98 examples of soms in sentences

The haw-thorn blos-som, snow-y white, Hangs thick upon the hedge to-day; With many flow-ers the fields are bright Upon this mer-ry First of May.

So let us ga-ther flow-er-ets fair, And blos-soms from the haw-thorn spray, To deck our May-pole stand-ing there, Upon this mer-ry First of May.

And dear-est Maud shall there be seen With crown of haw-thorn blos-soms gay, And she shall be our lit-tle queen, Upon this mer-ry First of May.

The dan-de-lion blos-soms gay From the fields have passed away, And in their place left heads of grey.

"The de-sert shall re-joice, and blos-som as the rose.

And He, who from the Win-ter's gloom Can Sum-mer thus dis-close, Shall one day make the de-sert bloom, And blos-som as the rose.

Through the corn the chil-dren creep, Where the nod-ding pop-pies sleep, Fill-ing hands and a-prons white With the scar-let blos-soms bright.

A yel-low But-ter-fly one day, Grown tired of play and tired of fly-ing, Up-on a this-tle blos-som grey With out-spread wings was i-dly ly-ing.

For many reasons: Il alleadge som fewe.

[Now] in the villaige by, that fronts the sea, Som halff league off where stands the monastery, I have bespoake a place to sojorn her.

There I this evening do intend a feast Where only wee and som fewe private frends Have purpost to bee jhoviall.

For her content and pleasure, such as canott bee Hop't or expected from her husband's age; And these my frendly wishes she returnes Not only in kind language but sweete smiles, The least of which breede som Incoradgement.

What you have lost May you in som most fayer and fortunate hower

Som sitt upon the planks, som on the masts, Som hange upon the cables, and som few Have only gott the cock-boat; others swimme.

Sure, syr, it was som shipp of passengers, For see you not too women?

Som sweete echo Speake from these walls and answer to our wants, And eather lend som comfort to our grieffs Or send us hence dispayringe and asham'd.

He became so insistent that Nalini reluctantly gave him a letter of introduction to Babu Kaliprasanna Som, Secretary of the Rámnagar High School, who, he said, was looking about him for a fourth master.

For, being demanded when he was but a boy, of his grandfather, Astyages, why he would drink no wine, because, said hee, I observed yesterday when you celebrated the feast of your nativitie, so strange a thing, that it could not be but that som man had put poison into all the wine that ye drank; for at the taking up of the table, there was not one man in his right minde.

KONG-BIAU, TEK-IAM, TEK-EIAN, U-JU, SIBU, JIT-SOM, KI-AN, LAM-SAN, KIM KOA, "The disciples of Jesus at Peh-chui-ia.

" The other is upon Epictetus, the Stoick philosopher: [Greek: Doulos Epiktaetos genomaen, kai som anapaeros, Kai peniaen Iros, kai philos Athanatois.] "Servus Epictetus, mutilatus corpore, vixi Pauperieque Irus, curaque prima deum.

She has large soms

he comes whom all ad-mire, Whose nim-ble legs, and lis-som back, And read-y pluck, that naught can tire, Win him the name of "Mon-key Jack." See how he leaps from bough to bough To gain that most be-lov'd of balls!

Will see Dina som time

More was evidently at a loss to discover the {333} author of this work; for, after conjecturing that it might have come from William Tyndal, or George Jaye (alias Joy), or "som yong unlearned fole," he determines "for lacke of hys other name to cal the writer mayster Masker," a sobriquet which is preserved throughout his confutation.

seguindo o som, que póde tanto, E misturando o antigo Mantuano, Façamos novo estylo, novo espanto.

98 examples of  soms  in sentences
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