35839 examples of spirited in sentences

"Sometimes I am so low-spirited," wrote the Saint, "by business and events, that I do not know where to turn nor at what end to begin: but during the Office nothing annoys me, I have not even distractions, I imagine that I am in heaven singing with the angels the praises of my Creator; and on leaving the choir I find often that the mighty problems which had given me trouble are cleared away and, solved in an Instant."

Sad, grave, sober, moody, doleful, downcast, dreary, woeful, somber, unhappy, woebegone, mournful, depressed, despondent, gloomy, melancholy, heavy-spirited, sorrowful, dismal, dejected, disconsolate, miserable, lugubrious.

Lister, so to speak, felt the pump had individuality and temperament, like a spirited horse.

With eighteen dollars a week for ringing up fares, and a possible thirty-five for "facing" fuse-parts, nothing can persuade her to be poor-spirited.

The country rose to a woman in most spirited fashion to combat the plan to lower the standards of labor conditions in the supposed interest of war needs.

The most spirited and sturdy murmured most at their forced inactivity.

One extract must suffice here: "Whenever we step on shore a species of plover, a plaguy sort of public-spirited individual, follows, flying overhead, and is most persevering in its attempts to give warning to all animals to flee from the approaching danger.

The prints were therefore made from spirited designs, but did not pretend to high finishing in the execution.

And it wasn't as if quiet, cultivated, earnest, public-spirited, brought up in Germany, infinitely travelled, awfully like a high-caste Englishman, and all the other pleasant things, it wasn't as if he didn't love to be with her, to look at her, just as she was; for he loved it exactly as much, so far as that footing simply went, as any free and foolish youth who had ever made the last demonstration of it.

Of the five children the eldest is the high-spirited, impulsive Bruno, who is just of an age to go away to a city school.

I tried to make it cordial, spirited and sympathetic, for that was the kind she was praying for.

Some anonymous letters, the low, treacherous revenge of a dismissed servant, apprised her of Beauchene's former intrigue with Norine, that work-girl who had given birth to a boy, spirited away none knew whither.

A holiday is begged for the boys; the house is a scene of happiness; I, only, am sad at heartThis fine-spirited and warm-hearted youth, who fancies he repays his master with gratitude for the care of his boyish yearsthis young manin the eight long years I watched over him with a parent's anxiety, never could repay me with one look of genuine feeling.

When I in a low-spirited fit, was talking to him with indifference of the pursuits which generally engage us in a course of action, and inquiring a reason for taking so much trouble; 'Sir (said he, in an animated tone) it is driving on the system of life.'

How venerably pious does he appear in these moments of solitude, and how spirited are his resolutions for the improvement of his mind, even in elegant literature, at a very advanced period of life, and when afflicted with many complaints.

It was in this very epoch that the verse was born which for many years sang blithely from the top of the first columnsang of Denney's public-spirited optimism as to Slocum County and the Little Country.

Barry Cornwall, then a young suitor for fame, published in the same year his Marcia Colonna; Byron, in the full strength and fertility of his genius, gave the readers of English his tragedy of Marino Faliero, and was in the midst of his spirited controversy with Bowles concerning the poetry of Pope.

In the Pioneers, as in a moving picture, are made to pass before us the hardy occupations and spirited, amusements of a prosperous settlement, in, a fertile region, encompassed for leagues around with the primeval wilderness of woods.

The Bravo himself and several of the other characters are strongly conceived and distinguished, but the most remarkable of them all is the spirited and generous-hearted daughter of the jailer.

"Well, yes, you may say that, sir," said the landlord, but doubtfully, "though it don't seem as if Miss Ida was in need of much pity; she is so bright andand high-spirited, as you may say; though it's a wonder she can be so, seeing the life she leads, alone in that great place with her father, who never goes beyond the garden, and who shuts himself up with his books all day.

" Stafford smiled and checked the high-spirited pair.

Remember, he is devilish high-spirited.

And he saw her too transformednot a half-breed, the fair prey of any man's passion, but a clean, proud, high-spirited white girl who lived in the spirit as well as the flesh.

But Time was not standing still, and you can be sure that that mean-spirited old spider-monster was not letting any grass grow under his feet.

The singers in the gallery are spirited, give their services, like the organist, "gratisly"one of the wardens told us soand, if not pre-eminently musical, make a very fair average ninth-rate effort in the direction of melody.

35839 examples of  spirited  in sentences
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