91 examples of star-chamber in sentences

Waller had formerly enjoyed a lucrative office under the crown, but he had been fined in the Star-chamber, and his wife was a "godly woman;" her zeal and his own resentment made him a patriot; he raised a troop of horse for the service, and was quickly advanced to a command.

To excuse his participation in the arbitrary measures of the council, and his concurrence in the severe decrees of the Star-chamber, he alleged, that he was only one among many; and that it was cruel to visit on the head of a single victim the common faults of the whole board.

He subscribed the engagement, and, though he openly explained it in a sense conformable to his own principles, yet the parliament made to him out of the forfeited lands of the deans and chapters the grant[b] of a valuable estate, as a compensation for the cruel treatment which he had formerly suffered from the court of the Star-Chamber.

Archbishop Laud, to punish this their Negligence, laid a considerable Fine upon that Company in the Star-Chamber.

Luke Hatton ````"I will make a Star-Chamber matter of it.

Their miserable victims dared scarcely murmur; having ever the terrible court of Star-Chamber before them, which their persecutors could command, and which punished libellersas they would be accounted, if they gave utterance to their wrongs, and charged their oppressors with mis-doing,with fine, branding, and the pillory.

The Star-Chamber itself served the king as, in a less degree, it served Sir Giles Mompesson, and others of the same stamp, as a means of increasing his revenue; half the fines mulcted from those who incurred its censure or its punishments being awarded to the crown.

A Star-Chamber victim.

Need I say my father was ruined by the Star-Chamber?" "Hush! hush!

"Know, to your confusion, that the High Court of Star-Chamber is so tender of upholding the honour of its sentences, that it ever punishes such as speak against them with the greatest severity.

" "By whom were you prosecuted in the Star-Chamber?"

A shudder crossed him as he thought of the Star-Chamber, and he turned his gaze elsewhere, trying to bring the whole glorious city within his ken.

as the Star-Chamber; suffering stripes and imprisonment for refusing to read thy mischievous proclamation to their flocks.

He looked upon the Star-Chamber and the Fleet as the means by which he could plunder society and stifle the cry of the oppressed; and it was his business to see that both machines were kept in good order, and worked well.

And it was lucky for us he did so die, or he might have proved a serious obstacle to our seizure of these estates, for I remember it being stated at the time, by one of the judges, that had he been living, he might have procured a reversal of the Star-Chamber sentence upon Sir Ferdinando in his favour.

The officers of the Star-Chamber are on the watch for you; and if found, your arrest is certain.

To this gate state-offenders were brought by water after committal by the Council of the Star-Chamber.

Consigned once more to the custody of the serjeant-at-arms, he was placed on board a barge, of ill-omened appearance, being covered with black cloth, like a Venetian gondola, and kept for offenders against the Star-Chamber.

"How ingeniously devised are our Star-Chamber punishments, Master Joachim, and how well they meet the offences.

You need not be uneasy about this young man being summoned before the Star-Chamber.

Showing how judgment was given by King James in the Star-Chamber, in the great cause of the Countess of Exeter against Sir Thomas and Lady Lake.

Well, then, it occupied five days in the Star-Chamber; and Sir Thomas and his lady are sent to the Tower, and Sarah Swarton to the Fleet.

But let me premise that, in the greater part of these cases, and in all the more important of them, where grievous and irreparable wrong has been committed, the engine employed by these crafty and dangerous men has been the Star-Chamber.

I have a Star-Chamber warrant for your arrest.

Here, it was at once evident, was concealed the treasure that had escaped the clutches of the myrmidons and the officers of the Star-Chamber.

91 examples of  star-chamber  in sentences