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462 example sentences with  snub

462 example sentences with snub

At the worst she could but snub him, and the chances were, he thought, greatly in favour of her accepting his offer of help.

Dundas, indeed, was half inclined to snub Carleton.

Snub-nosed, nine-year-old Pony, whose two front teeth had come in quite too large for his mouth, Pony, with the quick-expanding pupils, and the temperament that would cope ill with disaster, addressed himself gaily to his supper and saw no sorrow anywhere.

"If he doesn't snub her soon, she'll jump the steel and take the muskeg."

The little man was indignant at the snub.

He had a snub nose and freckles, and I think he was the plainest boy there, but that didn't matter, if the other children loved him.

And so this fellow, whom nobody knows, has the impudence to snub me!

He stood arguing, received another snub, and went out bawling and threatening, with the contorted face and clumsy flourishes of some fabulous hero on a screen.

I shall go into business with Van and take care of the whole lot; so don't you preach, Polly," returned Toady, with as much dignity as was compatible with a great dab of glue on the end of his snub nose.

It seemed like little less than an intentional snub!

Somehow, when the moment came, it seemed exceedingly difficult to snub him.

Mrs. T. was simply a combination of bolsters which shook with the exertion of speech, while poor Mr. T., a meek, thin, haggard-looking manand no wonderseemed to be ready to put in a word if required, but looked in momentary terror of getting a snub instead.

He was not one to be embarrassed by a snub.

I have an idea that this man, who's well known in Paris society, proposed to Mademoiselle de Renzie, refused to take no for an answer, and bored her until she perhaps was goaded into giving him a severe snub.

Godensky is a vain man, and wouldn't forgive a snub, especially if it had got talked about.

If they were ever so nice, she'd snub 'em if they were not up in the world,what you call 'swells.'

Appleyard was certainly no beauty; his outstanding features were sandy-coloured hair, freckled cheeks, a snub nose, and a decidedly wide mouth; moreover, his ears, unusually large, stood out from the sides of his head in very prominent fashion, and gave a beholder the impression that they were perpetually stretched to attention.

He perceived that this was no meddler, but a man speaking of something very near his heart; no presuming and interfering outsider who deserved a snub, but a man suffering from some deep and hidden cause.

Who could have supposed that this shabby old person, whom he had endeavoured to snub, was the great Lady Tintern?

She was a little girl about his own age, freckle-faced, snub-nosed and red-haired.

He was red-headed, too, freckle-faced and snub-nosed.

This boy was red-haired, freckle-faced and snub-nosed,

A snub-nosed, freckle-faced boy came along whistling, and beating the dust of the road with a long switch.

Silently and unconcernedly, the snub-nosed boy led them on.

She well knew her action of the previous evening had severed the cordial relations formerly existing between her and Mr. Merrick's nieces, and determined to avoid the possibility of a snub by keeping aloof from them.

He had come to wholly disregard the presence of the detective who shadowed him, and if the youthful Fogerty by chance addressed him he was rewarded with a direct snub.

"Still," I persisted, passing over the snub, "you have a theory?"

His black hair, his deep-set black eyes, his snub nose, the scar across his face, his thin ill-shapen figure, marked him out from the big fair Fitz-Geralds, as much as did his "Gallican sobriety" and his training in affairs, for in war he had no great renown.

If anything he was more vigilant and enthusiastic when it came to administering the snub sufficient than even Mama Thรฉrรจse; in Sofia's sight, indeed, he betrayed some personal feeling in the business; he seemed to consider alien admiration of his charge an encroachment upon his private prerogatives, to be resented accordingly.

A mildly impatient accent alone betrayed resentment of the snub.

It was horribly difficult to snub this boy-lover of hers.

Why haven't you communicated with the police and given this German spy of yours into charge?" "I have been to Hebblethwaite, and I have been to Scotland Yard," Norgate told him firmly, "and all that I have got for my pains has been a snub.

On the afternoon of the day when he had received his first but distinct snub, he made a point of drawing his chair over to hers.

The short skirt first appears in the English novel in "Guy Livingstone," and is worn by the severe and upright Lady Alice, the dame who hesitated not to snub Florence Bellasis, when snubbing was needful, and who was a mighty huntress.

His nose was fairly straighthis eyes" "Were neither dark nor lighthis hair had the same striking peculiarityhe was neither short nor tallhis nose was neither aquiline nor snub" he recapitulated sarcastically.

"Would you know him againsay to-morrow, and among a number of other men who were 'neither tall nor short, dark nor fair, aquiline nor snub-nosed,' etc.?

Fair, of ruddy complexion, with snub nose and the beginning of a bald place on the top of his head, he, too, looked the embodiment of a prosperous, stodgy 'City gent.'

Man is more primitive (a snub Has no effect), so if you Should still refuse a certain "sub."

Another snub for the KAISER.

[Snib, snub] And yet (God wote) small oddes I often see Twixt them that aske, and them that asked bee.

Here we are, then, with our base established in the heart of the country, in a capital climate, with abundance around us, our army in excellent health, and these stupid people give me a snub, which obliges me to break with them.

but he may snub, some day, A well-conducted planet?

He was accessible to all who had claims upon his time; he was never rude or insolent; he was gracious and polite to delegations; he was too kind-hearted to snub anybody.

My friend, with a few sharp retorts, delivered to him a crushing snub, and the man turned away, scowling.

Some of the rich and influential men of Boston who disliked Webster for other reasons,for he used to snub them, even after they had lent him money,made the most they could of that speech, to alienate the people.

And Boswell goes home and writes down the snub together with his apologies.

retrench, cut short, obtruncate^; scrimp, cut, chop up, hack, hew; cut down, pare down; clip, dock, lop, prune, shear, shave, mow, reap, crop; snub; truncate, pollard, stunt, nip, check the growth of; foreshorten (in drawing).

bring low, put down, snub; take down a peg, take down a peg lower, take down a peg or two.

render humble; humble, humiliate; let down, set down, take down, tread down, frown down; snub, abash, abase, make one sing small, strike dumb; teach one his distance; put down, take down a peg, take down a peg lower; throw into the shade, cast into the shade &c 874; stare out of countenance, put out of countenance; put to the blush; confuse, ashame^, mortify, disgrace, crush; send away with a flea in one's ear.

[Fr.]; exact; snub, huff., beard, fly in the face of; put to the blush; bear down, beat down; browbeat, intimidate; trample down, tread down, trample under foot; dragoon, ride roughshod over.

take down, take down a peg, set down; snub, snap one up, give a rap on the knuckles; throw a stone at, throw a stone in one's garden; have a fling, have a snap at; have words with, pluck a crow with; give one a wipe, give one a lick with the rough side of the tongue.

a housemaid, not bad-looking, but very stout and snub-nosed; in a white dress, of which the bodice is short and ill-fitting.

And most of all, Ustinya Naรบmovna, he mustn't be snub-nosed, and he absolutely must be dark-complexioned.

I remember reading once in a French paper that the blacks in North America, whether free or enslaved, are fond of shutting themselves up in large numbers in the smallest space, because they cannot have too much of one another's snub-nosed company.

The Boy is an ordinary snub-nosed, shock-headed urchin of thirteen, with no special claim to distinction save the negative one of being an only child.

"But I'll make one more effort to smooth over San-it-sa-rish, an' git him to snub that villain Mahtawa."

The ferry was nearly empty, cheerful with its high snub bow painted yellow, white superstructure, and red roof.

She was up too, the fiery little school-teacher, and they faced each otherthe tall girl, white as lily grown in a king's garden, and the little snub-nosed, freckled country schoolma'am.

and won't your pa be angry neither?" cried a quick voice at the door, proceeding from a short, brown womanly girl of fourteen, with little snub nose, and black eyes like jet beads, "when it was tickerlerly given out that you wasn't to go and worrit the nurse.

She wished Christabel would snub that appalling bounder, Black, as he deserved.

"If we were to snub Jim Denton he would make a lot of trouble for us."

Everybody remembers how well the bear and the monkey for the time agreed, and how both turned round to snub the spaniel, who had been the medium of their introduction to each other.

"An admirable answer that of yours," he murmured as he led her from the room, "admirable snub to her perfectly unwarranted attack on you and your friends."

After he had welcomed me effusively he led us through a rat-run maze of streets to a good-sized house with snub-nosed lions carved on the stone doorposts and a lot of other marks of both Roman and crusader.

The short calls the long nose a snout, The long calls the short nose a snub; And the bottle nose being so stout, Thinks every sharp one a scrub.

I woke myself in the morning with a loud laugh, for I had dreamt of meeting, in the redoubtable Mr. Bub, a little pot-bellied man, with a round face, a red snub-nose, and a pair of gooseberry wall-eyes.

But the recollection of my constant Harriette supported me through all; and particularly so, when I was cheered by the report of my snub-nosed surgeon, who joined us six months after at Santarem, and assured me on the faith of a physician, that the dear girl was in the last stage of a consumption.

Browning and don't understand him, or on Morris, or Rossetti, because they are high artists, who may snub the book.

My heart beat quickly, and a fear that he would snub me caused me to pause.

One minute you snub a person, the next you are the jolliest girl going, and then you get as grave and earnest as a fellow's mother would be."

" "I speak no ill against oneirologya, although broad noon is hardly the best time for its practise," declared the snub-nosed stranger.

Then Manuel cried farewell and thanks to the mild-mannered, snub-nosed stranger, and Manuel left the miller's pigs to their own devices by the pool of Haranton, and Manuel marched away in his rags to meet a fate that was long talked about.

With a projecting under jaw, and slightly snub nose, he had yet handsome chestnut eyes, and the face of a jolly dog, and a good fellow.

I used to get up when I heard the sound of hoofs coming in and I took an interest in the washing of the carriages, until the day She came and picked me outme, the best-looking, the most snub-nosed, the stockiest of the litter.

This is why snub-nosed persons find an aquiline nose or a parrot-like face so indescribably pleasing; and the same thing applies to every other part of the body.

But in five minutes or less he had forgotten the snub.

I learned quickly to snub the boat by means of a rope and the numerous snubbing-posts along the canal.

The old woman who uses the five-foot lake as the family wash-tub, brought out all her clothes, the grand-baby, and the snub-nosed poodle that wears a red bib, to celebrate the sunshine by a carnival of washing.

Why the devil shouldn't they snub me one day and pat me on the head the next?

His manner was so noble, his courtesy so charming, that there was no sting in his snub to Sir Lupus.

I snub my maid more than I ever did in my life before.

But he was a lean, snub-nosed little fellow, with a freckled face and neglected hair.

Jonesy took his little snub nose out of the pillow as the professor came in, and looked around defiantly as if ready to fight the first one who dared to hint that he had been crying.

With plenty to eat, his thin little snub-nosed face grew plump and bright.

Our military attache has not been permitted to go to the German front for nearly a year, and the snub is apparent in the newspaper and Government circles of Berlin.

He felt glad he had not given her the chance to snub him again.

If he relented in his attitude at all she would certainly snub him again; so he continued staring in front of him, and answered ordinarily, "I expect you will do everything perfectly right, and every one will only want to be kind to you, and make you have a good time; and my uncle will certainly make love to you but you must not mind that."

"To make little girls ask questions," grunted Casey, glancing around him for the snub-nosed, double-headed, four-pound hammer which he called affectionately by the name Maud.

The other three polyhedra with this property are the pentagonal dipyramid, the snub disphenoid, and an irregular polyhedron with 12 vertices and 20 triangular faces.

Despite this snub, the games were thought to be a success because the LA Olympics did not end up in debt.

EU lawmakers snub Apple's pleas, overwhelmingly vote to push for charging cable standardThe European Parliament in a landslide vote on Thursday called on the EU Commission to adopt rules that would establish a common charger standard for mobile.

Gerwigโ€™s omission from the Best Director field has already generated plenty of headlines, coming off the back of a similar snub by the Golden Globes (who also failed to nominate a single female director).

On Wednesday an insider said: "It is entirely to be expected that his next of kin would want to snub him in death."

โ€œPeople I think interpreted it as a snub and itโ€™s not,โ€ UMass Lowell political science professor John Cluverius said.

Sandler addressed this detail during his Spirit Awards speech, comparing the snub to the time he lost "Best Looking" in high school.

The Judas Priest guitaries thinks that the snub is a 'total joke.'

"At a time when the world is in trouble the Zambezi River and the Victoria Falls display immense beauty, rugged power and a glorious snub to the current negatives," Kennedy said.

The singer said that he spent weeks working on an upcoming performance for the prestigious award ceremony, but heโ€™s taking his snub as an uninvitation.

They took a massive dig at Ranveer and Aliaโ€™s film and even termed Filmfare awards as โ€˜SNUB FAREโ€™

Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) delegations led by association president Felton Kamambo suffered a humiliating snub after they were denied entry into the Cosafa annual general meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa, yesterday.