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127 example sentences with  sociologists

127 example sentences with sociologists

And so the sociologist, the analyst of human associations, turns out to be simply the historian and accountant of slaveries.

This, I suppose, explains the comprehensive return to Medievalism that, to the scorn of biologists, sociologists and professors of political economy, is flaunting itself before us today, at the hands of a very small minority, in all the categories I have named, as well as in many others besides.

Mr. Graham writes as a poet rather than as an economist or a sociologist, but there is no doubt a grave danger to Russia in a sudden adoption of industrial life.

No sociologist has yet made a study of the effect of "Pamela" upon the condition of domestics, but the many excellent maxims on the servant question uttered by Lord B and his lady can hardly have been without influence upon the persons of the first quality who pored over the volumes.

Has it ever occurred to you that somewhere away back in the darkest ages your socialistic Nirvana may have existed, and that you sociologists might still find traces of it, if you would?

A picture of which is herein placed, will do much to confound those bumptious sociologists who make haste to rush into print with statistics purporting to show that the Negro Race in America is "fast dying out."

A highly paid, self-perpetuating commission of labor experts, sociologists, and men of practical experience in coal-operating has been appointed to administer Mr. Page's extremely extensive holdings.

Oh, I am not a sociologist.

Although all leftist publications were prohibited, most historians and sociologists succeeded in writing Marxist books without using Marxist terminology, so that they escaped Chiang's censors.

To the historian and the sociologist, the experience of Taiwan indicates that China, if left alone and freed from ideological pressures, could industrialize more quickly than any other presently underdeveloped nation.

Professor Harraman, the sociologist, came, and made quite a dispassionate study of Joe, put him (so he told his mother) on the dissecting-table and vivisected his social organs.

No arguments of sociologists were half so convincing to legislators or so enlightening to the public as those of the girls who had themselves been through the mill.

From these two sources mainly the work of contemporary sociologists derives.

But there is a strong bias, a sort of labour-saving bias in the normal human mind to ignore this, and not only to speak but to think of a thousand bricks or a thousand sheep or a thousand sociologists as though they were all absolutely true to sample.

We shall realise that all this talk of the organisation of sociology, as though presently the sociologist would be going about the world with the authority of a sanitary engineer, is and will remain nonsense.

One finds in the first conference of the Sociological Society, Professor Stein, speaking, indeed a very different philosophical dialect from mine, but coming to the same practical conclusion in the matter, and Mr. Osman Newland counting "evolving ideals for the future" as part of the sociologist's work.

Sociologists cannot help making Utopias; though they avoid the word, though they deny the idea with passion, their very silences shape a Utopia.

Yet such facts vary greatly among different races, and the exaggeration which one seems to notice when reading the French sociologists on this point may be due to their observations having been made among a Latin and not a Northern race.

Statistics for sociologists.

Statistics for sociologists.

Statistics for sociologists.

Statistics for sociologists.

To me, on the contrary, it seems that these distinguished sociologists are putting the cart before the horse.

In attributing their antics to modesty, Crantz made an error into which so many explorers have fallenthat of interpreting the actions of savages from the point of view of civilizationan error more pardonable in an unsophisticated traveller of the eighteenth century than in a modern sociologist.

For our purposes, fortunately, this knotty problem of the origin of kinship through females, which has given sociologists so much trouble,[30] does not need to be solved.

" Manu's remark that "where women are honored there the gods are pleased" is one of those expressions of unconscious humor which naturally escaped him, but should not have escaped European sociologists.

Hardwood floored, spacious light, the Brewster attic revealed to you the social, aesthetic, educational and spiritual progress of the entire family as clearly as if a sociologist had chartered it.

Since Bushido, like Aristotle and some modern sociologists, conceived the state as antedating the individualthe latter being born into the former as part and parcel thereofhe must live and die for it or for the incumbent of its legitimate authority.

All of the people I am associated with, the welfare workers and sociologists, are immensely interested in it.

Other chairmen are Helen Hoy Greeley, lawyer; Lavinia Dock, trained nurse; Anna Mercy, an East Side physician; Maud Flowerton, buyer in a department store; Gertrude Barnum, sociologist and writer.

The division made by State codes and revisions, and the United States Revised Statutes, hardly suits our purpose, for it is made rather for lawyers than sociologists or students in comparative legislation.

We apply the term "social selection" to the result of this process because there is a parallel between the natural selection of the biologists and the social selection which sociologists observe in the rapid and extensive changes presently taking place in the centers of western civilization.

A time may come when economists or sociologists occupy the central offices where primary decisions are made.

According to Andrรฉ Bรฉteille, a sociologist, they could be considered "socially proximate" to the Konkanastha Brahmin community and, like that community, they wear the sacred thread.

According to sociologists, the Muria tribe is a very harmonious society.

James Haynes (10 November 1933 6 January 2021) was a British sociologist and writer.

Joan Mari Torrealdai Nabea (November 24, 1942 โ€“ July 31, 2020) was a Spanish writer, journalist and sociologist.

Many sociologists also do research outside of the university.

Scientists and sociologists would run the country using their good ideas.

Since then Muncie has been studied by other sociologists looking at life in America.

Sociologists also interview people or hold group discussions to find out why people behave in certain ways.

Sociologists, linguists or scholars of the verbal arts propose their own, which in, e.g., sociology, stresses common knowledge.

Sociologists tried to understand how people interacted and how groups interacted.

Some sociologists believe that harems formerly existed because of female hypergamy.

Belinda Bozzoli (died 5 December 2020) was a South African author, academic, sociologist, and politician.

Comte, a sociologist, believed in a three part model of human knowledge.

He took office on 11 November 2011. citation Higgins is an Irish politician, poet, sociologist, author and broadcaster.

Historians and sociologists call the recent era modern life.

Deradicalisation must involve social workers, sociologists, psychologists and psychiatrists who can assess whether a person has really been deradicalised and to what extent, Tankosic-Girt told BIRN BiH.

Du Bois is also known for his work as an American sociologist, historian, civil rights activist, Pan-Africanist and professor at Atlanta University.

In 1967, the late American sociologist Harold Garfinkel published his seminal Studies in Ethnomethodology, in which he wrote about the value of โ€œbreaching experimentsโ€ as a way of testing normality.

It also suggested the need for environmentalists, sociologists, lawyers, engineers, economists and other professionals to collaborate with the state government and jointly find lasting solutions to flooding.

Making use of a term coined in 1996 by the sociologist Y. Michal Bodemann, โ€œthe theater of memory,โ€ Czollek writes that Jewish people in Germany are โ€œa confirmation of the German narrative of not being Nazi anymore.โ€

NEW YORK โ€” Gail Sheehy, the journalist, commentator and pop sociologist whose best-selling โ€œPassagesโ€ helped millions navigate their lives from early adulthood to middle age and beyond, has died.

Nor, the focus of Sociologists is how did such Methodological trend became realized in Sociologyโ€“in what pattern and via what means.

Pollard, a sociologist with the RAND Corp. in California, warned that drowning oneโ€™s sorrows can lead to a series of health problems.

Professor and sociologist Shail Mayaram, who has written a book titled Resisting Regimes: Myth, Memory and Shaping of a Muslim Identity, offered a similar assessment.

Score another win for the sociologist.

See these two powerful books about this crisis by Wolfgang Streeck is sociologist, Professor and Director Emeritus at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne.

The bi-weekly seminar attracted some twenty-five historians, sociologists, philosophers, anthropologists and others interested in the field, including some actual Hasidim.

The league sent owners and players around the country to try to lead a dialogue on race relations and to move, as the sociologist and human rights activist said, โ€˜from protest to progress.โ€™

The newspaper reported that Mazurek is a sociologist from Forth Worth, Texas, who is a co-creator of a group called โ€œCampaign to Fight Toxic Prisons.โ€

The problem is that only police are endowed with what the sociologist Egon Bittner as the right to โ€œcoerce a provisional solution upon emergent problems without having to brook or defer to opposition of any kind.โ€

โ€œWe call it the โ€˜basic income feeling,โ€™โ€ said Mr. Bohmeyer, who drew on the writings of psychologists, sociologists, economists and the philosopher Hannah Arendt to try to make sense of what he was hearing from recipients.

We need to hear insights from social psychologists and sociologists on this insidious crowd phenomenon.

Both a sociologist and a designer by education, he has worked in higher education for over 30 years, combining his passion for the arts with community-building activities such as the Stirring Culture initiative in Calgary.

By contrast, Kelly, a psychologist, and Johnston, a sociologist, prefer a family systems approach which gives more detailed attention to a wider range of factors without labeling any as primary.

By the late 1970s, women had become so vocal in the anti-nuclear movement that sociologist and Cornell University professor Dorothy Nelkin published the 1981 article โ€œNuclear Power as a Feminist Issue.โ€

Certainly, our sociologists and Rick Linden and all of our specialists will tell you that you can do a lot more to prevent crime by dealing with the underlying issues than you can with sanctions.

Classical sociologists generally focussed on differences and inequality.

Examples of this approach are when sociologists describe how one variable affects another or individual action is considered to be explained by variables such as social class, religion, or education.

For example, sociologists Jennifer C. Lee and Jeremy Staff wrote a paper in which they note that high-schoolers who spend more hours at a job are more likely to drop out of school.

"For Simmel, society is made up of the interactions between and among individuals, and the sociologist should study the patterns and forms of these associations, rather than quest after social laws."

He is often referred to as a sophisticated 'value-free' sociologist.

An analysis of the cause of death of 472,000 men and women between 1979-1989 by the sociologist at the University of California in Riverside showed that being single or widowed had no impact on suicide rates.

In Chapter 1 of the first edition of this text, Holton noted how nineteenth century sociology became associated with โ€œa critical standpoint toward the contemporary worldโ€ (p. 26) and many of the leading sociologists were associated with social reform.

In the view of sociologists, one also gathers that being religious provided a tangible illustration of studentsโ€™ conformity and conservatism.

Many special interest groups (economists, sociologists, etc.) obtain grants from the government to study issues like racial violence in schools, voting behaviours, the number of children in single parent homes, etc.

Pascal Gielen and Michael Hardt, Art & Science Transdisciplinary Lectures: Pascal Gielen Sociologist and Michael Hardt Philosopher, Online Video Clip, Youtube, The New School, New York, 1 Nov. 2010, Web.

Professor Guida Man, a sociologist at York University, told the newspaper that the xenophobic โ€œdiscourse from Ottawa on subjects like wearing a niqab in citizenship ceremonies contributes to a racist view of immigration.โ€

RCT sociologists tackle issues related to individual action and social interaction, and also construct models explaining social norms and collective behaviour.

As a sociologist who is gearing up for this termโ€™s โ€œGenderโ€ lecture โ€“ this experience, mโ€™dear, is called โ€œthe second shiftโ€ รฐลธโ„ขโ€š See โ€“ I get my jollies with soc and yarn all in the same day รฐลธโ„ขโ€š

She approaches these questions from the angle of a cultural sociologist.

Since 1979, photographer and sociologist Camilo Josรฉ Vergara has taken repeat photographs of American cities in decline, focusing on evolving landscapes of postindustrial decay.

Sociologists are equipped with skills to appreciate and promote cultural diversity and sensitivity at the workplace and help mitigate and resolve conflict and improve productivity.

Sociologists have often used the idea of structure in social theory, as a means of describing the social relationships that they observe and hypothesize in the social world.

Sociologists talk about the idea of โ€˜opportunity structures,โ€™ arguing that the opportunities that are open to us are shaped by social structures.

Sociology can be distinguished from psychology in this way โ€“ noting that psychologists study individuals and their mental processes, whereas sociologists are concerned with the structures that influence action.

Somewhat surprisingly for me, my "integralist" views and theories have found an enthusiastic response on the part of sociologists, psychologists, philosophers, religious leaders, and eminent thinkers throughout the world.

Specifically, they are looking for Economists, Sociologists, Accountants, Industry Analysts, Geographers, Criminologists, Environmental Analysts, and Demographers.

The chemist would demand still finer analysis than the physiologist gives, and the sociologist might wish to include the conditioning of the individual in a still broader view than is taken by the psychologist.

As sociologists Walker and Bellamy have noted, รขโ‚ฌล“media audiences are seen as frequently selecting material that confirms their beliefs, values, and attitudes, while rejecting media content that conflicts with these cognitions.

The first award recipient, sociologist Jeji Varghese, is getting help from the University's Centre for Open Learning and Educational Support to assess the use of community-based research in engaged learning.

The kids, sociologists are whispering, may be all right.

The wily sociologist should seek and use the beautiful, healthy, and strong forms while avoiding their barren or uncultivated counterparts.

This page offers access to comprehensive and topic-specific sources of data on topics of interest to sociologists, including census data.

We have operated with a political scientist, three lawyers, a sociologist, and two full time and several part time translators.

We have reviewed a study of the Manitoba Police Commission by sociologist Rick Linden, which notes a wide range of concerns similar to our own, and we have also examined the policing statutes of Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

Why, then, has the assumption that liberal individualism thrived in Revolutionary America acquired a wide currency, especially among many of the sociologists who have studied this topic?

With this disagreement a mediator is brought in, Daehee, a sociologist researcher at the school.