79 examples of specialising in sentences

The answer is that we can never get away from universal principlesbut we can specialise them.

If I have many more such shocks as he gave me I shall give up paint altogether and specialise in photography or the three-colour process.

"You can't specialise in everything.

This is the age of specialising, and in politics it is just as essential to be a specialist as it is in the medical, legal, or any other profession.

Our civilisation has grown up in a haphazard kind of way, and it has been convenient to specialise workers and employ them piecemeal.

All causes and all effects in our complex modern State are complex, but in this particular matter there can be little doubt that the key to the difficulty lies in the crudity and simplicity of our method of election, a method which reduces our apparent free choice of rulers to a ridiculous selection between undesirable alternatives, and hands our whole public life over to the specialised manipulator.

But his paper, if one read it from beginning to end, displayed, compactly and completely, the unavoidable psychological development of the specialised labour case.

There remain large regions of more specialised and individualised production that many Socialists nowadays are quite prepared to leave to the freer initiatives of private enterprise.

This complete civilised system without a specialised, property-less labour class is not simply a possibility, it is necessary; the whole social movement of the time, the stars in their courses, war against the permanence of the present state of affairs.

Associated with the agriculture there are usually a few imperfectly specialised tradesmen, a smith, a garment-maker perhaps, a basket-maker or potter, who group about the church or temple.

It is only under fixed conditions that you can have men specialising.

They specialise extremely, for example, under such conditions as one had in Hindustan up to the coming of the present generation.

Each of these people may bring a highly developed intelligence to bear for a time upon the special problem in hand, but that is quite a different thing from specialising to do that thing.

It is precisely because this picturing of the other man's point of view is in the main a thing in which Christians and Europeans specialise that Christians and Europeans, with all their faults, have carried to such perfection both the arts of peace and war.

But, indeed, it is hard to specialise praise where everyone is working so indefatigably for the cause.

" "I only thought that as your father, perhaps, specialises in souls" "He doesn't specialise in mine.

These features merely specialise its outward corporeity.

As will be seen from the article on domestic work, the graduate in chemistry has in this a promising field, while the botanist or zoologist and the geologist have the basis on which to specialise in nature-study or geography.

Trained nurses also specialise in midwifery.

If that is true, then all our qualities were present in primitive forms of life, and we are not really developing, we are only specialising.

Of course, the real pity is that we are not all taught to do some house-work as a matter of coursewe depend too much on servants, and house-work is the natural and amusing outlet of our physical energies; as it is, we specialise too much, and half of our maladies and discomforts and miseries are due to thatthat we work a part of ourselves too hard, and the other parts not hard enough.

And then we must gradually begin to specialise.

" "But what do you make," I said, "of contemplative Orders of monks and nuns, who say that they specialise in prayer, and give up their whole time and energy to it?"

HINTON, JAMES, aurist and metaphysician, born at Reading; after taking his degree was for some time at sea and in Jamaica, but in 1850 established himself in London; specialising in ear-diseases he rose to the top of his profession, becoming lecturer at Guy's Hospital; his leisure was earnestly devoted to philosophy, and gave fruit in "Man and his Dwelling-Place," "The Mystery of Pain," "Philosophy and Religion," &c. (1822-1875).

He has specialised in attacks against Great Britain in the United States.

79 examples of  specialising  in sentences