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135 example sentences with  social interaction

135 example sentences with social interaction

The unpredictability of nature, emotions, social interactions and power relationships led human beings from prehistoric times to develop narratives that described the patterns underlying the movements of these forces.

Language starts as a tool external to the child used for social interaction.

Like chameleons, cephalopods use colour change for social interaction.

Nursing requires proximity; proximity facilitates social interaction, and social interaction is essential for survival.

Nursing requires proximity; proximity facilitates social interaction, and social interaction is essential for survival.

Problems in social interaction are probably worsened by low preference for social stimuli, such as faces.

Rodents are more likely to avoid dominant rats and avoid social interactions amongst each other after the exposure to a stressor.

Social interaction: process and products.

They explain that social withdrawal and general reduction in social interaction after an exposure to a stressor are evident in rodents.

Vygotsky thought that there are two important parts of social interaction: intersubjectivity and scaffolding.

Activities which require close proximity social interaction can be replaced by other interests.

But politicians were given strict guidelines to reduce social interaction.

Cappelli, a former contestant on โ€œThe Voice,โ€ began singing in the cul-de-sac after neighbors, adhering to the coronavirus orders, craved some social interaction.

Days are broken up by sprawling countryside walks - with slim chance of social interaction - and the clockwork visit of the postman.

Delays in contact tracing increase the risk of onward transmission, especially since those without symptoms are generally unaware of their infection risk to others, and therefore are less likely to curtail social interactions.

Dr Tony Holohan said he understood the difficulties the situation presented couples, but he said the social interactions associated with larger weddings risked spreading coronavirus.

During this quarantine period, these individuals are to remain within their homes and they do not engage in any form social interaction as a precautionary measure.

"Each of us takes a day to support the academics and also provide some sort of enriching activity in the afternoon and allow our kindergartners to get social interaction, which is so important and they are not getting right now," Cowan said.

Experiencing so many volunteers of all ages coming together to share their time and talent to paint this magnificent piece at a time when folks were starving for social interaction demonstrated the power of our community to overcome adversity.

For Huang, learning at home means spending hours in front of a computer with little social interaction.

For instance, advice to limit the risk of transmission interfered with everyday social interaction and care for the dying.

For many, the changes to social interaction are significant.

He noted, โ€œjoining hands with government to put our collective resilience and positive energy wisely and sensibly accepting that COVID-19 brings with it enormous challenges to governance, our lifestyle, culture and social interaction.โ€

I do not believe that America is immune from the forces shaping social interaction among humans.

โ€œI feel like instead of limiting social interaction, they should do more to prepare for it,โ€ Price said.

If your kids crave entertainment โ€” be it exercise, knowledge or social interaction โ€” hereโ€™s a list of fun and enriching activities you can do with your kids while youโ€™re at home.

I maintain that educators know well that the lack of social interaction between children, their peers and adults must end soon, yet teachers will continue teaching children what they need to know as best they can.

In the end, the tournament provided a unique avenue for social interaction and opened up new conversations about social distanced events that can occur on campus.

Itโ€™s understandable that teachers work their hardest to follow best practices when interacting with children, but then let their guard down with their trusted colleagues, with whom they are yearning to have normal social interactions.

Lack of social interaction can be detrimental.

Many veterans rely on VA centers and organizations such as the American Legion and VFW for social interaction.

Melbourne City Mission acknowledged Compass participants โ€œrely on the physical and social interaction the program offersโ€.

Mr. Trump shifted his rhetoric last week, saying he views himself as a "wartime" president and issuing stern warnings to Americans about the need to limit their social interactions.

Public health officials have been pleading with members of the public to limit their social interactions, to wear a mask when in public places or congregated settings and observe social distancing, while also washing their hands regularly.

โ€œRight now social interaction is so strange because of social distancing and people donโ€™t know what to do or how to express their affection.

She said, โ€œThese events bring joy to residents, allowing them to experience social interaction-even if it is from a distance!

"Social interaction is necessary not only to help students collaborate in learning but also to keep us mentally stable," said Cayden Torsberg, a student at Hinsdale Central High School.

So, someone who thinks he/she is fine may be unknowingly carrying the virus and transmitting it to others through normal social interaction.

Strict measures are also in place regarding social interaction by members of the public, and many businesses have been closed.

โ€œThatโ€™s coupled with the fear of missing out on social interactions and theyโ€™re really feeling it.

The board plans to limit the integration of intermediate and senior students to mitigate concerns over bullying and other inappropriate social interaction.

As COVID hit and services shut down whether it was food banks, libraries, other community centres where they depended on social interaction, it isolated them even more with very little,โ€ said Prince.

The professor believes that social distancing doesnโ€™t necessarily mean isolation in an era where technological advancement has made virtual social interaction more convenient.

Thereโ€™s a lot to be said about social interaction while on the job.

As some states skip blindly frantically retreat from backfired reopening plans, every social interaction now feels fraught with a million unspoken tensions.

As we believe and strive to uphold, social interaction is a very important element in what we do at the center.

As weโ€™ve seen since the outbreak began, decisions about limiting social interactions by ordering people to shelter in place, closing businesses and shutting schools are being made by governors and local officials.

The Together Apart Grant was designed to combat this by encouraging residents to engage in neighbourhood or community projects that promote positive social interaction and connectedness while staying physically apart.

The two groups are settled in their own distinct communities with little social interaction except for some national festivals like Phagwah or Independence Day celebrations and shopping in Richmond Hill.

Unless Americans continue to dramatically limit social interaction by staying home from work and isolating themselves, the number of infections will overwhelm the health care system, many health experts have warned.

โ€ข We are all learning the new ways of safe social interaction โ€“ doing things that we have never had to do before โ€“ and we ask you to show patience with yourself and with those around you as we enter this new phase.

โ€œWe will be holding our chapter meetings every week online because we want that social interaction, but we donโ€™t want to be the cause of an outbreak,โ€ said Natalie Chadwell, a senior advertising major and chapter president of Tri Delta Epsilon Phi.

What about social interaction in their own language?

"When everything was under lockdown, PUBG's interactive features gave me a semblance of real-world social interaction.

Without this extra support, people with Down syndrome will continue to miss out on the social interaction that was absent over the past few months as well as earning a wage and contributing to society, well after their colleagues have returned to work.

Biklen gives an overview of how autism has traditionally been defined as a 'triad of deficits' affecting social interaction, communication and imagination.

Congenital malformations, such as cleft lip and cleft palate, may undermine self-image and self-esteem, discourage normal social interaction, and lead to chronic stress and depression, as well as to financial stress related to the cost of treatment.

Cooper calls Storytron "a social interaction simulator" that lends itself to corporate and military training.

Describe how individuals are shaped through basic social processes of culture, socialization, micro-level social interaction, and organizational life.

Drawing upon the New Rural Economy project as a case study, interviews with students from eight Canadian universities were conducted to explore these social interaction mechanisms.

Engineers have different objectives when it comes to social interaction.

Experience independence, social interaction and learning with emphasis on language, pre-reading, counting, colour naming, dramatic play, themed crafts, music and movement.

For example, an immigrant to Canada may encounter similar situations, problems, and forms of social interaction as newcomers to Regina from rural areas or northern Saskatchewan.

Although the clichรฉ is that geeks are notoriously bad at social interaction, these are skills that can be easily learned, says Lore.

Amenity/open space areas shall be appropriately designed for a range of recreational and social interaction.

Amenity / open space shall be appropriately designed for a range of passive and active recreational and social interaction opportunities (plazas, childrenโ€™s play equipment, landscaped gardens, etc.) as well as user safety and long-term maintenance.

In contrast to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Asperger's Disorder is characterized by a qualitative impairment in social interaction and a more restricted pattern of interests and activities.

โ€œItโ€™s important that lawyers are gathering to talk about this as lawyers regulate the social interactions within society and within the world,โ€ and added just as sincerely that, โ€œthe path to peace requires an open heart.โ€

Lawrence Hollingsworth, an Eau Claire consultant who evaluates the potential impact of conditions on employability, added that Hess would benefit from the social interaction that comes from working with others.

Learning is enhanced by social interaction.

Learn the basic words, phrases, questions and expressions you need to get through your first social interaction in Japanese!

Most members find the social interaction of serving their community to be a rewarding and enriching experience.

Nayak S, Wheller BL, Shiflett SC, Agostinelli S. Effect of music therapy on mood and social interaction among individuals with acute traumatic brain injury and stroke.

One of my clients curbs her social isolation by scheduling time for face-to-face social interaction each day.

Operated by Care BC, has been delivering hot, nutritious meals and social interaction to isolated Vancouver and Richmond residents since 1967.

Primus, R.J. and Kellogg, C.K., Developmental influence of gonadal function on the anxiolytic effect of diazepam on environment-related social interaction in the male rat.

RCT sociologists tackle issues related to individual action and social interaction, and also construct models explaining social norms and collective behaviour.

Social interaction and knowledge sharing form the basis of the project.

Social interaction can be incorporated during feeding time, play sessions, cleaning and other routinely performed tasks.

Steve wanted more social interaction with people.

Temperamental shyness reflects an tendency to be anxiously pre-occupied with the self during real or anticipated social interaction.

The ability to detect biological motion (BM) and decipher the meaning therein is essential to human survival and social interaction.

The Audience Services & Office Coordinator is a unique position for someone who wears multiple hats easily, thrives on social interaction, and loves the little details in life.

A social robot also should be able to learn socially, and Georgia Tech professor Andrea Thomaz has developed a robot that can learn from humans through speech, observation, demonstration, and social interaction.

The focus is on improving social interaction, independence and academic self-motivation.

The goal of the Community Centre model is to foster life-long learning in young people which can occur when space emphasizes social interaction, citizenship, and life long learning.

The Gurvevich household was one where people dropped in and most of the social interaction took place around the kitchen table with tea and cookies.

The paper proposes making social interaction a focus of study to better understand how individuals use information to change perception about and situate themselves.

The PSPL study surveyed 16 locations in the Downtown to better understand how people are using public spaces and what characteristics invite use, activity and social interaction.

The role of group membership, social interaction, personal characteristics and the location of an enumeration area (a grouping of households) relative to an event are measured with regards to perceptions of change.

These are essential aspects of social interaction in any group setting.

The Social Interaction Scale (SIS) measures the level of social competency.

The strategies were extremely successful in reducing the studentโ€™s aggressive behaviour toward staff, and also contributed to enriching opportunities for more meaningful social interaction and learning experiences.

This website is designed to help educational teams in K โ€“ 12 settings support students who are deaf and hard of hearing and who use educational interpreters to access education and social interaction.

Those on the spectrum experience our world just a bit differently and that determines how they relate in the environment and in social interactions.

When considered as an amalgamated whole, social interaction between outgroup members (โ€œintergroup contactโ€) appears to be beneficial for intergroup relations.

When teaching anthropology, I aim to challenge studentsโ€™ assumptions about society at large โ€“ their beliefs about human social relations, about sameness and difference, about social and cultural identities, about language and social interaction.

While there are different strands to my research, a single theme does unite what I am interested in, that is the way that social interactions matter and the ways that we are able to see them.

Youth generally use the Internet more for social interaction than does any other segment of the population, and this may be especially pronounced for those who self-injure, he added.

Youtube has many examples of positive social interactions with animals using reward-based training methods.