8200 examples of sorry in sentences

In the mean time, neighbor Hedden himself was having but sorry sport in the forest.

Instead of being whipped or locked up in a dark pantryas was, I am sorry to say, the custom among some white peoplethey were simply "ducked" under water until they became manageable.

When the large eyes of the wounded creature had turned plaintively toward him, he had tried not to feel sorry, but his heart ached in spite of his efforts, "I shall be a mighty hunter one of these days," he said to Kitty on his return; "but I won't shoot deer, for they look at you just as if they wanted to speak.

Independent of any regret for the fate of Dillon, who is said to have been a brave and good officer, I am sorry that the first event of this war should be marked by cruelty and licentiousness.

Neither of the children was sea-sick when the Valhalla went out under steam, and they had such fun with the sailors and the two dogs that they were quite sorry when the ship once more steamed into port.

" Frank was not sorry to have the dog beside him for it was terrible to feel all alone in such a dismal place.

sorry gyarments I had wore in sorry days.

sorry gyarments I had wore in sorry days.

Sorry to have delayed, sir; but you said a quarter to nine, didn't you, sir? VICAR.

[rapidly], William, I'm sorry!

Of course, ifif you're sorry, that makes a difference.

Being sorry makes a lot of difference.

Oh: I'm sorry.

I'm sorryoh, so sorry for you.

Oh, but I'm so sorry for you! ROBERT.

Sorry I used bad words, miss.

He wouldn't tell me his name: I mistook him for a thief at first; but afterwards I felt very, very sorry for him.

Dreadfully; and he swore oncebut afterwards he said he was sorry for that.

No, not exactly frighten: you see, I felt sorry for him.

Only there's one thingI'm sorry I was unkind just now: I didn't mean it: you are everything I haveeverything I have ever had; and as for what uncle saidabout himself, I meanI can't believe it.

Had he been young, he would have said, with that variety and suitability of epithets so characteristic of this generation: "I am awfully sorry!

I am sorry if it is so.

perhaps I am a pleasant little devil!" "Poordearold fellow!" says Barbara, in an accent of the profoundest, delicatest, womanliest pity, "how sorry I am for him!

"I have been so sorry about you.

"Sorry we are late," drawled Nap, "Bertie will make our excuses.

8200 examples of  sorry  in sentences