2379 examples of spined in sentences

My father couldna work, and my mother couldna spin; I toiled day and night, but their bread I couldna win; Auld Rob maintained them baith, and wi' tears in his e'e Said, 'Jennie, for their sakes, O, marry me!'

I gang like a ghaist, and I carena to spin; I daurna think on Jamie, for that wad be a sin; But I'll do my best a gude wife aye to be, For auld Robin Gray he is kind unto me.

You have food here to keep you alive a week, if you spin it out.

Big whirlpools would open and wheel about in the savage eddies under the low bank, and close up again, and others open, and spin, and disappear.

The cream wouldn't whip, but remained exasperatingly fluid; the sugar refused to "spin a thread," and obstinately crystallised itself into a hard crust; the almonds persisted in becoming a lumpy mass, instead of a smooth paste; and the gelatine, as Patty despairingly remarked, "acted like all possessed!"

I'll bet that, in time, I will be able to spin the most gorgeous webs you can imagine!

Right opposite stands Tactus, strongly mann'd With three thousand bristled urchens for his pikemen, Four hundred tortoises for elephants; Besides a monstrous troop of ugly spiders, Within an ambushment he hath commanded Of their own guts to spin a cordage fine, Whereof t'have fram'd a net (O wondrous work!)

"But why couldn't you take the spin in his company, Tom?

He has a seaside cousin, the fifteen-spined Stickleback, who is also a nest-builder.

tarry &c (be late) 133; drag on, drag its slow length along, drag a lengthening chain; protract, prolong; spin out, eke out, draw out, lengthen out; temporize; gain time, make time, talk against time.

render long &c adj.; lengthen, extend, elongate; stretch; prolong, produce, protract; let out, draw out, spin out^; drawl.

Evidently he was not at all averse to this delightful spin across country on a fine July morning and with nothing to pay.

A spined tiger.

A spined tiger.

A tiger had been 'spined' by a shot, and the line gathered round the prostrate monster to watch its death-struggle.

Then, stripped to the waist, these poor zealots go chanting a dolorous strain, and beating themselves unsparingly upon the back with the sharp-spined cactus, or soap-weed, until they are a revolting sight to look upon.

Again the same panting agitations, mad rage to be at her, at once possessed me; I flew to the indicator, turned the lever to full, then back to give the wheel a spin, then up the main-mast ratlins, waving a long foot-bandage of vadmel tweed picked up at random, and by the time I was within five hundred yards of her, had worked myself to such a pitch, that I was again shouting that futile madness: 'Hullo!

The fakirs were thus raised about thirty feet above ground, and while being made to spin around very rapidly, smilingly threw flowers to the faithful.

The spicules are some crutch-like, others spined or echinated, while the deep-sea sponges appear to grow long thick spicules, which attach the sponge to the ground by means of grapnel-like ends.

The children play Mouse, to and fro, round about the PIPER.The women, some of them, spin on the doorsteps, with little hand distaff's, or stand about, gossiping.

Tail as long as the body, round, tapering, with 6 series of broad 6-sided, keeled, strongly-spined scales, with a series of broad 6-sided smooth scales.

My friend Lieutenant Roe presented me, also, with two specimens of the Spined Lizard Moloch horridus, which I intended to present to Her Majesty; but, unfortunately, I did not succeed in bringing either of them alive to England; one, however, lived beyond the Western Islands.

The PITCAIRNIA is a very handsome species, having long narrow leaves, with, spined edges and throwing up blossoms in upright spines.

The White Spined.

713 Gleditsia triacanthos Three-thorned Acacia c.m. 714 - v. horrida Strong-spined ditto c.m. 715 - v. monosperma Single-seeded ditto c.m. 716 Fraxinus rotundifolia Round-leaved Ash c.m. 717 excelsior v. crispa Curled-leaved ditto c.m. 718 v. diversifolia Various-leaved ditto c.m. 719 v. pendula

2379 examples of  spined  in sentences