87 examples of spoilers in sentences

28. 'The herded wolves bold only to pursue, The obscene ravens clamorous o'er the dead, The vultures to the conqueror's banner true, Who feed where desolation first has fed, And whose wings rain contagion,how they fled, 5 When like Apollo, from his golden bow, The Pythian of the age one arrow sped, And smiled!The spoilers tempt no second blow, They fawn on the proud feet that spurn them lying low.

Come never, I would say to these spoilers of my dinner; but if you come, never go!

But he is a brave and true man, and will make no terms with the spoilers; so, with other faithful thanes of King Alfred and their followers, he throws himself into a castle or fort called Cynwith, or Cynuit, there to abide whatever issue of this business God shall send them.

That our naval force has, in the present war, been misapplied; that our commerce has been exposed to petty spoilers, in a degree never known before; that our convoys have been far from adding security to our traders; and that with the most powerful fleet in the world, we have suffered all that can fall upon the most defenceless nation, cannot be denied.

The land was left untilled; the instruments of husbandry were destroyed or abandoned; and a grievous famine, the natural result of those disorders, affected equally both parties, and reduced the spoilers as well as the defenceless people to the most extreme want and indigence [z].

The blind fury of the spoilers was not confined to the mere effigies which they considered the types of idolatry, nor even to the pictures, the vases, the sixty-six altars, and their richly wrought accessories; but it was equally fatal to the splendid organ, which was considered the finest at that time in existence.

A great hubbub ensued; and Indians, old and young, squaws, children, and warriors, all sallied out with loud screams, to save their property from the greedy spoilers.

The name Cimbri is probably derived from some word of their own, Kaemper, meaning champions or spoilers, and their last emigration was from the country between the Rhine, the Danube, and the Baltic.

But as between the party of advance and the party of defence, between the would-be spoilers of New York bank-vaults and Philadelphia mint-coffers, and the more prudent who desire "to be let alone," there is already an issue created.

Greedy spoilers ruthlessly robbed its colonies and it became scarce, at least in the Mt. Toby region.

Picture to yourself now the abject humiliation of being compelled to stand bare-headed in salute before these wreckers and spoilers of your land.

His wrath against the spoilers overcame his discretion, and he launched out into a bitter tirade against them.

Down the street came the spoilers, relentless, ruthless, and remorseless, sparing nothing.

Yet, every example of Belgian ferocity towards the spoilers one could match with ten of Belgian magnanimity.

Like many of the western roads, the Western Pacific had been capitalized largely by popular subscription; hence there was no single holder, or group of holders, of sufficient financial weight to enter the field against the spoilers.

And Other Stories By REX BEACH AUTHOR OF "Rainbow's End," "Heart of the Sunset," "The Spoilers," Etc.

From these their costly arms the spoilers rent, And softly both convey'd to Theseus' tent: Whom, known of Creon's line, and cured with care, He to his city sent as prisoners of the war, 160 Hopeless of ransom, and condemn'd to lie In durance, doom'd a lingering death to die.

Mary Alice Jones (A); 30Apr70; R483650. JONES, NEIL R. Spoilers of the spaceways.

Spoilers of the sea; wartime raiders in the age of steam.

Mary Alice Jones (A); 30Apr70; R483650. JONES, NEIL R. Spoilers of the spaceways.

From these it appeared that a system of oppression and unjustifiable appropriation on the part of the whites, have from time to time roused the savage energies of the Kaffirs, and impelled them to make severe reprisals upon their European spoilers.

The troops of the allies surrounded Warsaw, and the Diet, being convoked, ratified by a majority of two voices the convention presented by the spoilers themselves.

But the spoilers were not long contented with their acquisitions.

There lurk our cunning spoilers!

The army of those who suffer is so great the human spoilers so strong; that one's heart goes out in gratitude to a champion who comes around and able willing to do better for the oppressed.

87 examples of  spoilers  in sentences
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