2488 examples of spears in sentences

On one side were hung up a collection of various kinds of gay dresses, here drums and gongs, there swords, lanterns, spears, muskets, and small cannon; on another side were shields, buckler, masks, saws, and wheels, with belts, bands, and long robes.

We visited some blacksmith-shops, where they were manufacturing krises and spears.

They charged with such furious animosity, neither of them heedful of protecting his own person, provided he could wound his opponent, that each, pierced through the buckler by his adversary's blow, fell from his horse in the throes of death, still transfixed by the two spears.

The Roman consul neither advanced his forces, nor allowed the enemy's shouts to be returned, but ordered his men to stand with their spears fixed in the ground, and whenever the enemy came to a hand-to-hand encounter, to draw their swords, and attacking them with all their force, to carry on the fight.

Thus the two Fabii rushed forward to the front with spears presented, and carried the whole line with them.

Fixing their spears in the ground, in order that they might be lighter to mount the heights, they advanced uphill at a run.

The first were the "hastati," so called from their carrying long spears, which were later discarded for heavy javelins.

The yoke was formed of three spears, two fixed in the ground, and one tied across between the upper ends of them.

[Footnote 32: Two spears were set upright and a third lashed across.

The spears are modern and have a blade of polished steel, and the shields are made of skin.

In hunting, the Sioux kill muskrats with spears, as they did in early days spear the buffaloes, managing to get close to them by being dressed in wolf skin, and going on all fours.

Others by discharging either missiles or spears knocked many of them down.

The army follows with their nodding plumes, And burnished armor, trumpets, rolling drums, And glistening spears enwreathed with fragrant flowers, While scarfs are waving from the crowded towers, And shouts of joy their welcome loud proclaim, And from each lip resounds their monarch's name.

The glorious blaze of Accad's glistening spears One kaspu pass, and now the foe appears; Beneath the deepest shadows of the pines Khumbaba stands with solid battle lines Before the marching host of Izdubar.

After a flourish of expressions of mutual defiance, they spurred on their horses with their spears pointed.

By this time, not only the men, but the elephants, were driven quite up to the rampart; and even upon the top of it nine and thirty elephants were pierced with spears.

I passed the first hours of-the night in looking out of my tent-door, as I lay, on the stars sparkling in the bosom of Galilee, like the sheen of Assyrian spears, and the glare of the great fires kindled on the opposite shore.

At last they came close to the shore, and then the natives sent stout fishermen into the sea, holding by long spears, and so dragged them ashore.

Just before the players turned to seek fresh squares and alleys new, I noticed on the edge of the crowd what seemed, in the gathering twilight, to be a group of uplifted spears.

Spears or halberds, were they?

R92523, 26Mar52, Mary Borden Spears (A) BORGESE, GIUSEPPE ANTONIO. L'arciduca, dramma in tre atti.

While in this position a shout attracted his attention, and he perceived a party of natives, armed with spears approaching the boat, with evident hostile designs.

Their only object in these periodical conflagrations seems to be the destruction of the various snakes, lizards, and small kangaroos, called wallaby, which with shouts and yells they thus force from their covert, to be despatched by the spears or throwing-sticks of the hunting division.

Their canoes, which were furnished with outriggers, were hauled up on the beach, and their spears were deposited in the bushes around, ready for immediate use; but, although they seemed to suspect our friendly intentions towards them at first, no disturbance occurred, and some were prevailed upon to come on board.

I noticed that their spears were all pointed with bone, and that the shafts in those used for fishing were large, with a coil of line attached, and a string also connecting the head, which came loose when a porpoise or turtle was struck; whilst the wood, floating, acted as a drag.

2488 examples of  spears  in sentences