Do we say spite or respite

spite 8749 occurrences

In spite of all the natural beauty of these dell cabins, they can hardly be called homes.

But in spite of the prevailing calm, he perceived that there was a surf upon the rocks, and a noise of many waters.

As they will Swallow anything, we Took them In very fast Although extremely voracious, they are so simple that if it were not for their size they would fell an easy prey to the Sea Gull, which, in spite of its name, is a very Wide Awake bird.

But in spite of this fact, there were plenty of distinguished-looking people at the White Sulphur.

The child at once perceives that if the Indians knew how to "get iron from the mines," and "knew enough" in general, they would build ships, in spite of their distaste for work.

The crowd, not a dry-eyed one, women in spite of themselves with lips whitening, men grim with pride and an innermost bleeding, sagged suddenly, thinning and trickling back into the great, impersonal maw of the city.

The disease continued to make rapid progress, in spite of all that the first medical skill could do to baffle it, watching every turn it took, and applying, on the instant, every remedy likely to subdue its virulence, and mitigate his sufferings.

In spite of a sensation as of many broken bones, the Boy put on the Colonel's snow-shoes, and went off looking along the foot of the cliff for his own.

" By-and-by, in spite of the limited English of the community, certain facts stood out: that Peetka held the white man in avowed detestation, that he was the leading spirit of the place, that they had all been suffering from a tobacco famine, and that much might be done by a judicious use of Black Jack and Long Green.

He toiled on, listening for the expected gunshothearing it, too, and the yawp of a wounded dog, in spite of a mitten clapped at each ear.

"Well, you see, ma'am"the Colonel's smile was charming in spite of his wild beard"we've done such a lot o' dancin' latelydone nothin' else for forty days; and after seven hundred miles of it we're just a trifle tired, ma'am.

II, where it must be confessed that, in spite of her protestation, Mrs. Behn gives the stage directionSir Feeble 'throws open his Gown, they run all away, he locks the Door.' p. 186

The habitants were friendly, but very shy about enlisting, in spite of Washington's invitation to 'range yourselves under the standard of general liberty.'

The Lower Town, however, was by no means so safe, in spite of its two barricades.

Yet, in spite of this remarkable significance, no public memorial of Carleton has ever been set up; and it was only in the twentieth century that the Dominion first thought of commemorating his most pregnant victory by placing tablets to mark the sites of the two famous barricades.

Contrary winds blew Haldimand back; and so Canada had to remain under the best of all possible governors in spite of Germain.

In spite of his change from repression to conciliation, and in spite of dismissing Germain to the House of Lords with an ill-earned peerage, Lord North found his majority dwindling away.

In spite of his change from repression to conciliation, and in spite of dismissing Germain to the House of Lords with an ill-earned peerage, Lord North found his majority dwindling away.

On the whole, Haldimand had done very well in spite of many personal and public drawbacks; and it was through no special fault of his, nor yet of Hope's, that the threads which Carleton picked up formed such a perversely tangled skein.

Moreover, he was appointed in spite of Carleton's strongly expressed preference for Sir John Johnson, who, to all appearances, was the very man for the post.

"Perhaps that fellow thinks he's going to vent his spite on me in a lot of petty ways," murmured Dave.

With a great deal of fumbling,for in spite of everything I could do to keep up my courage my hands shook,I managed to remove the slide of my lantern.

I cried in spite of myself; "then it must be some agent, some one else in his name.

Thus was I, in spite of the treachery of Maouyenshow, who disfigured my portrait, seen and exalted by his Majesty; but the traitor presented a truer likeness to the Tartar king, who comes at the head of an army to demand me, with a threat of seizing the country.

Only the children, in spite of rags and dirt, struck a hopeful note.

respite 432 occurrences

Three months, however, of an extraordinarily hard winter gave them a respite, and enabled them to veil the facts from their own people.

But in spite of secrecy and fog, how little respite we had given him!

Is any night-walk comparable to a walk from St. Paul's to Charing Cross, for lighting and paving, crowds going and coming without respite, the rattle of coaches, and the cheerfulness of shops?

CANUTE BECOMES KING OF ENGLAND A.D. 1017 DAVID HUME (After the success of King Alfred over the Danes in the last quarter of the ninth century, England enjoyed a considerable respite from the invasions of the bold ravagers who had caused great suffering and loss to the country.

The Danes were gradually incorporated with his new subjects; and both were glad to obtain a little respite from those multiplied calamities from which the one, no less than the other, had, in their fierce contest for power, experienced such fatal consequences.

Yet she could think forward to one occurrence only that could give her respite and a frail chance for freedom: if they would only fight as, in some dim instinctive way, it was given her to understand that such men would fight once a wrathful blow had been given and takenif the others would only watch them and not her, if she could come to one of the riflesor outside She turned to Jarrold.

Gray vapors from river and paddy-field, lingering like steam in a slow breeze, paled and dispersed in the growing light, as the new day, worse than the old, came sullenly without breath or respite.

By this they will be released from their present dread of perpetual slavery, and be certain, as they are when in the service of the merchants, of a respite from their fatigues.

Then returned he to the people ami demanded eight days' respite, and they granted it to him.

But as for Christian, he had some respite, and was remanded back to prison; so he there remained for a space.

But at last came the day when the Law gave release, Just a moment of respite from merciless fate, For they took him to prison, and purchased me peace, Till I welcomed him home like a wifeat the gate! "Was it wrong in repentance of Man to believe?

"Isn't it their turn for a respite?

Lulu spoke not at allit was enough to have this respite.

Thee the harass'd brain And aching heart with fond orisons greet; The respite thou of toil; the balm of pain; To thoughtful mind the hour for musing meet, 'Tis then the sage from forth his lone retreat, The rolling universe around espies; 'Tis then the bard may hold communion sweet With lovely shapes unkenned by grosser eyes, And quick perception comes of finer mysteries.

The Senate might indeed be weary of these interminable discussions and unending compliments, and glad of a respite in which to turn to other matters.

Then, good my lord, let me some respite take.

Both the government and the people, rich and poor, take a longer or shorter respite from their cares and their labours at the new year.

After a brief, brief respite she began to dream.

The respite could not last, but while it lasted he knew no pain.

I had no pleasure, even though I pursued it fiercely during the brief respite of vacations.

We were to have left Pekin on the 8th, so I was obliged to send to beg one day's respite from the General.

All day long they have to work; those women who have babies get a little respite on the excuse of suckling their babies; but those who have no children get no rest at all; and the men are allowed to break off to chew tobacco but those who have not learnt to chew have to work without stopping from morning to night.

He was the only person I saw in the grounds, whose quiet I had sought for an hour's respite from war.

The respite is brief, and is soon followed by the abrupt renewal of the violent wind and rain, but now coming from the opposite direction, and the storm passes off with the several features following each other in the reverse order."

There is little relief, little respite, and he is almost entirely deprived of bodily exercise.

Do we say   spite   or  respite