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1426 example sentences with  so that we

1426 example sentences with so that we

To-day it snows harder than ever, so that we do not expect father and mother; and Mr. Holmes has not come out in the storm, because Morris saw him and told him that he was on the way home.

A family council was held in my home, and it was decided to send my sister, a girl of twenty-three, to some friends at the American Syrian Protestant College at Beirut, so that we might be able to move freely without the responsibility of having a girl at home, in a country where, as a matter of course, the women-folk are seized and carried off before a massacre.

We will make Wilbur sit up in front so that we can see he don't grub the eats.

When we came near the camp, we found the others returned before us, and seeming in a very high content with themselves; so that we had no need to call to them as to whether they had filled their breaker.

Then, at this minute, there came a second woman, who bowed to me in a manner most formal, so that we might have been met in some fashionable gathering, rather than in a cast-away hulk in the lonesomeness and terror of that weed-choked sea; and at her coming all the mirth of the men died out of them, and they became very sober, whilst the buxom woman went backward for a piece, and seemed somewhat abashed.

Let us now, imagine the different pieces of land in Great Britain to be arranged in order of quality, so that we have a long series, with land of the best quality at one end, and of the poorest quality at the other.

The reason is that we have never read for this purpose, we have never written for this purpose, so that we may in our actions use in a way conformable to nature the appearances presented to us; but we terminate in this, in learning what is said, and in being able to expound it to another, in resolving a syllogism, and in handling the hypothetical syllogism.

And then they would make contradiction of all that had been spoken so cunningly; so that we knew the Monsters and Forces had sought to tempt some from the safety of the Redoubt.

And when that we could not find such, I told Naani that we should put the boulders together, somewhat, and so have them about us, that we be greatly hid; and, in truth, even as I began to tell her my plan, she did have the same words in her mouth, so that we caught our little fingers, there in the dark of that grim Land in the end of the world, even as she

And in the end of the two hours that we did go, there was come the end of the dark part of the Gorge; and we to be outward of that mighty roof of the mountains, as I do think it to have been; and the air to be free of the stink of the Monsters, and the fire-holes to be very plenty, and their smokings to go upward very proper; so that we had no more the bitterness of their fumings in our throats.

And we then to go onward for about a good mile, that we be not so deafened by the noise of the Gas Fountain; and it did be now beyond the seventeenth hour; so that we eat and drunk, and made our rest in a secure place among the great boulders.

And now we to have the full chill of the Night Land, and did be very glad to have the cloak, so that we eat and drank whilst that we sat together, and the cloak round us.

But coming hither, we found our nag turned out of the stable and the door locked, so that we were thrown quite into despair by the loss of this last poor hope, and poor Moll, turning her face away from us, burst out a-cryingshe who all day had set us a brave example by her cheerful merry spirit.

Mr. Glennie answered him in a low voice, but quite clear, so that we could hear where we sat: 'I can neither turn the stone out myself, nor stop you from turning it out if you so mind; but if you do this thing, and dishonour the graveyard, there is One stronger than either you or I that must be reckoned with.'

During the wait Holman and I made short trips into the darkness, but we were careful that we did not get out of the hearing of the two girls, who called at intervals so that we would be able to find our way back.

With Tunis some misunderstandings have arisen not yet sufficiently explained, but friendly discussions with their ambassador recently arrived and a mutual disposition to do whatever is just and reasonable can not fail of dissipating these, so that we may consider our peace on that coast, generally, to be on as sound a footing as it has been at any preceding time.

I want to know, father, so that we can start afresh and right.

The King did not come till two, so that we had plenty of time to see all the old lords assembling.

"In leaving poor children to the care of their parents, neglect is the least that happens; it too frequently occurs that they are turned over to delegates, where they meet with the worst treatment; so that we do not in fact come so much into contact with the parents themselves as with those delegates, who are so utterly unfit for the office they undertake.

All their small streets are built against the city walls, so that we had been going round them for some time before we were aware of the fact.

Make two loops so that we shall hang face to face, and yet be separate, and give me a short rope of two or three fathoms long, so that we can rope ourselves together, and one hold on in case the other is washed off his feet when we get down.

Indeed, several housewives have complained to me that all the vegetarian cookery books, so far as they can learn, are intended solely for English readers, so that we would hope to overcome this difficulty and yet suit English readers as well.

and no in the form of the ballot so that we shall have a direct influence in distributing the taxes.

As soon as Sunday is over we are cast into the torments which we deserve, so that we may forget the years which we have passed in the world; and as soon as we have forgotten the grief of this torment we are cast into another which is still more grievous."

It might merge and blend with ours under certain conditions, so that we could understand it by being it, for a time at least.

To become a childless mother is indeed one of the most severe afflictions which woman can be called to endure; yet it may be, it is often met with noble, Christian fortitude, with Christian humility and resignation, that soothe the acute pains of the mother's heart, and carry her thoughts away from earth and above its sorrows; so that we feel that she can and has found a balm, and has still left her consolation and happiness.

The little children played about in the sand for a long time, but at last they began to get hungry; and one little girl said to the others, "I will go back to the camp, and get some dried meat and bring it here, so that we may eat."

They are necessary so that we can increase our annual output of poles, pilings, cooperage and veneer.

Perhaps Mrs. Bolton will let me go to the end so that we may discuss it afterwards.'

I wish to arrange it so that we shall both have our time to ourselves, without interruption."

Beyond his years: his dreams were of great objects, He walk'd amidst us of a silent spirit, Communing with himself; yet I have known him Transported on a sudden into utterance Of strange conceptions; kindling into splendor, His soul reveal'd itself, and he spake so That we look'd round perplex 'd upon each other, Not knowing whether it were craziness, Or whether it were a god that spoke in him.

And if we say it as we ought, as really believing that God forgives us, so that we may not lose heart, may never encourage despair of final victory, we shall get up next morning resolved to make a fiercer fight than ever with the evil that sent us on our knees last night.

The only improvement we could suggest in the arrangement is that all the prints should have been from the same negative, or from only three negatives, so that we should have prints from the same negatives in every group, and should the better be able to compare the results of the toning baths.

There were no mosquitoes, so that we never put up our nets when we went to bed; but wrapped ourselves in our blankets and slept soundly through the cool, pleasant nights.

The measurement of r is affected in the same way as D, so that we may call the greatest error of this measurement .00004.

The letter ran: "I hope you will exert yourselves and join us so that we might give the lads a Drubbeen for they have encroached on us this great while not us alone you likewise for you have suffered a good dale by them I hope you will think of your wounds."

But our existence would not be a joyous thing unless we were striving after something; distance and obstacles to be overcome then represent our aim as something that would satisfy usan illusion which vanishes when our aim has been attained; or when we are engaged in something that is of a purely intellectual nature, when, in reality, we have retired from the world, so that we may observe it from the outside, like spectators at a theatre.

The apostle has well set forth the goodness of God which makes us partakers with Christ, and causes us to have all things common with Him, so that we live and are led by the same Spirit.

And then, long before we were susceptible of any other modes of instruction, Nature took us in hand, and every minute of waking life brought its educational influence, shaping our actions into rough accordance with Nature's laws, so that we might not be ended untimely by too gross disobedience.

In our great Schools indeed this Fault has been of late Years rectified, so that we have at present not only Ingenious Men for the chief Masters, but such as have proper Ushers and Assistants under them; I must nevertheless own, that for want of the same Encouragement in the Country, we have many a promising Genius spoiled and abused in those Seminaries.

Just as we arrived at a most beautiful place, a church of elegant architecture rising in the centre, with gay-looking villas clustered round, the gathering clouds united over our devoted heads, the rain, descending in a cataract, beat down the smoke to the very decks, so that we all looked and felt as if we had been up the chimney, and the whole lovely scene was lost to us in a moment.

Miss E. and myself performed the whole distance without a care or a thought beyond the objects on the road; but this we owed entirely to the attention of the gentleman who put us safely on board the Malta steamer, and who managed every thing for us upon the way, so that we were never in one single instance subjected to the slightest annoyance.

The old bardic schools likewise continued, so that we have a wealth of native manuscripts belonging to this time, embodying the finest tradition and literature of the earlier pagan ages.

I wonder why Lolla let you have her knife to cut those cords about me?" "I think she's a regular actress, Dolly, and that she wanted to make me feel absolutely sure she was on our side, so that we would both be there in that trap when she and Peter came back."

We found that the watering boats had not got over the shallow below, so that we spent the night together; and a merry party we made.

The sun had set and twilight was upon us, so that we needs must hurry if we were to be successful.

The grade was down hill, so that we traveled fast, covering four miles an hour.

We split the longer cuts into two inch plank for sluice boxes, and made a small reservoir, so that we succeeded in working the ground.

Two thousand horse had been enough for this business, and the enemy had no garrison or party within forty miles of us, so that we had nothing to do

"Mr. Brownley," she said, "let us figure up just where we stand, so that we may know what to do to recoup.

"Some one may come, so that we can play."

It is the mind of a woman in the character of a child, so that we feel for him less admiration than tenderness and gratitude.

"Halbuber and Augustenburg are acting so that we shall soon have to apply force; this will cause bad blood in Vienna; it is not what I wish, but Austria gives us no choice," he had written a few days before.

Our duty is to endeaveor to keep our balance always, and never to lose our self-control, but to take a reasonable, common-sense view of whatever may happen to us, so that we may be wiser occultists, and more useful helpers than we have ever been before.

โ€œI encourage all Queenslanders to back this first step so that we can keep the virus away and help everyone start to get their lives back.โ€

I hope we remember what feels like grace right now so that we can call upon it later when we need it because we surely will.

Prof Tadokoro says, "We are now trying to add a blue light emitting complex into our system, so that we can obtain a material that can emit light over the entire visible spectrum."

``So that we don't have massive spread and so that we don't ultimately have to bring people out of the prisons into the community health system that itself may become overburdened as this goes forward,'' he said.

That is why it is important for all of us to be concerned and we need to have disclosure so that we can go through the process of having these persons also defend themselvesโ€.

โ€œThe resumption of club activity will be the boardโ€™s primary focus and we need to plan effectively now for as many scenarios as possible so that we can act swiftly if and when these restrictions are either lifted or modified,โ€ Murphy said.

We are so keen to learn and understand much more about this project, so that we can gain all the possible benefits from WTT in the future.

We ask that our parents cooperate with us so that we can provide the best possible instruction for our students.

"We continue to review all of the evidence around the world and we continue to work with frontline workers so that we can understand some of the challenges they face," Ms McMillan said.

We even create COVID parties where people gather with a person who has a confirmed case of the coronavirus with the intent of catching the disease so that we may win a prize.

โ€œWe issued an ordinance and later on converted it into an Actโ€ฆ So that we get the benefit right from April 1 (2019) itself.

We need to preserve the skills base and the well being of people so that we are in better shape to resume normality when the pandemic subsides.

โ€œWeโ€™re really waiting for Black men to be vulnerable with each other and build with each other so that we can trust again.โ€

But I am glad that we have enough tents so that we each have our own at Basecamp, for it will be home for the next 3 weeks.

Every single member in this House should be supporting to attract candidates so that we can get the first black MLA in this House, male or female, the first Muslim, male or female.

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He โ€œcuts on our characterโ€ so that we might be better people and bear more fruit for His glory.

I also offer you my full co-operation so that we can have respectful debates while dealing with the business of the House in the years to come.

If you are a vegetarian or have any special dietary needs please let us know in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

In order to support their learning, education needs to be innovated so that we can help prepare students to contribute in a dynamic digital economy.

It's a discussion that's necessary in order to approve the spending of money so that we can keep government running while we wait for a budget from this government, the budget for 2016-2017.

It's important that we verify axioms using vectors and scalars, so that we know our verifications will be true regardless of the specific vectors and scalars considered.

I urge my Conservative and Liberal colleagues and all members of the House to vote in favour of the bill, so that we can be compassionate and we can look after those who are in need of medicine throughout the world.

I will advocate for BHSc specific funding that will supplement our summer studentships so that we can afford to do summer research.

Jesus has personally paid the price for our sins, so that we can be made righteous before God.

A number of environmental organizations are also raising public awareness so that we can better protect our waters.

Our duct testing services will enable us to locate any leaks that may exist so that we may seal them accordingly.

So both as individuals and a department, the question now is: How are we going to evolve ourselves in the next year so that we take on new challenges and position ourselves to make positive impacts locally and globally?

So I would ask everybody to give some thought to the questions, the tone, the answers so that we could progress better and more professionally and civilly through question period.

So that we can do some hands-on during the workshop, please sign up for a Mendeley account in advance of the workshop and you are encouraged to bring your laptop with Mendeley installed.

So we have been trying to tailor our draws so that we can maximize the number of families that can access this opportunity.

The minister took the opportunity to encourage all members to look beyond their partisan interests so that we might all work together in building a new relationship with us, the aboriginal people of Canada.

The only thing that counts, however, is to take early action and have a maximum of resources available in the field so that we can tell parents that the worst thing that could happen to their child did not occur.

This is the same party that has the member for Capilano-Howe Sound who thinks that we belong on some far off island wearing shades and shorts so that we can get a tan.

To all our publishers who support MYRCA by sending us books every year so that we may select annual lists.

Before we can begin to understand the nature of the universe, we must first understand the tools that we use to understand the universe so that we might distinguish the effects of those tools against subjects that we analyze with those tools.

"We are constantly searching for ways to raise money so that we can enhance our programs.

We ask that you rate our service so that we can become better at serving your needs.

We need to tell over our common story, our common faith, so that we are not deceived.

We then categorized them so that we and other Sinclair lab members could show the headlines during presentations and have discussions with people who ask why we do what we do.

We think that the definitions of terrorist and terrorist activity must be revised so that we can protect the rights of our citizens, the people of Canada and Quebec.

We will, in the middle term, in the long term, get a reintegration of all Kosovars of all ethnic origins, so that we have a substantial autonomy in the region as well, so that these people can have an influence on their future.

What we do is to spend time with groupsโ€”religious groups, the LGBTQ community, indigenous communities, women's safety groupsโ€”precisely so that we can refine our policies.

You are invited to submit your topics that you would like discussed in the larger forum, so that we may cover all key interests.

Young and old, let us wear a poppy and attend Remembrance Day services so that we will never forget.