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160 examples of  snowshoe  in sentences

160 examples of snowshoe in sentences

" The trail was something awful, but on their Canadian snowshoes they got as far as an island, six miles off.

She stepped out of her snowshoes, and flung them up on the low roof of the first cabin.

If you take an automobile to California, John, you must put it on snowshoes and connect it with a steam heating-plant.

Eighteen days later Roeder arrived on snowshoes, both feet frozen, and the money in his pack.

I heard the clicking of snowshoes and the squeaking of the leather straps at my heels; yet I did not turn to see what pursued me, for I was intent upon reaching my father.

When he returned at sunset, he went direct to the store and took off his snowshoes.

A fellow came in this morning and got Whaley, who snowshoed back with him at once.

CHAPTER XX ONISTAH READS SIGN McRae fitted Jessie's snowshoes.

His heart filled with gladness that Jessie should choose him as guide and companion to snowshoe with her out into the white forests where her traps were set.

As swiftly as he could he snowshoed through the forest, following the plain trail she had left.

Some one in snowshoes had cut her path and had deflected to pursue.

But one of the snowshoes had come off in the struggle.

" She started back for the snowshoe that had been torn off.

He gave her a push that sent her reeling and flung at her the snowshoe.

" The girl took off her mits and tried to unfasten the leggings after she had kicked the snowshoes from her feet.

Already she had adjusted the snowshoes.

Out of the edge of the forest a man on snowshoes came.

They floundered through deep snow and heavy underbrush, faces bleeding from the whip of willow switches suddenly released and feet so torn by the straps of the snowshoes that the trail showed stains of blood which had soaked from the moccasins.

I'll take her snowshoes with me.

Take his snowshoes and the team.

Without snowshoes she did not find it possible to travel far, but she managed to shoot a fox that adventured near the hut in the hope of finding something to fill its lean and empty paunch.

Whaley had left her a small hatchet, and with this she began to shape a snowshoe from a piece of the puncheon floor.

"Where your snowshoes?" "West took them to keep me here.

Already he was kneeling, fumbling with the straps of his snowshoes.

She can't have gone far without snowshoes," Whaley said.

Some one lighter of build was wearing the snowshoes, some one who took shorter steps and toed out.

She snowshoed down the hill, a little blindly, for the mist of glad tears brimmed her eyes.

West took my snowshoes.

Indians and half-breeds snowshoed down the street beside the sled.

Using their snowshoes as shovels, they scraped a place clear and scattered balsam boughs on it.

Though both the men were experienced in the use of snowshoes, their feet were raw from the chafing of the thongs.

Morse, on his snowshoes, crossed the thinly frozen ice safely.

"Sometimes I think I'm fed up for life on the hissing of snowshoe runners.

Tom kicked into his snowshoes and began to run.

Although it was the third week in April, the snow was still several feet deep, and only thoroughly trained snow horses could have taken the sleighs along, while around the Yellowstone Falls it was possible to move only on snowshoes.

Then was the time for snowshoes, which we had been told were unnecessary.

Soon afterward I took my snowshoes and went up that way and found the track of a mountain lion.

" One winter when Mr. Hofer made an extended snowshoe trip through the Park, he passed very close to sheep.

She now showed me how to make some strange contrivances called snowshoes, which men use in very cold countries.

In addition to the food-boxes we brought with us tents, ice axes, snowshoes, barometers, thermometers, transit, fiber cases, steel boxes, duffle bags, and a folding boat.

If we could once reach the snow line, it looked as though, with the aid of ice-creepers or snowshoes, we could climb the mountain without serious trouble.

" "I told a girl her tracks were so big, just like she had on snowshoes," said a north dormitory girl, relentingly.

Dogs could not be had for love or money, so on the first of February he set out on snowshoes with an Indian guide and two weeks' supply of provisions.

It seemed an hour before he could twist his feet out of his snowshoes.

On snowshoes the two men went out into the storm, Croker carrying an axe.

He buttoned himself up closely, saw that his snowshoes were securely fastened, and struck out once more with his back to the storm.

Sheila snowshoed down twice a day to look at it.

From this time the country becomes unfit for traveling of any description until the streams are bound with solid ice and a crust formed on the snow of sufficient firmness to make it passable on snowshoes.

"I am quicker on snowshoes than Miles, and he has got such a bad cold.

"It is a shocking long way for a bit of a girl, even though she is on snowshoes.

" "It is not longer for me than for Father, and I don't even have to drag the sledge as he does," Katherine replied brightly, as she fitted her moccasined feet into the straps of her snowshoes.

It was a simple enough accident, and one that had to be constantly guarded against in drawing a sledge when travelling on snowshoes.

In going down the slope the sledge had travelled proportionally faster than the man, and, catching against the framework of one of the snowshoes, had flung him with tremendous force between two trees.

But I will be more careful next time," she said; and, stepping carefully backwards after that first vain attempt, she slipped her feet clear of the snowshoes and went closer to the tree, so that she might try to lift him out of the fork by sheer strength of arm.

" Slipping her father's snowshoes, one of which was broken, from his feet, she took the broken part and proceeded to beat the snow firm all round the trees.

There were six or seven men loafing about the store that evening, and they all helped; so Katherine, when she had kicked off her snowshoes, was able to dart indoors to warn Mrs. Burton about what had happened.

"I hung Father's broken snowshoe in a branch of the tree, to mark the place, and I shall go over quite early to-morrow to bring the goods home.

Katherine and Miles were riding in the empty sledge now, with their snowshoes tucked in beside them.

Then, recognizing a landmark, she cried out joyfully: "Oh, here is the place, and there hangs the broken snowshoe!"

For a time little was to be heard save the creaking of the babiche lacing of the snowshoes, for the dogs were running silently, and Miles, saving his breath for the work of getting along, was controlling them merely by dumb show, flourishing the whip to hold them back when they took on a spurt, or beckoning them along when they showed signs of lagging.

Then she went on: "Besides, she must be pretty well worn out, poor girl, for she has done thirty miles on snowshoes since the morning, with all the worry and trouble of Father's accident thrown in.

Miles tied two of the dogs on a leash while the men put on their snowshoes, then he carefully drew their sledge inside the door of the store, which was afterwards securely barred.

Then her pace decreased as she swung along with a gentle swaying motion, the big frame of her snowshoe never quite lifted from the ground.

The men in the store were saying one night that some Indians had got through from Thunder Bay by way of the Albany River with mails; but as this meant about four hundred miles on snowshoes, Katherine regarded it only as a piece of winter fiction, and thought no more about it.

"Let's race, then; the dogs are willing, and so am I," replied Phil, who was seated in the sledge among the packages, while Katherine travelled ahead on snowshoes, And race they did; but already the snow was getting wet and soft on the surface, so that the going was heavy, the sledge cut in deeply, and it was a very tired team of dogs which dropped to the ground in front of the boatbuilder's house.

But certainly he must be a plucky sort of person to have ventured a journey of four hundred miles on snowshoes.

"And it was the four hundred miles on snowshoes that made my feet so bad, though I am rather proud of having done it.

Hopefully, that mother kissed her three children good-bye, and then wistfully watched them depart with their rescuers on snowshoes.

He insisted that the Donner Party was responsible for its own misfortune; that parents killed their babies and ate their bodies to keep themselves alive; cut off the heads of companions and called them good soup bones; and were as thievish as sneaking Indians, even stealing the strings from the snowshoes of those who had come to their rescue.

When the rescuers decided they would carry out Nioma Pike, and that my sister Mary and I should follow, stepping in the tracks made by those who had snowshoes, strength seemed to come, so that I was able to cut and carry to my mother's shanty what appeared to me a huge pile of wood.

Tayoga, after a while, began slow and painstaking work on a pair of snowshoes, expecting to devote many days to the task.

Two of the men set out on snowshoes, leaving their gold behind, and probably died.

By EDISON MARSHALL AUTHOR OF "The Voice of the Pack," "The Strength of the Pines," "The Snowshoe Trail," "Shepherds of the Wild," etc. 1922 CONTENTS PART ONE THE WAKENING PART TWO THE WOLF-MAN PART THREE THE TAMING PART ONE

Through the south window he saw Jakapa snowshoeing swiftly up the short incline to the door; beside him walked the Curรฉ, pleading and anxious.

Championship contests in skiing, snowshoeing, skating, ski jumping, tobogganing and ski-joring are held.

From a corner behind some fishing-rods she salvaged a pair of summer-dried snowshoes; they had facilitated many a previous hike in the winter woods with her man of a thousand adventures.

So she skirted the abandoned quiet of the clearing, laid the snowshoes properly down before her and bound the thongs securely about her ankles.

He had no snowshoes to aid him, unless he had managed to secure a pair by burglary, which was improbable.

When a snag caught her snowshoe and tripped her, there was hysteria in her cry of resentment.

She made but a few yards before the icy thong of her right snowshoe snapped.

Finding it, she stopped; the snowshoe slipped from beneath her arm; one numb hand groped for the log door-casing in support; the other fumbled for the revolver.

And don't start no rough-house; whether you're a woman or not, I'll drill you!" She groped to the indicated chair and raised herself, the single snowshoe still dragging from one foot.

"If you'll put up that gun and let me get off this snowshoe and pack, I'll share with you some of the food I have.

She twisted up her tangled hair, replaced her toque and untied the dangling snowshoe.

The snowshoe twins.

The snowshoe twins.

Snowshoe country.

Snowshoe country.

JOHNSON, LEE N. Snowshoe country.

The snowshoe twins.

The snowshoe twins.

Snowshoe country.

Snowshoe country.

JOHNSON, LEE N. Snowshoe country.

More snowshoes were made, but only six or eight of the soldiers learned to use them well.

We saw once where a fox had pinned a big snowshoe rabbit in a drift.

In a moment he came striding over the dooryard fence on a pair of snowshoes.

The settlers went in on snowshoes and killed them with clubs and axes.

A new seeder brought in some money, and with rubber boots, snowshoes, baseballs, carpenters' tools, spectacles, lumber, and an agency for a self-binder as side issues, I see myself getting on in the world.

"'So I puts on a pair of them long, slidin' snowshoes they call 'skees' and slips for William Pemberton and the lonesome mountains.