoe country.

We saw once where a fox had pinned a big snowshoe rabbit in a drift.

160 examples of  snowshoe  in sentences