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Do we say   stand up   or  prop up

Do we say stand up or prop up

stand up 731 occurrences

Just after we'd rounded the hill, young Bayley jumped off the top of a high hedge, and twisted his foot so badly that he couldn't stand up.

" "Then we'll stand up.

On getting into his car, he would never fail (first) to stand up erect, holding on by the strap.

Never before had they seen an enemy fleet stand up to a British squadron of this size and fight.

In that moment the bristles began to stand up along Kazan's spine.

"I think that will do for him," Figs said, as his opponent dropped as neatly on the green as I have seen Jack Spot's ball plump into the pocket at billiards; and the fact is, when time was called, Mr. Reginald Cuff was not able, or did not choose, to stand up again.

When the two contestants had mounted their horses King Cais gave this parting instruction to his groom: "Do not let the reins hang too loosely in managing Dahir; if you see him flag, stand up in your stirrups, and press his flanks gently with your legs.

The Witch took her foot off his chest and let him stand up.

* * Thou bugbear of the law, stand up and speak, Thy long misconstrued silence break; Tell us who 'tis upon thy ridge stands there, So full of fault and yet so void of fear; And from the paper in his hat, Let all mankind be told for what.

'Russian, stand up!' was shouted to him.

I will have to stand up beside the giant once in a while to show the difference in the size of men, and at other times I will have to stand beside the midgets and look like a giant myself.

Who in Boston would stand up to defend your cause?

In older people, raising the skin upon the back of the hand will cause it to stand up as a ridge for a few seconds and then slowly to return to the level of the surrounding skin.

I was too frightened to waste any tears, and too weak to stand up, by this time, so I found a seat on the stairs and huddled myself together to keep warm, and prayed as hard as I ever did in my life.

Will and Linnet had both desired Hollis to "stand up" with Marjorie; the bridesmaid had been very shy about it, at first; Hollis was almost a stranger, she had seen him but once since she was fourteen, and their letters were becoming more and more distant.

Miranda was inclined to stand up for her brother somewhat, but finally agreed with Ham, that, "What Dabney needs is schooling and polish, my dear.

I had not long taken my seat before I believed it right to stand up with the words of the apostle, "Awake to righteousness and sin not, for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame."

Do you suppose I could stand up before a minister of God, and plight my faith to a man I did not love?Why have you seemed to doubt it?" "I do not doubt itI am very foolish, for I know you are conscientious as the saints in heavenand yet, Beulah, I think I could scarce be so tranquil about one I loved.

Close by; why not see major stand up like pineno dodge he head, dere.

And naturally you have to stand up for Mrs. Coombe.

Your sisters are engaged, and there is not another woman in the room whom it would not be a punishment to me to stand up with.

There is a pillar in it, and, in order to get a proper view of the officiating minister, you must stand up, lean forward, and glance with a rolling eye round the corners of the obstructiona thing which many of the more bashful of our species would not like to do.

Meanwhile Wesleigh Martin will please stand up.

"You're all right," I told him, "all you have to do is to stand up straight and think about scouting and the oath and the laws, and then you'll look like one.

The cold became very severe, and Mangu-khan sent us three fur coats, with the hair outwards, which we thankfully received; but we represented that we had not a house in which we could pray for the khan, our cottage being so small that we could scarcely stand up in it, neither could we open our books on account of smoke, after the fire was lighted.

V. be vertical &c adj.; stand up, stand on end, stand erect, stand upright; stick up, cock up.

V. resist; not submit &c 725; repugn^, reluct, reluctate^, withstand; stand up against, strive against, bear up under, bear up against, be proof against, make head against; stand, stand firm, stand one's ground, stand the brunt of, stand out; hold one's grounds, hold one's own, hold out, hold firm.

" The Lone Wolf from Labrador, summoned to stand up and show herself next, was a long, lean, mournful-looking young woman who, when introduced, explained in a lugubrious voice that she had no talents like the rest of the councilors and didn't know enough to be a teacher of anything; but she was very good and pious, and had been brought to camp solely for her moral effect upon the other councilors.

O you are wellcome; stand up.

It will show them that the Sirkar can even pick a man out of the bazaars of Central Asia if he is rash enough to stand up against it in revolt.

Prejudice in the past called all trouble makers mestizos, but today's study is showing that trouble maker meant man who would stand up for his rights; one must not forget that mestizo was used as a reproach, that the leaders of the people were really typical of the people.

He came to the very spot where the unhappy boy was lying, but instead of helping him he made him stand up and then he gave him a good sound thrashing, making the boy, however, strike back at him as vigorously as he could.

If lying down, raise body on both knees; stand up, faced to the front, on the ground marked by the knees.

She will crawl to the side of the room, then stand up, and after balancing herself for a moment, she will run towards her mother.

He did not stand up to take it and he knew too late that this was a blunder.

When they have arrived at hundred (which they never fail to let you know by giving an extra shout), they may be ordered to stand up, and bring into action the joints of the knees and thighs.

Ninette pattered on as if she had trod the floors of churches all her life; and as for Beppo, only once did he stir, and then he gave a faint "Baa!" and tried to uncurl himself and stand up; but just then the queer little cart gave a joggle which quite upset his shaky lamb legs, and down he sank, and kept quiet throughout the rest of the time.

We feel that we now stand on the high vantage ground of truth and justice, and that it can not be that any nation professing to act on the principles of right and equity can stand up before the civilized world and contest with unyielding pertinacity our claim.

"Ben Davis, stand up," ordered the judge.

It had taken place so rapidly that Robin hardly saw the movement, but certainly the heron's beak was darted in amongst the bottoms of the reeds where they grew out of the water, and directly afterwards the bird straightened itself again, to stand up with a kicking green frog in its scissor-shaped beak.

"Merriwell seems afraid to stand up and face Diamond.

In his old age he sends out this historypresenting as it were his own body, with the marks and scars of the tender mercies of slave drivers upon it, and asking that these may plead in the name of Justice, Humanity, and Mercy, that those who have the power, may have the magnanimity to strike off the chains from the enslaved, and bid him stand up, a Freeman and a Brother!

"It's very good of you to stand up with me," said the boy simply.

It is one thing to stand up for the poor soul, my dear sir, but it would be another thing to let a nice boy like that go and marry her!"

And that great actor, with all his good intentions could think of nothing more fitting than to stand up before them and begin to recite, in a sad, elocutionary tone, Longfellow's "The Wreck of the Hesperus!"

When, after the walk through the beech-woods, they reached the edge of the Marshall field, they saw a stiff plume of blue smoke stand up over the shack by the garden and, as they approached, heard a murmur of voices.

You stand up there and sing.

Yes, yes; I'll let the old gentleman know, at once, I'm Van Duzer Oloff Marble Wetmore Moses, or whatever's my name; and will stand up for the right in a fashion that will surprise him: but what are you to do in the mean time?

Her husband kicked her and hit her and she ain't never been able to stand up since.

But what shall we say of distinguished theologians of the northprofessors of sacred literature at our oldest divinity schoolswho stand up to defend, both by argument and authority, southern slavery!

But what shall we say of distinguished theologians of the northprofessors of sacred literature at our oldest divinity schoolswho stand up to defend, both by argument and authority, southern slavery!

In Chapter 30A there is no mention made of the "guardian of the balance," and the deceased says, "May naught stand up to oppose me in judgment in the presence of the lords of things!"

When he was able to stand up again, he said he believed he had seen the end of the cavern, and would like me to take another look.

How can, for instance, the indigent and poor patient, after his discharge from the institution in which he has found a shelter and the proper care, stand up in the struggle for existence and the support of his family?

We stand up when the national anthem is played, we give precedency to older people, we erect war memorials and decorate them with flowers, and by these and many other things show our sense of belonging.

Stand up, Robin, my man!

The one at the helm was evidently an officer, for neither of the others made a move until he gave the order: "Throw that line ashore!" Goeltz seized it and made fast to a ring-bolt, and then only at another command did the two stand up.

You must be conscious, Madam, that no small part of the safety of a ship depends on the very material point of keeping her right side uppermost sailors call it 'making her stand up.'

How many men do you know who stand up for their convictionsor have any to stand up for?"

She had no sympathy with people who regarded it as a duty to stand up for their unworthy friends.

Unlike in the 'eighties, you can hardly expect an editor to stand up for you in today's Goa. Journalists in Goa are facing a situation where space to write the truth is increasingly shrinking; and editors, including Rajan, have also played their role in making this happen.

"Stand up, damsel, what wouldst thou have with us?" "Your protection, madam," faltered the unfortunate countess.

She then thought, if she tried, the Lord would help her to stand up, and then to walk; all of which she accomplished, without any human aid, she being left in the room alone.

The sons of the rich nobles being proud, and not liking to hold companionship with the sons of the burghers; and seeking on every occasion to vex and annoy them; and the latter, since they were rich, thinking that they had a right to the same pleasures and privileges as those of nobler birth, and being determined to stand up for them; so that their disputes would not unfrequently end in fighting and bloodshed.

"Not that I weary of your company, sir; but I told you my parole was ended when we reached the boat. Suppose, now, I should stand up here and cry out that I am being restrained of my liberty.

I suppose one could stand up to stick stamps in a book, and would get a certain amount of physical exercise in going about swapping duds and duplicates, but generally speaking it is a sedentary occupation and, to my mind, a selfish one.

One boy can't stand up against his nation.

I never could stand up in front of anybody and perform; the minute I see people looking at me I forget everything I know and stand there like a dummy.

She is here on deck, and I am going to help her stand up as soon as we get nearer.

Stand up, stand up!

And who can stand up against him; he is mighty in his works and strong in the fear of God, tending the flock of the Lord with faith and righteousness.

" I stand up, and the orderly, completely unnerved by the sight of a Staff Captain in undress uniform, releases the button of his torch and retires under cover of darkness.

They would stand up and be whooped.

But the Roman element bent their heads while the storm passed over them, clinging to the old places until the advent of happier days, when they were able to stand up and stretch their limbs.

I would be better pleased you to personate me and to stand up to him in my place.

A man could stand up.

A man could stand up, a novel.

Oscar Schisgall (A); 27May64; R338602. Stand up.

Ted, who gallantly helped her to her feet, remarked, with a grunt due to extreme effort, that she really might as well stand up or enlist the entire four legs of a chair to support her.

In fact, there are some things you don't know, and, if they wanted to, some of the old sailors could spin you yarns that would make your hair stand up.

When poor Miss 's turn came to stand up before the whole school and take the burden on her own shoulders she had so cunningly laid on mine, I readily shed the tears for her I could not summon for myself.

He did full justice to the courage and friendship of the youths, and likewise to the fact that Odorik had provoked the quarrel, and had been slain in fair fight; but the choice lay with the father, and perhaps in his heart the politic Visigoth could not regret that Arvernia should lose a champion sure to stand up for Roman or national claims.

"Was there no one to speak for him,no one to stand up for the pride of Italy,the man of his age?" said Agostino.

I'll stand up for the honour of my vocation.

Maybe she'll stand up to it

Women have been low-voiced and sweet and docile for a good many centuries, but it hasn't gained them the right to claim their own children, or to stand up beside men and share their higher responsibilities and privileges.

But I can tell you one thing; he's not the man to stand up to High Chin when High is drinkin'.

"Stand up, stand up, Fedor Ivanovich," she at last succeeded in saying.

"Stand up, stand up, Fedor Ivanovich," she at last succeeded in saying.

Some fellers can run in a rhinecaboo that 'd make the hair stand up on a buffeler robe, and get away with it just like a mice; but that ain't me.

The auctioneer mounted this with a black boy about 18 years old, and after he had told all his good qualities and had the boy stand up bold and straight, he called for bids, and they started him at $500.

We like to see a crag jut out in shameless decision from the cliff, we like to see the red pines stand up hardily upon a high cliff, we like to see a chasm cloven from end to end of a mountain.

With equally noble enthusiasm we like to see a nose jut out decisively, we like to see the red hair of a friend stand up hardily in bristles upon his head, we like to see his mouth broad and clean cut like the mountain crevasse.

Having put it on the dining table, he dropped down on a chair as if too exhausted to stand up.

I should like to have Richard Jones stand up too, so that you might compare them; but I presume he feels very much ashamed of what he has done, and it would be very unpleasant for him to stand up.

We stand up here.

"Ate yer mate an' stand up to yer marchin'.

Once more he is able to eat and stand up; able to think, devise, resolve, and execute; able, in short, to be Coronado.

She tried to stand up also, but the moment she touched the ground, she reeled.

but we may come acrost you some time when you hasn't nobody to stand up for you; then you had better look outhadn't he, Pete?" "Hadn't he, though!" was the answer.

prop up 21 occurrences

This puts me in mind of what happened at Sinope. {20a} When the Corinthians heard that Philip was going to attack them, they were all alarmed, and fell to work, some brushing up their arms, others bringing stones to prop up their walls and defend their bulwarks, every one, in short, lending a hand.

There is a good gallery in the building, and the pillars which support it prop up a sort of arched canopy, like an oblong umbrella, which is too low, too near the head, and must consequently both confine the air, and develope sweating when the place is filled.

The immortal creations of the chisel were used to prop up old crumbling walls.

Hence the old Grecian philosopher labored in vain; and still more profitless were the disquisitions of the scholastics of the Middle Ages, since they were chiefly used to prop up unintelligible creeds.

The place of his lost limb was supplied by a wooden one; and industry, temperance, probity, and zeal, supplied the place of a regiment of legs, when employed to prop up a lazy and dissipated frame.

Brave as a man, he was a pusillanimous statesman; and when confronted by the revolutionary spirit which he and his friends had helped to evoke, he determined at all costs to prop up the senatorial power.

With an unconscious and feverish bad faith kept up by his affection, he sought in everything that he saw, heard, or read, for arguments to prop up his will to believe in the holiness of the cause, for everything which went to prove that the enemy alone had wanted war, was the sole enemy of peace, and that to make war on the enemy was really to wish for peace.

At present strict orders are given and sentries are posted to prevent all further dilapidations, and buttresses have been made to prop up those parts which had given way.

Upon this disaster, I had a great deal of work to do over again, for I had the loose earth to carry out; and, which was of more importance, I had the ceiling to prop up, so that I might be sure no more would come down.

We have dwelt a little upon this, because it is by such seeming solutions of difficulties as that which this passage supplies that the transmutationist endeavours to prop up his utterly rotten fabric of guess and speculation.

"And suppose we prop up two or three pieces of fallen tree trunk before it," added Robert.

To prop up against the door a companion who had been killed or frozen to death during the night seems to have been regarded by the Indians as rather a delicate bit of humor, in the nature of a joke on the trader.

It is my principle never to try to prop up a hopeless concern such as yours evidently is.

As it is, he is reduced to say that "the line cannot be logically drawn between the teaching of the Fathers on the subject and our own;" an assertion which, if it were true, would be more likely to drag down one teaching than to prop up the other; he has to find reasons, and doubtless they are to be found thick as blackberries, for accounting for one extravagance, softening down another, declining to judge a third.

We are set in life to feel insecure, or at all events to gain stability and security of soul, not to prop up our failing and timid senses upon the pillows of wealth and ease and circumstance.

The success of the British was incompatible with the good of mankind in general, and of the English-speaking races in particular; for they strove to prop up savagery, and to bar the westward march of the settler-folk whose destiny it was to make ready the continent for civilization.

They do not, it is true, enrich the science of jurisprudence with any large or wise additions, but we do not look for such luxuries as justice, reason, and beneficence in ordinances devised to prop up iniquity, falsehood, and tyranny.

Present my best and warmest wishes to them, and advise the eldest to prop up his spirits, and get a rich dowager before the conclusion of the peace.

quoth Jorian; "it is past eleven o' the clock, and as I know them man by man, there will not be so much as one left able to prop up another by this time!" "Aha!" cried the head above; "you say that because you know the archers.

Prop up the ladder!sonow downgently, gently!

The conspirators cut great poles with which to prop up Heaven.