450 examples of spurning in sentences

"Now by the good Saint Gilesmy patron saint," gasped Giles, wiping the sweat from him, "here was a good and sweet affray, tall brothera very proper fight, pugnus et calcibuswhile it lasted" "Aye," growled Walkyn, spurning a smitten wretch down into the moat, "'twas ended too soon!

On they came, with nought to let or stay them, their wild hooves trampling down hut of osier and silken tent, spurning the trembling earth and filling the air with flying clods; and wheresoever they galloped there was flame to meet them, so swerved they, screaming their terror and fled round and round within the valley.

" "I wasn't scorning and spurning anybody," explained the startled orphan, coyly accepting the chair he pushed forward.

Where the son of fire in his eastern cloud, while the morning plumes her golden breast, Spurning the clouds written with curses, stamps the stony law to dust, loosing the eternal horses from the dens of night, crying: Empire is no more!

Now that these wings to speed my wish ascend, The more I feel vast air beneath my feet, The more toward boundless air on pinions fleet, Spurning the earth, soaring to heaven, I tend: Nor makes them stoop their flight the direful end Of Daedal's son; but upward still they beat: What life the while with my life can compete, Though dead to earth at last I shall descend?

A king must be, like Fortune, ever turning, The world his football, all her glory spurning.

* * So may thy soul aspire Ever to climb up higher, Spurning the world's delights, caring for none; Shunning vain pomps and shows, Seeking but calm repose

As on a time, in peaceful reign, A bull enjoyed the flowery plain, A mastiff passed; inflamed with ire, His eye-balls shot indignant fire; 10 He foamed, he raged with thirst of blood Spurning the ground the monarch stood, And roared aloud, 'Suspend the fight; In a whole skin go sleep to-night: Or tell me, ere the battle rage, What wrongs provoke thee to engage?

Spurning petty questions of policy, they combined their forces to extinguish a conflagration kindled by pride and superstition, which menaced the lives of all foreigners in North China.

It is said of him that he aspires but to descend, but who would condemn him for spurning the petrifactions of the Faubourg Saint-Germain?

"The train!" cried Boggley, bounding to his feet, and spurning the cup of tea Mrs. Blackie was offering to him.

She starts,she moves,she seems to feel The thrill of life along her keel, And, spurning with her foot the ground, With one exulting, joyous bound, She leaps into the ocean's arms!

With mute forbearance the silk-worm took The taunting words and the spurning look.

Remembrances of Byron, with his fiery impetuosity, spurning the trammels of worldly sorrow; and prescribing death as a panacea for his lamentable despair; yet subduing us with refined regrets, as he was wont, in his changing mood, "To sun himself in heaven's pure day.

The lads for her beauty are burning, The elders hold forth on old age, But the maiden flies merrily spurning Youth, lover, and matron and sage.

I don't know how these pullanthrofists get along, with proud people always spurning their gifts.

Ye sole freebooters of the wood Since Adam Bell and Robin Hood Kept every where asunder From other tribesKing, Church, and State Spurning, and only dedicate To freedom, sloth, and plunder.

And, in their | foolishness, | passion, and | mulishness, Charge you with | churlishness, | spurning your pray'r.

The public sentiment regarding it immediately divided, generally on existing party linesthe South and the Democrats accepting and commending, the North and the Republicans spurning and condemning it.

To the end of his days he remained a solitary hunter and Indian fighter, spurning restraint and comfort, and seeking the strong excitement of danger to give zest to his life.

"Everything possible!" exclaimed one, and both together began the most terrible recital of the neglect and abuse of the wounded in that horrible placemen dying of thirst, and women spitting in their faces, kicking and spurning them.

Dost thou not blush young Shepherd to be known, Thus without care, leaving thy flocks alone, And following what desire and present blood Shapes out before thy burning sense, for good, Having forgot what tongue hereafter may Tell to the World thy falling off, and say Thou art regardless both of good and shame, Spurning at Vertue, and a vertuous Name,

Ye idle loafers in the streets, The honest workman spurning, Know thisa living to be sweet Is better for the earning.

Sometimes we have seen old women spurning the sober tints which accord with their years, and coming out dressed like Queens of the May in garlands and flowers; and wearing bonnets that would be trying even to a belle of eighteen.

And it remains to be seen whether the multimillionaire will claim to figure as Nietzsche's 'over-man,' spurning ordinary moral conventions, and will play the rôle, in future moral discourses, which the ethical dialogues of Plato assign to the 'tyrant,' General literature, even in its highest forms, seems to reflect a corresponding change of view as to what is of most worth in life.

450 examples of  spurning  in sentences