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194 examples of  stenographer  in sentences

194 examples of stenographer in sentences


A girl that's been made confidential stenographer after only one year in an office to have to be afraid, like I am, to pick up the morning's paper.

If you found yourself confidential stenographer to the biggest lawyer in town, he'd know you, all rightby your loud dressing.

" "You" "And if you want to know it, and if I wasn't somebody's confidential stenographer, I could tell you that you're on the wrong scent.

The letters were typewritten by the office stenographer on newly printed letterheads that Fitzgerald, the job printer, had prepared.

Stenographer read what the prisoner said on this topic.

Captain Decker was interested in what I had to say, and at his request I dictated my story to his stenographer.

"Miss Martha Grimesthat's my nametypewriter and stenographer, you see.

Then, as a stenographer came hurrying from the inner room, he stopped the girl and said: "Please take my card to Mr. Goldstein.

The judge consulted his stenographer.

He writes as if he were the stenographer of impersonal and pitiless fate.

" Haines rushed out and across the hall, to reappear literally hauling in a stenographer by the scruff of the neck.

Miss Williams, the naval committee's stenographer, entered.

The Pennsylvanian drew Stevens into committee room 6 and, ordering the stenographer to leave, drew up chairs where both could sit, facing the door.

" The Professor's pencil moved quicker than the pen of a court stenographer.

This instrument should be placed on the summit of the dome of the New County Court House, and a competent scientific person appointed to be continually on the look-out, and his observations noted down by a Stenographer.

His stenographer's impression was that some detail of business had occurred to him, and he had gone into the general office farther down the hall to attend to it.

I tell you this to show that the impulse to go must have been a sudden one, yet there was nothing in his manner, so his stenographer says, to indicate excitement, or any other than his usual frame of mind.

When he didn't return immediately the stenographer began transcribing the letters.

At one o'clock Monsieur Boissรฉgur still had not returned and his stenographer went to luncheon.

My attention was called to the affair finally by his stenographer, Monsieur Netterville, who came to me for instructions.

"And there are windows, you know," Mr. Grimm went on, then: "As I understand it, Monsieur, no one except you and the stenographer saw the ambassador after ten o'clock in the morning?

" "You saw him about ten, you say; therefore no one except the stenographer saw him after ten o'clock?"

"I have the words of the servants at the door and of the stenographer that there were no callers, and the statement of the stenographer that there were no telephone calls or telegrams.

"I have the words of the servants at the door and of the stenographer that there were no callers, and the statement of the stenographer that there were no telephone calls or telegrams.

"The letters Monsieur Boissรฉgur had dictated were laid on his desk by the stenographer," Monsieur Rigolot rushed on volubly, excitedly.

" Mr. Bronson stopped dictating to his stenographer and looked up.

Then, turning to the stenographer: "You may go, Mr. Brown, andhum!I won't need you any more to-day.

" He was checked by the sound of steps in the outer office, and Mr. Spragg's stenographer appeared in the doorway.

" He divided a nod between the two men, and passed into the outer office, where they heard him addressing the stenographer in a strain of exaggerated gallantry.

The stenographer stood on the threshold, and above her shoulder Undine perceived the ingratiating grin of Elmer Moffatt.

But sooner can a stenographer of the Stolze school agree with one of the Gabelsberger system than can a votary of Dehmel dare to recognize the greatness in George, an admirer of Schnitzler see the importance of Herbert Eulenberg, or a friend of Gustav Frenssen acknowledge the power of Ricarda Huch.

A small woman of my own age, a Mrs. Murray, whose daughter, a stenographer, had disappeared, attended the inquest.

Now thinkyou are a stenographer with theatrical ambitions: you meet an actor and you fall in love with him, and he with you.

One is Tim Meehan, the other is a stenographer.

She marched off to a stenographer, had it typed, and sent it to the contest, using a pen name as a signature, and then she promptly forgot about it.

" The two men laughed in spite of themselves, and the matter was dropped, but Bambi herself took the manuscript of "Success" to the stenographer, with strict orders as to a time limit; she led Jarvis, protesting, to a tailor's, to order a suit of clothes; she restocked him in collars, shirts, and ties.

The manager dismissed the stenographer, took up Jarvis's card, looked at it, and then at his victim.

(This girl was twenty-four years old and the case worker's stenographer.)

" At this moment Farron's own stenographer, Chandler, approached him with an unsigned letter in his hand.

Have you a stenographer in your office?" "Yes." "A good one?"

"A good bit of it depends upon Perkins' speed as a stenographer.

" Speaking of his sermons, which are taken down by a stenographer and typewritten for publication in the "Temple Review," he said, with the utmost dejection, "Positively they make me sick.

He's a stenographer now.

And yet the workman in a printing office, we will say, whose own daughter is earning her living as a stenographer or teacher, will resent the competition of women type-setters, and will both resent and despise those daughters of poorer fathers, who have found their way into the press or binding-rooms.

Ask his stenographer.

Now he is a public stenographer and a private teacher.)

It took nearly ten minutes to pacify the ruffled stenographer.

" "I can't help it if he loves the only stenographer on the island," said Chase easily.

I'm nearly nineteen, and I wanted to go as a stenographer, but they wouldn't consider me for a minute.

In addition to being the first of human beings, all that a man can be, to be so much else as well; to be, so to say, the president of a railroad and yet a priestess of nature's mysteries; a stenographer at so many dollars a week and yet a nymph of the forest poolswoman, "and yet a spirit still."

She cannot always be beautiful, poor dear, and she is not invariably gracious, it is true; yet, on the whole, how much the atmosphere of office life has gained in amenity by the coming of the stenographer, the typewriter, and the telephone girl, not to speak of her frequent decorative value in a world that has hitherto been uncompromisingly harsh and unadorned!

What makes a man a good linguist, a good stenographer?

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This Nellie Whitehead, the stenographer-in-chief, was big, vigorous, blondvulgar, energetic, vivid; and Miss Munch, her assistant, a thin, hollow-chested spinster, who loafed upon her job so that she might save her sight for the manufacture of incredible yards of tatting, never missed an opportunity to lift her eyes significantly behind her superior's back.

It seemed impossible to Miss Munch that any one but herself could succeed to the vacant post of stenographer-in-chief.

Except in the writing of one or two conventional business letters, never before had I dictated to a stenographer.

In fact, I soon called in an additional stenographer to help in the snaring of my thoughts.

A young stenographer has been compelled to give up two positions because she would not allow the loverlike attentions of married employers.

On this special train a ladies' maid is provided for the convenience of ladies, and a stenographer, with his type-writing machine, occupies a seat in the vestibule of the drawing-room car to take down any urgent letters which business men may desire to post en route.

This train was similarly fitted to the other, except that it had no drawing-room car, nor stenographer, etc., nor were the platforms connecting the carriages enclosed; so that, in passing to the dining car, or any other car, the sudden change from a hot car to a shower of snow was not pleasant.

Only one Filipino has passed the stenographer examination in English since the organization of the government, and it is necessary each year to bring many American stenographers from the United States.

A few Filipinos pass each year the junior stenographer examination and are able to fill some of the positions which would formerly have required the appointment of Americans.

1320 Printer | 2000 | .50 per hour Stenographer | 1200 | 700 Trained Nurse | 600 Board, | 600 and laundry | quarters and laundry | Teacher | 1000 | 540 Veterinarian | 1600 | 1200

A stenographer who entered the service in 1902 at $1400 per annum was in 1908 appointed an assistant chief of a bureau at $5000 per annum.

Already his magnificent constitution had begun to respond to the stimulation of the wonderful mountain air, and filled with enthusiasm he summoned a stenographer and dictated the following cablegram to the secretary of war: "April 15, 1903.

An application for a position as stenographer.

The stenographer glanced up.

Dear Senator Collins" The stenographer bent over his book.

Shoop called in his stenographer.

" "They say it was the Brewster boys," ventured the stenographer.

" The stenographer smiled as Shoop waddled from the office with Bondsman at his heels.

But the stenographer was not thinking of style.

Later, when Lorry heard that the writer was to bring his daughter into the high country, he expressed himself to Shoop's stenographer briefly: "Oh, hell!"

Although not remarkably bright in school she was industrious, and aspired to be a stenographer.

This is a higher average than the school-teacher or the stenographer receives; it is almost double the average wage of the shop girl, or the factory girl.

It is true that the social position of the domestic worker is lower than that of the teacher, stenographer, or factory worker.

Imagine a factory girl or a stenographer being required to remain after hours on the chance of being needed for extra work.

1.00 Recreation ...................... 1 yr. 1.00 Service ......................... 1 yr. 1.00 Stenographer .................... 1 yr.

Star Monthly, Oak Park........................ m .46 1.00 Stenographer, Phila.

"Why," cried he, "they look like a stenographer's word-signs.

There were interviews with his clerks; the opinions of his stenographer were given in full, together with her portrait; and what his man servant had to say was treated as being of great consequence.

BYROM, JOHN, poet and stenographer, born near Manchester; invented a system of shorthand, now superseded, and which he had the sole right of teaching for 21 years; contributed as "John Shadow" to the Spectator; author of the pastoral, "My Time, O ye Muses, was Happily Spent"; his poetry satirical and genial (1692-1763).

I could not overhear their conversation, but long afterward, when I mentioned our old stenographer, Bessie Brown, to Bob, he told me of the incident at the Battery.

" Another couple advertised: "WANTED: A governess who is good stenographer, to take down the clever sayings of our child.

The pretty stenographer was sitting upon the gentleman's lap.

" "I can take a hundred words a minute," said the stenographer.

When, after the first few days of those signs, the business man counted up the results, he found that the cashier had skipped out with $20,000, the head bookkeeper had eloped with the stenographer, three clerks had asked for a raise in salary, and the office boy had lit out for the west to become a highwayman.