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39488 example sentences with  spirited

39488 example sentences with spirited

His masterful bearing, too, was a pleasure to the spirited Elspie, who had no liking for milksops, and had sent off more than one lover because he came crawling too humbly to her feet.

Among the most attractive are, I think, those devoted to agriculture, with the spirited oxen, to astronomy, to architecture, to weaving, and to pottery.

How fine and free and spirited Bertoldo could be, alone, we shall see at the Bargello.

But Donatello's most striking achievement here is the bronze doors, which are at once so simple and so strong and so surprising by the activity of the virile and spirited holy men, all converting each other, thereon depicted.

Lorenzo was so pleased with his quickness and skill that he received him into his house as the companion of his three sons: of Piero, who was so soon and so disastrously to succeed his father, but was now a high-spirited youth; of Giovanni, who, as Pope Leo X many years after, was to give Michelangelo the commission for this very sacristy; and of Giuliano, who lies beneath one of the tombs.

The horses are small, but spirited, and are said to be able to undergo great fatigue, although their appearance does not promise it.

Either because he lived in Arequipa or because they thought he looked like a good horseman, or for reasons best known to themselves, the Tejadas had given Mr. Hinckley a very spirited saddle-mule.

The bridle is usually made of carefully braided leather, decorated with silver and frequently furnished with an embossed leather eye shade or blinder, to indicate that the horse is high-spirited.

Henery Walker was too low-spirited to answer 'im; and arter Smith 'ad said "Hush!"

What you have therefore now to do, is so to behave to this proud-spirited wretch, as may banish from his mind all remembrance of] past disobligations,* and to receive his addresses, as those of a betrothed lover.

Lady Betty, the next hour that she sees you, will write her opinion of you, and of the likelihood of our future happiness, to Lady Sarah her sister, a weak-spirited woman, who now hopes to supply to herself, in my bride, the lost daughter she still mourns for!

This was soon done: Hal choosing a beautiful black, and Ned deciding upon a spirited blood-bay mare.

fogoso, -a, fiery, spirited.

varonil, vigorous, manly, spirited, loud.

He must be more than man, that makes these Crystals Run into Rivers; sweetest fair, the cause; And as I am your slave, tied to your goodness, Your creature made again from what I was, And newly spirited, I'le right your honours.

It rejoyced my heart to read his friendly spirited mention of your publications.

The next best is TO THE OCEAN "Ye gallant winds, if e'er your LUSTY CHEEKS Blew longing lover to his mistress' side, O, puff your loudest, spread the canvas wide," is spirited.

He was on a spirited white horse, cheering on his men.

Mr. Kybird and his wife, entering through the shop, were just in time to witness a spirited performance on the part of Mr. Silk, the cherished purpose of which was to deprive them of a lodger.

She's a high-spirited girl, and all Sunwich is laughing over her father's mishap."

Yet so impatient were these spirited children to be off with their gifts to Souwanas, and with something also for each member of the family, that their pleadings prevailed.

So harsh and cold were his words, and so very rough and forbidding his looks, that, while Waubenoo was frightened, she was grave and high spirited enough to indignantly refuse his request, and to order him never to trouble her again.

At first he had five ships, the largest of which were two triremes, given to him by Marcellus, but afterwards, in consequence of his spirited conduct on many occasions, three quinqueremes were added to his number, at last, by exacting from the allied states of Rhegium, Velia, and Paestum, the ships they were bound to furnish according to treaty, he made up a fleet of twenty ships, as was before stated.

But Dick wanted to do the thing well, which the Indians are not careful to do; besides, it must be borne in remembrance that this was his first attempt, and that his horse was one of the best and most high-spirited, while those caught by the Indians, as we have said, are generally the poorest of a drove.

Karr found Grayskin, but the elk was so low-spirited that he scarcely greeted the dog.

The advantages which were in future to arise from the great measure of a national union were so hidden by the mist of prejudice, that it cannot be wondered at if Lord Pitsligo, like many a high-spirited man, saw nothing but disgrace in a measure forced on by such corrupt means, and calling in its commencement for such mortifying national sacrifices.

From a spirited description in No. 2, United Service Journal, intended for abridgment probably in our next.

I ever am with the most inviolable attachment my Dst and most beloved H. "most faithfully and most "affectionately yours "R.S." "I am just returned from the concert where I was very much Charmed with your delightful and enchanting Compositions and your Spirited and interesting performance of them, accept ten thousand thanks for the great pleasure I always receive from your incomparable Music.

Himself an accomplished horseman, a graceful rider, passionately fond of a spirited charger, always well mounted, at the head of his dragoons, he was at once in the midst of the fight.

The spirited surprise, the happy ambush, the daring onslaught, the fortunate escape,these, as they involve no monstrous slaughter,no murderous strife of masses,no rending of walled towns and sack of cities, the ordinary historian disdains.

In proportion as he becomes sociable and a slave to others, he becomes weak, fearful, mean-spirited, and his soft and effeminate way of living at once completes the enervation of his strength and of his courage.

A halt was made, and the brute loudly dared to come out and show itself, while a spirited discussion took place as to what was best to do with the cubs.

In a few moments the train was slipping smoothly out of the station and the girl who had forgotten most things else knew that she was being spirited off to a delightful sounding place called Holiday Hill in the charge of a gray-eyed young doctor who had made himself personally responsible for her from the moment he had extricated her, more dead than alive, from the wreckage.

Yet we firmly resolved not to decline the combat; and one of the most spirited of the new growth, William Grey by name, and a farmer's son by station, took up the glove in a style of manly courtesy that would have done honour to a knight in the days of chivalry.

I have now had her going with the ordinary shoes for the past two or three months, and the improvement in the shape of the feet is very marked; there is no lameness; the mare is free in movement, fast, and spirited, whereas previously she was quite the reverse, and almost unfit to drive.

Late one afternoon a handsome trap, drawn by two spirited bays, drove up to Carteret's gate.

He remembered now that Janet had been low-spirited for some time after the Frenchman took himself and title and eloquent eyes and "soulful, stimulating conversation" to another market.

Or: "We abound more in vowel and diphthongal sounds, than most nations."] "A line thus accented, has a more spirited air, than when the accent is placed on any other syllable.

I missed his presence in the house, his pounding of the old piano with four dumb notes in the middle, as he bawled thereto rollicking sea and comic songs; I missed his energetic dissertations on spurs, whips, and blood-horses, and his spirited rendering of snatches of Paterson and Gordon, as he came in and out, banging doors and gates, teasing the cats and dogs and tormenting the children.

Even now, after the recent publication of all the letters relating to these transactions, it is difficult to put any construction on Mr. Pitt's conduct which is consistent with the high-spirited independence which one desires to believe to have been a leading feature of his character.

Madam Bernstein was willing to pay her nephew's debts at once if he would break off his engagement with Lady Maria, but this the high-spirited youth declined to do.

He did not come to London, but he wrote to his mother to draw upon his agents for whatever money was wanted, so that his kind broken-spirited old parents had no present poverty to fear.

She was a constant sufferer, was nervous, excitable and low-spirited.

I am not shaking with apprehension at the turn affairs are taking, like that poor-spirited little Madame de Montmorin, whose husband knows no more about foreign affairs than does my coachman, but I wish with all my heart, Monsieur, that you had kept your revolution chez vous! '

She is a high-spirited creature, trained in her world to conceal her feelings, should she be unfashionable enough to have any, and perhaps the indifference with which she treats you is but a mask.

She was passing between the two masses of men, head erect, stepping firmly with the high-spirited tread of a goddess-huntress, sometimes casting a glance on some of the hundreds of eyes fixed upon her.

Instead of languishing and fainting where Rochester could see her, she held her head rather higher than usual, and practised the spirited arts of retort and repartee.

Moncassin, one of the avowed informers, was pensioned, spirited away to Cyprus, and there despatched in a drunken quarrel; and if it be asserted that his companion Balthazar Juven was permitted to survive, it is because he is the only individual concerning whose final destiny we cannot pronounce with certainty.

One piece of his history rendered him specially acceptable to young and spirited Western voters.

The lad whom I now saw was a fine spirited boy, who had strongly attached himself to me, and shown great aptitude, as well as deep desire, for knowledge.

He may not prove a leader, but he's dependable, not apt to lose his head and stampede, as do some of the more spirited ones.

It was an hour when baby-sleds and small children were not in evidence; and so they were always urged on to a spirited finish by the eager voices of bystanders, to whom sport is more important than home and dinner.

Then they returned for more, keeping up the sport till a bird in flight or some other fascinating moving creature lured them away in a spirited pursuit through thick willows and across green marsh-lands.

They were, one and all, sturdy, intelligent, and spirited; with the stamina of their wild forebears, and the devoted nature of those dogs who have for generations been trained to willing service and have been faithful friends to their masters.

Bring on your Fidos," and then as "Scotty" Allan appeared and stood with difficulty holding the spirited Allan and Darling dogs, the same voice asked in tones of utter disdain, "Whose mangy Fidos are these?"

Her father, a worthy and tender spirited man, had been an intimate friend of Isaac T. Hopper, and always sympathized with his efforts for the oppressed.

It scorns those mean-spirited citizens that cheer these kindly deeds.

She tossed her head, and told her fellow-servants audibly that he was a poor, mean-spirited man; and as for missis, she was a regular Tartarthere!

Two or three of the battle scenes were quite spirited, and Robert regarded them with interest.

Glad of the opportunity, the boys finished their dinner quickly and were soon whirling over the hard clay road behind their father's span of spirited horses.

Yet this is esteemed but a pitiful and mean-spirited transaction.

[Footnote: The verses relating to Stilicho are very spirited and elegant.

At any rate the slate had been spirited away somehow.

We cannot regard this account as strictly historical; but it is a picture, vivid and morally true, of events and men as they were understood and conceived to be by a contemporary, a mediocre poet, but a spirited narrator.

It was impossible to deride such a man; and long-cherished antipathies were rebuked by his spirited and manly declarations.

In some mysterious way I had been spirited aboard a huge ocean liner.

The other was the spirited portrait of Baron von Friedericks, a happy combination of cavalier and soldier in its manly strength.

In 1895 she exhibited at the Munich Secession the portrait of a woman, delicate but spirited, and a group which was said to set aside every convention in the happiest manner. <b>KROENER, MAGDA.</b> The pictures of flowers which this artist paints prove her to be a devoted lover of nature.

Of this version there is a very spirited and characteristic translation by Mr. Kenyon, under the title of "a Gypsy Carol."

* * The Cranes of Ibycus and the Festival of Victory wear the colors of antiquity with all the purity and fidelity which could be expected from a modern poet, and they wear them in the most beautiful and most spirited manner.

For several days the Jolly-cum-pop was highly amused at the idea of his being seventeen criminals, and he would sit first in one cell and then in another, trying to look like a ferocious pirate, a hard-hearted usurer, or a mean-spirited chicken thief, and laughing heartily at his failures.

At the instance of Lord STRACHIE the House of Lords conducted a spirited little debate on the price of milk.

Now his horse was too spirited for me to ride after hounds, and I did not want to take one of the others, so I was compelled to ride my own.

I weighed the wonderful thrill of the chase, the melody of hounds, the zest of spirited action, the peril to limb and life against the thing that they were done for, with the result that I found them sadly lacking.

Whenever he went to town, he made a point of carrying back Matthew Maltboy, for whom his regard was inexplicably strong; and nothing gave him greater pleasure than to see his wife, gracefully mounted on the spirited filly, and Matthew, heavily astride of the sober gray, starting off for a morning's ride, while he stayed at home to push on the seedling.

Those who have read the novel, and those who, like ourselves, have seen only the title, may be equally willing to hear the story of this high-spirited dame told in the terse, rapid mannerbrief, but full of detailof Dumas.

I want to help her along if I canshe is a high-spirited creature, and will take things hardly.

But I'm too old for all that; and one of the pleasures of growing old is that one can see a beautiful creature like Phyllishigh-spirited, vivid, full of grace and delightwithout wanting to claim her for one's own or take her away into a corner.

Even at my age it has seemed difficult to me to be brought into hourly companionship with all that was most fresh and womanly, and spirited, and pretty.

Such was the Grand Duke Peter, to whom the high-spirited, beautiful Princess Sophie (thenceforth to be known as "Catherine") was tied for life one day in the year 1744a youth the very sight of whom repelled her, while his vices filled her with loathing.

The foreign ways of its members, for most of them were strangers, supplied the wits of the town with material for satire, while its main acts were as iron to the soul of a high-spirited community.

"She'll think that I am a magician and have spirited you away," said Keith.

In the spirited dialogue between the two Hunter tells of his ways of extorting money from recusants, seminary priests and neophytes, "whose starting holes I knew as well as themselves"; also, he adds, "I got no small trading by the Brownists, Anabaptists and Familists who love a Barne better than a Church."

Among his acquaintance indeed were most of the literary, and eminent professional, and public-spirited, men of the times.

Lord Cutts, William's high-spirited and daring officer, received her with the utmost courtesy and kindness, inquired after her hurt, and lamented having to trouble her, but said that though he would not detain her long, her testimony was important, and he begged to hear what had happened to her.

Grillparzer firmly disapproved the disintegrating tendencies of the revolution of 1848, and uttered his sense of the duty of loyal coรถperation under the Habsburgs in a spirited poem, To Field-Marshal Count Radetzky.

She was a beautiful high-spirited woman, so beautiful that many hundreds of years after, when her grave was opened, the delicate oval of her skull excited admiration yet.

She, as Elizabeth Terrot, had been a beauty, and was to the last a fine, happy, spirited, contented and joking old lady, very fond of my father, to whom she left all she had.

But the whole of his essential and unconscious being was spirited and confident, and that unconscious being, long disguised and buried under emotional artifices, suddenly sprang into prominence in the face of a cold, hard, political necessity.

Dryden, before hewing Ahitophel in pieces, gives a splendid and spirited account of the insane valour and inspired cunning of the 'daring pilot in extremity,' who was more untrustworthy in calm than in storm, and 'Steered too near the rocks to boast his wit.'

Those who didn't like A Spirited Beginning liked Kibosh.

Dowd, Spirited Resistance, 34. It was a powerful message for a people whose world was being changed by forces that seemed beyond their control.

Earlier, a spirited bowling performance helped India restrict New Zealand to 132/5 in the allotted twenty overs.

Celebrate the cyclical nature of life in this bright, spirited original for treble or mixed choirs offering many performance options.

He had a huge heart, was generous, courageous, free-spirited, had an infectious laugh, loved to be social and had a strong circle of lifelong friends.

Her most recent album, PLAY, 2011, is a collection of free spirited songs, performed, recorded & produced by Coco Love Alcorn at The Playroom, shortly after giving birth to daughter, Eloise, in September of 2010.

In addition, Turbo models features Active Sound Design, which enhances intake and exhaust powertrain sound character inside the cabin for a more exhilarating driving experience, especially during spirited driving.

It is colourful, spirited, persevering, and faithful.

Many Manitobans, like Executive Director Albert McLeod for two-spirited Manitoba, are working to promote acceptance and understanding of two-spirited peoples and the unique challenges that they face.

Many Manitobans, like Executive Director Albert McLeod for two-spirited Manitoba, are working to promote acceptance and understanding of two-spirited peoples and the unique challenges that they face.