82 examples of solicitor-general in sentences

]] Introduction by Sir John Simon, K.C. I have the privilege and the honour of adding a few words to express our thanks to the Solicitor-General of the United States for this memorable course of lectures.

The Solicitor-General has brought a bill into Parliament for this purpose.

Bacon, who was Solicitor-General, said:'Certainly the circumstance of time is heavy unto you; it is now five years since this unfortunate man, Turner, be it upon accident or despight, gave the provocation which was the seed of your malice.'

We should however remember that Bacon had not reached the age when great offices were usually conferred in the professions, and that his efforts to be made solicitor-general at the age of thirty-one, and even earlier, would now seem unreasonable and importunate, whatever might be his attainments.

The Chancellor has prosecuted the 'Morning Journal' for a libel accusing him of having taken money for Sugden's appointment as Solicitor-General.

The Attorney- and Solicitor-General were called in.

There is some doubt under what law they are to be indicted, and the Attorney and Solicitor-General are out of town.

Attorney-General............... $ 8,000 Solicitor-General.............. 7,000 Two Asst.

But did the House remember the pathetic appeal of the Solicitor-General?

SIR: I have the honor to inclose herewith copies of letter from the lieutenant-governor of New Brunswick, under date of February 18, with my reply thereto; letter from the solicitor-general of the Province of New Brunswick to the Hon.

FRED'K STREET, Solicitor-General of the Provinces.

The Solicitor-General remarked, that there were many fears for the results of that first day of abolition.

The Solicitor-General remarked, that the comparative state of crime could not be ascertained by a mere reference to statistical records, since previous to emancipation all offences were summarily punished by the planter.

Said the Solicitor-General, "We were once strangely opposed to the English anti-slavery party, but now we sympathize with you.

As Cooke, the solicitor-general, was beginning to open the pleadings at the trial of Charles I, the king gently tapped him on the shoulder with his cane, crying "Hold, hold!"

The Solicitor-General made a bitter and violent speech, full of party hate and malice, endeavoring to prejudice the jury against the work by picking out bits of medical detail and making profuse apologies for reading them, and shuddering and casting up his eyes with all the skill of a finished actor.

His old friend and comrade at the Bar, Sir David Dundas, had just been appointed Solicitor-General, and, in reply to Baron Parke's invitation to dinner, he wrote that he could not accept it, as he had been already invited by seven peers for the same evening.

And the same thing comes out in the interesting letter in which the Solicitor-General describes his last recollections of Keble: There was, I am sure, no trace of failing then to be discerned in his apprehension, or judgment, or discourse.

To Totness there came a letter to the mayor from the Prince, and signed by two of his lords, to recommend a candidate in opposition to the Solicitor-General

The trial commenced on June 18th before the Lord Chief Justice of England and a special jury, Sir Hardinge Giffard, the Solicitor-General of the Tory Government, leading against us, and we defending ourselves.

I had against me the Solicitor-General, Sir Edward Clarke, at the bar, and Baron Huddleston on the bench; both counsel and judge did their best to browbeat me and to use the coarsest language, endeavouring to prove that by advocating the limitation of the family I had condemned chastity as a crime.

His substitute and principal assistant is the Solicitor-General.

The Solicitor-General and the Assistant Attorneys-General.

HALSBURY, HARDINGE STANLEY GIFFORD, LORD, Lord Chancellor of England, born in London; was called to the bar in 1850; he was Solicitor-General in the last Disraeli Government; entered Parliament in 1877, and in 1885 was raised to the peerage and made Lord-Chancellor, a position he has held in successive Conservative Governments; b. 1825.

HATHERLEY, BARON, barrister, elected to represent Oxford in Parliament; in 1847 was Solicitor-General, in 1853 raised to the bench, and in 1868 made Lord Chancellor; retired in 1872 from failing sight (1801-1881).

82 examples of  solicitor-general  in sentences
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