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160 examples of  soi  in sentences

160 examples of soi in sentences

'What an extraordinary idea!' CHAPTER X Shopping Chez Soi Edith was expecting Aylmer to call that afternoon before he went away.

You have zere somesing to show me?" "I promised the girl that cried soI promised her to bring the Sister this."

Oh, how you bless mebut you still are married, And whilst you are soI must languish Dia.

If the mills on the Tennessee side is too choicy to take 'emand I know well as you, Johnnie, that they air; their man Connors told me soI can hire 'em over at the Victory, on the Georgy side.

"My opinion is," said Lethal, holding out his crooked forefinger like a claw, "that this soi-disant dukewhat the deuse is his name?" "Rosecouleur," interposed Adonaïs, in a tone of society.

But, if you have some bad news" "Your son took your quarrel on his hands, eh?" "I believe soI think" "Well; I saw him an hour ago in search of your slanderer!"

I thought soI remember you told me.

Above a lank, well-poised body clothed in the white tunic and trousers of a ship's officer, he recognised the tragicomic mask of the soi-disant Mr. Whitaker Monk.

'Tis so'tis soI knew that I should pluck The cowl from your delusionIs't

"Griffinberg, Wirsch, and the rest are with meor nearly soI have got them down to clench the matter.

And yet,even if the hops do well, the money they bring will hardly be enough by itself, and soI was selling my furniture to make it up, andnowOh!

"That's soI forgot to look at that," said the finder.

But what the devil had made it so precious to the soi-disant Prince Victor and his charming wife?

If this be trueand you will no doubt think soI might have returned at once, at least after Japan.

And soI always loved him.

SoI wish you good luck in your business undertakings.

[It], Phr. one might hear a feather drop, one might hear a pin drop, so quiet you could hear a pin drop; grosse Seelen dulden still [G.]; le silence est la vertu de ceux qui ne sont pas sages [Fr.]; le silence est le parti le plus sar de celui se defie de soi-meme

Adj. asserting &c v.; declaratory, predicatory^, pronunciative^, affirmative, soi-disant [Fr.]; positive; certain &c 474; express, explicit &c (patent) 525; absolute, emphatic, flat, broad, round, pointed, marked, distinct, decided, confident, trenchant, dogmatic, definitive, formal, solemn, categorical, peremptory; unretracted^; predicable.

exultation; gloriation^, glorification; flourish of trumpets; triumph &c 883. boaster; braggart, braggadocio; Gascon [Fr.], fanfaron^, pretender, soi-disant [Fr.]; blower [U.S.], bluffer, Foxy Quiller^; blusterer &c 887; charlatan, jack-pudding, trumpeter; puppy &c (fop) 854.

[Fr.], faire claquer son fouet [Fr.], take merit to oneself, make a merit of, sing Io triumphe^, holloa before one is out of the wood^. Adj. boasting &c v.; magniloquent, flaming, Thrasonic, stilted, gasconading, braggart, boastful, pretentious, soi-disant

When however it became notorious that no more than 1,000 Poles were fighting under our national standard, the Austrian dynasty appeared as the soi-disant champion and judge of the various nationalities or races.

In Menander's -Plocium- a husband bewails his troubles to his friend: Echo d' epikleron Lamian ouk eireka soi Tout'; eit' ap' ouchi; kurian tes oikias Kai ton agron kai panton ant' ekeines Echoumen, Apollon, os chalepon chalepotaton Apasi d' argalea 'stin, ouk emoi mono, Tio polu mallon thugatri.pragm' amachon legeis'

The traveller, as Brantôme quaintly tells us, "fait des discours en soi pour se soutenir en chemin"; and into these discourses he weaves something out of all that he sees and suffers by the way; they take their tone greatly from the varying character of the scene; a sharp ascent brings different thoughts from a level road; and the man's fancies grow lighter as he comes out of the wood into a clearing.

[Note 3: Brantôme quaintly tells us, "fait des discours en soi pour se soutenir en chemin."

If he was a wit withal, it was malgré soi, for fun, not for wit, was his 'aspiration.'

I was soI may frankly say I did go in for heroism; but I have lost all that, it was really part ignorance and part rhetoric, and when one is rid of these, the nonsense of the war, the idiotic slaughter, the ugliness, the horrible useless sacrifice must be clear to the narrowest mind.

[Footnote: Supplying, with Reiske, [Greek: soi

" "I thought soI thought so.

" "And you think something must happen to this steamer?" "I'm afraid soI feel it.

The rector before him had notoriously earned the living by a marriage with a lady who stood in some questionable relation to Lord Scoutbush's father, and who had never had a thought above his dinner and his tithes; and all that the Aberalva fishermen knew of God or righteousness, they had learnt from the soi-disant disciples of John Wesley.

I heard the shot, and it frightened me soI don't knowI was afraid to look out right away, sir.

218 D. [Greek: ho gar Theos (phaesin) eipe tima ton patera sou kai taen maetera sou, hina eu soi genaetai; humeis de (phaesin) eiraekate (tois presbuterois legon), doron to Theo ho

[Greek: Apekrithae Iaesous kai eipen auto Amaen amaen lego soi, ean mae tis gennaethae anothen ou dunatai idein taen Basilaian tou Theou.

[Greek: Amaen amaen lego soi, ean mae tis gennaethae anothen, ou dunatai idein taen basileian tou Theou ... ean mae tis gennaethae ex hudatos kai pneumatos, ou dunatai eiselthein eis taen basileian tou Theou.]

[244:1] [Greek: Akribos mathon ta taes palaias diathaekaes Biblia, hipotaxas epempsa soi.]

Steele [Greek: Ouch ara soi ge patàer aen ippóra Paeleùs Oudè Thétis máetaer, glaukàe d étikte thálassa Pétrai t aelíbatoi, hóti toi nóos estìn apaenàes.

You feel nothing of the oppressive, despotic sway of the soi-disant Republicans, but we feel it in all its bitterness, and know that it is far worse than that of the most despotic sovereigns in Europe.

SoI did all myself.

This, however, was protected by the soi-disant soldiers, who stood their ground manfully against them.

If I can obliterate this treacherous man's image from my memoryand Heaven, I trust, will give me strength to do soI will strive to replace it with your own.

"I have unwittingly been the cause of much affliction to you," pursued Amabel"and would gladly see you happy, and there is one person, I think, who would make you soI mean Nizza Macascree.

"Let me seeyes, sirquite soI think I recollect.

In the happy state of nature pity and innocent self-love (amour de soi) ruled, and the latter was first corrupted by the reason into the artificial feeling of selfishness (amour propre) in the course of social developmentthinking man is a degenerate animal.

When the young men rose to leave he always accompanied them to the front door, and bade each of them good-bye with a hearty "[Greek: Panta ta kala soi genoito]," and an invariable injunction to "put your foot on it,""it" being the spring catch by which the gate was opened.

And soI must leave you in ignorance as to that.

I thought this was harsh, and as Mr. Burnett's friend I told him soI have always been opposed to extreme measures,but he was not to be gainsaid.

"We thought we were facing death, and soI told her.

Be it soI have no part nor lot in't ThereI have spoken.

"I told them soI said, 'For God's sake, be menstrike, if this isn't stopped.'

He is then released; one of his pals gives a false alarm to Vidocq's mother, and during her temporary absence, Vidocq enters his home with a false key, steals 2,000 francs from a strong chest, with which he escapes to Ostend, (intending to embark for America,) where he is decoyed by a soi-disant ship-broker, and loses all his ill-gotten wealth.

" If you are a pernickety intellectual (soi-disant) you may really permit yourself to be faintly amused at the fiery zeal of the mystery-wrapt author of Loyalty for his (or, quite possibly, her) country's cause in this difficult hour.

His vocation was certainly not patriotism; but the worldly wisdom which kept well with men of all political colours, and eschewed the wretched intrigues and bloody feuds of Rome, stands out in no unfavourable contrast with the conduct of many of her soi-disant patriots.

This soi-disant hero could only be an incumbrance during the conflict, if his courage could have been screwed up to remain at Napoleon's side, as he pretended he had done, and that when he became panicstruck on the approach of the Prussians, he was rewarded for his services with a twenty-franc coin.

I dared not say no, he looked at me soI can't tell you how; but I said it would not be lawful.

Je ne suis pas mére, mais je suis tante; j'ai vu naître mes neveux et niéces, je les ai bercés dans mes bras, j'ai veillé sur leurs premiers pas, j'ai observé le développement graduel de leur coeur et de leur intelligence, j'ai senti à fond combien l'oeuvre de l'éducation est sérieuse et combien il importe d'étre discipliné soi-même par le Seigneur pour discipliner les petits confiés à nos soins.

Between fruitless negotiations, attempts to delude the insurgents by insincere promises, and the greatest efforts on the part of my soi-disant friend, Danish Effendi, to win over the body of correspondents by this time collected at Ragusa (he told me in so many words that he had informed the Turkish government that my pen was worth 40,000 francs to it), the rest of the winter passed away quietly.

"Il est venu chez soi; et les siens ne l'ont point reçu.

His body was brought back to France, and his soi-disant widow mourned him decorously for a year.

Even an English hide-and-head-buying tripper and soi-disant big-game hunter knew a Zulu from a Hottentot, a Masai from a Wazarambo, and a Somali from a Nigger!

There is no pardoning soi-disant liberaux, who prove, by their acts, the greatest enemies of the sacred dignity of liberty.

"Lady T. Why, I don't intend to mend themI can't mend themyou know I have try'd to do it an hundred times, andit hurts me soI can't bear it!

The education of self (L'education de soi-meme) Authorized translation by Edward G. Richards.

La conscience de soi.

La conscience de soi.

La possession de soi-meme.

Margaret Mayorga (A); 21Mar66; R382110. MAZELINE, GUY. L'amour de soi-meme.

The education of self (L'education de soi-meme) Authorized translation by Edward G. Richards.

La conscience de soi.

La conscience de soi.

La possession de soi-meme.

Margaret Mayorga (A); 21Mar66; R382110. MAZELINE, GUY. L'amour de soi-meme.

Having heard the words of the gods, the saint said, "Let it be soI shall do even what ye desire, and that which will conduce to the great happiness of men."

Whether she is laying traps for Dunborough' 'The viscountess's son?' 'Just soI cannot say.

D'ailleurs, il a voulu donner un poème: ce qui l'oblige à prendre le ton poétique, et à faire des descriptions poétiques, ou soi-disant telles.

Ainsi finit la fête, et chacun retourna chez soi sain et sauf. L'empereur

The Deputy replied, "Ma soi je n'en sais rien

Si vous ne pouvez pas empescher de baailler, du moins gardez vous bien de parler en cet instant mesme, & d'ouurir extraordinairem[=e]t la bouche; mais pressez la sagement, ou en détournant tant soi peu la face de la cõpagnie.

Steele [Greek: Ouch ara soi ge patàer aen ippóra Paeleùs Oudè Thétis máetaer, glaukàe d étikte thálassa Pétrai t aelíbatoi, hóti toi nóos estìn apaenàes.

but you, who have had a fever with fêtes, had rather hear the history of the new soi-disante Margravine.

Aside, however, from special eccentricity, there are men, like the Earl of Essex, Bacon's soi-disant friend, who possess a certain emphatic and imposing individuality, which, while commonly assumed to indicate character and force, is really but the succedaneum for these.

soI see 365 That these are things of which I need not speak.

SoI went straight off to London by the very next South express.

" "I hope soI hope so.

She has tried to guide me; but Katethy father calls thee soI have had no one to love me like thee.

The Anti-Slavery zeal, with him a passion, He knows less warmly shared by other traders; But soi-disant Crusaders Caught paltering with the Infidels, like traitors, And hot enthusiast Emancipators Who the grim Slavery-demon gently tackle, Wink at the scourge, and dally with the shackle, Such, though they vaunt their zeal and orthodoxy, Seemfor philanthropistsa trifle foxy!

"Bon soi', Miché."

Yes, they agreed it would be; butthough they never told him soI think the older conservative generation had grave doubts whether the adventurous ones would return alive.

"Well, if that is soI take your word for itwe will do the lunatic all possible honor.

"Yesyesjust sojust soI applaud your sentiments, Count Nobilimost appropriate.

" "I want that bracelet," broke in the soi-disant Jean Duval unceremoniously.

At the self-same second my eyes alighted on a large and clumsy-looking key which lay upon the dressing-table, and my hand at once wandered instinctively to the pocket of my coat and closed convulsively on the duplicate one which the soi-disant Jean Duval had given me.

I turned, and resting my elbow on the table and my chin in my hand, I looked mutely on the soi-disant Jean Duval and equally mutely pointed with an accusing finger to the description of the famous bracelet which he had declared to me was merely strass and base metal.

#soi#, oneself.

She tried Buffon, but he was 'd'une monotonie insupportable; il sait bien ce qu'il sait, mais il ne s'occupe que des bêtes; il faut l'être un peu soi-même pour se dévouer à une telle occupation.'

de la connaissance; une habitude qui a l'air de l'amitié; voir disparaître ceux avec qui l'on vit; un retour sur soi-même; sentir que l'on ne tient à rien, que tout fuit, que tout échappe, qu'on reste seule dans l'univers, et que malgré cela on craint de le quitter; voilà ce qui m'occupa pendant la musique.

" "I hope soI think I am, for none of my feelings seem to me ever to change, except that I get harder, and, I am afraid, bitterer.

voir les besoins d'un honnête homme, et n'être point en état de les soulager, n'est-ce pas les avoir soi-même?

Monsieur, on a de la peine à se louer soi-même; mais, malgré toutes les règles de la modestie, il faut pourtant que je vous dise que, si vous ne mettez ordre[104] à ce qui arrive, votre prétendu gendre[105] n'aura plus de coeur à donner à mademoiselle votre fille.

Il est louable de penser modestement sur soi; mais, avec de la modestie, on parle, on se propose.

Ce n'est pas l'amour, ce sont les amants, tels qu'ils sont la plupart, que je méprise, et non pas le sentiment qui fait qu'on aime, qui n'a rien en soi que de fort honnête, de fort permis et de fort involontaire.