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64 examples of  spitefully  in sentences

64 examples of spitefully in sentences

And the remnant took his servants, and entreated them spitefully, and slew them.

To show that they are their own masters, and intend to do what they like, they take the king's messengers, and treat them spitefully, and kill them.

Before it was taken away Fulvia took it in her hands and after abusing it spitefully and spitting upon it, set it on her knees, opened the mouth, and pulled out the tongue, which she pierced with the brooches that she used for her hair, at the same time uttering many brutal jests.

" "Eveena did not seem to have liked her half-hour," answered Leenoo spitefully.

Off somewhat to the north a machine-gun on the Allies' side spoke now and then spitefully.

Our Saviour, who sometimes upon special reason in His discourses used such harsh words, yet when He was most spitefully accused, reproached, and persecuted, did not open His mouth, or return one angry word: "Being reviled, He did not," as St. Peter, proposing His example to us, telleth us, "revile again; suffering, He did not threaten."

"Much good may it do them!" said Norine spitefully.

Something had to be said, however; and she said it almost spitefully.

"He's goin' up ter the ranch-house," said Mrs. Greiffenhagen spitefully, "ter fetch the Professor.

"It's all because of that cavalier Hugh Price", said Ann Linkon spitefully.

Whether it were a question mov'd by chance Or spitefully of purpose (I being there And your own Country-man) I cannot tell; But when much tossing Had bandyed both the King and you, as pleas'd Those that tooke up the Rackets, in conclusion The Father Jesuits (to whose subtile Musicke Every eare there was tyed) stood with their lives In stiffe defence of this opinion

"It would be very odd if you did," she said spitefully; "you're only a man, when all is said and done.

Who knows, as your Bell once spitefully said, but he may have half a dozen creatures to quit his hands of before he engages for life?Yet

She was rating the priest well and she did it spitefully.

Overhead big arc lights sputtered spitefully, so that the place was almost as bright as day.

Gardens were laid out and planted with potatoes, melons, pineapples, etc.; but Cook was not very sanguine of their success, for he had seen how a vine planted by the Spaniards had been spitefully trampled down, as the natives, tasting the grapes before they were ripe, had concluded it was poisonous.

" "An' wot about the five pounds?" inquired Mr. Wilks, spitefully.

" "An' wot about the five pounds?" inquired Mr. Wilks, spitefully.

"Well, they give relief for a time: but they are dangerous thingsdisorder the digestion, and have their revenge on the nerves next morning, as spitefully as brandy itself.

A Keep-Off-the-Grass sign grinned spitefully in his face.

She had borne him seven children, three of whom died; of the sons were Wilhelm Friedemann, the father's favourite, and Karl Philipp Emanuel, whom the world long preferred to Sebastian himself, and whom later times spitefully underrate.

The vessel was labouring, and, although there was nothing that could be called a storm, she was bucking into head-swells that rattled her from stem to stern, and the gusts of wind whipped the tips of the waves across her fore-deck spitefully and without warning.

Boswell ventured to criticise the observation rather spitefully.

" Then she coloured, even before Sue could say spitefully: "Didn't he even have to tell you his name before he kissed you?"

He threw down his bat spitefully, and said to Fleming: "You didn't give me good balls.

Katie spitefully mentioned a former guest whom Wayne had particularly detested.

" Hallman answered him, spitefully: "For Heaven's sake, Llewellyn, I never heard a living soul mention David before, except at first, when there was so much curiosity.

it makes me sick!" "Knowles's inclination to that sort of people is easily explained," spitefully lisped the doctor.

Fannie guessed Louis, Marie spitefully suggested that it might be Lucifer, and that was why he didn't spell it out.

There was no pretence of intimacy on either side; the shadow of the past was still there to remind them that a skeleton lurked behind and grinned spitefully in its obscurity.

He has the mind of a philosopher, the soul of a child, the heart of a woman" "the manners of a boor and the impudence of the devil," added Hilda spitefully.

he said, spitefully.

He pulled spitefully at his moustache.

So Cairns and the secretary stared helplessly at each other across the emptiness; and New York rushed on, with its mad business, singing spitefully in their ears: "You for the poor-farms.

It's a lie," murmured Ferragut spitefully.

He said he could have them rifled, but it would take three or four months to execute the contract, but suggested that we should purchase the 10,000 smooth-bored muskets instead, as a more efficient arm, particularly if large-sized buckshot should be used, which, put up in wire case capable of containing 12 of them, would go spitefully through an inch plank at 200 yards.

With an exclamation of triumph she seized the leaves, tore them in half and threw them into the grate, standing by until they were consumed to ashes, and laughing spitefully the while.

She said,a little spitefully, I thought,that a sensible man might stand a little praise, but would of course soon get sick of it, if he were in the habit of getting much.

They would patiently turn the left cheek, indefatigibly walk the two miles, they would bless with effusion those who cursed them, and pray fluently for those who used them spitefully.

I could hear the air hiss and whistle spitefully under the resistless impact of the invading waters; I could hear the crashing of timbers as partitions were wrecked; and as the water rushed in at one place I could see, at another, scores of helpless passengers swept overboard into the seamy unintended victims.

"Horrid, stuck-up thing," I heard Celie say spitefully, as they went through the fence.

It was always the same, toojust the same things to do, and the same places to see" "I should think Jake Hoover would have kept you guessing what he was going to do next," said Dolly, spitefully.

"She reg'larly thrun herself at his head," said Mary spitefully.

"How d'ye like that, Nanny?" said Juliana spitefully.

"Sometimes they make love to their employer's daughter," retorted Dame Harrison spitefully, for Lady Sue was undoubtedly lending an ear to the conversation now that it had the young secretary for object.

"'The growing garlic,' if it be a lover of Italy," cried Helene, still more spitefully.

The leaves of the linden-trees chuckled overhead, rubbing their palms together spitefully.

He drew the needle spitefully through the cloth.

If I had dimples," she added, spitefully rattling a handful of knives and forks into the dishpan, "I'd plug the things with beeswax or dough, or anything that I could get my hands on.

" "He can prove some of it," said the old man, his eyes snapping spitefully.

The steel jacketed bullet hit a stone and spitefully whined away into the canyon.

He laid out ยฃ70,000 on the improvement of an estate in Monmouthshire, where he planted and fenced half a million of trees, and had a million more ready to plant, when the conduct of some of his tenants, who spitefully uprooted them and destroyed the whole plantation, so disgusted him with the place, that he razed to the ground the house which had cost him ยฃ8,000, and left the country.

Yellow Handkerchief kicked me spitefully in the ribs, and then the trio floundered back through the mud to the junk.

"I expect Miss Veronica has gone to see poor folks; it is a way she has," and spitefully closed it.

" And the old hag chuckles spitefully, and winks at Brigitta, enjoying her surprise.

Then, turning round and looking Trenta full in the face, she added spitefully, "You may worship painted dolls, and kiss black crucifixes, if you like: I would not give them house-room.

โ€œThat you are, you blackguard!โ€ yelled the officer, so spitefully that we all laughed.

she laughed, spitefully, "and was It jealous!

" "Then you want to see the Christian religion trampled under foot," said Evelyn, spitefully, fixing her eyes on mine.

"If you are innocent, why object?" said young Clifford, spitefully, before Bartley could answer.

" "Oh, I have seen her," said Julia, spitefully.

I was that man's clerk; and so," said he, spitefully, and forgetting his sing-song, "was your son Walter Clifford.

There was something funereal in the odor of the flowers, the birds chirped spitefully and at the same time apprehensively, the moon cast malicious yellow stripes of light over the dark murmuring stream, the lofty banks of the Rhine looked like vague, threatening giants' heads.

"Don't you know," added Puppy spitefully, "that Nose Star now sleeps in Schnapper-Elle's house!