40 examples of sociologists in sentences

And so the sociologist, the analyst of human associations, turns out to be simply the historian and accountant of slaveries.

This, I suppose, explains the comprehensive return to Medievalism that, to the scorn of biologists, sociologists and professors of political economy, is flaunting itself before us today, at the hands of a very small minority, in all the categories I have named, as well as in many others besides.

"I'm not a socialist but a sociologist.

Has it ever occurred to you that somewhere away back in the darkest ages your socialistic Nirvana may have existed, and that you sociologists might still find traces of it, if you would?

It has to do with the last tragic weeks of this winter of 1907, in which it was a toss-up between all things of flesh and blood in the Northland to see which would winlife or deathand in which a pair of dark eyes and a voice from the First People turned a sociologist into a possible Member of Parliament.

A picture of which is herein placed, will do much to confound those bumptious sociologists who make haste to rush into print with statistics purporting to show that the Negro Race in America is "fast dying out."

A highly paid, self-perpetuating commission of labor experts, sociologists, and men of practical experience in coal-operating has been appointed to administer Mr. Page's extremely extensive holdings.

Although all leftist publications were prohibited, most historians and sociologists succeeded in writing Marxist books without using Marxist terminology, so that they escaped Chiang's censors.

No arguments of sociologists were half so convincing to legislators or so enlightening to the public as those of the girls who had themselves been through the mill.

From these two sources mainly the work of contemporary sociologists derives.

But there is a strong bias, a sort of labour-saving bias in the normal human mind to ignore this, and not only to speak but to think of a thousand bricks or a thousand sheep or a thousand sociologists as though they were all absolutely true to sample.

Sociologists cannot help making Utopias; though they avoid the word, though they deny the idea with passion, their very silences shape a Utopia.

Yet such facts vary greatly among different races, and the exaggeration which one seems to notice when reading the French sociologists on this point may be due to their observations having been made among a Latin and not a Northern race.

Statistics for sociologists.

Statistics for sociologists.

Statistics for sociologists.

Statistics for sociologists.

To me, on the contrary, it seems that these distinguished sociologists are putting the cart before the horse.

For our purposes, fortunately, this knotty problem of the origin of kinship through females, which has given sociologists so much trouble,[30] does not need to be solved.

" Manu's remark that "where women are honored there the gods are pleased" is one of those expressions of unconscious humor which naturally escaped him, but should not have escaped European sociologists.

Since Bushido, like Aristotle and some modern sociologists, conceived the state as antedating the individualthe latter being born into the former as part and parcel thereofhe must live and die for it or for the incumbent of its legitimate authority.

All of the people I am associated with, the welfare workers and sociologists, are immensely interested in it.

The division made by State codes and revisions, and the United States Revised Statutes, hardly suits our purpose, for it is made rather for lawyers than sociologists or students in comparative legislation.

We apply the term "social selection" to the result of this process because there is a parallel between the natural selection of the biologists and the social selection which sociologists observe in the rapid and extensive changes presently taking place in the centers of western civilization.

A time may come when economists or sociologists occupy the central offices where primary decisions are made.

40 examples of  sociologists  in sentences