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58 examples of  sperit  in sentences

58 examples of sperit in sentences

He wuz allers del'cut,warn't able ter do nothin' in this yere climate,but he bed sech a sperit!

"'Cause he hez sent his Sperit inter my heart, an' poor black Pompey can look up inter de shinin of his face an' say 'my Father,' 'cause I'se hidden away in his Son.

"I'm a-thinkin', Father," she twittered, "that naow me an' yew be a-gwine so fur apart, we be a-gittin' closer tergether in sperit than we 've ever been afore.

Naow, ef I hear one word about this 'tarnal foolishness comin' to Angy's ears, or Brother Abe's, or Blossy's either, fer that matter, we'll all have to eat off'n oil-cloth Sundays, the same as weekdays, until I see a more Christian sperit in the house.

'That's the right sperit,' says the Supe, an' we struck a bargain then an' there.

" "Dat ar war gwine roun' an' roun' de hus las' night, jes like a sperit.

When she saw Rosa lying there so still, helpless and unconscious as a new-born babe, she said, solemnly, "De sperit hab done gone somewhar."

She told many stories of wonderful cures she had performed by prayer; and she would kneel by the bedside, hour after hour, holding the invalid's hand, praying, "O Lord, fotch back de sperit!

Fotch back de sperit!

Fotch back de sperit!"

yer sperit hab done gone somewhar, an' yer didn't know nottin'.

or is it a sperit?

You are the arme oth' war, the Soldiers sperit; The other but dead stories, you the dooer.

Methincks he beares not in his Countenaunce The fulnes of that grave and constant sperit, Nor in his eye appeeres that heat and quicknes He was wont to move withall.

Seems foolish, I know, but it do' seem as if a good po'k-chop, fried jes right, would he'p consid'able to disumpate this misery feelin' that's crawlin' and creepin' round my sperit.

It does make me see clairer, I vow it does, either the nutmeg or the sperit, one.

In the night, when I see the light o' the sky shine there where he died, I feel his sperit in the room.

An' I say, George's sperit sent Bill Porter here, an' sent you here, an' sent me into this room to-night.

'Well,' says I, 'that's as fine sperits as ever I dhrunk, for sperits like id; might I make bould to ax who does your worship dale wid?''Kinahan, in Dublin,' says he.

'Well,' says I, 'that's as fine sperits as ever I dhrunk, for sperits like id; might I make bould to ax who does your worship dale wid?''Kinahan, in Dublin,' says he.

"Ane uthir mache to him was socht and sperit; Bot thare was nane of all the rout that sterit.

It e'en a'most make me brave, dess to see de high sperits she in!"

"Gennlemen," he said, "Ah sho appreciates yo' good sperit in dis hyar unfo'tunate affair.

"All right den, Ambrose," continued the spokesman, "we'll 'range fo' dis sperit-summonin' contes' jes' as soon as we kin.

"Go ahaid wif yo' sperit-summonin', Mista Travis.

Up in Dawson I heered once he trained a timber wolf t' lead a team o' McKenzie huskies; but he'd find that a heap easier 'n puttin' the racin' sperit inter that low-down Golconda hound; an' I'll bet he'll git all that's comin' t' him this time fer his pains.

" "Ef you're bettin' on that, Mart," quickly interposed Moose Jones, "I've got some dust from my Golconda claim that's lyin' round loose at the Miners and Merchants Bank, an' five hundred of it says that you'rewell, seem' as there's ladies present, it says you're mistaken about Baldy's sperit.

Den de dog come back an' lay down at my feet an' rolled on his back an' howled an' howled, an' right den I knowed it was a sperit

Dat ain't de only sperit

"No ma'm, I niver seed a ghost but I tell yer I know dere is sperits.

He had no feet, but he kep' lookin' afte' me an' every way I turned he wouldn' take his eye offen me, an' I walked fast an' he got faster an' den I run an' den he run, an' when I got home I jes fell on de bed an' hollered an' hollered an' tol' my old lady, an' she said I was jes' skeered, but I'se sho' seed dat sperit an' I ain't goin' by de grave yard at night by myse'f ag'in.

Doan I know dat is de sperit of dat woman comin' back here to tell some of her fambly a message?

Yes ma'm, dat is her sperit an' dat house is hanted an' nobody will live dar ag'in.

I feel my sperit swellin' with a cry Thet seems to say, "Break forth an' prophesy!"

hain't no cracks an' flaws, An' is wuth goin' in for, it's pop'lar applause; It sends up the sperits ez lively ez rockets, An' I feel itwal, down to the eend o' my pockets.

Now don't you think, as it was so very early, almost at dawn, that what you saw really might have been a young cherry-tree standing all in white, but that you, being frightened, took it for a ghost?" "The sperit didn't walk in white," she answered; "I never said it was in white.

'Tis only a sperit, a ghost, that walks in a shroud.

"You were not frightened?" "No, sir, because I hadn't got in my head yet that 'twere a sperit.

When they told her I'n seen Mr. Melcombe, she fell in a grete faint, and wrung her hands, and went in another faint, and cried out he were dead; but the sperit never walked any more, folks said it came for a token to I, 'her did ought to look for death by-times,' said they.

"He came up so still-like," she said, afterwards, "that I e'en took him for a sperit, he being a Melcombe, and they having a way of walking.

To start with 'e was always my fav'rite brother, an' I couldn' bear his startin' in low sperits an' South Africa such a distance off; beside which, I told mysel', the girl must surely know 'er own mind.

I 'plaud your sperit!

And we bein' some like Miss Hen in sperit (she had had trouble with Miss Henzy herself, and wuz dretful glad to have Mahala sot up), we wuz more'n willin' to buy it of Mr. Bonaparte.

"But," sez he, with some bitterness of sperit and speakin' skornfully: "What if wimmen did dedicate it?

and they thought it wouldn't hurt her to go, as there didn't seem to be anything serious the matter with her only she seemed melancholy and out of sperits, it seemed to be her mind that wuz

" "Oh, you hain't got it jest right, Josiah, bulwark don't mean jest that, but you've got the sperit of it," I hastened to say, for he don't love to be corrected.

And that kinder headed Josiah off onto a new tact; we had had a dretful good supper, and I believe Miss Trimble had made a sight on him, I believe she had flattered and pompeyed him and for the time bein' he felt soft in sperit towards the sex.

So Josiah and I sot off alone, and he bein' in good sperits and bein' gin to new and strange projects, proposed that we should take an ortomobile.

There wuz pictures that made you happy, and some that sort o' sent a chill to your sperit, like Millais' "Chill October," as you looked at it you almost felt the chill, mournful breeze that you knew wuz sweepin' along.

I wuz the one to settle these matters, but I see Josiah wuz gittin' too agitated, one look at his gloomy face made me think of the past, and I gin in as gracefully as I could, and we wended our way thither with no more parley, and Josiah, as soon as our heads wuz turned that way, begun to brighten up and look better, and so about one-half of my mind and sperit wuz satisfied.

The Four Cowboys on a Tear guardin' the entrance to the Pike confronted us and in their wild and boysterous hilarity seemed to my agitated and forebodin' sperit to shadow forth what we would find inside their domain.

And Blandina sez, "Oh, Aunt Samantha, don't be too harsh on them happy young men, it is only their high sperits.

And you could pass him off for the hired girl if strangers come onexpected, though that is sunthin' I wouldn't approve on, fur from it, a hauty sperit goes before a fall, as I told Josiah once when he got on a new kind of collar that held his head up so high he fell over the wood-box.

Truly he spoke the truth; I could cling to his arm, drink out of the same cup, set in the same chair, lay my head on the same piller, and yet, he might be millions of milds from me in sperit, 'round with other wimmen for all I knew.

How could these pityin' sperits help weepin' over it?

And I told him that wuzn't the right sperit to show, it wuzn't the sperit of a true Discoverer tryin' to solve the problems of the future through love for God and humanity.

And I told him that wuzn't the right sperit to show, it wuzn't the sperit of a true Discoverer tryin' to solve the problems of the future through love for God and humanity.

For I remembered I wuz onmarried myself once, and though my sperit wuz never incarnated in the personality of a Blandina, yet I had a vivid remembrance of the time when Love first laid holt on me, and I well remembered the feelin's I felt at the ardent attentions of a Josiah.