35839 examples of spirited in sentences

After a very spirited competition, it was knocked down to the Marquis of Blandford for two thousand sixty pounds.

So slavish and degrading was his outward seeming that his wife, a noble and spirited lady, the daughter of the Emperor of Byzantium, could with difficulty prevail upon him to forego the humiliating usages which had hitherto attended the reception of the Mongol envoys.

Dan'l will play the latest dance music on his fiddle, and if it isn't spirited and up-to-date we'll shoot his toes off.

Then Dan'l drew his bow and struck up a spirited march.

It did well enough five years ago, when I came to see you, and was moral coxcomb enough at the time you wrote the lines to feed upon such epithets; but besides that the meaning of 'gentle' is equivocal at best, and almost always means poor-spirited, the very quality of gentleness is abhorrent to such vile trumpetings.

These things look like the cautious patting and petting of a spirited horse preparatory to mounting him, when it is dreaded that he may give the rider a fall.

It led to a long and spirited debate, in which Mr. Marcy uttered the memorable maxim: "To the victor belong the spoils of the enemy," which was so often quoted against him.

In one of those passages of stately eloquence which he knew so well to frame, he speaks of the worth of his old adversary, De Witt Clinton, the first graduate of the College after the peace of 1783, and pays due "honor to that lofty ambition which taught him to look to designs of grand utility, and to their successful execution as his arts of gaining or redeeming the confidence of a generous and public spirited people."

Of the five children the eldest is the high-spirited, impulsive Bruno, who is just of an age to go away to a city school.

"Not that I think she will get into any serious trouble, but there's no telling what a bevy of high-spirited girls will think up.

Next to M. (if not senior to him) was Richards, author of the Aboriginal Britons, the most spirited of the Oxford Prize Poems; a pale, studious Grecian.

A holiday is begged for the boys; the house is a scene of happiness; I, only, am sad at heartThis fine-spirited and warm-hearted youth, who fancies he repays his master with gratitude for the care of his boyish yearsthis young manin the eight long years I watched over him with a parent's anxiety, never could repay me with one look of genuine feeling.

But Peter wanted her to be once more the meek, plainly dressed, low-spirited, silent being whom Sir Timothy had created; and who was not in the least like the original laughing, loving, joyous Mary Setoun.

Zea favored the suit of the high-spirited and clever young Englishman, whose intelligence, independence, and perseverance, to say nothing of his good looks and his engaging manners, had quite won his heart.

The singing in the galleries and below is full, if not very sweet; is spirited and generously expressed if not so melodious.

We rather like his style; it is free, but not coarse; spirited, but not crazy; determined, but not bigoted; and it is in no way spice with either cant or hallowed humbug.

William had many sterling virtues; he was sincere and patriotic and public-spirited; he was a stanch Protestant of the Calvinistic school, and very attentive to his religious duties.

What a gay, vivacious, alert, spirited expression.

It is always easier to work upon the sensitiveness of a spirited and generous-minded man, than to influence him by force or apprehensions.

There were other things to make Mike low-spirited that morning.

All that is of English growth in Sir Courtly Nice is admirable; for though it has neither the fine designing of Ben Johnson, nor the masculine satire of Wycherley, nor the grace, delicacy, and courtly air of Etherege, yet is the dialogue lively and spirited, attractively diversified, and adapted to the several characters.

Madeline is such a high-spirited girl.

Quote some of his spirited heroes, and point out their chief excellences.

Mandalay, Fuzzy-Wuzzy, Danny Deever, show what spirited verse can be fashioned from a common ballad meter and a bold use of dialect.

Catherine, who was preparing vegetables for a meal, looked more sulky and less spirited than when I had seen her first.

35839 examples of  spirited  in sentences