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415 example sentences with  sport's

415 example sentences with sport's

They are making efforts to procure suitable players from the United States to coach them and the French promoters of the sport are determined that their young men shall be given every opportunity to take advantage of the game of which they have heard so much, and have seen so little.

Unless AGASSIZ is gassing us, the true seal has no sign of an ear, wherefore the deafening roar of the surf in which it delights to sport is probably no inconvenience to it.

'To sport', generic for 'to parade' or 'display' was, and is a very common phrase.

"Now let the sport be ended," the angry King decreed.

When all the world is old, lad, And all the trees are brown; And all the sport is stale, lad, And all the wheels run down, Creep home, and take your place there, The spent and maimed among: God grant you find one face there You loved when all was young.

In the case of finding an outlying fallow-deer, which is unharboured, in this manner, great sport is frequently obtained; but this is now rarely to be met with in Britain.

When practised as an amusement, it principally consists of killing them with a light firearm called a "fowling-piece," and the sport is secured to those who pursue it by the game laws.

In the great and powerful, the pursuit of game as a sport is allowable, but in those who have to earn their bread by the sweat of their brow, it is to be condemned.

Consequently, the sport is more like hunting water-rats than shooting birds.

"He's behind a log, but that second sport is behind a bush same as me....

But all the sport's to see what several thoughts The potion works in their imaginations.

My angle-rod is broke, my sport is done, But I will fetch my net to catch some fish; To lose both fish and pleasure is too much.

Vain holiday nepenthe, sport's unbending, The Statesman's burdened brain may not forget.

A quail fight, a battle between two trained rams, a cock fight, even an encounter between trained tamed buffaloes, are very common spectacles in the villages; but the most popular sport is a good wrestling match.

Then they talked the affair over, and Frank gave them his theory of Sport's presence on the steamer, which seemed plausible.

They untied the rope from Sport's waist in a hurry.

Whenever hounds have good foxes in front of them, and good huntsmen to assist or watch over them, they are as able as ever, notwithstanding that the drawbacks to good sport are more numerous now than they used to be.

When all the world is old, lad, And all the trees are brown; And all the sport is stale, lad, And all the wheels run down; Creep home, and take your place there, The spent and maimed among: God grant you find one face there, You loved when all was young.

The trouble small, the sport is rare.

For those who fish "wet" sport is not so good as it used to be, owing to the "schoolmaster being abroad" amongst trout as well as amongst men; but on certain windy days this method is the only one possible.

Athletics: This universally acclaimed discipline as the 'mother of all games and sports', did not progress as desired.

" "Ah, but you do not speak with the voices of men and women," Manuel replied, "for your voice is music." "The land of Audela is my kingdom, and very often, just for the sport's sake, do I and my servitors go secretly among you.

Sometimes, too, for the sport's sake, we imprison in earthen figures a spark of the true life of Audela: and then you little persons, that have no authentic life, but only the flickering of a vexed shadow to sustain you in brief fretfulness, say it is very pretty; and you negligently applaud us as the most trivial of men and women.

Sport's golden age: a close-up of the fabulous twenties.

Sport's golden age: a close-up of the fabulous twenties.

"Good sport is to be obtained from the obliging and enterprising manager of the hotel, Herr Baer.

The sport is to those who scout and hunt.

On the face of the earth there is no nation in which the love of clean and wholesome sport is more strongly developed than in the Irish.

Still, the Irishman's love of sport is diversified.

Few there are who have not many inclinations, and as a nation our taste in sport is catholic.

Our guide amused me by pointing to some of the steep parts of the range which he had galloped down, while hunting wild cattle, the most useful and exciting sport known in Australiauseful, inasmuch as it prevents the wild cattle from coming down to the plains and enticing away the tame herds; and exciting, from the rough nature of the country, in which the sport is pursued.

But my ideas about sport are changing.

The southern soldiers who returned after the war appeared to receive their defeat as good 'sports' and not as much friction between the races existed as would be imagined.

So when a sort of lusty shepherds throw The bar by turns, and none the rest outgo 20 So far, but that the best are measuring casts, Their emulation and their pastime lasts; But if some brawny yeoman of the guard Step in, and toss the axletree a yard, Or more, beyond the furthest mark, the rest Despairing stand; their sport is at the best.

Suddenly a loud howl blended with Sport's baying, and the hounds seemed to turn and sweep down the valley.

All speed in changes such as these comes in what we call 'sports'.

" "He has nought to do with the robberies, they say," added the coxswain; "but I could tell of many a young spark who has gone out with the fair traders for the sport's sake, and because gentle folk don't know what to do with their time.

In the second place, the sport is not free.

After, Prada Sport 'Linea Rossa' was made.

Also, due to a slight change in the sport's calendar, The Rugby Championship now begins in August and runs through October.

In return for racing, the teams were guaranteed a percentage of the sport's revenue.

It became known as the "Water Ski Capital of the World" because many of the sport's major "firsts" and over 50 world records were broken there.

Live streaming of the Winter Games was also made available free on ฤŒT Sport's website.

At the College, one main sport is played each term.

The governing body of the sport is the Confรฉdรฉration Internationale de Billiard Artistique (CIBA).

The object of the sport is to throw it as far as possible.

The rules currently used for the sport are based on the old rules.

The sport is currently governed by the Collegiate Sprint Football League.

The sport is governed by the International Paralympic Committee Sports Committee.

This is probably because of the relatively complicated set of provisions provided by the sport's law-making body, the IFAB for deciding if a player in an offside position is actually guilty of an offside offence by becoming involved in active play.

This kind of sport is still played but is known as real tennis ("real" here meaning "royal").

Crawford was one of the sport's early stars and appeared in 258 games in the three major leagues, scoring 110 goals.

He founded the Great North Run, one of the sport's most high profile half-marathon races.

Basically, the concept of an all-female team in an otherwise entirely male-dominated sport is still considered a gimmick.

CONOR McGREGOR became one of sport's biggest stars with his fast hands - but the UFC legend proved he's also got quick feet.

Dog trial forefather says sport is โ€˜looking greatโ€™

English Count cricket, a much followed, much watched mainstay of the sport is scheduled for a start on August 1. Keen spectators will have to be content with more watching from a greater distance than was the norm.

However, Emma Palmer, who lives on the Aboyne Castle Estate, backed the scheme and said: โ€œThe desire and drive to have this dream fulfilled continues with yet another generation โ€“ a clear indication the sport is not a flash in the pan.

โ€œI gave myself last night to throw a pity party and then woke up this morning back to work, because thatโ€™s what it is, thatโ€™s what life is and thatโ€™s what this sport is.โ€

โ€œIt will bring a bigger awareness of what the sport is all about," Koudelkova-Robles said.

It wonโ€™t be easy, but this is a big step in the right direction for sportsโ€™ return.

Marchand on NHL players finding their voice: 'This is bigger than sports'

Martin Keown was talking to BBC Sport's Tom Rostance.

Members of the WKF also discussed a revised qualification system for the sport's Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020, now that the Games have been pushed back to 2021 due to COVID-19.

Mercedes changed their car and clothing livery this season from silver to black in support of the sport's anti-racism campaign and to emphasise a team pledge to improve diversity.

An entertainment news section and letters page also features, while the number of pages dedicated to sport is increased from one to five.

โ€œMy slogan has always been in the field of sports 'Do not be influenced by what you do not control, only focus on what you have in hand'.

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Now that online sportsโ€™ betting is legal in most of the United States, the question always remains whether the Federal Government will try to revoke and pass other laws to replace PASPA.

Once considered the "Las Vegas of South African boxing", with the Sun City resort hosting some of the most pivotal fights in the sport's history, what unforgivable sin did boxing commit in the north?

One thing is for sure: itโ€™s a lot โ€ฆ somewhere north of 700. His passion for the sport is likewise immeasurable.

Rubin is one of many who believe a fundamental overhaul of the sport is needed - to help improve the mental wellbeing of the players, as well as for its own survival.

โ€œSeeing how the sport is run in different countries is so interesting,โ€ Barton stated.

Some of snow sportsโ€™ 43,000 jobs could be at risk in the Centennial State thanks to climate change.

"Sport is slowly becoming a reliable money-making industry and I believe this museum will ensure that athletes who are outstanding will easily be exposed to other countries."

โ€œSport is there to designate a winner on the field.

Sportsโ€™ Chris Haynes that Houston did its โ€œdue diligenceโ€ on TT, but wonโ€™t be able to make a deal work financially.

Standard Sport's Manchester football correspondent James Robson said of the action: "This match is over.

โ€œSuch decisions will include the possible resumption of spring sportsโ€™ competition and the possibility of holding the state basketball championships.

Tedx Speaker and Author Rahkim Sabree: โ€˜Financial Empowerment is a Team Sportโ€™

The ASA president said the resumption of athletics next month will happen under strict observance of government rules and protocols and warned against over excitement that the sport is back.

The โ€˜Gazzetta dello Sportโ€™, Italyโ€™s leading sports newspaper, dedicated its first 23 pages to Maradona.

โ€œThe last few weeks has shown that womenโ€™s sport is being really challenged and thereโ€™s a danger that that opportunity is potentially going to be missed.

The race is one of the sport's five 'monument' classics and was scheduled for 21 March.

The sport's written rule mentions bowling that is "intended or likely" to result in "physical injury", taking into account "the relative skill of the striker".

While Pochettino refused to comment on Alli's situation under Mourinho, the former Espanyol and Southampton manager did offer a bold comparison with Maradona, one of the sport's all-time greats.

World Rugby, the sport's global governing body, announced a $100 million relief package on Thursday.

Wurz, who heads up F1's drivers' body where Vettel is a director, had his say on the sport's big news during his appearance on Friday's - believing the Ferrari "system" can take its toll on the drivers.

You can also follow all the action on Standard Sport's LIVE match blog with Jack Rosser at Vitality Stadium.

But sport is about much more than just entertainment.

Considering the fact that demands for each sport are different, choosing a knowledgeable massage therapist could help you achieve your desired athletic goals and ambitions.

Although women's hockey players are among the most skilled athletes in this Province their sport is not included in the Provincial Winter Games in Gander.

In the UK, you can watch the CFL on BT Sport's website with no subscription.

โ€œRecreation, physical activity and sport are key contributors to our quality of life, help bring communities together and connect people to nature.

So, sport is not an instrument of politics?

Sport is central to who we are as a company; itโ€™s in our DNA.

Sport is often positioned as a vehicle for achieving social change.

Their commitment to their chosen sport is evident in the local, national and international recognition they receive, and I am delighted to help honour their achievements.โ€

The sport is growing in popularity in Israel and is soon to expand to high schools.

The sport's movements are more equated to strategic placements rather than spontaneous slashes or pokes.