674 examples of spar in sentences

A light spar had lodged here, and by making this a species of bridge, we crept as far as the companion, the door of which was open, and gained view of the scene below.

Saw quantities of bright soft spar, called talc.

Thin veins of calcareous spar and quartz intersected the granite.

Adopting the same principle on a larger scale, I have had constructed by Mr Hilger a micrometer with double refraction of a sphere of Iceland spar.

Pendency N. pendency^, dependency; suspension, hanging &c v.; pedicel, pedicle, peduncle; tail, train, flap, skirt, pigtail, pony tail, pendulum; hangnail peg, knob, button, hook, nail, stud, ring, staple, tenterhook; fastening &c 45; spar, horse.

As the tide went out she found him Lashed to a spar of Despair, The wreck of his Ship around him The wreck of his Dreams in the air; Found him and loved him and gathered The soul of him close to her heart The soul that had sailed an uncharted sea, The soul that had sought to win and be free The soul of which she was part!

All through the win-ter, long and cold, Dear Minnie ev-ery morn-ing fed The little spar-rows, pert and bold, And ro-bins, with their breasts so red.

" God loves His lit-tle birds; for all His ten-der care He shows; A sin-gle spar-row can-not fall But its Cre-a-tor knows.

We were fortunate in finding in the naval yard, a spar of the New Zealand cowrie pine (dammara) large enough for our bowsprit.

Why should yonder rock, standing like a spar of some ship wrecked in a cataclysm of the awful past, draw me to it as though it were the image of a grand, yet unattainable and blighted, longing of the human soul?

"Yon spar cannot stand such shocks much longer," he concluded; "and, should it go over the bows, some fatal blow might be given to the ship at the rate she is moving.

"I go aloft, to ease the mast of that topsail, without which we lose the spar, and possibly the ship.

But above the roar of the cannon came the sharper sound of the piping shot, the crashing of riven planks, and the occasional heavy thud as spar or block came hurtling on to the deck.

The statement that a crystal of calc-spar consists of carbonate of lime, is quite true, if we only mean that, by appropriate processes, it may be resolved into carbonic acid and quicklime.

If you pass the same carbonic acid over the very quicklime thus obtained, you will obtain carbonate of lime again; but it will not be calc-spar, nor anything like it.

Can it, therefore, be said that chemical analysis teaches nothing about the chemical composition of calc-spar?

"Ye speak me true, my leetle son, Soso, it came to me, A-drifting landwards on a spar, And grey dawn on the sea.

She and Honora ate their meals in silence, Honora dark with disapproval, Kate clinging to her spar of spiritual integrity.

Two swimmers wrestled on the spar Until the morning sun, When one turned smiling to the land.

I didn't forget her, but I knew she wa'n't to be had anyhow; I thought I was in for life; and Wailua was the prettiest little craft that ever you set eyes on, as straight as a spar, and as kindly as a Christian; and besides, I had to, or I'd have been killed, and broiled, and eaten, whether or no!

See to it, and bring the spar in line; else shall we have a reproof from the sorceress, who little likes to have any of her limbs deranged.

You may live to learn what a stout spar, a wide arm, and a steady hull, can do.

The bows of the ship rose with the appearance of the smoke, the usual brief expectation followed, and then fragments of wood were seen flying above the top-mast-studding-sail-boom of the brigantine, which, at the same time, flew forward, carrying with it, and entirely deranging, the two important sails that depended on the spar for support.

The nicely-balanced tub, the upright spar, and the extinguished lantern, with the features of the female of the malign smile traced on its horn faces, reminded him, at once, of the false light by which the Coquette had been lured from her course, on the night she sailed in pursuit of the brigantine.

Statues of colossal size, and arches of Titanic strength and power, adorned the portals, the pass-ways, the temples of this metropolis of ocean, guarded as were these last by the effigies of griffin and dragon, and winged elephant and lion, and stately mastodon and monstrous ichthyosaurus, all white as gleaming spar.

674 examples of  spar  in sentences