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117 examples of  steely  in sentences

117 examples of steely in sentences

The Marne winds, steely grey, through the white landscape, and we run down to it quickly.

Thus the styly being a little more than a foot, the steely is about 13 feet, or one-twelfth of the stรขly; but the steeltรข (or square steely) is 1/144th part of the stรขltรข.

Thus the styly being a little more than a foot, the steely is about 13 feet, or one-twelfth of the stรขly; but the steeltรข (or square steely) is 1/144th part of the stรขltรข.

One of them, an American, was a man of about thirty years, clean-shaven, square-jawed, with light, steely, secretive gray eyes, and a look of intelligence and assurance that did not harmonize with his motley garb.

The sky was steely and the sun like copper.

Mornings after the heavy snows are steely blue, two-edged with cold, divinely fresh and still, and these are times to go up to the pine borders.

Pearl's eyes approved of each detail, from the way his hair waved and parted back; the dull gold and purple tie, which seemed to bring out the bronze tones in his hair and the steely gray of his eyes; the well-cut business suit of rough brown tweed, with glints of green and bronze, down to the dark brown, well-polished boots.

" Annie Gray's steely eyes clouded over again, like a sun-kissed lake when a cloud passes over it.

The steely armour glitter'd o'er the fields, And lightnings flash'd from gold emblazoned shields; Thou wouldst have said, the clouds had burst in showers, Of sparkling amber o'er the martial powers.[30] Thus, close embodied, they pursued their way, And reached the Barrier-fort in terrible array.

The steely javelins sparkled in the sun, Helmet and shield, and joyous seemed the sight.

She seemed momentarily about to become a burden in his grasp, yet ever to recover just on the instant of failing, buoyed up by the steely resilience of her lithe and slender body.

Miss Berham, fastening a steely gaze upon Solon Denney, launched heaven upon him from tightly drawn lips, without in the least meaning to do so.

All he had been able to do thus far was to regard every newcomer to the town with a steely eye of distrust; to watch each one furtively, to shadow him in his walks, and to believe during his sojourn that he might be "Red Mike, alias James K. Brown, wanted for safe-breaking at Muskegon, Michigan; reward, $1000," or some like desperado.

He drew a dozen long breaths before he was again the cold, self-possessed, steely-eyed avenger.

All watched with quickened breath and brave souls that living wave, blue below, and bright with a steely glitter above, as it flowed down the street and away to distant battle-fields already stained with precious blood.

Jeff was gazing across the foothills with a queer steely glint in his blue eyes.

" The facetious one began to back away; he had seen that look before, the steely glint that goes before battle.

It" "Has a special compartment for chocolates; hasn't it, Grace?" asked Mollie Billette, whose dark and flashing eyes, and black hair, with just a shade of steely-blue in it, betrayed the French blood in her veins.

Those, that intend as I, Follow this steely ensign, lift on high.

He was invariably obliging, with a breezy cheerfulness, though at times there was a steely expression in the eyes which inspired his fellow-boarders with a sense of fear.

To your point!" Seven hesitated under that steely stare.

And though my voice was suave, a close observer in a position to watch my eyes would have noticed a steely glint.

" I switched on the steely a bit more.

Mr. Downing's voice was steely.

A thousand steely points on every scale Form the bright terrors of his bristly male.

First in its brazen cell reluctant roll'd Bends the dark spring in many a steely fold; 175 On spiral brass is stretch'd the wiry thong, Tooth urges tooth, and wheel drives wheel along; In diamond-eyes the polish'd axles flow, Smooth slides the hand, the ballance pants below.

He backed into a corner, and Jean followed, his eyes flashing a steely light, his body growing more and more tense.

Before her, silhouetted high against the steely sky, rose the two great, black, ivy-clad towers of the ancient castle.

and will the creatures who are to transcend and finally supersede us be steely organisms, giving out the effluvia of the laboratory, and performing with infallible exactness more than everything that we have performed with a slovenly approximativeness and self-defeating inaccuracy?"

At frequent intervals the steely blue of some lovely lake, where thousands of water-fowl disport themselves, reflects from its polished surface the sheen of the noonday sun.

Pat got a fine jack snipe, and I shot a Jheela, a very fine waterfowl with brown plumage, having a strong metallic, coppery lustre on the back, and a steely dark blue breast.

Far to the right, the shining rivera riband of burnished steel, for its waters were a deep steely bluerolled its swift flood along amid shining sand-banks.

" Well may Adolf Stahr observe that Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth and husband-murdering Gertrude are mere children by the side of this awful giant-shape of steely feminine cruelty.

He had to remind himself of the steely purpose with which Howells had marked him as the murderer; and the man's power persisted after death.

' Two hours later, in the steely morning light, when sea and land and sky had a metallic look as if lit by electricity, Lady Lesbia stood with her chaperon and her affianced husband on the landing stage belonging to the club, ready to step into the boat in which six swarthy seamen in red shirts and caps were to row them back to the yacht.

" The ambassador's eyes grew steely, then blank again.

At the first bewildering '"Q?" from that steely-fronted maid the ritual overpowers you and you bow before porridge, kippers, bacon and eggs, stewed fruit, marmalade, toast, more toast, more marmalade, as helpless as the rabbit before the proverbial boaexcept that in this case the rabbit swallows its own asphyxiator.

There was a hard, calculating light in his eyeseyes which alternated between a soft, friendly blue and a steely gray.

" "Of course you'll swear it" Carroll's steely voice excited a vast admiration in Leverage's breast.

She had a face the colour of brick dust under a striped cotton sun-bonnet, and eyes of a pale, steely blue.

We can't all be clear and steely unsentimentalists like Katherine Varick.

Did they tell you, Mr. Denton, that I was jealous of Miss Marvin?" There was a steely ring to her tones as she said the words, and the glance of her eyes was both cold and cruel.

And, pendent from each rusty nail, Helmet and steely dress, With bright and gilded morion, To grace that dim recess.

I see the bounding barb, Clad like his Chief in steely garb, For warding steel's appliance!

" He done me my portrait, and, reely, my nose is a ultrymarine, My whiskers is purple and steely, and both of my cheeks is light green.

When she spoke, her voice was sincere for the first time, and at the sound of it Conolly's steely, hard manner melted, and his inhuman self-possession vanished.

His face was still like metal, but the eyes, steely, vivid, and magnetic, had a look of triumph.

" Neilson straightened, his eyes steely and bright under his grizzled brows.

" She spoke with most unwonted force, and again the squire's steely eyes shot upwards, regarding her piercingly.

She glances not; she passes on; Her steely footfall quicker rings; She guesses not the benison Which follows her on noiseless wings.

Where do they live?" Evan's lips shut together a moment before he answered, and I saw a certain steely gleam in his eye that I always regarded as a danger signal.

"Is this true?" asked Evan, presently, and I had never seen his eyes look so steely cold.

They form many adjectives in y, which are not common in prose; as, The dimply flood,dusky veil,a gleamy ray,heapy harvests,moony shield,paly circlet,sheety lake,stilly lake,spiry temples,steely casque,steepy hill,towery height,vasty deep,writhy snake.

"Thy brother's blood the thirsty earth hath drank, Broach'd with the steely point of Clifford's lance.

Her steely eyes flashed from beneath the hat.

Wilbur Cowan did all the talking; he was grim, steely eyed, imperious.

The artist lounged in the window seat, watching Veronica closely and smiling slightly to himself, and facing Veronica sat a small, keen-looking man with little, steely gray eyes that bored like gimlets.

She is rather plain than pretty,a blond with steely blue eyes and studied manners.

Aunt Phoebe was a spinster of the type usually described in books, tall and spare, with steely blue eyes.

Marie acknowledged the introduction politely, but while her lips smiled her eyes had a steely glitter.

Her new schoolshe was always going to new schoolswould be only five miles from Steely Bank, and it was in the Steely Bank Polytechnic, and one or two first-class schools, that Mr. Snooks did his teaching.

Her new schoolshe was always going to new schoolswould be only five miles from Steely Bank, and it was in the Steely Bank Polytechnic, and one or two first-class schools, that Mr. Snooks did his teaching.

The two latter communications contained urgent invitations for her to come to Steely Bank on a visit during the Christmas holidays.

For a soul-pledge thou wert by love appointed, In my life's night to guide me to my end; Stedfast and true my heart shall be forever, Like thee, like thee, my steely hearted friend!

Day dawned, and soon the mixed crowds came to view The ghastly body swaying in the sun: The women thronged to look, but never a one Showed sorrow in her eyes of steely blue; And little lads, lynchers that were to be, Danced round the dreadful thing in fiendish glee.

The sprinkling of quiet army officers on the train were in the new uniform of peculiar steely grey, in place of the target blue and red.

The eye was cool, the pulse steady, the man's body, battered though it was, strong in its steely composure.

"I trust you will think it interesting enough to make it worth your while to join us," I said demurely, lifting my eyes to his and catching a swift flash of something which might be either relief or triumph in his steely gray ones.

" Dr. Pettit's face did not change, but into his gray eyes came a little steely glint.

That he was resentful as well as mystified at the singular behavior of Mr. Gordon I also gleaned from his darkened face, and a little steely glint in his eyes.

Allen Street, too, still more easterly and half as wide, is straddled its entire width by the steely, long-legged skeleton of elevated traffic, so that its third-floor windows no sooner shudder into silence from the rushing shock of one train than they are shaken into chatter by the passage of another.

" The meaning of that was plain; he sang it lower and more steadily each time, his body swaying in cadence, the glitter in his eye more steely.

She fixed her steely blue eyes sternly on the visitor, and inquired stiffly what he thought she wanted a husband for, and what use he reckoned sich-like 'ud be to her.

Beside him lay the Italian knife, its steely surface shimmering in the vaporous light, there where a dull and ruddy stain had not dimmed its brilliant polish.

" The Lady Ysolinde looked at him, and her emerald eyes held a steely glitter in their depths.

But hide it they did, having a wholesome awe of the emerald eyes of their mistress, or perhaps of the steely light which sometimes came into them.

I saw the steely smile on Duke Otho's face.

All the walls turned pale and steely and the bridge loomed dark.

From the rim the slopes looked steely and dark, thinned out, showing the rocks and slides.

How dark in the shade and steely and cold they looked!

She read aright the steely light 'neath his half-closed lids and was distraught, for she dared not give him the name of one of his guests; for the noble Russian Adrian Cantemir had pressed his suit and was upheld by Lady Constance, who told him of Katherine's vast demesne, knowing well he could not marry one without estates, as his were in great depletion.

A hard, frozen moonlight, from the steely disk sinking down the western sky, had slashed ink-black shadows of struts and stanchions across the gallery, and had flung Nissr's larger shadow down the hungering abysses of the sky that yawned beneath.

Far below on the steely sea-plain, a tiny bubble of white leaped out, then faded.

Not even vultures wheeled across the steely sky.

The shadows of the tree-trunks lie black and defined across the roadbranches, twigs, every thingthen comes a sweep of steely cloud, and they disappear, swallowed up in one uniform gray: a colorless moment or two passes, and the sun pushes out again; and they start forth distinct and defined, each little shoot and great limb, into new life on the bright ground.

Only a Man, but away at his back, In a dozen ears, on the steely track, A hundred passengers place their trust In this fellow of fustian, grease, and dust.

As Katherine she wanted me to wear steely silver and bronzy gold, but all the brocades had such insignificant designs.

On the wrong side of it was a sheet of silverjust the right steely silver because it was the wrong side!

Late in the afternoon of November 3d, just as the long northern twilight was fading into the peculiar steely blue of an arctic night, our dogs toiled slowly up the last summit of the Samanka Mountains, and we looked down from a height of more than two thousand feet upon the dreary expanse of snow which stretched away to the far horizon.

" Burke said nothing, but his grey eyes had a more steely look than usual as he digested the news.

Burke Ranger met it with steely self-restraint.

The marchesa moved nervously in her chair, carefully avoiding meeting Trenta's steely blue eyes.

" Trenta's face and forehead were scarlet, his steely blue eyes were rounded to their utmost width, and, as far as such mild eyes could, they glared at the count.

" After Orazio had ventured this observation about Nera Boccarini, Prince Ruspoli brought his small, steely eyes to bear upon him with a fixed stare.

There was the shadow of a tear in Prince Ruspoli's steely eye.

The western horizon, slowly contracting before a wall of vapor, by four o'clock had become a mere cold, steely strip of sea, into which gradually the northern trend of the coast faded and was lost.

But Tristram's teeth were set, and a steely light began to grow in his blue eyes.

Thou must know that I had comrades, four in number; Of my comrades four the first was gloomy midnight; The second was a steely dudgeon dagger; The third it was a swift and speedy courser; The fourth of my companions was a bent bow; My messengers were furnace-harden'd arrows.

Had Mordaunt got up and given these feckless brethren a sound hiding I should have been relieved, but he preferred to make them squirm by using his steely eyes.

Kindling mirth and genial fun were the expressions which those who casually met him in society were habituated to find there, but those who knew him well knew also well that a tenderness, gentle and sympathetic as that of a woman, was a mood that his surely never "steely" face could express exquisitely, and did express frequently.