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9636 example sentences with  sorry

9636 example sentences with sorry

Meanwhile, of course, the chase after Tom had come to an end, although Sir John and his keepers made a second search the next day, for he felt sorry for the little sweep, and was afraid he might have fallen over some of the crags.

" "Maybe," said George; "but I'd be sorry for him, too."

Isabella had a generous temper; and after she had been unkind or unjust, she was frequently sorry, and determined to be so no more; but her regret was forgotten as soon as she was again tempted; and at the age of thirteen she had gained no victory over the sinful habit of indulging in an angry temper.

"I am sorry that your friends will not be able to come this afternoon, Isabella," said Mary; "but we will all try to make the evening of your birth-day pass pleasantly; and when our father comes home, I am sure he will read to us in any book you wish.

She went to Mary's room, and putting her arms around her neck, she said, "Dear sister, I cannot ask God to forgive me my trespasses this night until I have told you how sorry I am that I treated you so unkindly this afternoon.

"I wish you would speak cross to me sometimes," said Isabella to her one day, "and then I should not feel so sorry after I had been unkind to you; but you are so patient and good, that it makes me quite ashamed of my fretfulness."

Crooked, wrinkled, old, sick and sorry, she yet lives on, looking into each baby's facealways disappointed, always seeking.

"I'm sorry for your children, who can never run on the village street in holiday dress or tumble in the Christmas straw," said he.

"Please, now," begged Van Bibber, quickly turning to Miss Cuyler, "I am very sorry, but if you had only gone when I asked you to."

I feel rather sorry for the chap, for he is really very clever and only needs a start.

He was more sorry for this, and he could not at first understand why, until he discovered that he was very much interested in Miss Agnes Carroll, and her character was to him a thing of great and poignant importance.

I'm sorry I was late, and I'm sorry to disappoint you; but you're like the lad that drives the hansom cab, see?you're not in it."

I'm sorry I was late, and I'm sorry to disappoint you; but you're like the lad that drives the hansom cab, see?you're not in it."

She kept seeing as many men as before, and kept getting pitied all the time; everybody was so sorry for her.

The surgeon who attended the prisoner through the sickness that had cheated the country of three hours of his sentence ran out from the hurrying crowd of wardens and drew the girl slowly and gently away, and the two women moved on triumphantly with their sorry victory.

I thankfully accepted his offer, but could not set off before 1 o'clock, for which I was, in some respects, not sorry, as it was Sunday, and I hoped to see a great number of the country people flock to mass.

8th May. It began to rain very violently during the night, and in the morning I was sorry to see that there was not much hope of its clearing up; on the contrary, the clouds became blacker and blacker, and collecting from all sides, like so many evil spirits, poured down in torrents upon the innocent earth.

Herr Leitenberg was one of the best and most attentive of all captains that I had ever met with in my travels, and we were all sorry to have to leave him and his ship.

"I'm very sorry," laughed Joel.

He is my only onesuch a beautiful boy, and so young" "We are sorry," said Matilde, with firm-voiced sympathy that was already a refusal.

"Say you will notbut not that you are sorry!

I am sorry that I like you."

"I am sorry to hear it," said Bosio, with cold civility.

But as she tossed the card aside her mother said: "He was real sorry not to see you.

She talked simply and frankly of herself, of her parents, of how few people they knew in New York, and of how, at times, she was almost sorry she had persuaded them to give up Apex.

"I'm so sorry, Undie.

I'm sorry," he said as he handed it back.

"I'm so awfully sorry, dearest.

There's no use his saying he's sorry now!"

"Are you as sorry as all that?"

so sorryso dreadfully sorry!"

"Sorryyou're sorry?

"I'm sorry; but you'll have to depute me to present it.

"I'm sorry not to give it myself.

I presume they'd be sorry if Ralph was left to support you on HIS."

Nevertheless she was not sorry to have to answer: "Of course I'll always be glad to see youonly, as it happens, I'm just sailing for Europe."

If he regretted his lack of success it was chiefly because he was so sorry for the Spraggs.

Notwithstanding these varied amusements, we were not sorry to see arrive, first, a gray general, obviously the Triton of our minnows, and close behind him the health and police officers of the government, to whose paternal solicitude for our mental and bodily health was to be ascribed our long delay in port.

He cast one sorry glance up the hill, and saw there the pieces into which his ski had cracked, as well as the pathway he himself had cleared in the snow as he came tumbling down.

" "That's so," sighed Heady, "but I'm sorry for you.

" "What!" cried Reddy, "you're sorry for me!

But they did not know how really sorry they were till they got well out on the lake, where the wind caught them with full force and proved to be a very gale of fury.

I'm sorry I disturbed you so unnecessarily; I was stupidly excited.

*** We are sorry to say that Mr. CHARLES HAWTREY'S latest success, The Saving Grace, is not dedicated to Sir ARTHUR YAPP.

"I know it, Sir," the Babe admitted, "and I'm awfully sorry about it; but that hole in it only arrived last nightshrapnel, you knowand I haven't had time to buy another yet.

He abused the taxi-driver, who said he was sorry, but there was no telling these days; a hotel was a hotel one moment, and the next it was something entirely different.

" "I'm sorry, sir, but the doctor was blown up in yesterday's air-raid and he won't be down for a week.

I made him sorry, though, the other day, poor fellow!

" "Sorry for that," replied Bearwarden, adding, courteously, "Can I offer you a lift?

"I'm sorry to part with them, Crop," added Dick, a little put out by the silence of his retainer, and not knowing exactly what to say next.

In regard of not huntin' there's a many seasons, askin' your pardon, atween you and me, and I should be sorry to think as I wasn't goin' huntin', ay, twenty years from now!

I'm sorry to hear yours are all coming up at Tattersall's," adds Tom, with a courteous bow to the opposite guest.

I am sorry to say that some of the men gave him some rum once in a while, and one day he drank so much that he got drunk.

The sailor that threw the knife into the water began to be sorry he had done it, because he thought the poor Indian was drowned.

Oh, I was very sorry when our little Anna died!

I was very sorry when she died, and we were all sorry.

I was very sorry when she died, and we were all sorry.

I am sorry I couldn't bring any butter, but I was afraid that might melt in a warm car, and run over everything.

"I am very sorry," said Mrs. Tolbridge, "that he is not here, but he said he was going to stop and see Miss Panney.

The front of Diamond's shirt was stained with blood, and he presented a sorry aspect.

Frank hesitated a moment, and then he stepped up to his foe, saying in a manner most sincere: "Old man, I am sorry this affair took place.

"As for me," said the victor, "I was sorry to have to do him up."

"Sorry you won't come out, old fel.

"Fellows," said Chop Harding, "I am sorry to leave Yale, but I am certain to be hanged for murder.

"I took him in here once, but I've been sorry ever since.

you're sorry to leave Stephen?" says he.

"Emmie," says Stephen, as we were coming back, and he'd got hold of my hand in his, where I'd taken his arm, "what do you think of Aunt Mimy now?" "Oh," says I, "I'm sorry I've ever been sharp with her.

First, in spite of the remonstrances of the Teuton whose proper chattel it was, they seized upon the large drum, with which they made an astounding din in the public promenades of the vessel, abetted, I am sorry to say, by some who ought to have known better,and did, probably, before the whiskey had curdled their wits.

It was too orderly and sober and old-fashioned for Lord Byron's taste, and he quizzed it accordingly; but he admitted the kindliness of it, and the amiability which made guests glad to go there and sorry to come away.

He could not conceive how he could have done such a thing, and was desperately sorry; but there was little good in that.

Independent of any regret for the fate of Dillon, who is said to have been a brave and good officer, I am sorry that the first event of this war should be marked by cruelty and licentiousness.

I felt sorry for Miles, sorry for that girl back in Illinois he had told me about.

I felt sorry for Miles, sorry for that girl back in Illinois he had told me about.

He was sorry for this beautiful, afflicted land.

"And the other paper, Spener's Journal?" "Is sorry to join in the statement, and confirms it to-day.

It is you, Charles Gordon, who must cure your wife of nerves, hysteria, and incipient jealousy, not I. To Mrs. Clarence St. Claire Concerning Her Husband I am sorry that your matrimonial barque meets so many rough winds while hardly out of Honeymoon Bay.

"I am sorry," replies Napoleon, "you think you shall find your brother again only in the Elysian Fields.

About a fortnight later, returning to the subject of Adrian's verses, Pope wrote to Steele in reply to subsequent private discussion of the subject (Nov. 29): 'I am sorry you published that notion about Adrian's verses as mine; had I imagined you would use my name, I should have expressed my sentiments with more modesty and diffidence.

"The course of this disease," said the doctors, "is usually very rapid; and we are sorry that we can offer no hope."

Dear child, where have you been?" Bessie was very tired and hungry; but she related all that had happened and said: "I'm sorry I couldn't go farther; for I believe the cows were just a short distance beyond the point where I turned back.

Have you gone to that boy and told him the sweet, simple story of Jesus and why he came from his beautiful home; that a part of his mission was to teach you how to make your home after the pattern of his heavenly home; that his heart is touched with compassion when he beholds any one in trouble; that he is grieved because you have made a mistake; but that you are sorry and are decided to do your duty?

"We are sorry to see," said the "National Intelligencer" of August 31st, "that a discussion of the hateful Missouri question is likely to be revived, in consequence of the allusions to its supposed effect in producing the late servile insurrection in South Carolina."

I am sorry to learn that the famous retreats of these poets are not now what they were.

I found, from farther inquiry, that this had been the case, and I closed by saying, "I am satisfied that those who have inadvertently fallen into this practice are sorry for it, and that if I should leave it here, no more cases of it would occur, and this is all I wish.

I am sorry to add is no more, but mine (which is enlarged since you saw it), is most sincerely and heartily at your service till you could rebuild it.

"I'm sorry, boy!"

"I'm awfully sorry, sir," said Cockerell, "but that noticememorandumof yours has dropped into the fire."

"Whywhy it is something you will be very sorry for, too," he said, his voice faltering.

"It seems to me now that I'm very sorry for that poor little fellow's death," Valentine went on.

"We shall be sorry to miss you, John, when we come, but no doubt the children will be at home, and the girls."

"Now, Johnnie," said Emily, laughing, and remembering a late visit of apology, "if any piece of mischief has got the better of you, and your father has sent you to say you are sorry for it, I'll forgive you beforehand!

He couldn't help it; he was very sorry.

Frequently have I wondered what she could find to write for; indeed, it was not the way in my youth for people to waste so much time saying little or nothingwhich is not my case at the present time, for your sister being gone on the Continent, it devolves upon me, that is not used to long statements, to let ye know, what ye will be very sorry to hear.

When John came down to get a little breakfast he was very much cheered to have a better account than he had expected of Nancy, and he made the remark that ye would be sorry to hear of this; so I said I would write, which I am doing, sitting beside little Bertram, who is asleep.

We are sincerely sorry and have apologised personally

We are sorry for the higher than normal crowds and longer wait times due to the shortage of trains.

"We are sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience," they said in the statement.

"We are sorry that it has reached this point for all those who were affected.

"We are sorry to disappoint you but the mattresses you are using every single day are the perfect environment for the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.

We feel sorry for them that they are taking a different route.