2855 examples of ss in sentences

"For the archaeologist the presence and execution of SS.

Why were such proceedings accepted without protest from whatever city, whatever communityif there were any otherwhich claimed to own the genuine tombs of SS.

When they found themselves in this predicament they were not far from the great Abbey of SS.

In his honour the Saxon church, till then known as the church of SS.

And the Ss have all their family working full time.

2.] [Footnote 11: two ff for two long ss.]

"One day," the story goes, "in the month of March 1576, her carriage chanced to meet that of Bianca's upon the Ponte SS.

(End of the Fifteenth Century.) 9. Martyrdom of SS.

According to the express testimony of his Life, corroborated by testimony of the Lives of SS.

I.Positive statement of Life, corroborated by Lives of SS.

The church, dedicated to SS.

My dear Ethel,I have been long intending to answer your letter of April 11th, chiefly as to your question in reference to Mrs. N's letter about the little Ss [whose mother had recently died].

(Prince, ss., Princess).

Certain irregular derivatives in d or t, from verbs ending in ee, ll, or ss, (as fled from flee, sold from sell, told from tell, dwelt from dwell, spelt from spell, spilt from spill, shalt from shall, wilt from will, blest from bless, past from pass,) are exceptions to the foregoing rule.

"When the singular ends in x, ch soft, sh, ss, or s, we add es to form the plural.

Ss is generally sharp; as in pass, kiss, harass, assuage, basset, cassock, remissness.

On the 29th of May, the time prefixed for this pompous procession by water the mayor, aldermen, and commons, assembled at St. Mary hill; the mayor and aldermen in scarlet, with gold chains, and those who were knights, with the collars of SS.

Two days after, the lord mayor, in a gown of crimson velvet, and a rich collar of SS, attended by the sheriffs, and two domestics in red and white damask, went to receive the queen at the Tower of London, whence the sheriffs returned to see that every thing was in order.

The personal audit; form SS, by Clifford R. Adams & William M. Lepley.

All brave sailors; the story of the SS Booker T. Washington.

[Illustration: "Mr. Richard Catesby, second officer of the ss.

The fantastic reproduction of Jacob's Ladder, with its beetle-like angels, on the W. front, should be carefully observed, and note should also be taken of the elaborately carved wooden door and the figures above and on either side (Henry VII. and SS.

The church (dedicated to SS.

County of New London, ss.

New London County, ss.

2855 examples of  ss  in sentences
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