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155 examples of  stepfather  in sentences

155 examples of stepfather in sentences

Their hearts have softened even towards the wife's relatives, for the word "parent" is not only broad enough to cover the father, mother, grandparents or stepfather and mother of the man, but "of the spouse" also.



One day, as he was going an errand to Neck of Land, he was accosted by a meddlesome fellow named William Stump, with: "Master Robert, do you know you are soon to have a father-in-law?" (Stepfather was in those days known as father-in-law.)

Robert Stevens, who had incurred the man's dislike before he had wed his mother, realized that his stepfather had not forgotten and was not likely to forget the assault.

" For several minutes the stepfather sat glaring at Robert who met his gaze with defiance.

Then the stepfather tried to effect a compromise by sending him to Harvard College in Massachusetts, for he had relatives in Boston who might keep an eye on the incorrigible youth; but the fond mother clung to her son, and having a fair education herself, Robert and his sister, a pale little creature, whose great dark eyes were like her mother's, became pupils with the mother for teacher.

That scream roused Robert, and he flew tooth and nail at the stepfather.

The stepfather was in a rage, and at that moment little cared what he roused in the breast of the boy.

Then the stepfather was gone, and the door bolted on the outside.

When his smarting began to subside his passion cooled a little, yet he felt wicked; and, rolling on the floor, vowed he would kill his stepfather.

If for no other reason than that his stepfather was a royalist, he would have been a republican.

The stepfather was not present; but Robert thought: "I shall meet him, and the meeting will come soon enough.

Robert had lost the little fear he had entertained in childhood for his stepfather; but he did not calculate on the cunning and treachery which in Hugh Price had taken the place of strength.

His meeting with General Goffe and his love for Ester had more strongly cemented his love for liberty; but Robert held his peace, and the stepfather went on.

Robert would no doubt have gone to hunt up his former friends and rescuers even had not his stepfather forbidden his doing so, but now that Price prohibited his having anything to do with them, he was doubly determined to meet them and learn what they had to say about the threatened trouble.

" "But your stepfather and you?" "We have had no new quarrel.

His mother and sisters visited him, but he saw nothing of his stepfather.

He hastened to the home of his mother and sister, where he met his stepfather, whose conduct was so odious to the young man that he took up his abode at "the house of public entertainment kept by the wife of a certain thoughtful Mr. Lawrence."

Usually the negroes were cunning as well as treacherous, for, having been but recently brought from Africa, they had much of the heathen still in their natures; but old black Sam had been faithful to the brother through all trying scenes and adversities, and, though he dared not "cross Master Price," he secretly aided Rebecca in many small schemes objectionable to the stepfather.

When Barnaby True was between sixteen and seventeen years old he was taken into employment in the counting-house of his stepfather, Mr. Roger Hartright, the well-known West Indian merchant, a most respectable man and one of the kindest and best of friends that anybody could have in the world.

For a short time he may have studied at the university in Cambridge; but his stepfather soon set him to learning the bricklayer's trade.

His mother was dead, but his stepfather, to whom he was now an object of fear as he had been formerly of aversion, hastened to the shore to receive his formidable son-in-law, with great affectation of kindness and interest in his prosperity; while Allan-a-Sop, who, though very rough and hasty, does not appear to have been sullen or vindictive, seemed to take his kind reception in good part.

" Allan-a-Sop thanked his stepfather for so happy a suggestion, which he declared he would put in execution forthwith.

It must have been your father-in-law, old Torloisk, who made such an indifferent husband to your mother, and such an unfriendly stepfather to you when you were a helpless boy; but now, when he sees you a bold and powerful leader, he desires to make a quarrel betwixt you and those who were the friends of your youth.

Then, my dear, if you're her father, then don't act like a stepfather!

"] "Jack," she said at last, "this is your stepfather.

"Good-evening, stepfather," he said, cheerfully.

"Speak when you're spoke to, miss!" snarled her stepfather.

It was wearing on the disposition to turn the leaves trying to find out how to ask somebody to pass the butter and find instead whole pages of parallel columns of translated sentences given over to such questions as "Where is the aunt of my stepfather's second cousin?" As a rule a man does not go to Europe in time of war to look up his relatives by marriage.

* Thus came to Our Square, to be one of us, for better or for worse, Mr. Winslow Merivale, promptly rechristened Stepfather Time.

She said that only a stepfather could bring up his charges so badly.

Stepfather Time himself opened the door to me.

" Thus abortively ended Our Square's protest against Stepfather Time and his House of Silvery Voices.

Interrupting himself in the work of adjusting a new acquisition's mechanism, Stepfather Time settled me into the most comfortable chair and immediately began to talk of clocks.

" When I retailed that conversation to the Little Red Doctor, he snorted and said that Stepfather Time was one degree crazier than Willy Woolly and that I wasn't much better than a higher moron myself.

Every morning Stepfather Time got out his big pushcart and set forth in search of treasure, accompanied by Willy Woolly.

Stepfather Time might have paid more heed to it had he not, at the time, been wholly preoccupied in a difficult quest.

In a basement window, far over on Avenue D, stood an old and battered timepiece of which Stepfather Time had heard the voice but never seen the face.

Stepfather Time would have been interested in the contrast between those two physiognomies.

So fervently did he curse it that Stepfather Time, repassing with Willy Woolly, heard him and entered.

" "The man," said Stepfather Time gently, "is dead.

"My dear sir," said Stepfather Time urbanely, but quivering underneath his calm manner with the hot eagerness of the chase, "I will buy your clock.

"It is a bum clock," Stepfather Time reminded him mildly.

" "One," said Stepfather Time firmly.

Stepfather Time was scandalized.

Justice compelled Stepfather Time to recall that the subject of Willy's protests on that occasion had subsequently turned out to be far less antique than the worm holes in the woodwork (artificially blown in with powder) would have led the unsuspecting to suppose.

Extracting a ten-dollar note from his wallet, Stepfather Time waved it beneath the landlord's wrinkled and covetous nose.

When Stepfather Time sought to draw him away to dinner he committed the unpardonable sin of dog-dom, he snarled at his master.

"You hear?" said Stepfather Time anxiously to the Little Red Doctor.

Weaving and wobbling on his feet, Stepfather Time staggered toward the pot calling on the name of Willy Woolly.

"He's gone," said Stepfather Time.

Only once that night did Stepfather Time speak, and then not to me.

In that assurance Stepfather Time fell asleep.

For, with the proceeds of Stepfather Time's clocks, an astounding total, we have built a miniature clock tower facing Number 37, with a silvery voice of its own, for memory.

"Owl Prescott was my stepfather.

"My stepfather was a good guy.

Suzanne didn't like her new stepfather.

Owl, my stepfather, liked boats.

Her parents-in-law had remained in town, and she enjoyed being alone with her husband, exploring and appraising the treasures of the great half abandoned house, and watching her boy scamper over the June meadows or trot about the gardens on the poney his stepfather had given him.

With what eloquence, with what firm wisdom, with what a weight of authority did Lucius Caesar your uncle, pronounce his opinion against the husband of his own sister, your stepfather.

But you, when you ought to have taken him as your adviser and tutor in all your designs, and in the whole conduct of your life, preferred being like your stepfather to resembling your uncle.

He asserts that the body of his stepfather was not allowed burial by me.

You confessed that your stepfather had been duplicated in that enormous wickedness, yet you complained that he had had punishment inflicted on him.

"I live here with my mother and stepfather.

And Farron is your stepfather!

" It was just as she wished to appear, but she glanced at her stepfather, disturbed by her constant suspicion that he read her heart more clearly than any one else, more clearly than she liked.

Mathilde, as she told Pete, had begun to understand her stepfather, but she had not progressed so far as to see in his silence anything but an unapproachable sternness.

" Mathilde took her stepfather's hand as it lay upon the table.

She had had no word with her as to Wayne's new position, and it came to her in a flash that it would be daring, but wise, to take the matter up in the presence of her stepfather.

"That's just what Mr. Farron said you would say at finding that Mama was dressed in time," exclaimed Mathilde, casting an admiring glance at her stepfather.

When I offered him some awkward compliment about his good English, he seized the chance of a narrative, and told me about his parentage: how his mother was Scotch, and his father Danish, and how, after his father's death, his mother had married Emilio Diaz, a Spanish teacher of music in Edinburgh, and how he had taken, by force of early habit, the name of his stepfather.

He was explaining to me that his secretary was his stepfather's son by another wife, when we arrived at the Five Towns Hotel, opposite Knype Railway Station.

"I know many times me and my stepfather would be pickin' cotton and my dog would be up at the far end of the row and just before dark he'd start barkin' and come towards us a barkin' and we never could see anything.

"After the war my stepfather come and got my mother

My stepfather was a preacher and sometimes he was a hundred miles from home.

Dudley's father had died when he was a baby, but his mother had married again in India; and upon her death which occurred not long after, his stepfather had sent him home to his grandmother.

He has got a stepfather, so when he grows up he will go out to India, I expect, to live with him, but we don't talk of it, and we pretend we're never going to leave each other.

The intercepted letters of the Comte d'Auvergne having also implicated his stepfather M. d'Entragues, and his sister Madame de Verneuil, both were subsequently arrested; the former by the Provost Defunctis in his castle of Marcoussis, and the latter at her residence in the Faubourg St. Germain; while her children were taken from her, and sent, under a proper escort, to the palace of St. Germain-en-Laye.

Nor was this domestic arrangement by any means the most important feature of the conspiracy, as appointments, both civil and military, involving considerable pecuniary advantages, were also promised to the Comte d'Auvergne and his stepfather; and a simultaneous invasion was arranged by the Duke of Savoy in Provence, the Condรฉ de Fuentes in Burgundy, and Spinola[270] in Champagne.

After awhile, I got to be sixteen years old and I wouldn't work with my stepfather, I told my mother to hire me out; if she didn't I would be gone.

Ghiberti was brought up as a goldsmith by his stepfather, and it is said that while a youth he spent much of his leisure in modelling portraits and casting imitations of antique gems and coins for his friends.

We find him employed in decorating a palace at Rimini for Carlo Malatesta, when his stepfather recalled him to Florence, in order that he might compete for the gate of the Baptistery.

Young Norval, or Douglas, the hero, after killing the false Glenalvon, is slain by his stepfather, Lord Randolph, unknowing who he is.

To his stepfather Rawcliffe owed an expensive education and two or three starts in life.

He was in his second year of articles to a Wattle-borough solicitor, but there seemed little probability of his ever earning a living by the law, and reports of his excesses which reached the stepfather's ears had begun to make the young man's position decidedly precarious.

Rawcliffe, besides being a poor creature, knew very well that it was dangerous for him to get involved in a scandal; his stepfather, upon whom he depended, asked but a fair excuse for cutting him adrift, and more than one grave warning had come from his mother during the past few months.

Her mother had sided with her stepfather and joined in blaming her.

She was hopelessly poor, he was hopelessly poor, and this cheat of a Medium was her stepfather!

"Your stepfather is a little hard to follow," he said at last, sitting on the bed and taking off one boot.

He was brought up by his stepfather who was associated with the theater, and in this relation he received a dramatic education and had some experience on the stage.

My stepfather would give me a flailin'.

Fould painted a portrait of her stepfather, and for a time devoted herself to portraits rather than to the subjects she had before studied with such success.

Strange differences are often seen between the two sides; and one of the strangest and most inharmonious in this world of human relations is that coinage which a mother sometimes finds herself offering to a daughter, and which reads on one side, Bridegroom, and on the other, Stepfather.

My stepfather was Stephen Anderson, an my mammy's name was Dorcas.

My stepfather went to work for a turpentine man, makin barrels, an he work at dat job till he drop dead in de camp.

It's Mr. Mortimer, your stepfather, when he was a boy, and that was his dog, a great favourite; when he ran away the dog disappearedit was always supposed that it ran after him.

"For a long time she kept house for her stepfather, and took care of him when he was ill; but after he died it came out that he had spent all her money.

All I wish is I had a stepfather, too.

Then, following the advice of Naismes de Baviรจre, "the Nestor of the Carolingian legends," he selected Ganelon, Roland's stepfather, as ambassador.