376 examples of snub in sentences

At the worst she could but snub him, and the chances were, he thought, greatly in favour of her accepting his offer of help.

Somehow, when the moment came, it seemed exceedingly difficult to snub him.

Mrs. T. was simply a combination of bolsters which shook with the exertion of speech, while poor Mr. T., a meek, thin, haggard-looking manand no wonderseemed to be ready to put in a word if required, but looked in momentary terror of getting a snub instead.

Appleyard was certainly no beauty; his outstanding features were sandy-coloured hair, freckled cheeks, a snub nose, and a decidedly wide mouth; moreover, his ears, unusually large, stood out from the sides of his head in very prominent fashion, and gave a beholder the impression that they were perpetually stretched to attention.

He had come to wholly disregard the presence of the detective who shadowed him, and if the youthful Fogerty by chance addressed him he was rewarded with a direct snub.

His black hair, his deep-set black eyes, his snub nose, the scar across his face, his thin ill-shapen figure, marked him out from the big fair Fitz-Geralds, as much as did his "Gallican sobriety" and his training in affairs, for in war he had no great renown.

His nose was fairly straighthis eyes" "Were neither dark nor lighthis hair had the same striking peculiarityhe was neither short nor tallhis nose was neither aquiline nor snub" he recapitulated sarcastically.

" "Would you know him againsay to-morrow, and among a number of other men who were 'neither tall nor short, dark nor fair, aquiline nor snub-nosed,' etc.?

Fair, of ruddy complexion, with snub nose and the beginning of a bald place on the top of his head, he, too, looked the embodiment of a prosperous, stodgy 'City gent.'

In 115 he gained the praetorship, and an absurd charge of bribery trumped up against him indicated a rising disposition among the nobles to snub the aspiring plebeian.

I arrived in the midst of a dreary, treeless country, and a little pert, snub-nosed shoemaker met me, and we walked together across the open down towards a circular camp, the earthwork, probably, of some old British town.

"But it's difficult to snub a person who's saved your life and lent you money and found your gold bag.

Angela gathered herself together, ready to administer a gentle snub.

But Kate was near; and besides, a snub from Angela might stop the "journeyings" then and there.

[Illustration: NO. 26] That amiable type of woman formed conspicuously upon the circular plan often unconsciously impresses the fact of her fatal tendency to rotundity by repeating the roundness of her globular eyes, the disk-like appearance of her snub nose and the circle of her round mouth, and the fulness of her face by wearing a little, round hat in the style portrayed by No. 26.

She wished Christabel would snub that appalling bounder, Black, as he deserved.

And as he refused to obey she waved her crop threateningly and at a propitious moment banged the door upon his impertinent snub-nose.

Her plans for the morning had provided for a brief landing while she tinkered with the machine, scorning his proffers of help; for a snub, if he chose to take advantage of their slight acquaintance; and for a triumphant departure when her pride and her curiosity had been appeased.

It was impossible to snub a man for taking advantage of a slight acquaintance when he refused to remember that such an acquaintance had ever existed.

Where the Wilmots used to be about the only silly people in town, there are scores of families now with noses in the air and eyes looking eagerly about for chances to snub.

"If you had been sandy-haired, green-eyed, and a French rope-dancer's daughter," Mrs. Bute said to her eldest girl (who, on the contrary, was a very swarthy, short, and snub-nosed young lady), "you might have had superb diamonds, forsooth, and have been presented at court by your cousin, the Lady Jane.

" "I speak no ill against oneirologya, although broad noon is hardly the best time for its practise," declared the snub-nosed stranger.

" Then Manuel cried farewell and thanks to the mild-mannered, snub-nosed stranger, and Manuel left the miller's pigs to their own devices by the pool of Haranton, and Manuel marched away in his rags to meet a fate that was long talked about.

Why the devil shouldn't they snub me one day and pat me on the head the next?

" His manner was so noble, his courtesy so charming, that there was no sting in his snub to Sir Lupus.

376 examples of  snub  in sentences