494 examples of spout in sentences

Place a little water in a teakettle, and let it boil until there is plenty of steam from the spout; then, holding the crape in both hands, pass it to and fro several times through the steam, and it will to clean and look nearly equal to new. 2278.

He toiled, and he watched the long spout of chaff and straw as it streamed from the thresher to lift, magically, a glistening, ever-growing stack.

" "Have you seen a whale?" "I've seen black fish; they spout like whales.

It was this lady who bade her footman blow into the spout of the tea-pot.

It splashed from the spout freely upon the face and hands of the victim of the long hilldelicious, life-giving!

At the entrance doors there are two curious pieces of wood exactly like spout heads.

His peculiar merit, whether with the oar, lance, or harpoon, is bruited about, as well as the number of whales he may have succeeded in "making fast to," or those which he caused to "spout blood.

O'Brallaghan has brought his stalwart fist down on Mr. Jinks' nose but once, has scarcely caused the "gory blood" of that gentleman to spout forth from the natural orifices, when a vigorous female hand is laid upon his collar, and he turns.

It has been noticed that they all spout, or breathe, at the same time, and then dive to great depths.

exude, transude; leak, run through, out through; percolate, transcolate^; egurgitate^; strain, distill; perspire, sweat, drain, ooze; filter, filtrate; dribble, gush, spout, flow out;

jet, spirt^, spurt, squirt, spout, spray, splash, rush, gush, jet d'eau

water spout, water fall; cascade, force, foss^; lin^, linn^; ghyll^, Niagara; cataract, rapids, white water, catadupe^, cataclysm; debacle, inundation, deluge; chute, washout.

artesian well, fount, fountain; rill, rivulet, gill, gullet, rillet^; streamlet, brooklet; branch [U.S.]; runnel, sike^, burn, beck, creek, brook, bayou, stream, river; reach, tributary. geyser, spout, waterspout.

Mallyan's Spout is the most imposing, having a drop of about 76 feet.

" For her, indeed, "The little wide-mouthed heads upon the spout, Had cunning eyes to see..." "...the blind walls Were full of chinks and holes; and, overhead, Fantastic gables stared.

Muskwa was just finishing his first real kill when a second spout of water shot upward and another trout pirouetted shoreward through the air.

Then rub the smoky old lamp again and you get a spout of oilanother gift, which makes you feel as if a genie'd chucked it to you.

The Editors of the "Atlantic," of course, have universal knowledge (with few exceptions) at their fingers' ends,that is, they possess an Encyclopaedia, gapped here and there by friends fond of portable information and familiar with that hydrostatic paradox in which the motion of solids up a spout is balanced by a very slender column of the liquidating medium.

She rose up in a grave and thoughtful manner, and, going forward to the shrine of the Madonna, removed the flowers of the morning, and holding the vase under the spout of the fountain, all feathered with waving maiden-hair, filled it with fresh water, the drops falling from it in a thousand little silver rings in the moonlight.

" Summer was nearly over when one day a water-spout burst in, the upper valley, which caused such a sudden and terrible flood, that the miller and his family had only time to save their lives by flight.

Your words were flowing then like the trickling of water from a spout.

Either a whole drop emerges or nothing emerges from the spout.

The lady wore tin plates, tin cans, tin spoons, etc., sewed on to skirt and waist in fantastic patterns, making music as she walked, and on her head a battered old coffee pot, with artificial flowers which had outlived their usefulness sticking out of the spout; and her winning partner was arrayed in rag patchwork of the most demented variety.

The Gascons had once the same taste: "At times," says Montaigne, "from the bottom of the stage, they caused sweet-scented waters to spout upwards and dart their thread to such a prodigious height, as to sprinkle and perfume the vast multitudes of spectators."

It is flung from a small silver utensil tapering off into a sort of upright spout with a pierced top in the fashion of that part of a watering pot which English gardeners call the rose.

494 examples of  spout  in sentences