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487 example sentences with  spurning

487 example sentences with spurning

O spurn me not, I pray, Nor break old friendship off.

He not only drank prodigiouslythat, being in character and also a source of local profit, might have passed with mild censurebut he swore and blasphemed horribly, spurning the parson, mocking at Revelation, even at the Deity Himself.

"Now by the good Saint Gilesmy patron saint," gasped Giles, wiping the sweat from him, "here was a good and sweet affray, tall brothera very proper fight, pugnus et calcibuswhile it lasted" "Aye," growled Walkyn, spurning a smitten wretch down into the moat, "'twas ended too soon!

Now do I swear that never by word or thought or deed, hath she been false to theeI do swear she loveth theeah, spurn me not O, believe" "Enoughenough, good Fidelis, perjure not thy sweet youth for one so much unworthy, for with these eyes did I behold her as they bore me in my bondsand shall I not believe mine eyes?" "Neverah!

On they came, with nought to let or stay them, their wild hooves trampling down hut of osier and silken tent, spurning the trembling earth and filling the air with flying clods; and wheresoever they galloped there was flame to meet them, so swerved they, screaming their terror and fled round and round within the valley.

Yet thou didst spurn and name him traitor and drave him from thee!"

Would it not be a joy to see him turn pale under her smile, and then, when he was well-nigh on his knees, spurn the love which he offered her?

Nor think should you forget me or spurn me from your arms, That life for Vindaraja could have no other charms.

His crown is lying at her feet That she may spurn it in disdain; A heart in flames above is set; And this the story of his pain.

And here I pray that God will bring His curse upon thy soul, That thou in war, in peace, in love May meet with failure foul, And that Sanlucar's lady, Whom thou wishest for a bride, Thee from her castle entrance May spurn thee in her pride.

"Miss POTTS!" ejaculated the wild young Southern pedestrian, pausing suddenly at her approach, with considerable excitement of manner, "scorn me, spurn me, if you will; but do not let sectional embitterment blind you to the fact that I am here by the request of Mr. DIBBLE.

" "I wasn't scorning and spurning anybody," explained the startled orphan, coyly accepting the chair he pushed forward.

'The herded wolves bold only to pursue, The obscene ravens clamorous o'er the dead, The vultures to the conqueror's banner true, Who feed where desolation first has fed, And whose wings rain contagion,how they fled, 5 When like Apollo, from his golden bow, The Pythian of the age one arrow sped, And smiled!The spoilers tempt no second blow, They fawn on the proud feet that spurn them lying low.

They fawn on the proud feet that spurn them lying low.'

In the Pisan edition we read 'that spurn them as they go.'

Who spurn the world, its joys despise, And grasp at bliss beyond the skies.

Where the son of fire in his eastern cloud, while the morning plumes her golden breast, Spurning the clouds written with curses, stamps the stony law to dust, loosing the eternal horses from the dens of night, crying: Empire is no more!

A fantastic humour possesseth him of spurning at piety and soberness; he inconsiderately followeth a herd of wild fops, he affecteth to play the ape.

Now that these wings to speed my wish ascend, The more I feel vast air beneath my feet, The more toward boundless air on pinions fleet, Spurning the earth, soaring to heaven, I tend: Nor makes them stoop their flight the direful end Of Daedal's son; but upward still they beat: What life the while with my life can compete, Though dead to earth at last I shall descend?

and on the mighty storm He rides triumphant, spurning the dim Earth Whither, O whither goest thou?

Turn thine eyes to me, Angel of Heaven Search through and through me, Angel of Heaven; Read my soul's yearning, wild, endlessly burning, Tumultuously spurning Fate's bitter decree, Fate's tyrannic decree, that tore her from me, Bore her from me to Eternity.

A king must be, like Fortune, ever turning, The world his football, all her glory spurning.

These, and others such as they, inheritors of traditions bred in their very bones, spurning the suggestion that they should purchase the uncontamination of the Peerage by the forfeiture of their principles, fought the question to the end.

Ever to climb up higher, Spurning the world's delights, caring for none; Shunning vain pomps and shows, Seeking but calm repose In the "Hereafter," when life is done.

Tam's leap forward had given him a moment's advantage, and he keeps it up bravely, his dainty feet almost spurning the ground as he goes on, gaining, gaining, gaining at every step.

The thrill of life along her keel, And, spurning with her foot the ground, With one exulting, joyous bound, She leaps into the ocean's arms!

"Under his spurning feet, the road Like an arrowy Alpine river flowed, And the landscape sped away behind, Like an ocean flying before the wind.

As on a time, in peaceful reign, A bull enjoyed the flowery plain, A mastiff passed; inflamed with ire, His eye-balls shot indignant fire; 10 He foamed, he raged with thirst of blood Spurning the ground the monarch stood, And roared aloud, 'Suspend the fight; In a whole skin go sleep to-night: Or tell me, ere the battle rage, What wrongs provoke thee to engage?

When learning's triumph o'er her barb'rous foes, First rear'd the stage;immortal Shakespear rose, Each change of many-coloured life he drew, Exhausted worlds, and then imagined new, Existence saw him spurn her bounded reign, And panting time toiled after him, in vain.

Both the King and Queen will perish, and you will live to see the rabble spurn their corpses."

Spurning petty questions of policy, they combined their forces to extinguish a conflagration kindled by pride and superstition, which menaced the lives of all foreigners in North China.

resist, cross; not grant &c 762; repel, repulse, shut the door in one's face, slam the door in one's face; rebuff; send back, send to the right about, send away with a flea in the ear; deny oneself, not be at home to; discard, spurn, &c (repudiate) 610; rescind &c (revoke) 756; disclaim, protest; dissent &c 489.

Contempt N. contempt, disdain, scorn, sovereign contempt; despisal^, despiciency^; despisement^; vilipendency^, contumely; slight, sneer, spurn, by-word; despect^. contemptuousness &c adj.; scornful eye; smile of contempt; derision &c (disrespect) 929.

turn one's back upon, turn a cold shoulder upon; tread upon, trample upon, trample under foot; spurn, kick; fling to the winds &c (repudiate) 610; send away with a flea in the ear.

โ€œAway, base fellow,โ€ said James, spurning him with his foot, โ€œit shall never be said that one stayeth in my palace that hath never prayed to our Saviour for seven years together.โ€

Those who are under the influence of the one, become inactive, morose, or heedless: detecting the follies of the wisest and the frailties of the best, they scoff at the very name of virtue; they spurn, as visionary and weak, every attempt to meliorate man's condition, and from their conviction of the earthward tendency of his mind, they bound his destinies by this narrow world and its concerns.

Spurning danger, and unmindful of his valuable life, he was in the front, in the act of encouraging and leading on his men, when the fatal shot laid low a spirit whose equal there was not to be found in India.

It is said of him that he aspires but to descend, but who would condemn him for spurning the petrifactions of the Faubourg Saint-Germain?

Thrusting him from him, and spurning him with his heavy hunting-boot, he plunged furiously his gleaming blade into his son's breast, until the point came out between his shoulderblades!

Then to thy rest, my soul, return, From passions every hour at strife; Sin's works, and ways, and wages spurn, Lay hold upon eternal life.

"The train!" cried Boggley, bounding to his feet, and spurning the cup of tea Mrs. Blackie was offering to him.

They know not how with moderation to spurn or to enjoy that liberty which holds the middle place; nor are there generally wanting ministers, the panders to their resentment, who incite their eager and intemperate minds to blood and carnage.

Why spurn the pure, quiet, country life, in which such men as Wordsworth have been content to live and grow old?"

His swimming powers were marvellous, and so powerful were his muscles that he seemed to spurn the water while passing through it, with his broad chest high out of the curling wave, at a speed that neither man nor beast could keep up with for a moment.

He seems, by his own showing, to have manifested but little appreciation of the wise oversight, the thoughtful care, and the freedom from responsibility with which slavery claimed to hedge round its victims, and he was inclined to spurn the rod rather than to kiss it.

The angel who descends to crown Santa Felicita cleaves the air with the action of a swallow: and the angel in Rembrandt's Tobit soars like a lark with upward motion, spurning the earth.

Blest day, which aye reminds us, year by year, What 'tis to be a man: to curb and spurn The tyrant in us; that ignobler self Which boasts, not loathes, its likeness to the brute, And owns no good save ease, no ill save pain, No purpose, save its share in that wild war In which, through countless ages, living things Compete in internecine greed.

The thrill of life along her keel, And, spurning with her foot the ground, With one exulting, joyous bound, She leaps into the ocean's arms!

Euphorion, the child of Helena and Faust, the ethereal, earth-spurning Genius of Poesy, perishes in an attempt to fly, and his grief-stricken mother follows him back to Hades.

While at their yoke spurning, Their insults returning, Joy is ours,we are free,his sword shall defend!

One of its first regulations was an absolute prohibition of slavery in every form: but another generation arose, the prohibition was abolished, a multitude of slaves were imported, the exercise of unlimited power over them lashed up passion to the spurning of all control, and now the dreadful state of society that exists in Georgia, is revealed by the following testimony out of her own mouth.

These are frequently slaves of uncommon minds, who feel so keenly the wrongs of slavery that their proud spirits spurn their chains and defy their tormentors.

One of its first regulations was an absolute prohibition of slavery in every form: but another generation arose, the prohibition was abolished, a multitude of slaves were imported, the exercise of unlimited power over them lashed up passion to the spurning of all control, and now the dreadful state of society that exists in Georgia, is revealed by the following testimony out of her own mouth.

I. Spirit, that rarely comest now, And only to contrast my gloom, Like rainbow-feathered birds that bloom A moment on some autumn bough Which, with the spurn of their farewell, Sheds its last leaves,thou once didst dwell

The meanest beggar will spurn and spit at you.

With mute forbearance the silk-worm took The taunting words and the spurning look.

Remembrances of Byron, with his fiery impetuosity, spurning the trammels of worldly sorrow; and prescribing death as a panacea for his lamentable despair; yet subduing us with refined regrets, as he was wont, in his changing mood, "To sun himself in heaven's pure day."

But the maiden flies merrily spurning Youth, lover, and matron and sage.

As if proud man were in his might resolved To add his rock to those that spurn the vale.

I don't know how these pullanthrofists get along, with proud people always spurning their gifts.

Ye sole freebooters of the wood Since Adam Bell and Robin Hood Kept every where asunder From other tribesKing, Church, and State Spurning, and only dedicate To freedom, sloth, and plunder.

"Vengeance?against whom?" "Against all those who have made themselves his enemies by discouraging him, by spurning him, expelling him, by constraining him to go a-begging from country to country with an invention of incontestable superiority!

She, when he walk'd, went pecking by his side; If spurning up the ground, he sprung a corn, The tribute in his bill to her was borne.

She got up, spurning the guilty volume with her foot and walked out into the rose garden.

Men of high purposes naturally spurn all that is comparatively low; or all that may seem nice, overwrought, ostentatious, or finical.

"Boys will an | -ticipate, | lavish, and | dissipate All that your | busy pate | hoarded with | care; And, in their | foolishness, | passion, and | mulishness, Charge you with | churlishness, | spurning your pray'r." Example III"Labour.

I do not believe in spurning the love of a blackfellow if he behaves in a manly way; but Frank Hawden was such a drivelling mawkish style of sweetheart that I had no patience with him.

The public sentiment regarding it immediately divided, generally on existing party linesthe South and the Democrats accepting and commending, the North and the Republicans spurning and condemning it.

With a quick movement of his hands he seemed to spurn the entire materialism of Sussex.

To the end of his days he remained a solitary hunter and Indian fighter, spurning restraint and comfort, and seeking the strong excitement of danger to give zest to his life.

"Everything possible!" exclaimed one, and both together began the most terrible recital of the neglect and abuse of the wounded in that horrible placemen dying of thirst, and women spitting in their faces, kicking and spurning them.

In this case, who would not spurn such mean Beings?

He discovered an amazing firmness of spirit, in spurning those who presumed to dictate to him in the lowest circumstances of misery; but we never can reconcile the idea of true greatness of mind, with the perpetual inclination Savage discovered to live upon the bounty of his friends.

170 Off flew the Boataway she flees, Spurning her freight with indignation!

Spurning her freight with indignation!

Their liquid feet go softly out Upon a sea of blond; They spurn the air as 't were too mean

If you were coming in the fall, I'd brush the summer by With half a smile and half a spurn, As housewives do a fly.

"Not so, for I love thee." "Thou, thou, Sir Julian, who art used to spurning woman's heart?" "Not spurn, nay!

" "They will spurn his rotten titles.

It was really a beautiful picture he made, and his grandmother, leaning forward, her face beaming with pride at the boy's noble bearing, compared him with Arthur himself, "with lance in rest, from spur to plume a star of tournament," The next tableau showed him spurning the leper at his gate, and turning away in disgust from the beggar who "seemed the one blot on the summer morn."

To her, young, tender-hearted, capable of loving earnestly, beginning already to know what love is, it seemed a horrible thing to spurn affection.

"I have done my best for you, and you spurn that.

Yet must you one untempted vileness own, One dreadful palm reserved for him alone: With studied arts his country's praise to spurn, To beg the infamy he did not earn, To challenge hate when honor was his due, And plead his crimes where all his virtue knew.

If to spurn at noble praise Be the passport to thy heaven, Follow thou those gloomy ways: No such law to me was given, Nor, I trust, shall I deplore me Faring like my friends before me; Nor an holier place desire Than Timoleon's arms acquire,

I spurn and spit upon thee!"

Ye idle loafers in the streets, The honest workman spurning, Know thisa living to be sweet Is better for the earning.

Despise and spurn him never, A thousand blessings on his head 'Tis he that feeds you ever.

Sometimes we have seen old women spurning the sober tints which accord with their years, and coming out dressed like Queens of the May in garlands and flowers; and wearing bonnets that would be trying even to a belle of eighteen.

If from our purse all coin we spurn But gold, we may from mart return.

Yet I could not brook thy spurning, Nor thy cruel words of scorn; Madness in my brain is burning, And my heart is sick and torn.

I sought for love as far as eye could see, My hands extending at each door in turn, Begging them not my prayer for love to spurn Cold hate alone they laughing gave to me.

And it remains to be seen whether the multimillionaire will claim to figure as Nietzsche's 'over-man,' spurning ordinary moral conventions, and will play the rรดle, in future moral discourses, which the ethical dialogues of Plato assign to the 'tyrant,' General literature, even in its highest forms, seems to reflect a corresponding change of view as to what is of most worth in life.

But like other modern historians spurning traditional, often-fawning, โ€œgreat menโ€ approaches to our past, Coe devotes significant attention to Washingtonโ€™s role as an enslaver.

Europe is deeply worried about the consequences that spurning Beijing would have on trade and investment.

I said she's spurning a clown."

Normally, it is about spurning the use of a language that defames, holds in contempt, hurts, ridicules, or damages the interests of ethnic, racial, religious or political groups.

Since spurning the Jets, Belichick has compiled a 240-88 record with the Patriots across 21 regular seasons, plus a 30-11 playoff record with six Super Bowl titles and three more conference championships.

While experts say that a sizable number of Arab citizens may spurn the Emirates altogether on ideological grounds, others said that a wait-and-see approach was in order.

He presented himself a an imitator of the life of the Prophet, the kind of person a true sufi should be: he was an ascetic, spurning alcohol, dressing and speaking modestly, and otherwise doing his best to show himself as a spiritual leader.

We may not cover our eyes, spurning God's gift of beauty.