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478 examples of  sprawling  in sentences

478 examples of sprawling in sentences

John Acton, a tall, wiry fellow, who looked as though his whole body was as hard and tough as whip-cord, was standing leaning on the end of the mantelpiece talking to another of the seniors, who sat sprawling in a folding-chair on the other side of the fire; while seated at the table, turning over the leaves of what appeared to be a big manuscript book, was no less a personage than Allingford, the school captain.

I did not start at once, and he gave me a slap in the face with the back of his hand,knocking me off an ox-yoke on which I was sitting, and sending me sprawling on the ground.

Suddenly an arm flashed out of the tunnel, caught Anna by the ankle, and in a twinkling she lay sprawling on her back.

The next I knew of it I was sprawling on the ground with a dizzy head, and horses trampling around me, I had a glimpse of Muckle John with a pistol at his nose, and the sorrel curveting and plunging in a panic.

He snatched it from me, and when I proposed to follow, tripped me deftly, and sent me sprawling among the stools.

" An instant later he received a swinging blow above the ear that sent him sprawling at full length upon the sidewalk, and a quiet voice said: "Pardon me, ladies; it seemed necessary.

In a last spasmodic convulsion the big rabbit doubled up its rear legs and gave a kick that sent Ba-ree sprawling back, yelping in terror.

Three of them were edging toward us, when a wave caught them and sent them sprawling almost to his feet.

A great H. sprawling over the play-bill and attracting eyes at every corner.

Storekeepers he knew, as being of his own guild; the small towns were much like Delafield, when you had become used to their newer crudeness of architecture and their sprawling planlessness; and the people who used hardware were very much like his customers at home.

Several times he saw the woods boy raise his head and look in the direction of the sprawling figure of the man under the spare blanket.

It was deposited in Wyatt's own; and there, too, it remained, occupying nearly the whole of the floorno doubt to the exceeding discomfort of the artist and his wife;this the more especially as the tar or paint with which it was lettered in sprawling capitals, emitted a strong, disagreeable, and, to my fancy, a peculiarly disgusting odor.

The moment the thought came to him he tore a flyleaf out of the book and wrote in his big, sprawling hand: Dear Pete: I have to tell you that it has just occurred to me that you have been paying all the bills, and I've been paying none.

It varied not a whit from the typical ranch of that region, a low-built collection of sheds and arms sprawling around the ranch house itself.

A letter was written in the child's sprawling hand, and signed by the old chieftain.

It would indeed be injustice to his judgment and taste, to suppose he was not sensible of the superiority of the terse and energetic poetry which brightens and burns in every stanza of the Pilgrimage, compared with the loose and sprawling lines, and dull rhythm, of the paraphrase.

When turned upon its back, or resting against glass, the soft arms, sprawling aimlessly about, and the bare, round head, give it the appearance of an infant in a cradle, so that a tank well stocked with them might be taken for a Liliputian foundling-hospital.

" So saying Mr. Pooley laid violent hands on McFluke, yanked him out of the bunk, and flung him sprawling on the floor.

"The fons et origo mali was a hansom-cab which upset me opposite the Law Courtssent me sprawling in the middle of the road.

Recognising this truth, I lost no time, but, within five minutes of my arrival at the surgery, was seated at the writing-table with my copy before me busily converting the sprawling, inexpressive characters into good, legible round-hand.

From these fear-stricken rovings, Markheim's eyes returned to the body of his victim, where it lay both humped and sprawling, incredibly small and strangely meaner than in life.

And with a sudden energetic thrust in the chest, he sent Savaroff sprawling backwards on the couch almost on top of von Brรผnig.

With goring wound, At once he lifts him from the ground; Aloft the sprawling hero flies, Mangled he falls, he howls, and dies.

She, sprawling in the yellow road, Railed, swore and cursed: 'Thou croaking toad, A murrain take thy whoreson throat!

The terrified Padre Irene fled, and, as the dying man had caught hold of him, in his flight he dragged the corpse from the bed, leaving it sprawling in the middle of the room.

Even this was displayed only on a single panel, whispering, rather than proclaiming, our relations to the state; whilst the beast from Birmingham had as much writing and painting on its sprawling flanks as would have puzzled a decipherer from the tombs of Luxor.

Men suddenly and sorely stricken have a way of shrinking up inside their clothes; unless they die on the instant they have a way of tearing their coats open and gripping with their hands at their vitals, as though to hold the life in; they have a way of sprawling their legs in grotesque postures; they have a way of putting their arms up before their faces as though at the very last they would shut out a dreadful vision.

But a strong though a curtailed Turkey was more in accordance with Prussian ideas than a weak and sprawling one, and Germany bore the Turkish defeats very valiantly.

He drew back and stared stupidly at that sprawling flesh which just now had been a man, and was seized with uncontrollable shuddering.

Morgante shot one of them clean through the head, and laid him sprawling.

Buck started back with his burden just in time, for Satan, surrendering to his exhaustion, pitched to the ground, and lay with sprawling legs like a spent dog rather than a horse.

The sudden surprise and assault threw the robber off his feet, and he fell sprawling on the carriage floor, with the Englishman on top of him.

we now repeatthat the dog Crusoe was once a pupa soft, round, sprawling, squeaking pup, as fat as a tallow candle, and as blind as a bat.

With the butt of this he struck Crusoe a blow on the head that sent him sprawling on the grass.

He stumbled over a chair, and his own impetus forward sent him sprawling; his head struck the wall with a resounding whack; and then, over the house, came utter silence.

Twice they made the circle of the basin, and in spite of his shorter legs, Muskwa was a close second in the race when Pipoonaskoos, turning an affrighted glance sidewise for an instant, hit against a rock and went sprawling.

Sprawling on his face, Bruce gathered up a shirtful of snow and clutched it to his breast, believing for a moment that he had the cub, and at this same instant Langdon made a drive that entangled him with his friend's long legs and sent him turning somersaults down the snow-slide.

I stepped upon something which slipped from under me, and I went down sprawling, sure that I had gashed my foot, for I had felt a sharp edge as I fell.

Before the words were out of my mouth I was sprawling on all fours on the deck below.

I fired at him as he scurried behind a sprawling hemp-tree, but missed; and he never stopped, and I stood and listened as he crashed through the brush.

The blow was intolerable, and in an instant Peter's long legs were sprawling on the pavement, while he bellowed like a bull to all the monks that stood by, "Seize him!

Each door of each tiny room, which housed an individual or a whole family, had the name of the owner upon it, in Chinese characters, black and sprawling, on a red label; and at one whose paper name-plate was peeling off, Angela's companion stopped.

In the mix-up that followed Joel found himself sprawling over the runner, with Cloud sitting astride the small of his back, a very uncomfortable part of the body with which to support a weighty opponent.

He laughed, fish-fashion, his big mouth sprawling way across his face as he sped above the surface.

It had burnt almost to the wood and now the remnant of the wick stood in a little sprawling pool of grease white at the outer edges.

Katherine faced round with such a start of surprise as to nearly send her sprawling again, for the ice was full of pitfalls.

Since then I have learned how to stop it so it will stay stopped, but it barely commences to rattle at daybreak when I feel Hartwick's feet strike me in the small of the back, and I land sprawling on the floor.

" Tad Horner fell off the back of his chair and struck sprawling on the floor.

What could he do? Quick as a flash he swung the gobbler around and struck his challenger a smashing blow with it, knocking him sprawling.

Before the ruffian could recover he received a thump under the ear that made him see stars and sent him sprawling.

Jimmie stepped to the railing of the veranda, raised his foot to a cleat of the awning, and swung himself sprawling upon the veranda roof.

"By heavens, I'll give you something different then!" said the man, as he caught him bodily in his arms, and running to the edge of the river, flung him sprawling into it.

"And I'm a snag," replied Douglas, as he pitched into him; and before the fellow had time to reflect, he lay sprawling in the mud.

Their small figures brought out the legginess of the mares; beside the compact range horses their gait was sprawling, but the wise eye of Marianne saw the springing fetlocks kiss the dust and the long, telltale muscles.

Yonder a deer had stepped, his tiny footprint sun-burned into the mud, and there was the sprawling, sliding track of a steer.

No doubt if he were knocked sprawling she would rush in to help her lord and master finish the enemy.

She was already beyond range, and as the last of the fleeing horses pitched heavily forward and lay still with oddly sprawling limbs, old Bud Seymour drew rein and shoved his rifle back into the long holster.

And he did not envy the sprawling freedom of those outside.

Sprawling on a lounge, with flushed face and disheveled hair, his collar unfastened, his vest buttoned awry, lay Tom Delamere, breathing stertorously, in what seemed a drunken sleep.

Therefore they fancied they were treading in his footsteps and using the grand manner when they covered church-roofs and canvases with sprawling figures in distorted attitudes.

" A score were sprawling on the grass, And beavers fell in show'rs; There was another Floorer there, Beside the Queen of Flowers! Some lost their stirrups, some their whips, Some had no caps to show; But few, like Charles at Charing Cross, Rode on in Statue quo.

It was as much as I could do to keep from tripping him up in the aisle, and sending him and the contribution-plate sprawling.

Ainsley left the party sprawling flat at the foot of the rim, while he crept up to locate the position over the mine shaft.

Papeete, the seat of government and trade capital of all the French possessions in these parts of the world, is a sprawling village stretching lazily from the river of Fautaua on the east to the cemetery on the west, and from the sea on the north to half a mile inland.

At the first step he fell sprawling, and stark panic was upon him when he got to his feet again.

The bay itself is a sprawling, shapeless body of water with a narrow neck connecting it with the Florida Straits.

The place is now a thriving little city, but it was then a somewhat sprawling village with a building that was called a hotel.

" "How did this happen?" He sat upI am convinced that he had been faking that drunken sleepand stared at the sprawling figure on the floor.

[This one was of a rotting human male corpse sprawling, shocking and white on the dark rocks - which the cops had neglected to recover despite the local Sarpanch's days-long complaints.

Some waiting Turks made a feeble attempt to catch the sprawling woman, but not much.

Neat stalls occupied the whole length of the 'lean to,' the sides so boarded that sprawling legs could not be entangled beneath and the front well covered with tin sheet to defeat the 'cribbers.'

A large copper preserving-pan lay grotesquely sprawling on the well-scrubbed centre table, which was the one thing which had not been movedprobably because of its great weight.

He dropped his club and seized Sciron by the throat; he pushed him back against the ledge on which he had been sitting; he threw him sprawling upon the sharp rocks, and held him there, hanging half way over the cliff.

This difficulty, indeed, constituted the great and amusing feature of the fight; for no sooner did the Little Bear creep up to the edge of the pinnacle, than the giant's tremendous club came violently down on its snout (which had been made of hard wood on purpose to resist the blows), and sent it sprawling back on the stage, where the Big Bear invariably chanced to be in the way, and always fell over it.

He was motionless, excepting a sort of convulsive movement, between sprawling and clutching of the fingers of the right hand, which was extended on his knee.

After that I lay down in the straw where the rest of the company were sprawling, and in less than a minute I was in a dead sleep.

Within the stuffy living-room, hazy now with tobacco smoke, by the uncertain light of a sputtering kerosene lamp Craig had accomplished a sprawling signature and received in return a check on a Chicago bank.

Suddenly he tripped and went sprawling.

Kneeling in the glare of the lantern they had brought, as impervious as his own shadow sprawling behind him, he continued to shave the dead man on the floor.

These men, well drilled and disciplined, seemed of a different sort from the sprawling, screaming creatures in the other boats, and their bright red caps and white tunics became them well.

They lay sprawling in the road, and had so lately fallen that their rifles still lay under them.

All over France are these bridges of iron, of splendid masonry, some decorated with statues, some dating back hundreds of years, but now with a span blown out or entirely destroyed and sprawling in the river.

" She remembered when he had been a common little fellow, but a short time ago, sprawling in every mud-puddle, or wobbling uncertainly after the many strange alluring things in the streets.

He was so interested in watching the bees that he didn't notice a cross old ram till it had butted in and sent him sprawling.

"Am busy enamelling a cosy corner," said Fanny, sprawling to the end of her third sheet, "so excuse more."

The men from the Three Stars were lying in the bunks and sprawling on the benches, getting what rest they could in anticipation of many long hours in the saddle, laughing and talking the while.

Instantly half a dozen strange-looking birds started out, flapping and sprawling, with their legs dangling, one or two seeming to slide across the water, till they all disappeared among the flags again.

Yell!" As they started running, their regimental colours fell, man and nag sprawling in the grass; and the entire line halted, bewildered.

H (In a sprawling back hand, the same as a subsequent one, signed Thomas Lister.)

Yes be glad the father took her Took her whilst her heart was pure Oh be glad he did not leave her All life's trials to endure AC (In a sprawling hand.)

The head hung helpless, blood-spattered; the body was limp and slack; the legs dragged sprawling; the dreaded hands were bound.

Pay to J.C. Mendenhall & much was that?" He took the check from the unresisting Mendenhall, spread it out on the desk with a sprawling gesture, tore it to strips with the same impetuous vehemence, and threw it in the waste-basket.

They were sprawling in the fields in the genial afternoon sun, looking as if they had no concern except to rest.

"Here! you go first," he said, seizing Wildney by the arm, and giving him a swing, which, as he was by no means steady on his legs, brought him sprawling to the ground.

But surely it was only this morning oh, beautiful, star-eyed Harry, that you and I, wearied with the frantic vain attempts of the unmathematical professor to elucidate by appalling triangles and hieroglyphics on the blackboard the perplexities of cube root, ousted each other from the seat, sprawling upon the floor, and were chased by the LL.D. out of doors, never to return until we apologized and promised "to do so no more.

I quickly pulled a concealed ruler, and with a blow on the head, knocked the young giant sprawling, then utilizing all my athletic training, I tripped and banged his followers till they fled pell-mell to their benches.

The reader will remember all the circumstances under which they two had last seen each other Harry had been furiously attacked by Mountjoy, and had then left him sprawling,dead, as some folks had said on the following day,under the rail.

The school occupied a few large and sunny rooms in the rear part of a sprawling old stone structure built like a palace around an enormous cobble-stoned courtyard, with a tall arched gateway providing entrance from the street under the front part of the house.

The others had been no less successful in repulsing their assailants; and, when Charles rose to his feet, he saw three or four of the Regulators, who had followed him to the attack, sprawling on the ground, and the rest retreating precipitately.

He turned from her to the baby sprawling on the rug at his feet, and lifted the youngster to his knee.