8200 examples of sorry in sentences

"I am really sorry, aunt, but you know you are so kind, you wish me to take plenty of exercise, and I was detained to-night.

"I did nothing to offend her," reasoned pride, "it was only because I was out a little late, and I said I was sorry

"I'm sorry for the next man that 'its you," said his wife, as she drew back and regarded her handiwork.

"I'm sorry," said Mrs. Billing, "but he 'ad to go early this morning.

I felt sorry for the pore thing in a way.

"I am very sorry," she said, with a sort of measured gentleness.

Awfully sorry to trouble me, but Private Montease, just back from three weeks' holiday with bronchitis, was sleeping in the wood-shed on three planks and a tin-tack.

He said that, not finding me on the wharf, 'e made sure that I must 'ave tumbled overboard, as he felt certain that I wouldn't neglect my dooty while there was breath in my body; but 'e was sorry to find 'e was mistook.

"He went off, dusting 'imself down with his little pocket-'ankercher, and arter the skipper 'ad told me wot he'd like to do, only he was too sorry for me to do it, 'e went back to the ship to put on a clean collar, and went off for the evening.

"'Wot's the matter?' ses the skipper, staring at 'im. "'III'm sorry, watchman,' ses that beast of a boy, purtending 'e was 'ardly able to speak.

"Well, I'm sorry for you," said Mr. Robinson, "but I'm busy.

Little things please little minds, and the silly way some of 'em went on made me feel sorry for my sects.

A sorry day it is likely to be for those who are found in the way when the new people rise to rush into each other's arms, to get together, to stay together and to live together.

There are plenty of lovely things to talk about.' "Sam looked guilty, an' I felt sorry for him.

I was sorry of course for my thoughtlessness, but all the same I got my goose.

When the rest of the people saw him walking about mourning, and that he would not eat nor drink, their hearts were very sore, and they felt very sorry for him and for the child, for he was a man greatly thought of by the people.

God knows how sincerely I rejoiced when I found my father so much better than I had thought, and yet because throughout that anxious journey I had fancied him sick unto death, and already saw myself kneeling at his coffin, I was sorry for my wasted anxieties.

Afterwards she spoke to me long and tenderly,a conversation full of exceeding goodness, I took much amiss at the time, for which I am sorry now.

When I look at that face as white as chalk, no bigger than my fist, those feet like walking-sticks, and that shrunken figure, wrapped up in a plaid during the hottest of weathers, I am truly sorry for him.

She was simply so beautiful that I felt sorry I was going.

" I saw that my humility disarmed her, and that she felt sorry for me.

Nelly, you think you are better and more fortunate than I; in full health and strength; you are sorry for mevery soon that will be altered.

I shall be sorry for you.

" "Time works changes amongst the worst of us, Mr. Nowell, I daresay your son has improved his habits in all these years and is heartily sorry for the errors of his youth.

Sometimes only the threat of such riddance was used, as when an overseer complained of one slave, and his master replied, "I am very sorry that so likely a fellow as Matilda's Ben should addict himself to such courses as he is pursuing.

8200 examples of  sorry  in sentences