75 examples of soreness in sentences

All these things the good creature did with the kindest intentions in the world, but they produced in me nothing but soreness and discontent.

Now I am away from her, and dispassionately speaking of it, it seems as if my own soreness of temper had made me fancy things.

In this he is certainly wrong; yet if Mr. Cholmondeley had run away, and others gave the same explanation of the passage, his soreness is easily accounted for.

And while we kissed and embraced each other with the affection of long lost sisters, still I could detect above the odor of cocktails an underlying current of soreness.

It is the festering soreness of his feeling concerning his mother, making him doubt with the haunting agony of a loathed possibility, that prompts, urges, forces from him his ugly speechesnowise to be justified, only to be largely excused in his sickening consciousness of his mother's presence.

And she answered that she did be very well and had no soreness in her feet.

[Lat.]; hurt, cut; sore, soreness; discomfort, malaise; cephalalgia [Med.], earache, gout, ischiagra^, lumbago, neuralgia, odontalgia^, otalgia^, podagra^, rheumatism, sciatica; tic douloureux [Fr.], toothache, tormina^, torticollis^. spasm, cramp; nightmare, ephialtes^; crick, stitch; thrill, convulsion, throe; throb &c (agitation) 315; pang; colic; kink.

pique, umbrage, huff, miff, soreness, dudgeon, acerbity, virulence, bitterness, acrimony, asperity, spleen, gall; heart-burning, heart-swelling; rankling.

"This is beyond all battles' soreness!"

"Nanahboozhoo then went on his way, but in spite of his magic powers he felt a sort of a soreness in his back.

"It's not having to peel potatoes and wash dishes; it's seeming to be despised for doing it that stirs in men's hearts the awful soreness that makes them deserters.

She slept, like one exhausted and rose full of sleep-heaviness, full of bodily soreness and spiritual protest when the alarm clock raised its din in the cool morning.

Four days ago, I began to feel a soreness in the throat, and passing by old Johnson's surgery at Selbridge, went in and asked him to have a look at me.

Thus we find Cicero on a February morning writing to his brother before sunrise, and it is not unlikely that the soreness of the eyes of which he sometimes complains may have been the result of reading and writing before the light was good.

The working-out of some of his larger schemes and undertakings created, as I have already intimated, considerable soreness and friction in various quarters.

They naturally resented being chaffed and held up to ridicule, but as there was nothing of a malicious or private character in the sarcasms published any little soreness they created soon died away.

Her dress was whisked, as if for microscopic inspection; her face was washed; and her finger-nails were scrubbed with the hard convent nail-brush, until the disciplined little tips ached with a pristine soreness.

Of this I prayed to be relieved; after which, the soreness healed, and for several years it has ceased to trouble me.

"Lord Basil's scratching is said to be due to soreness.

The poor little canary birds confined in their prisons, are very liable to disease, more especially inflammation of the bowels, asthma, epilepsy, and soreness of the bill.

He tested his body, but there was no soreness.

With each day the torture increased, the soreness of his heart became more corroding and painful.

It is not our business to know, but it is our business to prevent our soreness from becoming sourness and bitterness.

I have sworn it that I will destroy thee, wicked man, that I may do away with this soreness on my back.

"Next morning, A. experienced the stiffness and soreness of violent bodily exercise, and was informed by his wife that in the course of the night he had much alarmed her by striking out again and again in a terrific manner, 'as if fighting for his life.'

75 examples of  soreness  in sentences