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1233 examples of  souring  in sentences

1233 examples of souring in sentences

You recall my sour looks, but it was because I had myself lingered on the volumes but cooled at the price.

There is sour venom on his churlish tooth.

Yesterday the bells upon his cart would have sounded sour, but this morning they rattle agreeably, as though a brisker cow than common, springtime in her hoofs, were jangling to her pasture.

"I tell you a lump of sour dough, kept over to raise the next batch, is worth more in this country than a pocket full of gold.

" "Then is it on account o' the bread," the Colonel was saying, "that the old-timer calls himself a Sour-dough?"

"You don't get an old Sour-dough like Dillon to travel at forty degrees.

" "As coarse as this?" The Sour-dough nodded, and Lighter laughed.

" "So do the Sour-doughs," said Mac.

The proud dark eye, the little wanton curls peeping from the hood, the whole figure alert with youth and lifethey cheered my recollection as I trod that sour moorland.

In every word of his there lurked some sour irony.

The first item stated that "Mrs. Thorne took tea at Sam Cotting's last evening," (the Cottings being notoriously inhospitable) and the picture showed Mrs. Thorne, a sour-faced woman, departing from the store with a package of tea.

When soda and sour milk are drawn together there is a great stew and fizz, but the end thereof is sweetness and usefulness.

Now I'd like to know if you think a woman who has made herself round- shouldered and wrinkled and sour-visaged over burdensanybody's burdens, real or fanciedis such a creature as attracts love or consideration from anybody.

She has made a pack mule out of herself for the carrying of utterly useless burdens that nobody wants carried and the carrying of which benefits nobody; and now that she has grown ugly and sour at the business she need not feel surprised at being slighted.

1-4. "The word of the Lord came unto me again, saying, What mean ye, that ye use this proverb concerning the land of Israel, saying, The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge?

We are tempted at times to say,The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children's teeth are set on edge.

I ate the sour grapes in my youth, and my teeth must be on edge for ever and ever.

So with an honest frankness, which the novelty of her situation excused, she confirmed the truth of what he had before heard, and addressing him by the name of fair Mountague (love can sweeten a sour name), she begged him not to impute her easy yielding to levity or an unworthy mind, but that he must lay the fault of it (if it were a fault) upon the accident of the night which had so strangely discovered her thoughts.

When crimped, it should not be kept longer than a day or two, as all kinds of crimped fish soon become sour.

of moist sugar, 3/4 lb. of salt, 1/4 lb. of garlic, 1/4 lb. of onions, 3/4 lb. of powdered ginger, 1/4 lb. of dried chilies, 3/4 lb. of mustard-seed, 3/4 lb. of stoned raisins, 2 bottles of best vinegar, 30 large unripe sour apples.

VINEGAR.This term is derived from the two French words vin aigre, 'sour wine,' and should, therefore, be strictly applied to that which is made only from wine.

INGREDIENTS.8 oz. of sharp, sour apples, pared and cored; 8 oz. of tomatoes, 8 oz. of salt, 8 oz. of brown, sugar, 8 oz. of stoned raisins, 4 oz. of cayenne, 4 oz. of powdered ginger, 2 oz. of garlic, 2 oz. of shalots, 3 quarts of vinegar, 1 quart of lemon-juice.

USES OF THE POTATO.Potatoes boiled and beaten along with sour milk form a sort of cheese, which is made in Saxony; and, when kept in close vessels, may be preserved for several years.

Its skin is of a brilliant red, and its flavour, which is somewhat sour, has become of immense importance in the culinary art.

In this operation we want the aid of Phyllis's neat, soft, and perfectly clean hand; for no mechanical operation can so well squeeze out the sour particles of milk or curd.

The nursing-bottle should be thoroughly washed and cleaned every day, and always rinsed out before and after using it, the warm water being squeezed through the nipple, to wash out any particles of food that might lodge in the aperture, and become sour.

I fear I was betrayed to some lightness, for the awful eye of the parsonand the rector's eye of Saint Mildred's in the Poultry is no trifle of a rebukewas upon me in an instant, souring my incipient jest to the tristful severities of a funeral.

All such work of vegetable organisms, whether going on in the moulding cheese, in the souring of milk, in putrefying meat, in rotting fruit, or in decomposing fruit juice, is essentially one of fermentation, caused by these minute forms of plant life.

The curdling of milk by the rennet ferment present in the gastric juice, is quite different from that produced by the "souring of milk," or by the precipitation of caseinogen by acids.

Thus the bacteria lactis act upon the milk sugar present in milk, and convert it into lactic acid, thus bringing about the souring of milk.

"But I've cracked cocoanuts, and sometimes found the milk sour and tainted.

Still, however, I prefer a varietysweet, sour, early, late, &c.; and I should use them raw, roasted, baked, made into sauce with new or unfermented cider, and boiled.

And who that has perverted his appetite for drink, by stimulating his palate with bitter beer, sour cider, rum and water, and other beverages of human invention, but would be a gainer, even on the score of mere animal gratification, without any reference to health, if he could bring back his vitiated taste to the simple relish of nature?

The air was hot, and foul with cigarette smoke, sickening fumes of sizzling opium, effluvia of beer and spirits, sour reek of sweating flesh.

" "You may laugh," Thirteen replied with a sour glance; "but when you have heard, you will not laugh.

Sofia heard the broken rustling of heavy respirations; she saw uncouth gesticulations carve the shadows; her nostrils were revolted by effluvia of unclean bodies, garments saturate with opium smoke and curious cookery, breaths sour with alcohol.

The old man stopped and surveyed him with sour disapproval.

It was still fairly dark, with the raw, sour darkness of an early March morning, and all round me the invisible drip of the trees was as persistent as ever.

Such barmy heads will always be working, when as sad vinegar wits sit souring at the bottom of a barrel; plain meteors, bred of the exhalation of tobacco and the vapours of a moist pot, that soar up into the open air, when as sounder wit keeps below.

In place of the first a pleasant-faced German woman was engaged, and there were no more sour looks and sneering words.

And so when our pots came to be replenished a second time, we were all mighty merry and agreeable save Jack Dawson, who never could take his liquor like any other man, but must fall into some extravagant humour, and he, I perceived, regarded some of the company with a very sour, jealous eye because, being warmed with drink, they fell to casting glances at Moll with a certain degree of familiarity.

Also, their law forbids the drinking of wine, which did most upset Jack Dawson, he having for drink with his meat nothing but the choice of water and sour milk; but which he liked least I know not, for he would touch neither, saying he would rather go dry any day than be poisoned with such liquor.

For, look you, Seรฑor, if one may judge of men's characters by their faces or of their means by their habitations, we may dance our legs off ere ever these Moors will bestow a penny piece upon us, and as for their sour milk, I'd as lief drink hemlock, and liefer.

Then down we sat to table, Moll at one end and her husband beside her; Don Sanchez and I at t'other; and all the rest packed as close as sprats in a barrel; but every lad squeezing closer to his lass to make room for his neighbour, we found room for all and not a sour look anywhere.

l. 1. determines, ichors, and those serous matters being thickened become phlegm, and phlegm degenerates into choler, choler adust becomes aeruginosa melancholia, as vinegar out of purest wine putrified or by exhalation of purer spirits is so made, and becomes sour and sharp; and from the sharpness of this humour proceeds much waking, troublesome thoughts and dreams, &c. so that I conclude as before.

It is likewise very pleasant, having many orchards, abounding in pomegranates, Indian figs, oranges, both sweet and sour, lemons, and citrons, with plenty of pot-herbs, and it has an abundant supply of excellent water.

It would be a case of "The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and other people's children must pay the penalty."

Blaspheming fell the sour-hearted and cruel wretch; but Orlando, in the mean while, thanked the Father and the Word.

It gradually flattened into a plain, covered with a white, saline incrustation, and grown with clumps of sour willow, tamarisk, and other shrubs, among which I looked in vain for the osher, or Dead Sea apple.

With these and some sugar he made a meal, though not a good one, for the berries were quite green and intensely sour.

Next morning Dick rose with the sun, and started without breakfast, preferring to take his chance of finding a bird or animal of some kind before long, to feeding again on sour berries.

I met him yesterday and he gave me a sour nod," Kit remarked.

" That is not only a great ethical, but a great political law, and we shall reap a sour and sorry harvest if it is forgotten.

Any hobby will draw out the mind, but the one I plead for touches the soul too, keeps the milk of human kindness from souring, puts a gentle poetry into the prosiest life.

The "heavy-gaited toad," satisfied with sour ants, hard beetles, and such other fare as it can easily pick up, and grown nasty in consequence, so that nothing seeks to eat it, has hobbled through life, like a plethoric old gentleman, until the present day, on its original feet.

He grew a few potatoes on sour, peaty soil, and cut the tufts of grass that grew by themselves on the ground about the housethat was Brede's farming.

Oh, but for all that he was by no means at his last gasp; he could still eat sour fish and smoke his pipe.

He made a sour face when I said he must have seen a good deal.

They are both very requisite in a virtuous Mind, to keep out Melancholy from the many serious Thoughts it is engaged in, and to hinder its natural Hatred of Vice from souring into Severity and Censoriousness.

But he went through with the rest of it, for he felt it was the truest economy to get his money's worth, and the limp salad in bad oil and the ice-cream of sour milk made him feel that eating was a positive pain rather than a pleasure; and in this state of mind and body, drugged and disgusted, he lighted his pipe and walked slowly towards the club along Twenty-sixth Street.

He was poor, a miserable fag, under the control of that mean wretch up there at the school, who looked as if he had sour buttermilk in his veins instead of blood.

The elements of his mind were, however, morose, sour, suspicious, antisocial, revengeful, and bad.

He became more and more morose and sour because the world would not support him in idleness, and went about half crazed, in which state he hid himself one day, in 1836, in the bushes, and shot and killed my brother, James L. Schoolcraft.

The Tartars are not fond of beef and veal, but admire horse-flesh; they prefer to drink, before any thing else, mare's milk, and produce from it, by keeping it in sour skins, a strong spirit termed koumiss.

The room is always so diverted with songs, and drinking from one table to another to one another's healths, that there is no room for politics, or any thing that can sour conversation.

"A sour apple, thirty pence.

I holds it's just the same with folks,when springtime comes they fetch up restless and need the air and turning out to sweeten in the sun until they settle down again, else their naturs turn sour, pisen'us, and unwholesome, breedin' worms like sweated corn!'

Arthur wished to taste of them very much to know if they were sweet or sour; but he was not a selfish boy, and he says to his grandmother one morning: "'I think I shall leave my apples on the tree till my birthday, then papa and mamma and sister Fanny will come and see me, and we will eat them together.'

Needing a master-hand to train and prune, it was becoming rank and sour.

Bereft of the mothers with which Nature has provided them, and compelled to exist on milk from the separator, often thick, sour, and icy cold.

Parties soon begun to snicker sour all at once, I want you to know.

None to speak of; sour oranges and green bananas.

Sobrina, the chief wit of our party, who would eat sour-sop, sapodilla, orange, banana, cocoa-nut, and sugar-cane at Nassau, and who has lived upon toddy of twenty-cocktail power ever since,even she is seen, clothed and in her right mind, sitting at the feet of the prophet she loves, and going through the shawl-and-umbrella exercise.

Does not old Richard Baxter tell us, with delightful single-heartedness, how his wife fell in love with him first, spite of his long, pale face,and how she confessed, dear soul, after many years of married life, that she had found him less sour and bitter than she had expected?

She has great power, we admit; and were she a sour-faced, angular, energetic body, with a heart whose secretions had all become acrid by disappointment and dyspepsia, she might be a fearful gnome, against whose family-visitations one ought to watch and pray.

The reptile leans over them all, and the sour dirty smell of the scaly hide befouls the odorous breath of the roses.

Whiskey sour, by Max Brand, pseud.

Whiskey sour, by Max Brand, pseud.

Then the village got a bit quiet, and I couldn't stand it any longer, and I went out and got some stuff like artichokes in a bowl and some sour milk.

And Naboth Robinson's vineyardwell, it was in a pretty mess, to be sure, and serve him right, for Mrs. Noah had frequently offered him two of her (second) best milch mammoths for it; yet he had held on to his nasty sour grapes, like the mean old curmudgeon that he was.

And pictures of this irritating woman rose before her, stewing dried fruit, or preparing sour beef, or borrowing the clothes boiler for a perennial wash.

"Sour milk and snakes and swill and rats.

They are both very requisite in a virtuous Mind, to keep out Melancholy from the many serious Thoughts it is engaged in, and to hinder its natural Hatred of Vice from souring into Severity and Censoriousness.

A grim, inexpiable Fate is made the ruling principle; it envelops and overshadows the whole; and under its souring influence, the fiercest efforts of human will appear but like flashes that illuminate the wild scene with a brief and terrible splendour, and are lost forever in the darkness.

Essentially the same principles are involved in the making of them all; viz., the introduction of a small quantity of fresh, lively yeast into a mixture of some form of starch (obtained from flour, potato, or a combination of both) and water, with or without the addition of such other substances as will promote fermentation, or aid in preventing the yeast from souring.

The reason for this undoubtedly lies in the fact that the boiling kills foreign germs, and thus prevents early souring or putrefaction.

Hops serve to prevent the yeast from souring, and an infusion of them is frequently used for this purpose.

If dough that has been kneaded and allowed to rise in mass, becomes sufficiently light at some inopportune moment for shaping into loaves, it may be kept from becoming too light and souring, by taking a knife and cutting it away from the sides of the bowl and gradually working it over toward the center.

It does not make so much difference as to the depth as it does the protection of the milk from acid or souring.

"A fine thing wine!" said Saphir Ali, carefully wiping the glasses; "surely Mahomet must have met with sour dregs in Aravรฉte, when he forbade the juice of the grape to true believers!

Beef, rump, to stew, 53. ร  la mode, or sour meat, 53, 54.

QUASS, a beer made in Russia from rye grain, employed as vinegar when sour.

To one herring take one onion, one sour apple, a slice of white bread which has been soaked in vinegar, chop all these; add one teaspoon oil, a little cinnamon and pepper.

Place in a greased pan and bake one hour. SOUR BUTTERED BEETS Wash as many beets as required and cook in bailing water until tender.

Pour some sour cream over the vegetable and bake until the crumbs are a golden brown.

CAULIFLOWER (ROUMANIAN) Brown a minced onion, add cauliflower cut in pieces with a small quantity of water; stew, add salt, white pepper, a little sour salt and red tomatoes; when half done add one-fourth cup of rice.

Cover with water up to the brim and lay a piece of rye bread in the jar; it will help to quicken the process of souring.

He had left the village ignorant; he returned full of various knowledge; and so it was that in a certain despised field, all thistles and docks and every known weed, which field the tenant had condemned as a sour clay unfit for cultivation, William Hope found certain strata and other signs which, thanks to his mineralogical studies and practical knowledge, sent a sudden thrill all through his frame.

It is a way women have of souring that honeycomb, a man.

Every thing was done to sour their minds against the Indians that could be done, but they were of the excellent of the earth, just and impartial.