64 examples of spitefully in sentences

And the remnant took his servants, and entreated them spitefully, and slew them.

To show that they are their own masters, and intend to do what they like, they take the king's messengers, and treat them spitefully, and kill them.

Off somewhat to the north a machine-gun on the Allies' side spoke now and then spitefully.

"Much good may it do them!" said Norine spitefully.

She was rating the priest well and she did it spitefully.

"Well, they give relief for a time: but they are dangerous thingsdisorder the digestion, and have their revenge on the nerves next morning, as spitefully as brandy itself.

A Keep-Off-the-Grass sign grinned spitefully in his face.

He threw down his bat spitefully, and said to Fleming: "You didn't give me good balls.

Katie spitefully mentioned a former guest whom Wayne had particularly detested.

it makes me sick!" "Knowles's inclination to that sort of people is easily explained," spitefully lisped the doctor.

Fannie guessed Louis, Marie spitefully suggested that it might be Lucifer, and that was why he didn't spell it out.

He has the mind of a philosopher, the soul of a child, the heart of a woman" "the manners of a boor and the impudence of the devil," added Hilda spitefully.

he said, spitefully.

It's a lie," murmured Ferragut spitefully.

It was always the same, toojust the same things to do, and the same places to see" "I should think Jake Hoover would have kept you guessing what he was going to do next," said Dolly, spitefully.

"She reg'larly thrun herself at his head," said Mary spitefully.

"How d'ye like that, Nanny?" said Juliana spitefully.

"Sometimes they make love to their employer's daughter," retorted Dame Harrison spitefully, for Lady Sue was undoubtedly lending an ear to the conversation now that it had the young secretary for object.

The leaves of the linden-trees chuckled overhead, rubbing their palms together spitefully.

If I had dimples," she added, spitefully rattling a handful of knives and forks into the dishpan, "I'd plug the things with beeswax or dough, or anything that I could get my hands on.

The steel jacketed bullet hit a stone and spitefully whined away into the canyon.

He laid out £70,000 on the improvement of an estate in Monmouthshire, where he planted and fenced half a million of trees, and had a million more ready to plant, when the conduct of some of his tenants, who spitefully uprooted them and destroyed the whole plantation, so disgusted him with the place, that he razed to the ground the house which had cost him £8,000, and left the country.

That you are, you blackguard! yelled the officer, so spitefully that we all laughed.

she laughed, spitefully, "and was It jealous!

"If you are innocent, why object?" said young Clifford, spitefully, before Bartley could answer.

64 examples of  spitefully  in sentences