78 examples of sophronia in sentences

Olindo thinks it happiness to be martyred at the same stake with Sophronia.

The first (Olindo and Sophronia) is perhaps unique for the hopelessness of its commencement (I mean with regard to the lovers), and the perfect, and at the same time quite probable, felicity of the conclusion.

There is no reason to believe that the staid and devout Sophronia would have loved her adorer at all, but for the circumstance that first dooms them both to a shocking death, and then sends them, with perfect warrant, from the stake to the altar.

[Footnote 40: See them both in the present volume, pp. 420 and 445.] OLINDO AND SOPHRONIA.

The image is stolen in the night; and the king, unable to discover who has taken it, orders a massacre of the Christian portion of his subjects, which is prevented by Sophronia's accusing herself of the offence.

The Amazon Clorinda, who has come to fight on the side of Aladin, obtains their pardon in acknowledgment of her services; and Sophronia, who had not loved Olindo before, now returns his passion, and goes with him from the stake to the marriage-altar.


His name was Olindo; Sophronia was that of the maiden.

"'Tis but just," returned Sophronia.

He had thought within himself, "What if it should be Sophronia!"

" Sophronia had looked up when she heard the youth call out, and she gazed on him with eyes of pity.

" Thus spoke Sophronia to her lover; but not a whit was he disposed to alter his mind.

That English Earl was very attentive last night to Sophronia at Mrs. Jessap's ball.

She was also highly gratified at the supposed effect of Sophronia's marriage upon a certain clique who had been too exclusive to admit her in their set.

My little Sophronia came along and took the rag off the bush.

I was convinced that, whatever I might suffer from Sophronia, I should escape poverty; and we therefore proceeded to adjust the settlements according to her own rule, fair and softly.



By Elva Sophronia Smith, decorations by Edwin B. Kolsby.


By Elva Sophronia Smith & Alice Isabel Hazeltine, editors.

By Elva Sophronia Smith & Alice Isabel Hazeltine, editors.


It is from this story of the historian William of Tyre, that Tasso, in his Jerusalem Delivered, has drawn the admirable episode of Olindo and Sophronia; a fine example, and not the only one, of an act of tyranny and an act of virtue inspiring a great poet with the idea of a masterpiece.

Wm. A. Cheney, Leader, Sophronia Cheney, Abigail Cheney, D.S. Cowles, Ann Cowles, Henry Moore, and wife.

78 examples of  sophronia  in sentences