6045 examples of speed in sentences

He could hear a coyote wailing off there in the foothills, and the rushing noise of the small mountain river that hurled itself down upon Millings, ran through it at frenzied speed, and made for the canon on the other side of the valley.

So they send a messenger off at full speed to Sweden, with letters and plans and charts, and ride away themselves down to the Lensmand below, to get the rights of the fjeld south of the water.

Urged to remain in this land of freedom, and offered aid to establish himself in life there, his heart bled for his less fortunate brethren in captivity; and, with the God-speed of his English friends ringing in his ears, he went back to America,to scorn, to obloquy, to ostracism, but after all to the work to which he had been ordained, and which he was so well qualified to perform.

All the way from Esbly to Montry people began to pack at once, and the speed with which they fell into the procession was disconcerting.

As it was, for daring and speed he led the field, and not even young Paddock was near him from the start.

We have also briefly mentioned the importance of keeping the digestion tuned up to the best speed by having the organization in a condition to most readily take in changes.

Bard, standing erect, quite forgot to touch his weapon, but Sally had produced a ponderous forty-five with mysterious speed and now crouched behind a table with the gun poised.

Gathering speed, he goes faster and fasternow he is in the airnow a little speck in the sky, heading for the enemy's lines" "Oh, no, please," I broke in feebly.

Here was the Overland Stage outdone; even the speed with which Monk Hanks brought Horace Greeley over the mountains was at discount.

Of the thriving condition of the American horses Cobbett gives an example in his amusing vein, and by a trial made at his own farm in Long Island, he proved that neither their strength nor speed deteriorates on corn.

he sputtered joyously, swimming low and spitting water as he slid easily through it at twice Judith's speed.

Judith stood beside her, also attacking the pile of crimson fruit, endeavoring in vain to emulate her mother's speed.

They were to come home with all speed.

[Illustration: They were to come home with all speed.

Because of the diurnal motion of the earth, which at the equator equals one thousand miles an hour, the polar winds in coming down to the equator do not have any such velocity, because there is a less comparative diurnal speed in the higher latitudes.

My excitement gave me unwonted vigor, and my sturdy guide, streaming with perspiration long before we reached the summit, prayed me, "in the name of all the saints," to moderate my rate of speed, and give him a trago of Cognac.

Some late walkers had met him in the moonlight, crossing the campus at full speed, hatless, dripping wet, and flying like a ghost.

At the top of their speed they rushed toward the shore.

Suddenly a man clad in furs dashed by them, running at top speed.

Rasselas could not catch the fugitive, with his utmost efforts; but, resolving to weary, by perseverance, him whom he could not surpass in speed, he pressed on till the foot of the mountain stopped his course.

"Whom he could not surpass in speed," is a relative clause, or subordinate simple member, having three principal partshe, could surpass, and whom.

Not and in speed are adjuncts to the verb could surpass.


R118418, 30Sep53, Speed Langworthy (A) LARDNER, ELLIS A. The love nest.

The king wished us good speed, and hurried us away the same afternoon, in order to come to the place in time.

6045 examples of  speed  in sentences
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