6719 examples of spare in sentences

"Nay," cried the host, throwing up his elbow, for he feared the blow, "how knew I that thou knewest him not?" "Well and truly thankful mayst thou be," quoth the Tinker, "that I be a patient man and so do spare thy bald crown, else wouldst thou ne'er cheat customer again.

Where any other woman would have stung the sore by sending fresh sparks along the wire, you thought only to spare me the pain of seeing you pained.

Take in exchange for your proverb the kindliest I have learned in your language: "'Whispered warnings reach the heart; Veil the blush and spare the smart.'

Let me speak now, Eveena, that I may spare the need to speak again and in another tone.

You would think he liked painthe scars of the kargynda are not his only or his deepest onesif he did not catch at every excuse to spare it.

When we had satiated our eyes with this spectacle, or rather when I remembered that we could spare no more time to this, the most interesting exhibition of the evening, a turn of the machinery brought Venus under view.

"Do you think these I.W.W. plotters will spare your wheat?" asked Kurt.

The Northwest can't spare young men like him.

Then Kurt noticed two thingsthe man's great, hollow, spare frame and the torn shirt, stained many colors, one of which was dark red.

Long had Gloria hungered for the moment when she would see King swing down from the saddle; during the last half-hour she had begun to fear that his brutality knew no bounds and that he would spare neither the horses nor her but crowd on until nightfall.

It is a slight and spare-formed animal, mostly in wretched condition, with ugly thick legs, and devoid of beauty as a horse.

We were told that we should spend halcyon days among the preserves, return laden with honours and large stores of ivory, and in our spare moments enjoy a little campaigning of a picnic variety, against an enemy that only waited the excuse to make a graceful surrender.

The captain spent as much of his time with her as he could spare from his duties, and as he held the little creature on his knee, heard her gentle voice in baby accents, and felt her warm baby fingers on his cheek, a new emotion took possession of his heart.

Look without winkin'; it's fatal at a short distancea very good thing to learn, when ye've a little spare time.

As he was being secured to the gratings, and the shudderings and creepings of his dazzling white back were revealed, he turned his tear-stained face to the captain and implored him to spare him the disgrace, which he felt far more keenly than the pain.

I had taken my ticket and hurried on to the platform without too much time to spare (I'd been warned not to risk observation by being too early) when I came face to face with the girl whom, at any other time, I should have liked best to meet: whom at that particular time I least wished to meet: Diana Forrest.

" With that, he threw a frightened glance at me, which caused me to turn away and spare him the humiliation of knowing that he was observed.

I insisted on dressing at once, and took as long as I could in the process of making up; still, when I was ready there was more than half an hour to spare before the first act.

no, you will lose too much time, and I have it not to spare, for my time is now short.

Those whom I requested him to spare, he spared, even though their names were on his proscription list and I had not better excuse than that they had done no wrong!

But there was one so jealously guarded from all interruption and fatigue that strangers who came from far to see him were refused audience, by order of the Senate, or were received for a few moments only in some protected chamber of the Ducal Palace; for the springs of government moved at his touch, the matters which occupied him were weighty, and for these they would spare his strength.

It was some intrigue of the people, or some favor they had come to askto-day, when the Senate might not spare one thought for disorder among the masses!

Was fully taken up in shoeing horses, making spare shoes, refitting and packing stores, etc., ready for our trip to the eastward, my own time being principally taken up in roughly plotting the country already explored, so as to secure all the information obtained, in the event of any accident occurring to my field-books.

It is a very easy thing to have a loose night gown to supply the place of the shirt we have worn during the day; and if nothing else is convenient, a spare shirt will answer.

Appian says that Marius and Cinna had both sworn to spare the life of Octavius.

6719 examples of  spare  in sentences