502 examples of stallion in sentences

Thus saying, he reined round the great roan stallion he bestrode, and galloped to one end of the lists.

And a stour stallion was he.

From his waist down, instead of the usual troll waist and legs, however, he had the neck and body of a mighty black stallion.

By day, Jeanne-Marie went to the fields, where she grew more and more fond of the odd stallion there.

Behind these came stout King Henry upon a dapple-gray stallion, with his Queen beside him upon a milk-white palfrey.

The black stallion returns.

The black stallion returns.

JEFFERS, DONNAN. Roan stallion, Tamar, and other poems.

JEFFERS, GARTH. Roan stallion, Tamar, and other poems.

Roan stallion, Tamar, and other poems.

KRAIKE, MICHEL. Florian, the emperor's stallion.

His black eyes glinted through lowering brows, wildly, almost fiercely, and he strode haughtily beside his guard like some unbroken stallion of the desert.

In short, d'Aurevilly was like a stallion among the geldings of the ultramontaine stables.

I was told I could have a mare with foal; but I declined adding my weight to what the poor beast already carried, and my only choice then was between one who had just foaled, or a fine stallion used as a plough horse on the plantation.

Saturday, March 2.I have made a gain, no doubt, in one respect in coming here, dear E, for, not being afraid of a rearing stallion, I can ride; but, on the other hand, my aquatic diversions are all likely, I fear, to be much curtailed.

The flames were eating through the partition, and the stallion was mad with fear.

Then, clearer than before, dominating all the confusion of noise, and with a ringing, trumpet note of courage in it, the black stallion neighed again from his burning stall.

The smoke swept following around the black stallion, and a great tongue of flame licked hungrily after the trio.

But the stallion stood with head erect, and ears flattened, pawing the ground.

Barry slipped from the stallion's back with the wounded dog, and kneeled above the limp figure.

Even if she could have induced the stallion to eat from her hand she could never have made him willing to trust himself to her guidance.

"Now as I started down the farther slope of a hill a whistling sound ran upon me through the wind, and looking back I saw a horseman galloping with great swiftness along the line of the crest, very plainly outlined by the sky, and by something of smoothness in the running of the horse I knew that it was Barry and his black stallion.

The mustang snorted and leaped once into the air, but he forgot to come down stiff-legged, and then, instantly, he broke into a little, soft dog trot, and followed humbly in the trail of the black stallion.

In another moment he was beside the rider of the stallion, and the man was whistling one of those melodies which defied repetition.

So he said good-bye, and the rider waved carelessly and took the reins of the piebald and turned the stallion back.

502 examples of  stallion  in sentences