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478 examples of  sprawls  in sentences

478 examples of sprawls in sentences

Indeed, one might think that a part of the city had come bouncing down the slope, for now it lay resting at the bottom, sprawled somewhat for its ease.

My head buzzed like a beehive, and when the moon set I had no power to pick my steps, and stumbled and sprawled in the darkness.

Others were sprawled about, feasting on the spoil of Union haversacks.

Wherefore he went aside and thus, led by the music, beheld a jester in his motley lying a-sprawl beneath a tree.

Heroes were we all, last nightnay, very Titansfour 'gainst an army!whiles now, within this balmy-breathing morn you shall see Walkyn o' the Bloody Axe with grim Black Rogerkin, down at the brook yonder, a-sprawl upon their bellies busily a-tickling trout for breakfast, while I, whose good yew bow carrieth death in every twang, toasting deer-flesh on a twig, am mocked of wanton warblers

And now as they went, came they on many and divers signs of the Red Pertolepe's passing; here a smouldering heap of ruin whereby lay pale, stiff shapes half hidden in the grassyonder a little child outstretched as though asleep, save for wide eyes that looked so blindly on the sun: and there, beyond, upon the white dust of the road, great gouts and pools that had trickled from something sprawled among the underbrush.

Another effect will be that our civilization, which to this point has sprawled over broad acres, will become an urban civilization, penned in amid conditions, restraints, privations, and perhaps also opportunities unprecedented in our past history and unknown to the experience we have had hitherto.

in some beggar's hauffet squattle; There ye may creep and sprawl and sprattle Wi' ither kindred jumping cattle, In shoals and nations, Whare horn nor bane ne'er daur unsettle Your thick plantations.

Before the last explosion the balancing body sagged limply and sprawled in the snow.

In stony places where no grass grows, wild olives sprawl; close-twigged, blue-gray patches in winter, more translucent greenish gold in spring than any aureole.

You know the way cabbages sprawl and straggle all over the placeall gone to leaves.

"United we stand, divided we sprawl," I said.

Pretty soon we rowed over and went up and sprawled around camp-fire.

"Sorry, but you shouldn't sprawl all over with your feet," answered the youngest Rover coldly, and passed on to his seat.

Having eaten ferociously, Dupont came out, slouched into a seat on a bench and, his thick limbs a-sprawl, consumed cigarette after cigarette in most absolute abstraction of mind.

The dog sprawled out before me knows that huntin' days are here, 'Cause he dreams and seems to whimper that a flock o' quail are near; An' the children playin' checkers till it's time to go to bed, Callin' me to settle questions whether black is beatin' red; Oh, these nights are filled with gladness, an' I puff my pipe an' smile, An' tell myself the struggle an' the work are both worth while.

Safe at Home Let the old fire blaze An' the youngsters shout An' the dog on the rug Sprawl full length out, An' Mother

In obedience to a powerful jerk administered by the man in chaps the horse pivoted on its forelegs and slid its rider out of the saddle and deposited him a-sprawl and face downward among the flowers.

Below, by day, heavy wherries swung moored to the ooze-clad spiles or, when the tide was out, sprawled upon stinking mud-flats with a gesture of pathetic helplessness peculiar to stranded watercraft.

Savaroff also was stillhis huge bulk sprawled in fantastic helplessness across the floor.

Helpless jelly-fish and starfish sprawl on the wet sand.

All reeking now with sweat and blood, Awhile the parted warriors stood, Then poured upon the meddling foe; Who, worried, howled and sprawled below.

I have walked before God all my life save in one or two points, which, I believe, in His mercy, He has forgiven me; but I cannot endure the idea of being found here some day in some unconsidered posture, fallen out of a chair, or a-sprawl on the floor.

V. be long &c adj.; stretch out, sprawl; extend to, reach to, stretch to; make a long arm, drag its slow length along.

V. be horizontal &c adj.; lie, recline, couch; lie down, lie flat, lie prostrate; sprawl, loll, sit down.

And it looks as if the little 'Bug' might be going up in smoke in a jiffy unless I can sprawl over the fence here and get on the spot mighty quick!"

Li Wan joined him, and the dogs sprawled panting on the ground beside them.

They had been on the march all day, and next day would probably march half the day and fight the other half, for the French and English were just ahead; but now they sprawled over the school benches and drummed on the boards with their fists and feet, and sang at the tops of their voices.

Those who were too weak to sit sprawled upon the straw and often had barely room in which to turn over, so closely were they bestowed.

His head drooped; his legs sprawled with every step; his eyes were glazed.

There is no affectation in Heywood; he is always natural and simple, though occasionally the writing sprawls.

And here the dog Crusoe was born; here he sprawled in the early morn of life; here he leaped, and yelped, and wagged his shaggy tail in the excessive glee of puppyhood; and from the wooden portals of this block-house he bounded forth to the chase in all the fire, and strength, and majesty of full-grown doghood.

Not a crooked little juniper bush was allowed to intrude its plebeian sprawl among the dignified pines and the gracefully infrequent bushes.

The negroes who had ridden with him were sprawled about him on the ground; one of them lay sleeping, face up, in the sunlight.

Midnight found him sprawled asleep beside his fire.

In a moment he was sitting on the middle of his spine, his long legs sprawled half across the room, his hands in his pockets, his head on the chair-back so that his chin pointed up to the ceiling.

Something rolled into the smoke-laden hole and sprawled on the planks near me, and I could hear it gasping and choking.

The Kut Sang was lying secure as if in a dock, sprawled out on the coral floor of the sea like some dead thing, her stern completely under water, and her port rail, almost to the break of the forecastle head, at the crests of the gentle swells.

She reminded him of the Renoir woman in her plush living room, the dog sprawled at her feet, but she was smarter.

Past fields, where the wheat still waited to be stacked and thrashed, past the carcasses of horses sprawled stiff-legged in the ditch or in the stubble, we tramped on to Crepy-en-Valois.

And with them everywhere were the Russian prisoners, swinging scythes, binding grain, sometimes coming down the road, without even a guard, sprawled in the sun on a load of straw.

Outfield West was sprawled beside him with his caddie bag clutched to his breast, and the two boys were discussing the game.

As he sprawled awkwardly and realized that he had hardly been even bruised, he felt a sense of rage at himself for having been taken in by the old hazing joke, and a greater rage at the men who had brought on him what was to him the greatest disgrace of alla feeling of fear.

Ware had to imitate his own position, and the two of them sprawled like frogs, eying each other jealously.

There sprawls man, by nature lethargic and torpid as a cod, prone to inactivity, content to lie in comfort swallowing all that comes, with wide-open mouth, big enough to gulp himself down, if that could be.

There he sprawls, rotting at ease, and rapidly deteriorating in body and soul, till one little demon of the spiritual deep is inserted into his surroundings, and makes him firm, brisk, and wholesome in a trice"in half a jiffy," as people used to say.

That's the truth, and this emotional sprawl she's indulging in now doesn't change it.

Several women, and some of them with titles, sprawl around in steamer chairs, wearing necklaces of pearls, diamonds, emeralds and other precious stones, fit for only a banquet or a ball, with their fingers blazing with jewels and their wrists covered with bracelets.

Sir Edwin Arnold has done it up both in prose and poetry, and sprawled all over the dictionary without conveying the faintest idea of its glories and loveliness.

But even as I said, it, the huddle of the green body and the fantastic sprawl of the limbs in the moonlight told me clearly enough that it was all over with him.

The room was not large,a New York brownstone front in the upper Sixties even though altered as to entrance, and allowed to sprawl backward over yards not originally intended for its use, is not a palace,but it was a room and not a corridor; you had the comfortable sense of four walls about you when its one small door was once shut.

He stepped up on the firing-step as he spoke, and on the instant, with a rush and crash, another "Pip-Squeak" struck the parapet immediately in front of him, blowing the top edge off it, filling the air with a volcano of mud, dirt, smoke, and shrieking splinters, and, either from the shock of the explosion or in an attempt to escape it, throwing the man off his balance on the ledge of the firing-step to sprawl full length in the mud.

The open ground beyond the trench was scattered thick with great heaps of German dead, a few more sprawled on the broken parapet, another and lesser few were huddled in the trench itself amongst the many khaki forms.

And when a shell-fragment smashed the gun under his hands, he left it only to plunge hastily to the other gun abandoned by all but dead and dying; pulled off a dead man who sprawled across it and recommenced shooting.

Once, or perhaps twice, the advancing line disappeared altogether, melted away behind the drifting smoke, leaving only the mass of dark blotches sprawled on the grass.

Why dont you sit on the easy chair, or sprawl on the ottoman, after your manner?" "Anything for a quiet life," he replied, moving to the ottoman.

Sprawled on this were from thirty to forty women; the air was nauseating, and the place smelled to heaven.

Bullets were kicking up little spurts of dust about us; bullets were tang-tanging through the trees and clipping off twigs, which fell down upon our heads; the rat-tat-tat of the German musketry was answered by the angry snarl of the Belgian machine-guns; in a field near by the bodies of two recently killed cuirassiers lay sprawled grotesquely.

At one place a magnificent mahogany dining-table had been dragged into the middle of the road and about it, sprawled in carved and tapestry-covered chairs, a dozen German infantrymen were drinking beer.

And this while the city was burning and rifles were cracking, and the dead bodies of men and women lay sprawled in the streets!

Ben motioned, and Fenris sprawled at his feet.

Great men like Ariosto, Rabelais, and Shakspere fall in foul places, flounder in violent but venial sin, sprawl for pages, exposing their gigantic weakness, are dirty, are indefensible; and then they struggle up again and can still speak with a convincing kindness and an unbroken honour of the best things in the world:

Early in April the life began to stir more briskly in the great camp that sprawled along either side of the swollen, muddy river.

The remaining four were asleep, grotesquely sprawled over sofas and chairs.

It was a Sunday afternoon, and he sprawled face down on the farther shaded slope of West Hill, confessing a lively fear that he might take root like the willow.

The studiously characteristic signature quivered and sprawled in an unfamiliar manner.

On this auspicious night, a festive English sailor flung a bottle at him, in merry sport, as he passed beneath the verandah of the temple of Venus and Bacchus in which the sailor sprawled.

It was part of his cheap and childish ritual as a Decadent to draw the curtains after breakfast, light candles, place the flask of Green Chartreuse and a liqueur-glass on the table, drop one drip of the liquid into the glass, burn a stinking pastille of incense, place a Birmingham "god" or an opening lily before him, ruffle his hair, and sprawl on the sofa with a wicked French novel he could not readhoping for visitors and an audience.

" "They're full of water, too," Tobey grumbled as he sprawled on the floor, sticking one big, awkward foot into her lap.

With a straining leap she sprawled herself before him on the floor.

He began to have to fight against a growing impulse to shout out loud, to leap, sprawl forward without aim in that unstirred darknessdo something.

TOBY-DOG and KIKI-THE-DEMURE sprawl on the hot stone-flags, taking their after luncheon nap.

Tall Richard came to her, his face all blood, and lifted her in his arms lest Branwen's skirt be soiled by the demolished thing which sprawled across their path.

Edith S. (Mrs. Charles B.) Williams (W) & Mrs. Perry Sprawls.

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Edith S. (Mrs. Charles B.) Williams (W) & Mrs. Perry Sprawls.

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SEE Sprawls, Charlotte Williams.

How they would make it sprawl across the envelope that would bring their sarcastic congratulations.

Sprawled upon the floor lay the raiders, and to them Pete and Nails turned their attention, while Lawrence glided among them, peering into their faces.

About the street the children sprawl, Or on the door-steps sit; The women, gay with kerchief-shawl, Engage the men with wit, Who lounge at ease against the wall, And meditate and spit.

His feet slipped over the floor, and he sprawled headfirst out of the window.

And abruptly he slept, sprawled crosswise on the covers, half-clothed, dishevelled, triumphant.

"There's only two in the outfit," I went on, "that have got any sprawl to them; and they are old Tom their bunged-up horse, and Rowena Fewkes.

I spent much of the evening making up nice little speeches which I wished I had had the sprawl to get off on the spur of the moment.

Around him men sprawled in all sorts of awkward attitudes, sleeping or trying to sleep.

That was what I believed in that startling momentbut as I went head first overboard I was aware that his fall was confined to a sprawl into the scuppers.

All eyes, for some unaccountable reason, appeared to turn to the train of her dress that rustled subtlely; even Constance turned to look back and down with bulging eyes on that silken train, and though she moved ever so cautiously the bristling folds caught upon the edge of the stool and turned it over, the cocoanuts, poison bottle and all falling a-sprawl.

Their shouting charge down the chamber, sabers high, ended in grunting sprawls of white.

" She slept like a child on her father's floor In the flecking of woodbine-shade, When the house-dog sprawls by the open door, And the mother's wheel is staid.

Civilization's basic unitthe cityas it sprawls, cuts off man from more and more contacts with the earth and its multitudinous life forms; with fresh air, sunshine, starshine; with nature's sequencesday and night, the procession of the seasons; with the birth, growth, death animating so many of nature's aspects.

I watched the Nevski, and saw how it slipped into the Neva with the Red Square on one side of it, and S. Isaac's Square on the other, and the great station at the far end of it, and about these two lines the Neva and the Nevski, the whole town sprawled and crept, ebbed and flowed.

Lifting one's eyes away from the little town, the white pier sprawls on the, sea, and countless boats at anchor spot with darkness the shining water.

He has great external precision, and great inward looseness and slipperiness of mind: so that, if you follow his words, no man's thought can be clearer, no man's logic more firm and rapid in its march; but if you follow strictly the conceptions, the clearness vanishes, and the logic limps, nay, sprawls.

The red mare stopped as a ball stops when it meets a stout wall; the doctor sprawled along her neck, clinging with arms and legs.

It seemed to be some gigantic wild beastmountain lion or great bear, though of a size beyond credencewhich slowly sprawled down the slope walking erect upon its hind feet with its forelegs stretched out horizontal, as if it were warning all who might behold it away.

Still you eight-headed and lanky-limbed monster, you Sprawl and monopolise, spread and devour.