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28496 example sentences with  spending

28496 example sentences with spending

A distinguished gentleman, who has been much at the South, is spending a little time in my family.

For twenty years he had been driving over the same roads, reappearing in the same villages and little towns, watching the same people growing old, and spending only three months of the year with his family in Toulouse.

He had imitators, nevertheless; but after spending many hours vainly endeavouring to hook the crafty trout, they lost patience, and gave up the attempt.

But the strangers desired to found a state of their own, and so, after spending some months in seeking for a spot with a good harbor, they left Boston in 1638 and founded New Haven.

After spending the winter at the mouth of the Columbia, the party made its way back to St. Louis in 1806.

I knew not in what mode Mr. Falkland intended to exercise his vengeance against me; but I was seized with so unconquerable an aversion to disguise, and the idea of spending my life in personating a fictitious character, that I could not, for the present at least, reconcile my mind to any thing of that nature.

But ere morning broke in upon them, many of the merry group were lying in a beastly state under the chairs and tables, or others had gone to bed; but this is what they called spending a merry night.

Jasper is excessively obstinate, and though he did not make a fuss, he got quite a habit of going over to Rose Cottage and spending his evenings there singing and playing.

"She was only thirteen then, but well developed and very pretty andM. Matthieu, she got gone on an American who was spending the winter in Brussels, a married man.

To these many arts of spending time might be recommended, which would neither sadden the present hour with weariness, nor the future with repentance.

While we are spending millions upon strengthening our North-Western Frontiers against a foe who may never exist, save in our imagination, can we dare to neglect the more terrible enemy who defies all Boundary Commissions, who overleaps the strongest fortresses, and who laughs to scorn the largest cannon that ever capped our walls?

It was the elaborate organisation of these laborers, and the provision for their spending a certain proportion of their time at home, which enabled Solomon to carry out his great public works without seriously deranging the labor market, or hindering the prosperity of the nation.

Hinpoha had the choice of going with her or spending the summer with Aunt Grace, who had a fractured knee and was confined to an invalid's chair.

It sets one dreaming of the oddest possibilities of intercommunication in the future, of spending an intercalary five minutes on the other side of the world, or being watched in our most secret operations by unsuspected eyes.

So now Hapley is spending the remainder of his days in a padded room, worried by a moth that no one else can see.

It is needless to say that this could not go on without the spending of money, and the spending of money means the benefit of the labouring class.

It is needless to say that this could not go on without the spending of money, and the spending of money means the benefit of the labouring class.

I found that he was very poor, because he was a writer with principles and preferred starving his body to starving his conscience; that he gave time and earnest work to the spreading of Socialism, spending night after night in workmen's clubs; and that "a loafer" was only an amiable way of describing himself because he did not carry a hod.

He had been full of plans for spending the rest of the summer at the little place in New England where his daughter knew that her mother lay.

The first intimation Alford had of the strange effect, which from first to last was rather an obsession than a possession of his, was after a morning of idle satisfaction spent in watching the target practice from the fort in the neighborhood of the little fishing-village where he was spending the summer.

I wonder what he's going to do with it?" wondered Jack, with whom money and its spending was always an absorbing topic.

We now examined the coast to Circular Head, under the north side of which we anchored in 7 fathoms on the morning of the 18th, after spending a day under the South-East corner off Robbins Island, where we found good anchorage in westerly winds.

Here intervenes the short breathing-space, of which mention has been madean interval employed by Roger Sterne in "spending a great deal of money" on a "large house," which he hired and furnished; and then "in the year one thousand seven hundred and nineteen, all unhinged again."

He talked too at this time of spending the winter at Florence, and, after a visit to Leghorn, returning home the following April by way of Paris; "but this," he adds, "is a sketch only," and it remained only a sketch.

"This was the way it happened: "It was about ten years back, and I was spending the spring and summer in Paris.

"Why, you are spending money on me," said the professor.

The first practical steps were taken by Ferdinand de Lesseps in 1879; two years later work was begun; the cost was estimated at ยฃ24,000,000, but on January 1, 1889, the company was forced into liquidation after spending over ยฃ70,000,000, and accomplishing but a fifth of the work.

The lace had given me a little compunction about not spending the evening with him: but as I had said so, I could not draw back; so I compromised the matter by going up to the library with him, to see that he was comfortable, before I came down to write my letter.

Burke suggested spending the night there, but she urged him to continue the journey.

After spending some little time with your friends I believe, at Geneva, the lone pilgrim bent his steps to Lago Guardia, and there he has remained, wooing nature with his friend, and in all probability playing the dรฉvouรฉ to Miss Manvers.

Their intention was to remain at Richmond till the spring, when Arthur and his wife would pay their promised visit at Oakwood, instead of spending the Christmas with theman arrangement Emmeline had herself suggested; because, she said, if she and her husband were away, the family party which had ever assembled at Oakwood during that festive season would be broken up, and Herbert's absence be less painfully felt.

โ€œChirano has prioritised local procurement, spending more than US$97 million for utilising the goods and services of Ghanaian contractors, with 83 per cent of all purchases made in the country as of September 2019.

Chrissy Teigen took to her Instagram on Sunday night to share updates on her pregnancy and revealed that she had to get admitted after the bleeding grew worse despite her spending weeks on complete bed rest.

Chuck had an extraordinary work ethic, spending 43 years at Polaroid Corporation, though his favorite job was his work as a roofer, something he did for many years as a second job.

Could the line between UK aid and defence spending become blurred?

Councillor Gifford said the comprehensive spending review was an โ€œopportunityโ€ for businesses and it was important for Aberdeenshire Council to add their voice to other local authorities supporting the maritime sector.

Despite Chelseaโ€™s major spending spree on Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech to reinforce their attack for next season, it is at the back where they have been found wanting all season and they were caught out too easily for the winner.

Despite improved commodity prices, many petroleum producers are remaining cautious about increasing their capital spending, opting instead to pay down debt.

Despite lockdown being set to end soon, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in countless seniors willingly spending most of their time at home.

Despite passengers' spending two weeks confined to their cabins, some of which were windowless, Australian health officials said a further quarantine period was necessary.

Despite spending weeks desperately trying to find the reason โ€“ and attempting to get it removed โ€“ she says it was as if the shutters had come down, as calls and emails to Santander went unanswered.

Do we need to keep our public spending for science constant?

Economies run on that, especially the American one, in which consumer spending accounts for 70% of all activity.

Economists at Goldman Sachs Group Inc., for example, currently anticipate the Fed's first rate increase to be in early 2025, but they said a more aggressive spending package favored by Democrats could move that first increase to 2023.

Economists believe that, given the millions of lost jobs and the steep drop in economic activity due to the efforts to contain the virus, there will be more weakness in consumer spending in coming months.

Economists have warned that consumer spending in the US appears to be stalling, even in places, like Massachusetts, which have so far escaped a sharp rise in cases.

After spending 30 years living in a two-bedroom condominium in Pembroke Pines, Florida, Beshany decided to make a move.

After spending all winter indoors, we can finally get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine!

After spending a year with Lewis filming in multiple locations, Porter said she remembers clearly how Lewis was โ€œjust relentlessly optimisticโ€ wherever they happened to be, and it left a permanent impression.

After spending five years together, the pair split in 2008.

After spending four years in Panama, he returned to St. Johnโ€™s Prep in 1967, where he served as headmaster (1969-72).

After spending its first year in turmoil, with infighting, SNEC should have written off the entire commission and put new people with experience on boards and commissions, who know how to actually be a board member in place.

After spending millions of dollars on educating consumers, Taco Bell has still not gained the expected revenue from its breakfast launch.

After spending most of his 20s in his native Puerto Rico working in marketing for cruise lines, in 2008 he set out for San Francisco, where he ran a boutique.

After spending much of the past three years anxious that their protection from deportation could evaporate at any moment, many of the so-called Dreamers said they were elated that the court had granted even this temporary reprieve.

After spending nearly an entire year in isolation, weโ€™re heading into a dark and lonely winter season.

After spending over $400 million promoting himself, Michael Bloomberg faces the scrutiny of a debate for the first time.

After spending some time on the Billsโ€™ practice squad for two seasons, Broomfield began his coaching career coaching the safeties at Carthage College in 2015.

After spending the 1930s developing personality theory, Murray joined OSS in the war, applying his theories to the selection of agents and also presumably to interrogation.

After spending the first two movies searching for and helping Elsa,Anna will be in the castle without her and will have to take care of an entire kingdom.

After spending two years and nine fights at 170 pounds, Khabib returned to lightweight in his UFC debut against Kamal Shalorus.

After spending two years at Kentucky as an assistant coach, Grant moved on to become a head coach in the junior colleges, including a NJCAA National Title in 1976, before he became a highly successful head coach at Fresno State University.

After spending two years at Mesabi Junior College in Virginia, MN he enlisted in the US Army in 1963 and was stationed in Berlin, Germany where he became a Sergeant in the military police.

After spending years entertaining on the Disney Channel, these ten celebrities have moved on to other projects and gone through major glow ups.

Even it is possible that governments may increase military spending and elevate tension in order to stir up nationalism (which may be different but similar trajectory of the 1930s).

Even Walz, while trying to tamp down spending desires, tried not to sound opposed to the DFL legislatorโ€™s spending priorities.

Governments are using defense spending as a stimulus to compensate for the commercial decline.

Government spending cuts are a must given the tough economic environment and unsustainable public debt levels, but they carry very high execution risks given legacy social challenges and political landscape.

Governor Littleโ€™s budget also called for less spending on our higher education budget.

Gov. Gavin Newsomโ€™s 2020-2021 final budget proposal requires $54 billion of adjustments from his initial pre-pandemic proposal (COVID-19 spending combined with a decrease of $41 billion in projected tax revenues).

It conducts audits of federal spending, issues legal decisions on questions about federal contracts and budget matters and examines if federal agencies are complying with other legal requirements imposed on them by Congress.

It could not, however, adjust spending downward in line with diminishing economic prospects.

It doesnโ€™t get bogged down in whose district is supporting what aspect of the space program and everybody arguing, โ€œWhy are we spending money on space when we have people who need the money here on Earth?โ€

White House officials said the theme of the speech will be โ€œthe great American comeback,โ€ highlighting his record on the economy, increased military spending and the appointment of conservative judges.

With a mission to Mars on the horizon and astronauts spending longer than ever in orbit, scientists are looking for ways to grow vegetables in space.

With passengers spending a tense extra day in Wuhan, the plane remained in Hong Kong on Saturday before touching down in Wuhan for a 3.15am Sunday departure.

With people exercising outdoors and spending more time in front of screens than ever before, consumers are investing in new to help them navigate current circumstances.

โ€œWith people spending so much time at home and spending time shopping on the internet, weโ€™ve found that customers are really loyal.

โ€œWith people spending so much time at home and spending time shopping on the internet, weโ€™ve found that customers are really loyal.

With these five travel hacks, you can enjoy the fruits of your labor without needless spending.

Yet they are divided over how quickly and aggressively to shift the government from more spending and for now are watching how the economy reacts as states lift restrictions.

You could succeed without being a tech expert or spending much money, he said.

You could then devote the energy you would have spent doing heavy cleaning to light maintenance, spending time with loved ones, and relaxing.

โ€œYouโ€™d expect that with more people spending time on Wi-Fi, there would be less pressure on cellular networks,โ€ said Ian Fogg, vice-president analyst at Opensignal.

You know, because people wouldn't be spending that $13k at Amazon, Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, Google.

You know, what people are spending money on has shifted.

ZARROLI: The federal government already runs an annual budget deficit of a trillion dollars - that's trillion with a T. All this extra spending will drive that up to 2 or even $3 trillion this year.

Compared to 2007, the people of this Province are now spending approximately $500 million less each year in taxes, Mr. Speaker.

Compared to other similar Canadian and U.S. State park systems, Ontario has been spending substantially less per campsite, less per visit and less per hectare, despite the highest cost-recovery rate.

In addition, the City of Hamilton must ensure an integrated approach to investment that will see spending aligned with strategic priorities, including the goal of enriching assessment along transit corridors.

In comparison, planned spending found in RPPs includes the Estimates as well as any other amounts that have been approved through a Treasury Board submission up to February 1st (see Definitions section).

In comparison, spending on prescribed drugs increased on average by 11.2% per year from 1997 to 2004.

In conclusion, Bill would result in increased spending for the old age security program in the new and distinct ways I have just outlined.

In fact, our taxes are going the other way, but we know that departments have been asked to cutโ€“cut spending, but we also know that those departments have been asked to find new sources of revenue as well.

In many similar situations, where thereโ€™s evidence of useless and potentially harmful healthcare spending, we all wish that our elected officials would look for the best way to use our healthcare dollars.

In middle school, I remember spending hours simply watching people.

I spending more time on bird photography these days.

Is spending more than $2,000 normal?

It has not made the size or kind of cuts in departmental spending that it had projected it would when it bragged about how it was going to eliminate the deficit.

โ€œI think Iโ€™m spending at least half my time writing or reviewing grants,โ€ says Szaszi, who also works at the University of Torontoโ€™s department of surgery.