70 examples of stealin in sentences

When I was leavin, the proprieter accused me of stealin his dish.

Stealin's the least of his crimes, I'll venture.

I was ready to do any common piece of business, but this stealin' away little gals from lovin' mothers was a leetle too much for me.

He war stealin' cohn in de fiel' on de udder side de road.

Not dat it war Mahs' John's cohn dat he was stealin', but he knowed well 'nuf dat Mahs' John take jes' as much car' o' he neighbus cohn as he own.

What did Massa say?" "He neber said a word; he looked like he'd been stealin' a sheep; and Missus she jist cut up high, and said she was going to keep her hair cut short, and have her dressed in domestic, and kept in the kitchen, and when she got a good chance she meant to sell her, for she wanted a new set of pearls anyhow.

er de word she ain't my wife; but ef I takes dis money, I ain't stealin' it, 'caze in dat sense er de word she is my wife.

'im tuck up an' sent ter de penitenchy fer stealin' it.

wuz in de Bible, en it would he'p ter keep 'em fum stealin' er runnin' erway.

"Atter two er th'ee hund'ed er meat had be'n stole', Mars Walker call all de niggers up one ebenin', en tol' 'em dat de fus' nigger he cot stealin' bacon on dat plantation would git sump'n fer ter 'member it by long ez he lib'.

none un 'em did n' b'lieve 'im. "Dilsey wa'n't on de plantation w'en Dave wuz 'cused er stealin' de bacon.

Mars Walker cotch 'im stealin' bacon, en gone en fasten' a ham roun' his neck, so he can't git it off'n hisse'f.

"'I doan wanter talk ter no nigger,' says she, 'w'at be'n whip' fer stealin', en w'at gwine roun' wid sich a lookin' thing ez dat hung roun' his neck.

wuz one pusson did n' b'lieve dem tales 'bout 'im. "Hit wa'n't long atter dat befo' Mars Archie McIntyre, ober on de Wimbleton road, 'mence' ter complain 'bout somebody stealin' chickens fum his hen-'ouse.

all dat 'bout Dave's stealin' er de bacon wuz a mistake, ez I s'pose yer all done hearn befo' now, en I 's mighty sorry it happen'.

We called it stealin', but I reckon it warn't for they come and got the stuff like meat out

WHEN OL' SIS' JUDY PRAY When ol' Sis' Judy pray, De teahs come stealin' down my cheek,

You can't call that stealin'.

Up to the arm-pits he was, an' not five minutes to live, when we hauled 'en out, an' wonderin' what he could be doin' there, found he'd been stealin' our eggs.

"'That's right,' he calls, hoarse and low, 'they'll think egg-stealin' nateral to a low family like our'n.

Egg-stealin' was just the little hole-an'-corner wickedness that 'd come nateral to 'em.

'What you doin stealin our taters!'

And you remember she said in her piece, 'she wuz turned out of the post-office for borryin' five cents from the Government, and bein' backward with another five, ten cents in all, and them post-office clerks in Washington stealin' hundreds of thousands and nothin' done.'"

"Den I discharge you fo' stealin' de mule, an' hang you fo' killin' de man.

Den I fin' you fo' killin' de man, an' hang you fo' stealin' de mule.

70 examples of  stealin  in sentences