478 examples of sprawls in sentences

Wherefore he went aside and thus, led by the music, beheld a jester in his motley lying a-sprawl beneath a tree.

Heroes were we all, last nightnay, very Titansfour 'gainst an army!whiles now, within this balmy-breathing morn you shall see Walkyn o' the Bloody Axe with grim Black Rogerkin, down at the brook yonder, a-sprawl upon their bellies busily a-tickling trout for breakfast, while I, whose good yew bow carrieth death in every twang, toasting deer-flesh on a twig, am mocked of wanton warblers

You know the way cabbages sprawl and straggle all over the placeall gone to leaves.

"Sorry, but you shouldn't sprawl all over with your feet," answered the youngest Rover coldly, and passed on to his seat.

Having eaten ferociously, Dupont came out, slouched into a seat on a bench and, his thick limbs a-sprawl, consumed cigarette after cigarette in most absolute abstraction of mind.

Helpless jelly-fish and starfish sprawl on the wet sand.

There is no affectation in Heywood; he is always natural and simple, though occasionally the writing sprawls.

There sprawls man, by nature lethargic and torpid as a cod, prone to inactivity, content to lie in comfort swallowing all that comes, with wide-open mouth, big enough to gulp himself down, if that could be.

There he sprawls, rotting at ease, and rapidly deteriorating in body and soul, till one little demon of the spiritual deep is inserted into his surroundings, and makes him firm, brisk, and wholesome in a trice"in half a jiffy," as people used to say.

But even as I said, it, the huddle of the green body and the fantastic sprawl of the limbs in the moonlight told me clearly enough that it was all over with him.

It was part of his cheap and childish ritual as a Decadent to draw the curtains after breakfast, light candles, place the flask of Green Chartreuse and a liqueur-glass on the table, drop one drip of the liquid into the glass, burn a stinking pastille of incense, place a Birmingham "god" or an opening lily before him, ruffle his hair, and sprawl on the sofa with a wicked French novel he could not readhoping for visitors and an audience.

Edith S. (Mrs. Charles B.) Williams (W) & Mrs. Perry Sprawls.

Jr. (Charlotte Williams Sprawls) (C); 18May65; R361504.


SEE Sprawls, Charlotte Williams.

Edith S. (Mrs. Charles B.) Williams (W) & Mrs. Perry Sprawls.

Jr. (Charlotte Williams Sprawls) (C); 18May65; R361504.


SEE Sprawls, Charlotte Williams.

All eyes, for some unaccountable reason, appeared to turn to the train of her dress that rustled subtlely; even Constance turned to look back and down with bulging eyes on that silken train, and though she moved ever so cautiously the bristling folds caught upon the edge of the stool and turned it over, the cocoanuts, poison bottle and all falling a-sprawl.

Their shouting charge down the chamber, sabers high, ended in grunting sprawls of white.

" She slept like a child on her father's floor In the flecking of woodbine-shade, When the house-dog sprawls by the open door, And the mother's wheel is staid.

Civilization's basic unitthe cityas it sprawls, cuts off man from more and more contacts with the earth and its multitudinous life forms; with fresh air, sunshine, starshine; with nature's sequencesday and night, the procession of the seasons; with the birth, growth, death animating so many of nature's aspects.

Lifting one's eyes away from the little town, the white pier sprawls on the, sea, and countless boats at anchor spot with darkness the shining water.

He has great external precision, and great inward looseness and slipperiness of mind: so that, if you follow his words, no man's thought can be clearer, no man's logic more firm and rapid in its march; but if you follow strictly the conceptions, the clearness vanishes, and the logic limps, nay, sprawls.

478 examples of  sprawls  in sentences