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89 examples of  soliloquize  in sentences

89 examples of soliloquize in sentences

The Devil, (soliloquizing.)

he soliloquized, "for I did have my locks on the topside backmost, and my whiskers turned the wrong way.

"There's been no end of a row this time," he soliloquized.

she soliloquized, as she pulled Noisette's silky ears.

"Ef the angul Gabriel," she soliloquized, "starts in ter searchin' the earth this night fer the Lord's chosen ones, there ain't no fear but what he'll cum ter

he soliloquized, "no wonder you felt a premonitory sense of the fitness of frills!

Soliloquizing upon this, Confucius said, "Since he uses me to back his ministers, [30] I did not dare not to announce the matter to him; and now he says, 'Inform the Three Chiefs.'" He went to the Three Chiefs and informed them, but nothing could be done.

An unsophisticated young imp, who had not long been in Hades, was cowering over a small fire in a distant corner, endeavoring to keep from freezing, when his Impious Majesty himself heard the youth soliloquizing: "When will LIE BIG, the editor of the Sun, keep me company?"

Quarles thinks of his audience when he lectures; Wither soliloquizes in company with a full heart.

"If we had rain nowor soonthat section of Bluestem would square father," soliloquized young Dorn, as with keen eyes he surveyed a vast field of wheat, short, smooth, yellowing in the sun.

she soliloquized.

he soliloquized.

"There was a divinity in those soldiers," he soliloquized.

"And I'm mighty afraid that, somehow or other, the old she-dragon will get the best of me yet in this infernal business," he soliloquized.

"No use of talking, the minute I get to school I seem to get into trouble," he soliloquized.

"Well, it was a pretty mean thing to do," soliloquized the fun-loving Rover.

"If you're going to burn hay," soliloquized Dabney, "it won't do to take a barn for a stove.

" Though Don Camillo soliloquized, rather than addressed his companion, it was evident, by the train of his thoughts, that the narrative of Jacopo had awakened disagreeable reflections on the manner in which he had pushed his own claims with the Senate.

While he is writing the second time, the Pharisee, the Accuser, and the Scribe, who have chiefly sustained the dialogue hitherto, separate, each going into a different part of the Temple, and soliloquize thus: Pharisee.

"I can lick him," he soliloquized.

He then paused, and after a while soliloquized, "Ah! fancy a hundred!

"Tapp is pretty smart," soliloquized Andy.

soliloquized Mike"The divil burn ye, for a guessing yankee as ye

The honest fellow raised a hand of his late master, and, kissing it with strong affection, soliloquized as follows, in a tone that was more rebuked by feeling, than any apprehension of consequences.

"A cool hand!" soliloquized Allerdyke as he went downstairs.

Amid scenes so ungenial and dismal, the god sank into a profound reverie, when he thus soliloquized: 'Who am I?

As I soliloquized thus, I was attracted by a low vibrating note among the leaves.

Ladies and gentlemen," said Gussie, in a low, soliloquizing sort of way, "I do not propose to detain this auspicious occasion long" It was a thoughtful Wooster who walked away and left him at it.

I had heard Jacques soliloquize beneath his oak; had beheld the fair Rosalind and her companion adventuring through the woodlands; and, above all, had been once more present in spirit with fat Jack Falstaff, and his contemporaries, from the august Justice Shallow down to the gentle Master Slender, and the sweet Anne Page.

The best scene from this tragedy is in the fifth act, where Cato soliloquizes, with Plato's Immortality of the Soul open in his hand, and a drawn sword on the table before him: It must be soPlato, thou reason'st well!

Soliloquy N. soliloquy, monologue, apostrophe; monology^. V. Soliloquize; say to oneself, talk to oneself; say aside, think aloud, apostrophize.

Adj. soliloquizing &c v..

He went about muttering and growling; wherever you met him he was soliloquizing and saying, "despicable pretenderwithout groupingwithout two ideas upon handlingwithout"and there you lost him.

Even the brown thrasher, whose ordinary performance, is so full-voiced, not to say boisterous, will sometimes soliloquize, or seem to soliloquize, in the faintest of undertones.

Even the brown thrasher, whose ordinary performance, is so full-voiced, not to say boisterous, will sometimes soliloquize, or seem to soliloquize, in the faintest of undertones.

He was one day sitting in his room soliloquizing aloud; his favourite Newfoundland-dog was at his side, and seemed to engross all m's attention.

"My way to heaven lies in this direction," I soliloquized, and the quivering yacht went bounding on as I allowed wild dreams to race unchecked through my brain.

"By Jove," he exclaimed, surveying the picture, "I can paint!" Artists do occasionally soliloquize in this way.

She soliloquized, "So you think, Miss BELINDA, do you, 'that I'd better try it on, with them freckles and that mole!'

"I'll hand the key over to Mary," soliloquized Dickie in the hollow and unnatural voice of stage confidences.

"I shall probably, or rather certainly, be tramped on and shoved," soliloquized Van Bibber.

"I've got to economize," he soliloquized.

"They may have more nerve than I," he soliloquized, "and I don't say they have not; but they can have all the credit and rewards they want, and I'll be satisfied to stay just where I am.

"Grandison," soliloquized his master, as he stood gazing down at his ebony encumbrance, "I do not deserve to be an American citizen; I ought not to have the advantages I possess over you; and I certainly am not worthy of Charity Lomax, if I am not smart enough to get rid of you.

"Of course, all ought to come to me and Godfrey," she soliloquized.

Their dances are very much like an exercise in the Delsarte method of elocution, being done with the arms more than with the legs, and consisting of slow, graceful gesticulations such as a dreamy poet might use when he soliloquizes to the stars.

"That's settled," soliloquized Mrs. Stevens, with an air of intense satisfaction, as she descended the steps"her four children would make a serious gap in the little school; and now, then," continued she, "for the Roths.

he soliloquized, "I look like a murderer already," and he covered his face with his hands, and turned away from the glass.

" Whilst he was thus soliloquizing, his attention was arrested by the noise of footsteps in the other part of the shop, and looking up, he discerned the tall form of Mr. Walters.

"I'll see her myself," he soliloquized.

soliloquized she; "the alarm will, no doubt, lend him energy.

"At present they do not even nibble," he soliloquized, still looking at the ceiling.

So soliloquized Lucy, who, kindhearted as she was, could not be expected to take quite so much delight in nursing her cross mistress, who never befriended her, as she would have done a kinder, gentler person; but Lucy read her Bible, and she had been trying, though not so long as Emilie, nor always so successfully it must be owned, to live as though she read it.

"The precious metals are indeed indestructible, as Megilp has said," soliloquized Barwood.

" Thus soliloquizing, she prepared to go a few steps from their dwelling, to the cottage of Meta and Antonio, which was situated at no great distance.

" "Then she has heard!" said Greenleaf, soliloquizing.

JOHN (continuing to soliloquize)

"Sure it's a cryin' shame," he soliloquized in an undertone, quite unconscious that he was observed, "that ye should escape, ye villains.

And a lady of my acquaintance, soliloquizing on the afflictions of life and the serenity of her own temper, exclaimed, "How true it is what Solomon says, 'A contented spirit is like a perpetual dropping on a rainy day'!" A Dissenting minister, winding up a week's mission, is reported to have said, "And if any spark of grace has been kindled by these exercises, oh, we pray Thee, water that spark."

Boiling over, as he visibly was, with the desire to bark his soul out, yet he could be seen unmistakably restraining himself, till Teddy, after some preliminary soliloquizing in deep undertones, had made up his mind that the suspicious shuffling-by of probably some inoffensive Italian workman demanded investigation, and lumberingly risen to his feet and made for the door.

I found only my aunt, walking up and down the room muttering her rosary and soliloquizing between the prayers.

"Foolish boy," she said, "don't talk nonsense;" then forgot herself, and began soliloquizing about the horses.

This warbling does not seem intended to cheer his partner, but it is rather a sort of soliloquizing for his own amusement.

"Just as we were starting home," soliloquized, that night, our diary, "the newsboys came crying all around, that General Beauregard had opened fire on Fort Sumter, and the war has begun.

Encouraged by the respectful silence of his auditors, he calmly expanded and soliloquized on his favorite topic, the last golden age of Time, the Marriage-Supper of the Lamb, when the purified Earth, like a repentant Psyche, shall be restored to the long-lost favor of a celestial Bridegroom, and glorified saints and angels shall walk familiarly as wedding-guests among men.

Mr. Boldover (glancing eagerly round the room as he enters, and soliloquizing mentally).

Charles retired to his chamber; and there, without thinking of undressing, he walked to and fro with long strides, threw himself upon his bed, got up again, and soliloquized out loud, addressing himself occasionally to Commynes, who lay close by him.

"This is too much!" cried she, half soliloquizing.

"It don't look like a take-in," soliloquized Mrs. Pullen, "and I shouldn't think anybody'd go to all that trouble and spend a penny to take in a poor thing like me.

So Bill started to walk, beguiling the time, by soliloquizing uponwell, Bill put it this way: "I walked and I cussed, and I cussed and I walked, for about four hours and a half.

"And the worst of it is," he soliloquized, "she'll think I did it because she asked me to let him go.

"He'll make good," soliloquized the supervisor.

"Then Jim and Annie's patched it up," he soliloquized.

In fact, Jim, who drove both routes on this day, and who peeped into the coach whenever he stopped to water, soliloquized that two fools with idees would make a quare span ef they had a neck-yoke on.

"What on airth's the matter?" soliloquized Dave.

In this attitude, he begins to soliloquize, and informs the audience (what they did not know before) that, from a clump of shrubbery, he had seen fully as much as they of the preceding scene.

" "He is dead, then, and no mistake," said Matthew, soliloquizing.

She soliloquized thus until the candles were brought, and the curtains drawn to shut out the storm, and she sat beneath her maid's hands heeding naught save her bitter thoughts.

"It's twelve o'clock now," he soliloquized aloud.

"But that there's crime at the core of it, or some deep disgrace," he soliloquized, "appears to me most evident, and I take his assurance in its fullest meaning that he had nothing to do with it.

"Algy was right," say I, soliloquizing aloud, as I stand before the long cheval glass, with a back-hair glass in one hand, by whose aid I correct my errors in the profile, three-quarters or back view; "mine is not the most hopeless kind of ugliness.

Letitia, if I remember right, was discovered soliloquizing somewhat after this fashion: "Dear little Harry!

He tried to soliloquize, to be facetious, to have his last grim laugh at life, but his lips made only incoherent sounds.

"Well," he soliloquized, "my chance of getting a sail-boat this season is rather slim, I'm afraid.

"This won't do," he soliloquized.

He was soliloquizing in this manner: "I love my country.

That girl," he soliloquized, "who knew so well, from the first, what our intentions were; to throw herself at his head in the shameless way she did!

"What a vivacious, agreeable old woman," he soliloquized with enthusiasm as he was driven home that night, sitting in the middle of the carriage cushions with one arm swung impartially through the strap on each side.

Next, Brutus was seen awkwardly cleaning his accoutrements, having enlisted, as he soliloquized, to escape from woman.