106 examples of spanked in sentences

o' your'n got away with you again, and you're well spanked for not heading it off.

In my day I'd be spanked and sent to bed if I didn't know every last thing about the tribes.

"She ought to be spanked.

"Would you spank me, Oliver?

As he spanked her, the cries became more intense.

Oliver spanked her a few more times, but it quickly became a ritual, not a punishment.

"I spanked Dr. Parker, when he wore little frocks, for running his tin wheelbarrow against me so that I nearly fell over it.

You ought to be spanked.

That means he'd have spanked me good and plenty.

After rapping out several insulting observations concerning school children who ought to be spanked and put to bed, he flung himself out of the room.

He had spanked her for spilling ink on his diary.

Then Dom Manuel, as was his custom, got down upon the floor to slap with his paddle at the intruding foot, and Melicent squealed with delight, and pulled back her foot in time to dodge the paddle, and thrust out her other foot beyond the sill, and tried to withdraw that too before it was spanked.

Therefore little Jurgen was spanked, alike for staying out all night and for his wild lying: and they of Poictesme awaited the return of their great Dom Manuel; and not for a long while did they suspect that Manuel had departed homeward, after having succeeded in everything.

Up the way of Love and athwart the oddest tangle of streets in New Orleans,Frenchmen and Casacalvo, Greatmen, History, Victory, Peace, Arts, Poet, Music, Bagatelle, Craps, and Mysteriousacross Elysian Fields not too Elysian, past the green, high-fenced gardens of Esplanade and Rampart flecked red-white-and-red with the oleander, the magnolia, and the rose, spun the wheels, spanked the high-trotters.

Now it appears expedient that I leave France without any unwholesome delay, because these children may resent being spanked.

Papa spank if you muss up his handkerchiefs.

Why the little elephant got spanked.

Why the little elephant got spanked.

I'd spank him ef 'twas me," said Jim.

I fancy that the knowledge then possessed by the average American citizen relative to the Philippines was fairly well typified by that of a good old lady at my Vermont birthplace who had spanked me when I was a small boy, and who, after my first return from the Philippine Islands, said to me, "Deanie, are them Philippians you have been a visitin' the people that Paul wrote the Epistle to?

I spanked him then and there; but I never forgot what he said, and thou hast read what thou listed.

"If you spanked him a little more and humoured him la little less, he would obey more readily," said the father.

Among the new class which came to the second-grade teacher, a young timid girl, was one Tommy, who for naughty deeds had been many times spanked by his first-grade teacher.

"Send him to me any time when you want him spanked," suggested the latter; "I can manage him.

FATHER (firmly)"You are going to be spanked.

106 examples of  spanked  in sentences
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