798 examples of so that we in sentences

Oh, I do hope Robert has brought some money home with him so that we can buy some food for tomorrow.

" "What for?" "So that we shall not be taken for British should we fall among the enemy.

I remember that the day was very warm, and that there was no air stirring, so that we pushed forward with indifferent speed.

"'Raise the standard,' commanded the prince, 'so that we may be recognized by our friends.'

"It was a little cloudy, so that we saw the sun only 'all flecked with bars,' and caught sight of the phenomenon at intervals.

She shook so hard she nearly threw us all out of the scow, so that we finally had to listen to her pleadings and pass her the booze.

Taking therefore our departure, we sailed twenty days to the eastwards, without seeing any land; on which we shifted our course to the south-east, and after five days, we came in sight of the island of Neome, so that we passed Iceland without seeing it.

While we were at Chuquibamba Mr. Watkins had spent many weary hours inserting one hundred and sixty-six white and red cloth markers at six-foot intervals in the strands of this heavy line, so that we might be able more rapidly to determine the result in fathoms.

The Tartars who commanded in the city would not permit us to enter that evening, so that we had to pass the night in a hut without the walls.

The next Presidential Election looms always in advance, so that we seem never to have an actual Chief Magistrate, but a prospective one, looking to the chances of reëlection, and mingling in all the dirty intrigues of provincial politics with an unhappy talent for making them dirtier.

Accordingly, his islanders were all giants,twice as tall, he said, as the tallest of the Europeans; "they measured, one with another, the height of twelve feet; so that we could easily,who will not wonder at it?without stooping, have passed between the legs of these sons of Goliath.

I went to meet a convention of ministers and delegates from Presbyterian and Congregational churches, to see if we could form a union of the two denominations in the territory, so that we might have a perfect co-opera

After him came the foreign guests, two and two, as long as they were able to keep the formation, but after going a hundred feet the crowd became so great and were so anxious to see all that was going on, that they broke the line and mixed up with the wedding party, and even surrounded the solitary groom like a bodyguard, so that we who were coming directly after could scarcely see him.

He drew a map of the streets, so that we could find the way to the Hôtel de Ville, where some of them lay.

The Duchess had also a tent for their sick men; so that we had a small town of our own here, and every body employed.

of Iuly we had a storme that blew West and West Northwest, so that we bare but two sailes, holding our course Northeast and by East.

Having procured a few six-livre pieces, we were enabled to purchase a small supply of corn, though by no means enough for our consumption, so that we are obliged to oeconomise very rigidly.

It would occupy a whole sheet to describe the interior of the mansion; so that we select only two apartments, as graphic memorials of the lamented owner.

This question should be answered immediately by the committee on foreign relations of the Congress of representatives and the decision should be sent at once to us so that we can proceed according to your instructions.

It was exhibited at the dinner-table, and elicited peals of merriment, so that we elders begged to see the cause of the young people's amusement.

The ravine took an abrupt turn at this point, so that we were in a house built round an angle, and so had the benefit of light from both sides.

The Federal skirmishers everywhere have long ago withdrawn, so that we can stand and move and watch the struggle for the graves.

Fences and gates became more frequent, crossing the rough road every mile or two, so that we were constantly letting down and replacing cattle-bars, unpinning rude gates, or climbing over snake fences of split rails.

Her theory of Temperament is an attendant fairy that does marvellous things for her, and not only apportions natures, but corresponding bodies, so that we can easily see how the golden age is to return again, when peradventure deceits shall be impossible, and all the virtues thrive by mere necessity under the reign of this perfected Science of the Soul.

In order to make arrangements it was necessary for us to travel together so that we could talk, as our time was limited.

798 examples of  so that we  in sentences