19592 examples of soldier in sentences

"There was a French soldier of noble mien who sat his horse gallantly.

"The French soldier looked at them and their bills and was sore alarmed, for he was afraid of losing his good horse, the best that he had, and would willingly have turned to some other quarter if it would not have looked like cowardice.

It so happened that a native-born son of the valley, many years before, had enlisted as a soldier, and, after a great deal of hard fighting, had now become an illustrious commander.

A soldier struck the barrels, and said laughingly, "Here is something to make a fire with to-night.

I should be a bad chief, but I am a good soldier.

A workman, pierced through and through, snatched the bayonet from his belly, and stabbed a soldier with it.

A brave soldier nevertheless; he had lost an arm in the Russian war.

There are two kinds of couragebravery and perseverance; the first belongs to the soldier, the second belongs to the citizen.

A boot placed itself softly on his foot, it was a horse-soldier's boot.

The judge looks fixedly at the prisoner, and answers,"Well, then?" Another form of justice: Three miscellaneous personages, three removable functionaries, a Prefect, a soldier, a public prosecutor, whose only conscience is the sound of Louis Bonaparte's bell, seated themselves at a table and judged.

An old soldier would be disgraced to allow himself to be run down by mere vagabonds.

"How the lad has grown!" said the captain, tears of pride starting into his eyes, in spite of a very manful resolution to appear composed and soldier-like.

To tell you the truth, girls, these are not times for a soldier to think of anything but his duty.

Major Willoughby was too good a soldier to abandon his post without orders, though bitterly did he regret the facility with which he had consented to accept so inconsiderable a command.

Every old soldier will stick to that, your honour.

I make no doubt, sir, so good a soldier will know how to obey orders.

Here the four halted, the major turning and looking back like a soldier who was examining his ground.

" "Pardon me, your honour; uncertainty would be a better word, as applied to so good a soldier.

" This was done, and in a minute or two the captain and Joel were seated in the library, Joyce respectfully standing; the old soldier always declining to assume any familiarity with his superior.

Dr. Johnson seems to have forgotten that a Highlander going armed at this period incurred the penalty of serving as a common soldier for the first, and of transportation beyond sea for a second offence.

"Speak!" "By the Holy Madonna of San Donato!" said Piero, casting off his restraint with a sudden impulse, "if I come not back, I would have thee know that if ever there came a chance to me to serve Marinathe Lady Marina of the GiustinianiI, Piero, barcariol or gastaldo, would serve her as a soldier may serve a saint.

It was a strange admission from a man stalwart and fearless like Piero, but he made it without shame, as a soldier acquiescing in destiny.

It so happened that a native-born son of the valley, many years before, had enlisted as a soldier, and, after a great deal of hard fighting, had now become an illustrious commander.

A newspaper had so often been to him a shelter from his mother's eyes, a protection from his mother's tongue, that, whenever he saw a storm or a siege of embarrassing questioning about to begin, he looked around for a newspaper as involuntarily as a soldier feels in his belt for his pistol.

Ask any soldier, Federal or otherwise, if he will give up his pay, or his jingling sword, or even his rank; he may perhaps consent, but ask him to rip off his embroidery, and he will answer, never!

19592 examples of  soldier  in sentences