613 examples of socialisms in sentences

Have they been able to avoid transforming it either into tyranny or socialism?

I do not think that Socialism, which excuses us from believing ourselves, which places our soul under responsible administration, and preserves us, it is said, from the baleful disruptions engendered by individualism, succeeds as well in destroying selfishness and in diffusing ideas of devotion and duty.

Thus democracy itself will not degenerate into socialism.

No one has been able to point out the slightest symptom of socialism in the United States.

It menaces only the evil democracy, which, under the guidance of the slavery party, sought to force the nation into the path of socialism.

Between these two systems, which are to contend for contemporaneous communities, between socialism and individualism, the choice of the United States is made.

Another thing gave him great solicitude, taxed to the utmost his fertile brain; and that was the rising and wide-spreading doctrines of Socialism,which was to Germany what Nihilism is to Russia and Fenianism was to Ireland; based on discontent, unbelief, and desperate schemes of unpractical reform, leading to the assassination even of emperors themselves.

Socialism is now as completely materialistic as the old capitalism, and as international in its scope and methods.



Here is the germ of much of our present-day socialism.

Whatever element of truth there may be in the theory that would regard land and capital, the means of production, as the joint possession of all the members of the community,the basic doctrine of socialism,any forcible attempt to distribute present results of individual production and accumulation would be unjust and dangerous to the last degree.

There was no national question to be settled in France, and she could therefore devote herself exclusively to the development of the "social idea," the establishment of democratic government, the foundation of a republic, and in general the determination of what should be the relations between the individual and the State, a question which in course of time led on to the problem of Socialism.

It uses them in fact as it uses irreconcilable France, namely, for the purpose of terrorisation, since it has discovered that the spectre of socialism is as effective to keep the middle classes loyal as the spectre of French revenge is to keep the Southern States loyal.

But it also hopes in time to eradicate socialism from the State.

The conclusion reached is that "the theory of nationality is more absurd and more criminal than the theory of socialism," but though the summing up is unfavourable, the whole essay is a masterly exposition of the national idea by one of the greatest of historical students.

In the municipal sphere and in the field of Trade Unionism, under the education of responsibility, German Socialism can show great achievements; but in national policy it has been as helpless as the rest of the German nation.

For the first time in the history of the party, German Socialism has been allowed to be patriotic.

] There is a characteristic story told by Mr. Maurice Baring about a certain revolutionary who one day arrived at a village to convert the inhabitants to socialism.

[ideologies] democracy, republicanism; communism, statism, state socialism; socialism; conservatism, toryism; liberalism, whigism; theocracy; constitutional monarchy.

[ideologies] democracy, republicanism; communism, statism, state socialism; socialism; conservatism, toryism; liberalism, whigism; theocracy; constitutional monarchy.

He rebelled against all the ordinary proposals and ideals of rebels themselves, and to him there was not very much to choose between the Socialism of Marxists and the despotism of Tsars.

The stride to economic national service and Socialism is a stride that labour should be more eager to take than any other section of the community.

But where the earlier socialisms stopped short, and where to this day socialism is vague, divided, and unprepared, is upon the psychological problems involved in that new and largely unprecedented form of proprietorship, and upon the still more subtle problems of its attainment.

Fabian socialism was the first systematic attempt to meet the fatal absence of administrative schemes in the earlier socialisms.

613 examples of  socialisms  in sentences