98 examples of soms in sentences

Somnus, good Somnus, sweet Somnus, come apace! SOM.

[SOMNUS charms him; he sleeps. SOM.

[GUSTUS offers to run at SOMNUS, but being suddenly charmed, falls asleep. SOM.

See how Visus hath broke his forehead against the oak yonder, ha, ha, ha! SOM.

Somnus, here's Tactus, worse than all his fellows: Stay but awhile, and you shall see him rage! SOM.

What Vulcan's this that offers to enchain A greater soldier than the god of war? SOM.

[APPETITUS heaveth up his club to brain CRAPULA; but SOMNUS in the meantime catcheth him behind, and binds him. SOM.

is not my soul departed? SOM.

But of the princypalle yles and of his estate and of his lawe, I schalle telle zou som partye.

So let us ga-ther flow-er-ets fair, And blos-soms from the haw-thorn spray, To deck our May-pole stand-ing there, Upon this mer-ry First of May.

And dear-est Maud shall there be seen With crown of haw-thorn blos-soms gay, And she shall be our lit-tle queen, Upon this mer-ry First of May.

The dan-de-lion blos-soms gay From the fields have passed away, And in their place left heads of grey.

Through the corn the chil-dren creep, Where the nod-ding pop-pies sleep, Fill-ing hands and a-prons white With the scar-let blos-soms bright.

the bawdy broker, I meanes, where a man for his dollers may have choyse of diseases, and som tymes the pox too, if hee will leeve beehind him a good pawne for it.

For many reasons: Il alleadge som fewe.

[Now] in the villaige by, that fronts the sea, Som halff league off where stands the monastery, I have bespoake a place to sojorn her.

There I this evening do intend a feast Where only wee and som fewe private frends Have purpost to bee jhoviall.

"Som' tam' yo' com' back sing heem de res' of dat song!" shouted Louis Placide to his late captive.

She has large soms

he comes whom all ad-mire, Whose nim-ble legs, and lis-som back, And read-y pluck, that naught can tire, Win him the name of "Mon-key Jack." See how he leaps from bough to bough To gain that most be-lov'd of balls!

More was evidently at a loss to discover the {333} author of this work; for, after conjecturing that it might have come from William Tyndal, or George Jaye (alias Joy), or "som yong unlearned fole," he determines "for lacke of hys other name to cal the writer mayster Masker," a sobriquet which is preserved throughout his confutation.

seguindo o som, que póde tanto, E misturando o antigo Mantuano, Façamos novo estylo, novo espanto.

Morits blows the horn on Bellmann's place around the flowing bowl, and whole crowds dance in a circle, young and old; the carriages too, horses and waggons, filled bottles and clattering tankards: the Bellmann dithyrambic clangs melodiously; humour and low life, sadnessand amongst others, about "hur ögat gret Ved de Cypresser, som ströddes.

Note for this feate yow must haue fower boxes made in the manner of extinguishers that are made to put out candles, but as big againe: but for want of them, you may take smal candlesticks, or saltseller couers, or som such like.

And in the meane tyme the gould should multiply, But the Alchimister (belike) hauing other matters of more importance, cam not iust at the hower appoynted nor yet at the day, nor with in the yere, so as although it were som what, against the Gent.

98 examples of  soms  in sentences