64 examples of spitefully in sentences

And the remnant took his servants, and entreated them spitefully, and slew them.

To show that they are their own masters, and intend to do what they like, they take the king's messengers, and treat them spitefully, and kill them.

Off somewhat to the north a machine-gun on the Allies' side spoke now and then spitefully.

"He's goin' up ter the ranch-house," said Mrs. Greiffenhagen spitefully, "ter fetch the Professor.

Whether it were a question mov'd by chance Or spitefully of purpose (I being there And your own Country-man) I cannot tell; But when much tossing Had bandyed both the King and you, as pleas'd Those that tooke up the Rackets, in conclusion The Father Jesuits (to whose subtile Musicke Every eare there was tyed) stood with their lives In stiffe defence of this opinion

Who knows, as your Bell once spitefully said, but he may have half a dozen creatures to quit his hands of before he engages for life?Yet

" "An' wot about the five pounds?" inquired Mr. Wilks, spitefully.

" "An' wot about the five pounds?" inquired Mr. Wilks, spitefully.

A Keep-Off-the-Grass sign grinned spitefully in his face.

He threw down his bat spitefully, and said to Fleming: "You didn't give me good balls.

Katie spitefully mentioned a former guest whom Wayne had particularly detested.

" Hallman answered him, spitefully: "For Heaven's sake, Llewellyn, I never heard a living soul mention David before, except at first, when there was so much curiosity.

it makes me sick!" "Knowles's inclination to that sort of people is easily explained," spitefully lisped the doctor.

Fannie guessed Louis, Marie spitefully suggested that it might be Lucifer, and that was why he didn't spell it out.

So Cairns and the secretary stared helplessly at each other across the emptiness; and New York rushed on, with its mad business, singing spitefully in their ears: "You for the poor-farms.

She said,a little spitefully, I thought,that a sensible man might stand a little praise, but would of course soon get sick of it, if he were in the habit of getting much.

They would patiently turn the left cheek, indefatigibly walk the two miles, they would bless with effusion those who cursed them, and pray fluently for those who used them spitefully.

"She reg'larly thrun herself at his head," said Mary spitefully.

"How d'ye like that, Nanny?" said Juliana spitefully.

"'The growing garlic,' if it be a lover of Italy," cried Helene, still more spitefully.

The steel jacketed bullet hit a stone and spitefully whined away into the canyon.

Yellow Handkerchief kicked me spitefully in the ribs, and then the trio floundered back through the mud to the junk.

" And the old hag chuckles spitefully, and winks at Brigitta, enjoying her surprise.

Then, turning round and looking Trenta full in the face, she added spitefully, "You may worship painted dolls, and kiss black crucifixes, if you like: I would not give them house-room.

"If you are innocent, why object?" said young Clifford, spitefully, before Bartley could answer.

64 examples of  spitefully  in sentences