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1202 examples of  stalling  in sentences

1202 examples of stalling in sentences

He went about from table to table, sometimes betting high and sometimes low, but was generally successful, until he had won as much as he could fairly carry; after which he went out, and amused himself at a puppet-show, and the stall of a cake-woman, with whom he had formerly quarrelled, but who now, when she learnt his success, was obsequiously civil to him.

The filly that has once run free cares not afterwards for the stall and bridle.

Thou shalt be hated in the court, And hated in the stall, Hated in merry gathering, In dance and festival.

I inspected this meat raw, sir, to-day, on the butcher's stall, and the minute ova perceptible in it were those of the horse gad-fly, not the ox gad-fly, sir.

Under this pretence he drew her aside to a spot upon the northern side of the Forum, afterward called the "Nova Tabernce" and here, snatching up a knife from a butcher's stall, he cried: "In this way only can I keep thee free!"and so saying, stabbed her to the heart.

Next, he opened his stall and spread his meat upon the bench, then, taking his cleaver and steel and clattering them together, he trolled aloud in merry tones: "Now come, ye lasses, and eke ye dames, And buy your meat from me;

And, moreover, I will go dine with you all, my sweet lads, and that as fast as I can hie." Whereupon, having sold all his meat, he closed his stall and went with them to the great Guild Hall.

He sat nigh the Sheriff at meat, and he ran beside his horse when he went a-hunting; so that, what with hunting and hawking a little, and eating rich dishes and drinking good sack, and sleeping until late hours in the morning, he grew as fat as a stall-fed ox.

Then he said aloud, "Here I grow fat like a stall-fed ox and all my manliness departeth from me while I become a sluggard and dolt.

In the seventeenth century this mode of hunting upon a large scale, by stalling the deerthis mimic warwas common in Scotland.

"When do we stall this freight?" "Not while we're on it, you can gamble.

Mr. Neelands leaned against a box-stall as Miss Morrison passed out.

Just sort of mopin' around the stall.

He stared hard at me with his little, red eyes, and never even glanced at a queer-looking, gray cat that was watching me, too, from her bed in the back of the vacant horse stall.

If help had not come, I think he would have dashed out my brains against the wall, as he dashed out my poor little brothers' against the horse's stall.

"Then you agree with me, it would save us all a heap of trouble to let him have them without any more stalling?"

He had not one system of attention to females in the drawing-room, and another in the shop, or at the stall.

Martin B, in this way, by daily fragments, got through two volumes of Clarissa, when the stall-keeper damped his laudable ambition, by asking him (it was in his younger days) whether he meant to purchase the work.

I saw a boy with eager eye Open a book upon a stall, And read, as he'd devour it all; Which when the stall-man did espy, Soon to the boy I heard him call, "You, Sir, you never buy a book, Therefore in one you shall not look.

I saw a boy with eager eye Open a book upon a stall, And read, as he'd devour it all; Which when the stall-man did espy, Soon to the boy I heard him call, "You, Sir, you never buy a book, Therefore in one you shall not look.

I digress into Soho, to explore a book-stall.

" By the side of the wooden paling could be seen a little, narrow and low door, which looked more like the door of a stall than the door of a shop.

In a corner at the entrance of the Passage there were a few planks which had served to close a stall, and which the stall-keeper was in the habit of putting there.

In a corner at the entrance of the Passage there were a few planks which had served to close a stall, and which the stall-keeper was in the habit of putting there.

For the first time since setting out in the morning I felt hungry, and bought a pennyworth of apples at a little stall kept by an old woman, and a bottle of ginger-beer.

General Stall on Artillery.

The French have got to stall those men before they can attack Feisul safely.

Takes more than talk to stall that kind off a man they like.

" He said, "Wall now, whin I bring in a Cunarder and back her into her stall, it stands them in a few pennies.

A man in my persition has got no right to dress as if he kept a stall on the kerb.

'I can find some balk, some cobbler's stall, without the house, to sleep on, if you will lodge within.

Then you may walk and trot for about ten miles till you come to some nice inn, where you see your horse led into a nice stall, telling the ostler not to feed him till you come.

But the best thing about the quire is the wooden stall-work, of early decorated, very beautiful.

" BY THE WATERS OF BABYLON All night long Vasda, the swiftest of Artaban's horses, had been waiting, saddled and bridled, in her stall, pawing the ground impatiently, and shaking her bit as if she shared the eagerness of her master's purpose, though she knew not its meaning.

His ambush is a shop-stall, or close lane, and his assault is cowardly at your back.

The larger cattle were kept only so far as was requisite for the tillage of the fields, and they were fed not on special pasture-land, but, wholly during summer and mostly during winter also, in the stall Sheep, again, were driven out on the stubble pasture; Cato allows 100 head to 240 -jugera-.

"Now, sweet son, since thou art a king, Why art thou laid in stall?

"Mary, mother, I am thy child, Tho' I be laid in stall; Lords and dukes shall worship me, And so shall kinges all.

"Tell him to quit stalling," said a prosecutor to Vanderveer, when Roberts left the witness stand.

"The lark sang shrill, the cock he crew, And loudly Marmion's bugles blew, And with their light and lively call, Brought groom and yeoman to the stall.

Bevis lies dying in his stall!

Paulus Jovius in his description of Britain, and Levinus Lemnius, observe as much of this our island, that there was of old no use of [4083]physic amongst us, and but little at this day, except it be for a few nice idle citizens, surfeiting courtiers, and stall-fed gentlemen lubbers.

Cato," to her servant, "go on to Fran Hansel's stall, and let her weigh out five pounds of seedcakes for my mother; I will join you there in a moment," and she turned back to the fisherman, knowing that in the crowd she was comparatively safe, provided her voice was not loud enough to attract attention.

At Stamboul the stranger is pestered and worried to buy; at Teherán one must sometimes entreat before being allowed even to inspect the contents of a silk or jewel stall.

At night a few rough boards and a rough Russian padlock are the sole protection, saving a smaller apartment at the back of each stall, a kind of strong-room, guarded by massive iron-bound doors, in which the most valuable goods are kept.

How easy it would have been for Axel to lead out a cow from its stall, and bring it to her and say: "Here's a cow for you, Oline.

About the same time, I observed two little children very near the school-house in close conversation, and from their frequently looking at a fruit-stall that was near, I felt inclined to watch them; having previously heard from some of the pupils, that they had frequently seen children in the neighbourhood steal oysters and other things.

I accordingly placed myself in a convenient situation, and had not long to wait, for the moment they saw there was no one passing, they went up to the stall, the eldest walking alongside the other, apparently to prevent his being seen, whilst the little one snatched an orange, and conveyed it under his pinafore, with all the dexterity of an experienced thief.

I have traced the progress of delinquency, in actual life, from its earliest stages,from the little trembling pilferer of the apple-stall, not more than four or five years old, to the confirmed thief of nine or ten yearswho had been in gaol three or four times, and was as proud of his dexterity in thieving, and hardihood under punishment, as he could have been of the most virtuous accomplishment, or the most becoming fortitude.

Joe laughed, stalling.

" "Shillin'," said the box-office man, when Mr. Clarkson asked for a stall.

On the way, he noticed two dead bodies lying at the mouth of a small alley, and hastening past, was stopped at the entrance to Cornhill by a butcher's apprentice, who was wheeling away the body of an old man, who had just died while purchasing meat at a stall at Stock's Market.

"My father, Miss, is very poor, And works in yonder stall; He has so many little ones, He cannot clothe us all.

"Do you see that old cove at the book-stall?" "The old gentleman over the way?" said Oliver.

The old gentleman had taken up a book from the stall; and there he stood: reading away, perfectly absorbed, and saw not the book-stall, nor the street, nor the boys, nor anything but the book itself.

The old gentleman had taken up a book from the stall; and there he stood: reading away, perfectly absorbed, and saw not the book-stall, nor the street, nor the boys, nor anything but the book itself.

I keep the book-stall.

" Just then Mrs. Bedwin brought in some books which had been bought of the identical book stall-keeper who has already figured in this history.

My father, as you recollect, was a bookseller, and had long been in the habit of attending Lichfield market, and opening a stall for the sale of his books during that day.

Confined to his bed by indisposition, he requested me, this time fifty years ago, to visit the market, and attend the stall in his place.

To do away the sin of this disobedience, I this day went in a post-chaise to Lichfield, and going into the market at the time of high business, uncovered my head, and stood with it bare an hour before the stall which my father had formerly used, exposed to the sneers of the standers-by and the inclemency of the weathera penance by which I hope I have propitiated Heaven for this only instance, I believe, of contumacy towards my father.

But hire us some fair chamber for the night, And stalling for the horses, and return With victual for these men, and let us know.

The musicians were spectators who whistled in a band the air of the bourrée, which is enough to make the most sedate Canon who ever sat in a stall dance, or at least to remember with charity the promptings of his adolescence.

Their time for stalling in the morning (their morning being the beginning of the night,) was chosen when the light was least injurious to the eyes; for though the sun shone upon them during the whole period, and there was no darkness, yet when that luminary was lowest in the horizon, the reflection from the bright white surface of snow was more endurable.

Enclosed within this narrow stall, Lies one who was a friend to awl; He saved bad souls from getting worse, But dn'd his own without remorse; And tho' a drunken life he pass'd, Yet say'd his soul, by mending at the last!

"What's she stalling forwith that face?"

The man happened to enter the cobbler's stall, and falling into a gossip heard about the body which the cobbler had sewed together.

It was expected that he would resign his stall at Canterbury in favour of his brother's faithful chaplain and when he "held on" notwithstanding his peerage and riches, he was attacked in the newspapers.

It is said that one of the most magnificent diamonds in Europe, which to-day blazes in a king's crown, once lay for months on a stall in a piazza at Rome labelled, "Rock-crystal, price one franc."

Seeing this, a poor fruit woman, whose stall was near, said, "You are almost frozen, my poor children; why are you not at the school fête?

" Madelaine thanked her, and led her brother to the stall.

And this proved but too true, for the next time that Madelaine arrived with her basket full at Teuzer's stall, she found a policeman waiting for her.

" Madelaine trembled so violently that she was unable to obey, and the woman who kept the stall for Master Teuzer, and the policeman, were obliged to support her.

Johnson says, the etymology of the word is uncertain; Webster refers it to the Saxon scamel: it means a butcher's stall, a meat-market; and there would seem to be no good reason for the s, unless more than one such place is intended.

In his Ballad of the Book-Hunter, Andrew Lang describes how, in breeches baggy at the knees, the bibliophile hunts in all weathers: No dismal stall escapes his eye; He turns o'er tomes of low degrees; There soiled romanticists may lie, Or

The very Welsh talked, in William Baxter's time, of "Heaven, as bugarth PAPAN," the sun's ox-stall or resting-place; and here you likewise find his beetle-majesty, in a Low-Norman collection of insular rhymes: "Sus l'bord piâsottaient, côte-à-côte, Les équerbots et leas PAPANS, Et ratte et rat laissaient leux crotte Sus les vieilles casses et même dedans.

It was purchased at a book-stall in Paris in 1827 by an Irish divinity student, was given by him to a priest in the county of Kerry, and, on the priest's death, became the property of the present possessor.

The biggest thing I remember is a mule got to kicking and jumped around in a stall.

She lost her footing and fell down and broke her neck right there in the stall.

But while reconciliation was trembling in the air, while each was, in a measure, stalling it off, so that they might the more voluptuously and sentimentally enjoy it when it came, they were permanently interrupted by a twenty-minute phone call for Betty from a garrulous aunt who lived in the country.

He reported the stall to be free from gas, but when the manager and steward visited it with the detecter, which they applied to the roof (where it would have been difficult to put even a small Davy), it drew a sample of the atmosphere which, on being put to the test tube in the tin-shield lamp, at once showed the presence of fire-damp.

The gentlemen always turned from me when they saw my broken knees; though the man who had me swore it was only a slip in the stall.

" I was led into a comfortable, clean-smelling stall with plenty of dry straw, and after a capital supper, I lay down, thinking I was going to be happy.

In the sodden straw of her stall, Daisy, the mare, lay, heaving and snorting after her agony.

And while the undertaker's men screwed down the lid upon John Greatorex in his coffin, Jim Greatorex, his son, watched with Daisy in her stall.

He may keep a stall in a bazaar, but his operations are rarely undertaken on a scale which merits the name of commerce or finance.

If he were and could provide his own nosebag, head-stall and Army Form 1640, testifying that he was guiltless of mange, ophthalmia or epizootic lymphangitis, I would do what I could for him.

The practice of "voluntary" widow-burning is, as the foregoing shows, about as convincing proof of wifely devotion as the presence of an ox in the butcher's stall is proof of his gastronomic devotion to man.

Like Francis I., he was rash and reckless in his resolves and enterprises, but without having the promptness, the fertility, and the suppleness of mind which Francis I. displayed in getting out of the awkward positions in which he had placed himself, and in stalling off or mitigating the consequences of them.

Why you should have made it at all I can't imagine, for I have often seen you laughing in your stall, and we have been friends for many years.

Now, here's a boss," he added, as they walked to a stall.

Two or three times, one of the mares fell in the drifts, and nothing but the courage bred into them in the blue-grass fields of Kentucky saved us from stalling out in that fearful moving flood of wind and frost and snow.

There are in this volume battle, murder, sudden death, outlaws, cowboys, bears, American politics, and the author's views on the English blackbird, all handsomely illustrated, and the price is only what you would (or would not) pay for a stall to see a musical comedy.

This is probably better than stall-fed beef and slaughter-house pork to make a man of.

Since the early morning all had been astir; clothing had been aired in front of every door, and all day B. had looked like a frippery-stall.

The shop-boys in the Palais Royal were already taking down the shuttersthe great book-stall at the end of the Galerie Vitrée showed signs of wakefulness; and in the Place du Louvre there was already a detachment of brisk little foot-soldiers at drill.

On the same principle, I respect leaves soiled and dog's-eared, but mistrust gilt edges; love an old volume better than a new; prefer a spacious book-stall to all the unpurchased stores of Paternoster Row; and buy every book that I possess at second-hand.

" It was a stall-ticket for the opera.

If you buy a pocket-handkerchief at the first stall you come to, and leave it unprotected in your coat-pocket for five minutes, you may purchase it again at the other end of the alley before you leave.

Casey thought that was pretty smart to stall the car so they couldn't get away with itbut he did not tell her so.