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Taquisara was a man almost incapable of anything like social timidity, in whatever position he might be placed, and he was in reality delighted at thus being thrust upon Donna Veronica, from whom he felt sure that he should learn something about the projected marriage.

Though Bianca and Veronica had been children, together, and there was little difference of age between them, Bianca felt that, as the married woman, she was responsible for the observance of social custom.

But it was certainly within the bounds of social tradition and custom that she should ask such of her friends as she chose, to stay with her under her own roof.

These decorated worthies are some of the twelve brethren of Leicester's Hospital,a community which subsists to-day under the identical modes that were established for it in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, and of course retains many features of a social life that has vanished almost everywhere else.

The kitchen is the social hall of the twelve brethren.

If she was to be successful in learning much about the Hoffsabout young Mr. Hoffshe felt that it was necessary to make them social acquaintances.

She had relied on the fact that the men in the navy meet so many girls at social functions that it is impossible for any of them to remember all they had met.

"Of course I can disguise myself too," she said enthusiastically, a new zest in her work asserting itself, now that she knew her principal co-operator was probably in the same social stratum as herself.

" VI Continuing these scattered observations upon Michelangelo's character and habits, we may collect what Vasari records about his social intercourse with brother-artists.

Its importance for the social evolution of the nation has been discussed in a separate chapter.

I specially refer to the ever-growing encroachments of a social-democratic, anti-patriotic feeling, and, hand-in-hand with this, the flocking of the population into the large towns, which is unfavourable to physical development.

It is in the direct interests of the State to raise the physical health of the town population by all imaginable means, not only in order to enable more soldiers to be enlisted, but to bring the beneficial effect of military training more extensively to bear on the town population, and so to help to make our social conditions more healthy.

For Whiggery, rightly understood, is not a political creed but a social caste.

In truth, it is not fanciful to say that whatever was best in the eighteenth centuryits robust common sense, its racy humour, its thorough and unaffected learning, its ceremonious courtesy for great occasions, its jolly self-abandonment in social intercourseis exhibited in the demeanour and conversation of Sir William Harcourt.

His kindness to social and literary beginners is one of his most engaging traits.

Barring the shyness, from which Mr. Balfour is conspicuously free, there is something of Lord Salisbury's social manner about his accomplished nephew.

There is what an Irish Member, in a moment of inspiration, called a "toploftiness" about his social demeanour which is not a little irritating.

He is courteous, genial, perfectly free from affectation, and enters into the discussion of social banalities as eagerly and as brightly as if he had never converted the Three per Cents, or established the ratio between dead millionaires and new ironclads.

As a contributor to enjoyment, as a promoter of fun, as an unmasker of political and social humbug, he is unsurpassed.

When, at intervals all too long, he quits his retirement at Cannes or Cambridge, and flits mysteriously across the social scene, his appearance is hailed with devout rejoicing by every one who appreciates manifold learning, a courtly manner, and a delicately sarcastic vein of humour.

Before that time his delightful Obiter Dicta had secured for him a wide circle of friends who had never seen his face, and by these admirers his first appearance on the social scene was awaited with lively interest.

I believe that this complimentary proverb originally referred to the learning of the English clergy, but it would apply with equal truth to their social agreeableness.

A clergyman to whom the Queen signed herself "Ever yours affectionately" must certainly be regarded as the social head of his profession, and every circumstance of Stanley's nature and antecedents exactly fitted him for the part.

Mass persuasion; the social psychology of a war bond drive.

It protects the sanctity of an oath before God, provides among many other things for written evidence in legal matters, and is wonderfully comprehensive and rich in rules for the conduct of commercial, civic, financial, social, economic, and domestic affairs.

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Lucy, do you think you could encourage him a little, now and thenbe sociable with himnot enough to hurt, of course?

Mr. Belloo an' me 'ave smoked a good many sociable pipes together, an' when men smoke together, Miss Anthea, they likewise talk together.

Ordinary people are sociable and complaisant just from the very opposite feeling;to bear others' company is easier for them than to bear their own.

I have said that people are rendered sociable by their ability to endure solitude, that is to say, their own society.

It is easy to see why people are so bored; and also why they are sociable, why they like to go about in crowdswhy mankind is so gregarious.

It is really a very risky, nay, a fatal thing, to be sociable; because it means contact with natures, the great majority of which are bad morally, and dull or perverse, intellectually.

Even Voltaire, that sociable Frenchman, was obliged to admit that there are everywhere crowds of people not worth talking to: la terre est couverte de gens qui ne méritent pas qu'on leur parle.

It is only people of very barren and vulgar nature who will be just as sociable in their old age as they were in their youth.

First of all, it shows why it is that common, ordinary people are so sociable and find good company wherever they go.

From the ignorance of our cursory acquaintance we had judged the French a sociable nation.

Is the King sociable, And bids thee live?

The engaged couple were taken entirely by surprise, for they had supposed the party to be only one of many sociable evenings which the crowd were in the habit of having.

This family should be very proud of itself, but it does not show any false pride or exclusiveness; its different members are as sociable and friendly as possible, building their nests in bushes not far from the ground, and taking every occasion to chat confidentially with House People.

"Everybody has a bowing acquaintance with the House Wren," he said, "for they are seen everywhere through the United States, those that are citizens of the West being a trifle paler in color and more sharply barred than their easterly brothers, but all having the same habits; even the Rock Wren is as jolly and sociable as his house-loving cousins.

"And the exception among the shy Warblers of these woods is that sociable little black-and-white fellow over there, who is creeping and swinging about the branches as if he was own brother to the Brown Creeper himself.

"In early autumn the Joree family grow sociable enough to come into the garden, but they seldom linger late; vigorous as they are, they hurry southward before any hard frosts come.

" The skipper, who was feeling more sociable after a couple of glasses of beer, complied, and accompanied the couple to the tiny forecastle.

Mamma called, after a while; and Mrs. Hobart said she hoped she would come often, and let the girls run in and be sociable!

She refused; said her church was to have an ice-cream sociable and she had "to fry de fish."

Barthrop was not very sociable or talkative, and he was occupied, I think, in some sort of historical researchI believe he has since made his name as a judicious and interesting historian; but I knew little of what he was doing, and indeed was hardly intimate with him, though always at ease in his company.

He was extremely sociable and appreciative, and I used to find his company a relief from the strain which at times made itself felt.

I remember Pollard and Vincent being packed off to Switzerland together to climb mountains, with stern injunctions to be sociable.

It is especially adapted to sociable gatherings, where most of the guests are friends or acquaintances.

They were pleasant rooms, still unpapered, and the furniture chiefly of amber-coloured varnished deal; the drawing-room, chiefly with green furniture, with only a few brighter dashes here and there, and a sociable amount of comfortable litter already.

Aimable, bien fait, voilà de quoi vivre pour l'amour; sociable et spirituel, voilà pour l'entretien de la société.

Do we say   social   or  sociable