65 examples of sons' in sentences

I know several mammas who followed all the course of their sons' studies when they were preparing their baccalaureat, even to writing the compositions.

"Is not all I have my sons'?" she cried, "and would I not cut myself into little pieces to serve them?

Mrs. Knippel had sent her an invitation in order to cement the bonds of friendship, and she had done the same with Bruno, who was to become her sons' close comrade.

So that the roof our ancestors did build For their sons' comfort, and their wives for charity, I dare not to look out at.

She forgot that Anne had taken her sons' affection and her place beside her husband's deathbed.

These cries had been taught them by Mr. Jardine, who was getting anxious because of his sons' delay, and had done all he could think of to help them.

Now and again they would sit down in the middle of their work and talk together, the father almost asking his sons' advice as to what they should do next.

Our knowledge did not belong to us, but to Him who made us, and the universe; and our sons' belonged to Him likewise.

The oration then made by Marcus Antonius was an admirable one, his disposition, too, appeared excellent, and lastly, by his means and by his sons', peace was ratified with the most illustrious of the citizens, and everything else was consistent with this beginning.

Weep notthere soon shall dawn another day When from the farthest end of this vast globe A race for valour and for virtue famed Shall wrest his kingdom from his ruthless hands, And everywhere your sons and your sons' sons Shall lasting peace and happiness enjoy.

" "A name thou sayestnever, never would Thy Rudra die unhonoured and unknown And bear the evil name and the reproach For ever with his sons and his sons' sons, That of his old illustrious family He was the only one that feared to go Upon the sea.

But all in vain our reasoning prophets preach, To those whom sad experience ne'er could teach, Who can commence new broils in bleeding scars, And fresh remembrance of intestine wars; When the same household mortal foes did yield, And brothers stain'd with brothers' blood the field; When sons' cursed steel the fathers' gore did stain, And mothers mourn'd for sons by fathers slain!

The sort of man into whose hands we give our sons' minds must never have experimented morally or thought at all freely or vigorously about, for example, God, Socialism, the Mosaic account of the Creation, social procedure, Republicanism, beauty, love, or, indeed, about anything likely to interest an intelligent adolescent.

Even the correct Hannah, who had preserved her faith unbroken, in spite of her husband's and sons' contumacy, and the, if possible, still more particular Rachel, were startled from their usual composure, and gave vent to their joy.

Thus the groves and gardens of Paristhe palace of her kingsthe proud monument of her sons' gloryand the masterpieces of modern French architecture are all embraced in this one splendid coup d'oeil.

'It is very sinful hating people as you hate my sons' families,' he said in his wrath.

Now England's grandest colony presses to the front; but none the less is the honor England's, for at the price of her sons' lives and by their toil the path was cleared.

Now she looks from her chosen station, At pageant, starvation, begg'ry, ovation, Results of her sons' prosperity.

By degrees their sons and sons' descendants settle too, and the same name occurs perhaps in a dozen adjacent places.

The disease seems to spread with the multiplication of the family: the sons have it, and the sons' sons after them, so much so that even to bear the name is sufficient to stamp the owner as a miserable helpless being.

Shall we take the boys with us or let them go to the ranch?" With her quiet mother's eye Mrs. Alden caught the appeal on her sons' faces and after a short deliberation replied: "I think they'd be better off with the Wildersthat is, if they'd like to have the boys visit them.

Rocking back and forth a little, swaying gently from side to side, lovers clasped together, mothers in their young sons' arms, and fathers clasping their daughters, they sent out to the velvet arch above them the heart cry of a race, proud and humble, cleanly voluptuous, strong and cruel, passionate and loving, elemental like the north wind and subtle as the fragrance of the poppy.

"It is not well for sons' wives to live with the mother," she said.

The teeming earth did never bring So soon, so hard, so huge a thing; Which might it never have been cast (Each year's growth added to the last), These lofty branches had supplied The earth's bold sons' prodigious pride; Heaven with these engines had been scaled, When mountains heap'd on mountains fail'd.

" Ragnar's Sons' Saga.

65 examples of  sons'  in sentences