160 examples of soi in sentences

"Griffinberg, Wirsch, and the rest are with meor nearly soI have got them down to clench the matter.

And yet,even if the hops do well, the money they bring will hardly be enough by itself, and soI was selling my furniture to make it up, andnowOh!

exultation; gloriation^, glorification; flourish of trumpets; triumph &c 883. boaster; braggart, braggadocio; Gascon [Fr.], fanfaron^, pretender, soi-disant [Fr.]; blower [U.S.], bluffer, Foxy Quiller^; blusterer &c 887; charlatan, jack-pudding, trumpeter; puppy &c (fop) 854.

[Fr.], faire claquer son fouet [Fr.], take merit to oneself, make a merit of, sing Io triumphe^, holloa before one is out of the wood^. Adj. boasting &c v.; magniloquent, flaming, Thrasonic, stilted, gasconading, braggart, boastful, pretentious, soi-disant

When however it became notorious that no more than 1,000 Poles were fighting under our national standard, the Austrian dynasty appeared as the soi-disant champion and judge of the various nationalities or races.

"Let me seeyes, sirquite soI think I recollect.

" If you are a pernickety intellectual (soi-disant) you may really permit yourself to be faintly amused at the fiery zeal of the mystery-wrapt author of Loyalty for his (or, quite possibly, her) country's cause in this difficult hour.

"Il est venu chez soi; et les siens ne l'ont point reçu.

His body was brought back to France, and his soi-disant widow mourned him decorously for a year.

"Lady T. Why, I don't intend to mend themI can't mend themyou know I have try'd to do it an hundred times, andit hurts me soI can't bear it!

La conscience de soi.

La conscience de soi.

Margaret Mayorga (A); 21Mar66; R382110. MAZELINE, GUY. L'amour de soi-meme.

Whether she is laying traps for Dunborough' 'The viscountess's son?' 'Just soI cannot say.

soI see 365 That these are things of which I need not speak.

SoI went straight off to London by the very next South express.

" "I hope soI hope so.

She has tried to guide me; but Katethy father calls thee soI have had no one to love me like thee.

" "I want that bracelet," broke in the soi-disant Jean Duval unceremoniously.

At the self-same second my eyes alighted on a large and clumsy-looking key which lay upon the dressing-table, and my hand at once wandered instinctively to the pocket of my coat and closed convulsively on the duplicate one which the soi-disant Jean Duval had given me.

I turned, and resting my elbow on the table and my chin in my hand, I looked mutely on the soi-disant Jean Duval and equally mutely pointed with an accusing finger to the description of the famous bracelet which he had declared to me was merely strass and base metal.

#soi#, oneself.

She tried Buffon, but he was 'd'une monotonie insupportable; il sait bien ce qu'il sait, mais il ne s'occupe que des bêtes; il faut l'être un peu soi-même pour se dévouer à une telle occupation.'

de la connaissance; une habitude qui a l'air de l'amitié; voir disparaître ceux avec qui l'on vit; un retour sur soi-même; sentir que l'on ne tient à rien, que tout fuit, que tout échappe, qu'on reste seule dans l'univers, et que malgré cela on craint de le quitter; voilà ce qui m'occupa pendant la musique.

voir les besoins d'un honnête homme, et n'être point en état de les soulager, n'est-ce pas les avoir soi-même?

160 examples of  soi  in sentences