5 examples of spleenful in sentences

Then rode Geraint, a little spleenful yet, Across the bridge that spann'd the dry ravine.

The cheerful soldiers, with new stores supplied, Now long to execute their spleenful will; And, in revenge for those three days they tried, Wish one, like Joshua's, when the sun stood still.

The spleenful Pigeons never could create A prince more proper to revenge their hate: Indeed, more proper to revenge, than save; A king, whom in his wrath the Almighty gave: For all the grace the landlord had allow'd, 1200 But made the Buzzard and the Pigeons proud; Gave time to fix their friends, and to seduce the crowd.

By that name let him stand forth impaled upon the scorn of an age that has not lost the grace of reverence, who, mindless of majestic age, the dignity of letters, an influence unrivalled and benign, associations tender and most holy, upon these venerable and sacred books spits his shallow scepticism, spumes his spleenful sarcasm, and smuts them with his own sensuality.

But the gauntlet now is nearly run, The spleenful forts by fits reply, And the burning boat dies down in morning's sky.

5 examples of  spleenful  in sentences