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250 examples of  steppe  in sentences

250 examples of steppe in sentences

The deadly monotony of the scenethe trackless level, the preposterous dimensions of the plain, the sense of distance that is conveyed only by the steppe and the great desert of Gobi when the snow lies on itall these tell the same grim truth to all who look on them: the old truth that man is but a small thing and his life but as the flower of the grass.

He would have liked Etta to be favorably impressed with it, as any prejudice would naturally reflect upon Osterno, 140 miles across the steppe.

The sleigh drive across the steppe was to be accomplished in ten hours.

She was meditating over the events of the day, and more particularly over a certain skill, a quickness of touch, a deft handling of stricken men which she had noted far out on the snowy steppe a few hours earlier.

"A body was found on the steppe," he said; "the body of a middle-aged man dressed as a small commercial traveller would dress.

He was found on the steppe, and buried at Tver.

"But who found him on the steppe?

Bamborough began his journey eastward, knowing presumably that he could not escape by the western frontier, but lost his way on the steppe.

There was a long silence, tense and throbbing, the great silence of the steppe.

Nor has this Turkish-speaking peasantry much in common with the Turkish nomads who still wander over the central Anatolian steppe and have kept their blood pure; for the peasantry has reverted physically to the native stock, which held Anatolia from time immemorial and absorbs all newcomers that mingle with it on its soil.

The Arabs call it the Sawâd or Black Land, and it is a striking change from the bare ledges of Arabia and Iran which enclose its flanks, and from the Northern steppe-land which it suddenly replacesat Samarra, if you are descending the Tigris, and on the Euphrates at Hit.

The steppe cannot compare with the Sawâd in fertility, but the Sawâd does not so readily yield up its wealth.

When I see the Tartar galloping over the steppe as if riding on the wind, it constantly makes me think of the wild Arabs.

the prince has vast estates in Russia and Russia-Asia ... his forbears were prominent in the days when Crakow was building and the Cossacks and the Poles were engaged in constant strife on the steppe ...

Your eyes are like starsthe stars that look down on one alone on the wild steppe.

"The Iranians were the dominant race throughout the entire tract lying between the Suliman mountains and the Pamir steppe on the one hand, and the great Mesopotamian valley on the other."

I swear to you that I have defended myself from suspicions as a man dying on the steppe defends himself from the crowsthat I have bitten my hands with pain and despairthat I still defend myself.

Sute the Action to the Word, the Word to the Action, with this speciall obseruance: That you ore-stop not the [Sidenote: ore-steppe] modestie of Nature; for any thing so ouer-done, [Sidenote ore-doone] is fro the purpose of Playing, whose end both at the first and now, was and is, to hold as 'twer the Mirrour vp to Nature; to shew Vertue her owne

The ground over which the Western armies marched was an undulating steppe.

Plain N. plain, table-land, face of the country; open country, champaign country^; basin, downs, waste, weary waste, desert, wild, steppe, pampas, savanna, prairie, heath, common, wold^, veldt; moor, moorland; bush; plateau &c (level) 213; campagna^; alkali flat, llano; mesa, mesilla

Rud. Goe too, you French Zanies you, you will follow the French steps so long, till you be not able to set one sound steppe oth ground all the daies of your life.

When I awoke, we were swiftly rattling through the dreary monotonous steppe country that separates Tiflis from the Caspian Sea.

At Akstafá, for instance, a station surrounded by a howling wilderness of steppe and marsh; well-cooked viands, game, pastry, and other delicacies, gladdened the eye, instead of the fly-blown buns and petrified sandwiches only too familiar to the English railway traveller.

The dull wintry day wears slowly away, as we crawl along past league upon league of wild steppe land.

There is not a tree or sign of vegetation for miles round the townnothing but bleak, desolate steppe and marsh, unproductive of sport and cultivation, or, indeed, of anything save miasma and fever.

The country round is a steppe, covered with artificial earth-mounds, which make the graves of a very remote period.

The view from the top is extensive, but tame; on three sides a treeless steppe, whose monotony is broken only by innumerable tumuli; and on the fourth side, the sea.

Running over a few embankments, necessitated by the inequalities of the sandy ground, the train reaches the horizontal steppe.

The town being protected by its shelter of mountains, the breezes of the steppe cannot reach it, and it is one of the hottest places in Turkestan.

Beyond there is an immense steppe, extending before our train.

Following the valley of Schakhimardan, the train has reached a sort of steppe and been able to resume its normal speed.

Before their eyes there stretches not the cultivated steppe of the Lob Nor region, but the Gobi, which is barren, desolate and gloomy, according to the reports of Grjimailo, Blanc and Martin.

Northern Shensi and the Ordos region are steppe country, in which there were very few Chinese settlements and through which an army of horsemen could advance very quickly.

The Arab could make no lodgement there, but in the central steppe of the temperate plateau the Turk found a miniature reproduction of his original environment.

In this interval, a party of the more experienced among the brigands had gone round the troop of horses which was grazing far in the steppe.

Sheltered by a cliff was the house of the Shamkhál, then the town on a steep declivity, surrounded by the camp, and to the east the immeasurable steppe of the Caspian sea.

SEE La steppe rouge.

R71942, 5Dec50, Alice Beer (Sister) LA STEPPE ROUGE, par J. Kessel.

After the steppe cat, what?

Helen W. Thurber (W) & Rosemary Thurber Sauers (C); 3Jan64; R329021. 4 drawings to illustrate After the steppe cat, what: The aardvark, and others.

After the steppe cat, what; 4 drawings; The aardvark, the wombat, the steppe cat, the bandicoot.

After the steppe cat, what; 4 drawings; The aardvark, the wombat, the steppe cat, the bandicoot.

SEE La steppe rouge.

R71942, 5Dec50, Alice Beer (Sister) LA STEPPE ROUGE, par J. Kessel.

After the steppe cat, what?

Helen W. Thurber (W) & Rosemary Thurber Sauers (C); 3Jan64; R329021. 4 drawings to illustrate After the steppe cat, what: The aardvark, and others.

After the steppe cat, what; 4 drawings; The aardvark, the wombat, the steppe cat, the bandicoot.

After the steppe cat, what; 4 drawings; The aardvark, the wombat, the steppe cat, the bandicoot.

Round about the town stretched the grey-green steppe, freshened by the river-side, but burned down to the suffering earth itself on the horizon.

I was tramping along a Black Sea road one night, and was wondering where I should find a shelter, when suddenly a little voice cried out to me from the darkness of the steppe.

He started up with one finger to his ear and then darted out, leaving the door open and letting the steppe air pour in.

Up to the rim of the horizon Where veiling mists all soft enclose, Runneth the blossoming of flowers, The Steppe's green ocean waving flows.

Flowers innumerable are now, like illuminated capitals of Nature's alphabet, flecking, with their sheen-dots, prairie, steppe, mountain and meadow, the ear

If the cold, bald-headed mountains, the wild, stony reaches of poverty-stricken regions, moor, morass, steppe and prairie are made the pasturage of sheep innumerable, the thousands of rivers in both hemispheres will not be suffered to run to waste through another century.

He pranced his pony about, and was cheerful and jolly like his comrades, the merry sons of the steppe.

"Just lookwhat a handsome steppe!" "Just such a fine sand steppe as at home in our own country!" sighed one of the Cossacks, beginning to hum a song of his home.

"Just lookwhat a handsome steppe!" "Just such a fine sand steppe as at home in our own country!" sighed one of the Cossacks, beginning to hum a song of his home.

"What a pleasure it would be to race over this steppe!" "Come on, then, let us get up a race over this splendid steppe," said a fourth, "and let us sing one of the songs we are used to at home.

"What a pleasure it would be to race over this steppe!" "Come on, then, let us get up a race over this splendid steppe," said a fourth, "and let us sing one of the songs we are used to at home.

He charged with the others over the Berlin steppe, and blew the smoke out of his pipe.

It was all overgrown with steppe grass, with dandelions, and with gooseberry and raspberry bushes; but there was plenty of shade in it, a number of old lime-trees growing there, of singularly large stature, with eccentrically ordered branches.

A] no steppe.

This immense chain of mountains, which has never even been named, stretches from the fifty-first to the sixtieth degree of latitude in one almost continuous ridge, and at last breaks off abruptly into the Okhotsk Sea, leaving to the northward a high level steppe called the "dole" or desert, which is the wandering ground of the Reindeer Koraks.

I only know that just before noon we left the tundra, as this kind of moss steppe is called, and descended gradually into a region of the wildest, rockiest character, where all vegetation disappeared except a few stunted patches of trailing-pine.

It is difficult for one who has had no experience of northern life to get from a mere verbal description a clear idea of a Siberian moss steppe, or to appreciate fully the nature and extent of the obstacles which it presents to summer travel.

It will readily be seen that travel in summer, over a great steppe covered with soft elastic moss, and soaking with water, is a very difficult if not absolutely impracticable undertaking.

As we rested our dogs a few moments upon the summit, before commencing our descent, we tried to discern through the gathering gloom the black tents which we imagined stood somewhere beneath our feet; but nothing save the dark patches of trailing-pine broke the dead white of the level steppe.

The rising moon was just throwing into dark, bold relief the shaggy outlines of the peaks on our right, as we roused up our dogs and plunged into the throat of a dark ravine which led downward to the steppe.

Gradually, however, our speed slackened, and we came out into the moonlight on the hard, wind-packed snow of the open steppe.

Above the tumult I could hear Dodd's voice, hurling imprecations in Russian at his yelping dogs, which, in spite of his most strenuous efforts, were dragging him and his capsized sledge across the steppe.

They seemed at first sight to be illy calculated to withstand the storms which in winter sweep down across this steppe from the Arctic Ocean; but subsequent experience proved that the severest gales cannot tear them from their fastenings.

Give them a small herd of reindeer, and a moss steppe to wander over, and they ask nothing more from all the world.

[Illustration: TENTS AND REINDEER OF THE WANDERING KORAKS] Surrounding the tent in every direction were the deer belonging to the band, some pawing up the snow with their sharp hoofs in search of moss, others clashing their antlers together and barking hoarsely in fight, or chasing one another in a mad gallop over the steppe.

Bidding good-by to the Lesnoi Kamchadals, who returned from here, we muffled ourselves from the biting air in our heaviest furs, took seats on our respective sledges, and at a laconic "tok" (go) from the taiyón we were off; the little cluster of tents looking like a group of conical islands behind us as we swept out upon the limitless ocean of the snowy steppe.

One Korak looked around over the steppe with a well assumed air of seeking some landmark, and then turning to me with a confident nod, repeated the word "verst" and held up four fingers!

On the following morning at daybreak we continued our journey, and rode until four hours after dark, over a boundless level steppe, without a single guiding landmark to point the way.

Sometimes, in the middle of a dark winter's night, when a terrible north-easterly storm is howling across the steppe in clouds of flying snow, a band of wolves will make a fierce, sudden attack upon a herd of deer, and scatter it to the four winds.

Just at that moment three or four wild reindeer bounded out from behind a little rise of ground three or four hundred yards away, and galloped across the steppe toward a deep precipitous ravine, through which ran a branch of the Mikina River.

As we came out of the ravine upon the open steppe I saw the rest of our party a mile away, moving rapidly toward the Korak village of Kuil (Koo-eel').

Old Paderin, the chief of the Gizhiga Cossacks, with white frosty hair and beard, stood out in front of his little red log house as we passed, and waved us a last good-bye with his fur hood as we swept out upon the great level steppe behind the town.

A great level steppe, as boundless to the weary eye as the ocean itself, stretched away in every direction to the far horizon, without a single tree or bush to relieve its white, snowy surface.

The wand of the Northern Enchanter touched the barren snowy steppe, and it suddenly became a blue tropical lake, upon whose distant shore rose the walls, domes, and slender minarets of a vast oriental city.

We had reached a small stream called the Usinova (Oo-seen'-ova), seventy-five versts east of Gizhiga, in the very middle of the great steppe.

Away beyond the limits of the camp stretched the desolate steppe in a series of long snowy undulations, which blended gradually into one great white frozen ocean, and were lost in the distance and darkness of night.

Suddenly the aurora shone out with increased brilliancy, and its waving swords swept back and forth in great semicircles across the dark starry sky, and lighted up the snowy steppe with transitory flashes of coloured radiance, as if the gates of heaven were opening and closing upon the dazzling brightness of the celestial city.

In twenty minutes the dogs were harnessed, sledges packed, and runners covered with ice, and one after another we drove away at a brisk trot from the smoking fire, and began another day's journey across the barren steppe.

A SIBERIAN BLIZZARD LOST ON THE STEPPE Our short stay at Shestakóva, while waiting for the Penzhina sledges, was dismal and lonesome beyond expression.

It began to storm furiously about noon on the 20th, and the violent wind swept up such tremendous clouds of snow from the great steppe north of the village, that the whole earth was darkened as if by an eclipse, and the atmosphere, to a height of a hundred feet from the ground, was literally packed with a driving mist of white snowflakes.

We left our camp in the valley early on the following morning, pushed on across the large and heavily timbered river called the Aklán, and entered upon the great steppe which stretches away from its northern bank toward Anadyrsk.

A fringe of trees along the little stream on which we were camped sheltered us in a measure from the storm, but out on the steppe it was evidently blowing a gale.

There is nothing so thoroughly, hopelessly dreary and uncomfortable, as camping out upon a Siberian steppe in a storm.

Just at dark we crossed the river Kondra, fifteen miles from Penzhina, and in two hours more we were hopelessly lost on another great level steppe, and broken up into two or three separate and bewildered parties.

After travelling all day, as usual, over a barren steppe, we camped for the night near the foot of a white isolated peak called Nalgim, in a temperature of 53° below zero.

One night as we were encamped on a great steppe north of Shestakóva, the happy idea occurred to me that I might pass away these long evenings out of doors, by delivering a course of lectures to my native drivers upon the wonders of modern science.

Our journey was monotonous and uneventful, and on the second of April, late at night, we left behind us the white desolate steppe of the Paren, and drew near the little flat-topped yurt on the Malmofka, which was only twenty-five versts from Gizhiga.

The twelfth day of our journey found us on a great steppe called the Málkachán, only thirty miles from Yamsk; and although our dog-food and provisions were both exhausted, we hoped to reach the settlement late in the night.

Darkness came on, however, with another blinding snow-storm, in which we again lost our way; and, fearing that we might drive over the edges of the precipices into the sea by which the steppe was bounded on the east, we were finally compelled to stop.

The last words that I remember to have ever heard him speak were those which he shouted to me in the storm and darkness of that gloomy night on the Málkachán steppe: "What would our mothers say if they could see us now?"

SEMIPALATINSK (586), a mountainous province of Asiatic Russia, stretching between Lake Balkash (S.) and Tomsk; encloses stretches of steppe-land on which cattle and horses are reared; some mining of silver, lead, and copper is also done.

I hate ye, especially that she-Calmuck yonderthat Siberian-steppe-natured, malachite-hearted girl, our sister.