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2379 examples of  spined  in sentences

2379 examples of spined in sentences

World without end they spin away, the happy fleeces pull; What joy they take to fill their hands with that delightful wool!

The woodman's axe has not marred the loveliness of its surroundings, and no human hand has for all that distance been laid upon its mane, or harnessed it to the great wheel, making it a slave, compelling it to be utilitarian, to grind corn or throw the shuttle and spin.

The industry of this creature urged the Lily to toil and spin, contrary to its usual habits, while the Shamrock converted its trifoliated leaves into shovels, and took a contract for excavating the hemisphere.

"First, my head would ache from the constant noise; then it would spin; then I should grow faint and hear you less distinctly; then your voice, although you were talking-on the same as ever, would sound like a mere steady hum to me; then I should become unconscious, and be carried home, with you still whispering in my ear.

But how are you going to make the wages spin out?

"Well, we must spin for it," said Nicholson, taking a guinea from his pocket.

Turn, revolve, rotate, spin, whirl, gyrate.

The roses became symbolical to her of the "lilies of the field which toil not, neither do they spin"; the robin was one of the "two sparrows sold for a farthing, and one of them shall not fall to the ground without your Father"; while the sunlight seemed to call out to the little old lady who hoped and believed and loved much: "Fear ye not therefor.

To spin on Saturday is said in Germany to bring ill fortune, and as a warning the following legend is among the household tales of the peasantry:"Two old women, good friends, were the most industrious spinners in their village, Saturday finding them as engrossed in their work as on the other days of the week.

He cannot indeed write a sentence, but perhaps he may be able to spin a line.

My father couldna work, and my mother couldna spin; I toiled day and night, but their bread I couldna win; Auld Rob maintained them baith, and wi' tears in his e'e Said, 'Jennie, for their sakes, O, marry me!'

I gang like a ghaist, and I carena to spin; I daurna think on Jamie, for that wad be a sin; But I'll do my best a gude wife aye to be, For auld Robin Gray he is kind unto me.

You have food here to keep you alive a week, if you spin it out.

Big whirlpools would open and wheel about in the savage eddies under the low bank, and close up again, and others open, and spin, and disappear.

The cream wouldn't whip, but remained exasperatingly fluid; the sugar refused to "spin a thread," and obstinately crystallised itself into a hard crust; the almonds persisted in becoming a lumpy mass, instead of a smooth paste; and the gelatine, as Patty despairingly remarked, "acted like all possessed!"

It was so dreadful that she could only scream, and spin round and round like a top.

Here is the latter half of a poem called St. Peters Remorse: Did mercy spin the thread To weave injustice' loom?

A father was fined if his daughter did not spin as much flax or wool as the selectmen required of her.

I'll bet that, in time, I will be able to spin the most gorgeous webs you can imagine!

The former Forest Monster, now content to stay small and keep a low profile, continues to this day to spin the most delicate and beautiful webs you can imagine.

We didn't have to buy no great of groceries, for we could spin and knit by fire-light, and, part of the land bein' piny woods, we had a good lot of knots that were as bright as lamps for all we wanted.

Suppose I should spin 'em all my li'l tale of griefwhat then, Mr. Pooley?" "StillI wouldn't know the name McFluke," maintained Mr. Pooley.

The worshippers move in high spheres; the bulk of them toil not, neither do they spin; and if they can afford it they are quite justified in making life genteel and easy, and giving instructions for other people to wait upon them.

But now the rain is over, let the pressers spin the screw, Let the teamsters back the waggons in again,

They must, according to the words of a poet, "Spin out the love, as the silkworm spins its web."

Right opposite stands Tactus, strongly mann'd With three thousand bristled urchens for his pikemen, Four hundred tortoises for elephants; Besides a monstrous troop of ugly spiders, Within an ambushment he hath commanded Of their own guts to spin a cordage fine, Whereof t'have fram'd a net (O wondrous work!)

I let go another hard one, with a bit more top spin on it than the first time: "Friends?

Are we going to start off on that little spin up the lake; and d'ye guess we could get a pointer about where the two thieves have gone?" "We might try, anyhow; no harm in that," was his cousin's reply, as he turned once more toward the hydroplane that lay near by.

"And now since we've learned this much, Frank, what are we going to do about ittry and find where the stolen biplane is, and do something so as to make it no good for their purpose; or just slip away, go round a little like we were just out for a spin, and getting back to Bloomsbury, put them wise?" "Neither, just yet anyhow," the older Bird boy remarked.

" "Oh!" said Andy, shrugging his shoulders, "I suppose they'd just throw this second job up, and cut stick for Canada, as fast as they could make the aeroplane spin, which would be too bad for Chief Waller, and Joe Green, and the rest of that bunch at Headquarters, who are already figuring on how they'll spend their reward money they hope to get when the bank pays for rounding-up the two thieves.

"But why couldn't you take the spin in his company, Tom?

CROSS PATCH Cross patch, draw the latch, Sit by the fire and spin; Take a cup and drink it up, Then call your neighbors in.

He has a seaside cousin, the fifteen-spined Stickleback, who is also a nest-builder.

And surely in a while I found a hole that did go inwards of the rock; and the hole did be above mine head; yet when I was come to it, and had made the Diskos to spin therein, that I should have light to see whether there did be any creature or creeping thing in the hole, I was well pleased; for truly it did be sweet and dry.

Now the Maid had cried out a little to see the sudden shining that did come from within the hole, when I made the Diskos to spin, and because of the low roar of the weapon.

tarry &c (be late) 133; drag on, drag its slow length along, drag a lengthening chain; protract, prolong; spin out, eke out, draw out, lengthen out; temporize; gain time, make time, talk against time.

render long &c adj.; lengthen, extend, elongate; stretch; prolong, produce, protract; let out, draw out, spin out^; drawl.

[rotation of an automobile] spin-out. axis, axis of rotation, swivel, pivot, pivot point; axle, spindle, pin, hinge, pole, arbor, bobbin, mandrel; axle shaft; gymbal; hub, hub of rotation.

V. rotate; roll along; revolve, spin; turn round; circumvolve^; circulate; gyre, gyrate, wheel, whirl, pirouette; twirl, trundle, troll, bowl.

roll up, furl; wallow, welter; box the compass; spin like a top, spin like a teetotum^.

roll up, furl; wallow, welter; box the compass; spin like a top, spin like a teetotum^.

[of an automobile] spin out.

Evidently he was not at all averse to this delightful spin across country on a fine July morning and with nothing to pay.

They may be recognized by the way in which they spin out their thoughts to the greatest possible length; then, too, by the very nature of their thoughts, which are only half-true, perverse, forced, vacillating; again, by the aversion they generally show to saying anything straight out, so that they may seem other than they are.

Some way, I keep forgetting I have to toil or spin When you are my companions, Won't you walk right in?

tejer, to weave, spin, devise.

A spined tiger.

A spined tiger.

A tiger had been 'spined' by a shot, and the line gathered round the prostrate monster to watch its death-struggle.

Then, stripped to the waist, these poor zealots go chanting a dolorous strain, and beating themselves unsparingly upon the back with the sharp-spined cactus, or soap-weed, until they are a revolting sight to look upon.

And now a din Loud comes from dalkhi that around them spin In fierce delight, while hellish voices rise In harsh and awful mockery; the cries Of agony return with taunting groans, And mock with their fell hate those piteous moans.

He wanted to spin me yarns of his infant excesses, but I choked him off by telling him he ought to report to the skipper.

The gray world was a golden ball for him to spin at his will.

"About a week after this unhappy occurrence, as I was leaning over the rail on the quarter-deck, watching the shoals of porpoises (for we were then in a warm latitude) playing in the bright blue sea at the vessel's side, the boatswain, who was a fine specimen of a sea-faring man, came up and, seating himself on a fowl-coop near me, commenced sorting rope-yarns for the men to spin.

Two Asian women, middle-aged sisters perhaps, or cousins, or lovers, sat side by side betting large sums on every spin of the wheel.

All that risk on the last spin to win a net total of one chip.

If he had lost, he would have had to bet $320 on the next spin to have a net win of one chip.

This time he won on the second spin.

Oliver had fun twirling her around the living room, keeping her high against his shoulder so that she could see the walls spin by.

Oliver's mind began to spin from not breathing.

And when the codfish, whose name was Sealman, asked her where she would go for a trial spin, she said that he might take her to the shop of Barrymore the jeweller.

It was to be Riverside to-day; and after a preliminary spin from six to eight, Nick had been lingering near the Mission, paying a friendly visit to the owner of the Big Grapevine and the Trained Owls.

Then we'd spin on to Redlands, and see the park and the millionaires' houses"

In any case, the fact remained that Theo Dene was going in the yellow car for a spin round Santa Barbara, to the Country Club, the Hope Ranch, and above all, to the Mission.

Young men who have nothing worse to do with their time gravitate naturally and unawares toward them for amusement, and spin out the thread till they reach its end, without expectation, without surprise, without regret, without occasion for remorse.

Each moment is of priceless worth, And our return hangs on a slender thread, Which, as it seems, some gracious fate doth spin.

Linda AbbeyI'm the Monohan tail to the Abbey business kite, you seeimpressed me as pilot for a spin this afternoon and backed out at the last moment.

Again the same panting agitations, mad rage to be at her, at once possessed me; I flew to the indicator, turned the lever to full, then back to give the wheel a spin, then up the main-mast ratlins, waving a long foot-bandage of vadmel tweed picked up at random, and by the time I was within five hundred yards of her, had worked myself to such a pitch, that I was again shouting that futile madness: 'Hullo!

In the third place, they started "exchanges," or shops, in the cities and large towns, to which anybody who could knit mittens or socks, or make boots and shoes or straw bonnets, or spin flax or wool, or make anything else that the people needed, could send them to be sold.

'Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin; and yet Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.'

The fakirs were thus raised about thirty feet above ground, and while being made to spin around very rapidly, smilingly threw flowers to the faithful.

I'll spin and weave me a winding-sheet, To wrap me up from the sun's clear light, And hide my form from her wounded sight.

The spicules are some crutch-like, others spined or echinated, while the deep-sea sponges appear to grow long thick spicules, which attach the sponge to the ground by means of grapnel-like ends.

"Come, father, spin us one of those yarns, as the sailors say," added her husband.

For example, take two eggs, one raw and the other hard boiled, and spin them on the table; press the finger for a moment upon either of them whilst it is still spinning: if it be the hard-boiled egg it will stop as dead as a stone: if it be the raw egg, after a little apparent hesitation, it will begin again to rotate.

The period of oscillation will differ widely in the two cases, as may be shown by suspending the cartridges by strings round their middle so that they shall hang horizontally, and then by a slight tap making them spin to and fro round the string as an axis.

Too much stagger, and prop stops on a spin.

"To spin and to weave, to knit and to sew, was once a girl's employment; but now to dress and catch a beau, is all she calls enjoyment.

I reject slang and span, as derivatives from sling and spin; because, in such a sense, they are obsolete, and the words have other uses.

The children play Mouse, to and fro, round about the PIPER.The women, some of them, spin on the doorsteps, with little hand distaff's, or stand about, gossiping.

If we'd been in the air we'd stalled sure and gone into a tail-spin.

And he went on, to spin a yarn that would have made Ananias himself blush.

How to spin beautiful concrete pottery and garden ornaments with simple equipment; the Hollywood Cementcraft System; Instruction.

Spin a silver dollar; the story of a desert trading-post.

Spin your web, lady!

Holroyd heard a click, and the spin of the armature changed.

Peeping presently from his engine-room the black saw the Lord Dynamo spin and whirl beside his little brothers, and the driving wheels were beating round, and the steam in the pistons went thud, thud, exactly as it had been earlier in the evening.

It seemed to me that I had deferred to all that too long; and though I had no wish to break violently with the world or to set it at defiance, I thought I might venture to find a little corner and a little book, and see the current spin by.

Surely when we are bidden to consider the lilies of the field, and told that they neither toil nor spin, it is not that we may turn aside from them in scorn, and choose rather to grow rank and strong, bulging like swedes, shoulder by shoulder, in the gross furrow.

"And '17' has precisely the same chance of turning up in the next spin as if it had not already had a run of three," said a voice at my elbow.

Tail as long as the body, round, tapering, with 6 series of broad 6-sided, keeled, strongly-spined scales, with a series of broad 6-sided smooth scales.

My friend Lieutenant Roe presented me, also, with two specimens of the Spined Lizard Moloch horridus, which I intended to present to Her Majesty; but, unfortunately, I did not succeed in bringing either of them alive to England; one, however, lived beyond the Western Islands.

During the second month she still stayed in her hammock, but her rule of abstinence was less rigid, and she was allowed to spin.

You are too placid and contentedbut you spin along, and I think you see something of the reality of things.

The PITCAIRNIA is a very handsome species, having long narrow leaves, with, spined edges and throwing up blossoms in upright spines.

that in the ante-chamber quietly dost spin thy web over the expectant's foot, spin my eyelids close in a sleep as still as the horse's pace!

that in the ante-chamber quietly dost spin thy web over the expectant's foot, spin my eyelids close in a sleep as still as the horse's pace!

The doll-like skaters seemed to spin for a moment and then freeze; one figure began to run across the ice.

The White Spined.

713 Gleditsia triacanthos Three-thorned Acacia c.m. 714 - v. horrida Strong-spined ditto c.m. 715 - v. monosperma Single-seeded ditto c.m. 716 Fraxinus rotundifolia Round-leaved Ash c.m. 717 excelsior v. crispa Curled-leaved ditto c.m. 718 v. diversifolia Various-leaved ditto c.m. 719 v. pendula